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Discover How Smart the New BW 6101R Uniden Baby Monitor Really Is!

Are you searching for a baby monitor that offers crystal-clear visuals, as if you were right there with your little one? Interested in monitoring your baby not just on a dedicated device but also on your smartphone? What if you could also keep tabs on the room’s temperature and humidity, ensuring your baby is dressed comfortably for sleep? This brand-new Uniden Baby Monitor delivers all these features and more.

The new Uniden baby monitor to watch your Bub in high definition!

We all love to see our gorgeous babies clearly, all day and night. Whether we’re right there with them or catching a break on the couch, we want a close-up look at those cutie pies any time we want.

The Uniden BW 610R Baby Monitor boasts a 2K Super HD Smart Baby Camera, offering the highest resolution colour display in the market and clear audio.  Watch and listen to our babies with clarity and precision on the included 5-inch HD colour screen (720p). With digital zoom, you can catch every adorable detail, with up to four times digital zoom on the monitor and six times remote zoom via the Baby Watch Smartphone App.

uniden baby monitor to watch baby in high definition
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Keep an eye on your baby for total peace of mind.

This new digital baby monitor lets you remotely adjust the camera to get the best view of your baby without disturbing them. Featuring crisp infrared night vision for clear footage in low-light and dark conditions, you can watch over your baby while they play or sleep during the day and have peace of mind while they’re sleeping throughout the night.

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Plus, the versatile clamp can be attached to cot rails, a shelf, or left freestanding on a bedside table or chest of drawers. It also features a battery backup, allowing cord-free placement and uninterrupted service in the event of power outages.

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Watch and talk to Bub on your smartphone!

The dual-mode smartphone functionality is also a game-changer for parents. Both parents can watch and hear all the cute snorts and snuffles simultaneously, no matter where they are!

With an in-built microphone and speaker, the two-way communication feature lets you soothe your baby to sleep from anywhere. You can even communicate with your partner to let them know you’re out of nappies!

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Ensure the perfect temperature every time.

In addition to its crystal-clear vision, the Uniden BW 610R can monitor the room’s temperature and humidity, so you don’t need another device! This handy camera feature will alert you if the room is too hot or cold so you can dress and tend to your baby accordingly.

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Help to soothe your baby back to sleep

A customisable night light features multiple colours and can be turned on to just one static colour or turned to animation mode, and turn the nursery into a relaxing and calm sanctuary, promoting a good night’s sleep for bub. It also comes with a selection of 14 popular lullabies to play, including white noise to soothe baby back to sleep.

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Receive alerts when Bub is in the danger zone!

Do you need to pop out of the nursery to go to the bathroom, but you’re worried your new crawler is getting into something they shouldn’t? Never fear, mama. The Uniden BW 610R will give you peace of mind, knowing your baby is safe. Set out your ‘danger zones’ in the app, and the camera will alert you immediately if your baby enters the zones so you can happily pee in peace. Isn’t that all we really want?

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You’ll love the NEW Uniden BW 610R baby monitor – just like we do!

As the latest addition to Uniden’s award-winning smart baby monitor lineup, the Uniden BW 610R is essential for parents wanting to keep a watchful eye on their baby from anywhere.  Plus, it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, making integration into your existing smart home ecosystem child’s play!

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