Usain Bolt Welcomes Twins and, of Course, the Names are as Epic as it Gets

Usain Bolt never does anything half-arsed, especially when it comes to naming his kids.

Last year he and his partner, Kasi Bennett welcomed their first child – a little girl they named Olympia Lightning. Which, of course, is about as fitting as ever for the daughter of an 8-time Olympian and the world’s fastest man.

Usain Bolt Twins Surprise! 

While Olympia only turned one in May, Usain and Kasi jumped back onto the baby train with lightning speed, recently sharing the news that they have two more babies to love.


And, as expected, their names are larger than life.

Meet Saint Leo and Thunder. 

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Kasi broke the news on Instagram with an (American) Father’s Day tribute to Usain. The video starts with just Kasi, Usain and baby Olympia before spanning out to include the two new additions.


Kasi also shared some stills of the photoshoot with babies Saint Leo and Thunder chilling out in matching bassinets while Olympia plays on a mobile phone. Connected to Optus, obvs.

Best kept secret

This is the first time the couple has shared their baby news and it’s unclear when Kasi gave birth. However, by the looks of the twins, they don’t appear to be much older than a few weeks.

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Now, onto Usain Bolt’s twins’ names. Saint Leo and Thunder Bolt. Both are about as god-like as they get. Usain has always been a pretty confident fella, even when he attempted to wow the world with his sub-par soccer playing, so it’s only natural he’d choose bold monikers for his boys.

Olympia Lightning, Saint Leo and Thunder Bolt. We predict big things in the future for this larger-than-life sibling trio. Watch out 2040 Olympics. The Bolts are coming for you.



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