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Brave Pet Dog Adopts Lamb After Mother Abandons Her Newborn

In the wild world of animals, there’s a heartwarming phenomenon that often leaves us scratching our heads and smiling at the same time: animals taking care of babies that aren’t even their own, like this story about how a pet dog adopts lamb without a mum. Often, they’re unlikely animal friends, but just like the animal friends in a feel-good movie … sometimes you see it coming, and well, sometimes it just hits you, a bit like this one!

You might wonder why these furry, feathery, or scaly creatures bother looking after babies that aren’t theirs. Well, the reasons are as diverse as the animals themselves. Sometimes it’s just instinct kicking in when they see a vulnerable little one in need. Other times, they seem to tap into some deep emotional bond that we’re only beginning to understand.

But beyond the scientific nitty-gritty, something about these stories hits us right in the feels. It’s a reminder that there’s a shared sense of compassion and caring across species lines. So, buckle up for a wild ride as we dive into the heartwarming world of animals, playing surrogate mum to the cutest critters around.

A Pet Dog Adopts Lamb After Being Abandoned By Mum

Meet Beau and Max

On a farm in Oregon, a lamb was born to a babydoll sheep. Olivia Akers shares a TikTok video from her farm where she named the lamb Beau. Olivia’s farm takes in animals, much like pet foster care, and raises them to go to good families.

Despite her best efforts to get the mum and Beau to bond, this poor lamb’s mother was uninterested. Olivia tried many things, including rubbing the placenta over Beau for her scent, she attempted the same thing with the mother’s milk, keeping them in close quarters and hoping for them to bond. But it was not on the cards for Beau. As her mother became increasingly violent toward her new baby lamb, Olivia took note of the sheep’s angry body language and decided the best thing to do was to separate them.

So Beau’s mum was rehomed with a family that won’t breed her in the future and is now living a great life.

pet dog adopts lamb after being abandoned
Source: TikTok

From there, as Olivia began to bottle-feed Beau, her supermutt named Max (he’s a mix of Blue Heeler, Pitbull Terrier, German Shepherd, and Husky … YEP!), took an instant liking to her.

Max cleaned Beau, snuggled with her, played with her, and loved her–which was the most important thing for this poor abandoned baby lamb.

In return, Beau even developed some dog-like traits, such as butt sniffing and running like Max. Beau lived an idyllic life until she was big enough to go live with the other sheep, and even now, they still play and spend quality time together, even though the other sheep aren’t fans of Max’s high energy.

unlikely-animal-friends-part pet dog adopts lamb
Source: TikTok

Comments on Olivia’s post ranged from concern for the mother’s welfare to marvelling at the adorable pair. Some commented on their own stories, like one who said their rabbit adopted their puppy when it had to be taken away from the mother.

unlikely-animal-friends-part-3 pet dog adopts lamb
Source: TikTok

Not the first time we’ve seen unlikely animal friends

It’s actually not uncommon for animals to take on a baby of their own that is a completely other breed.  Here’s a few examples we really love.

  • In 2002, a lioness called Kamuniak was seen looking after 5 baby Oryx (baby antelopes), one by one, over a period of a few months.
  • Scientists have been tracking a pod of Beluga whales since 2016 that have adopted a narwhal. As the narwhal male reached sexual maturity in 2020, scientists hope they may breed and create a new species they have coined ‘Narluga’.
  • In an Adelaide Zoo, a 47-day-old tree kangaroo lost its mum to a fallen tree branch. Quick-thinking staff placed the joey in the pouch of a wallaby, and it is now thriving.
  • Cuteness overload! In 2020 a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Bailey, a Golden Retriever who was seen as mother by some adorable baby bunnies.

There have been many reports throughout history of ‘feral children’. These real-life examples of Jungle Book and Tarzan plots have been shown in different countries over the years.

In a world often characterised by competition and survival of the fittest, these acts of cross-species caregiving serve as poignant reminders of the beauty and complexity of life. They challenge us to expand our understanding of animal behaviour and the depths of emotional connections that exist between different species.

So, the next time you witness a heartwarming story of an animal caring for a baby from another species, let it serve as a gentle nudge to embrace the interconnectedness of life and celebrate the universal language of love that binds us all. After all, in a world where kindness knows no boundaries, every act of compassion, no matter how small, has the power to inspire and uplift us all.

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