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Vaporizers vs Humidifiers: What to Use to Manage Coughs and Sniffles

One of the most challenging parts of winter is what it does to your kids. In a never-ending quest to get your kids to stop coughing, sneezing or sniffling, we’ve got the lowdown on a clever, low-cost and very convenient way to put them all behind us.

The main time kids seem bothered by all of these winter ailments, is when darkness falls. Then, it’s often accompanied by a cough that booms around the house between the hours of 7 pm-7 am, jerking parents awake and sending them stumbling deliriously down the hallway in a quest to try and stem a runny nose and cure a cough.

But for little ones without any nose-blowing skills to speak of (or the inability to actually cough properly and be done with it), it’s a tough job.

What parents need is a way to relieve congestion seamlessly, without the need for the tiny patient to actually do anything.  And this is where the magic of warm steam therapy comes along.

Discover the benefits of warm steam
Warm steam will help to relieve the symptoms of coughs and colds.  Source: Mum Central

Steam, Glorious Steam

Many of us may remember suffering a cough or cold as a kid and being shunted into a hot, steamy bathroom by mum or dad.  It seems that warm, moist air has long been heralded as a quick solution for coughs, colds and congestion. And the science backs it up.

Humidity, in particular warm steam, works to relieve the symptoms we associate with coughs and colds.

It does so in several ways:

  • By ‘liquifying’ mucous secretions. This makes them thinner and easier to expel.
  • By warming and relaxing the muscles of the throat, helping ease the ‘cough reflex’.
  • By softening and adding moisture to the air. This helps to alleviate a sore, scratchy throat, crusty nose and itchy eyes.

We often add essential oils or other inhalants to the water but it’s not the smelly stuff that does the hard work, it’s the warm, moist air itself.

mum central
The Vicks WarmSteam Vaporizer is easy to use and ideal for colds, coughs and congestion. Source: Mum Central

The delivery method of that warm, moist air has evolved, giving rise to several devices that turn water into that magic, airborne elixir.

This is Where Vaporizers, Diffusers and Humidifiers Come In!

It can be easy to think these all do the same thing but rest assured, they don’t!  Each device actually works differently and serves quite different purposes.

So let’s cut to the chase and work out which one is right for you!

If you’ve stood in the aisles of your local chemist, bewildered by choice and wondering if the ‘Petal Diffuser Model 19873’ or the ‘Vicks Vaporizer’ is what you need to get your kids off struggle street, bear the following in mind.

The Diffuser

A diffuser’s primary purpose is aromatherapy; diffusing essential oils. Think of them like a super fancy essential oil burner (without the heat).

They do not humidify or heat the air, just scent it.

Diffusing particular blends of essential oils can help a stuffy nose but it won’t help congestion or conditions as there is no humidity or heat.

oil-diffuser just diffuses oil
A diffuser’s primary purpose is aromatherapy; diffusing essential oils. Source: Bigstock

The Vaporizer

On the other hand, a vaporiser turns water into warm, bacteria-free steam and humidifies the air and is perfect to help relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, flu.

Basically, it’s the hot, steamy bathroom in portable form. Vaporizers often use essential oils, in the form of water-soluble inhalants, but diffusing them is just a bonus.

warm steam escapes through the vent to alleviate coughs and colds
The Vicks WarmSteam vaporizer lasts 12-14 hours and will shut down when water runs low. Source: Mum Central

The Humidifier

A humidifier is similar to both of the above in that it creates water vapour, but, like a diffuser, it’s a cool mist. It creates moisture in the air but doesn’t actually raise humidity levels to the same therapeutic degree as warm steam vaporizers.  As a quick guide, take a look at the size of the water tank. The bigger – the more humidity it will add into the air and therefore more benefit (which explains why little diffusers do so little to raise the actual humidity in the room, if at all.

Cool Mist humidifiers are great for spring allergies and general wellness, with the cool function making them particularly suitable for warmer climates.

If you’re keen to banish the nighttime ninjas of sniffling, sneezing, coughing and wheezing, you need warm, moist air, ideally spiked with an inhalant that contains ingredients like eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint.

A humidifier is similar to a diffuser and vaporizer in that it creates water vapour, although with a cool mist.

How to Choose a Vaporizer

If you’re on the hunt for a vaporizer, it’s important to look for a couple of key features:

  • A long operating time: 12-14 hours is ideal as it means you won’t need to fill up overnight.
  • Safe to use around children: The Vicks WarmSteam Vaporizer design cools steam by 25% to reduce scald risk. Plus, the inhalant can be added inside the Vaporizer to stop little fingers from accessing the blends.
  • Automatic shut off:  You want your Vaporizer to shut off when the water chamber is empty.
  • An extended warranty:  5 years is ideal as it means you can troubleshoot any issues.
Vicks warm steam vaporizers use natural steam therapy to support coughs and colds
The Vicks WarmSteam vaporizer lasts 12-14 hours and will shut down when water runs low. Source: Mum Central

The Vicks WarmSteam Vaporizer* is a great choice. The vaporizer is a gentle, natural solution to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that can be used by the whole family, from tiny newborns through to adults and that’s why.

Best of all, the steam from a Vicks WarmSteam Vaporizer is 25% cooler than conventional vaporizers … another tick for safety first … way to go Vicks!

mum central
The Eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender from the Vicks VapoSteam will assist you to breathe clearly. Source: Supplied

Vaporizers use specially blended formulas called inhalants like Eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender, which are water-soluble designed not to harm the vaporizer’s parts.

It’s just another reason it’s my pick when it comes to relieving the symptoms of winter coughs and colds in my house! 

You can find out more about the Vicks WarmSteam Vaporiser through the Vicks website.

Pick one up at the following stocklist or check your local leading independent pharmacy.

  • Baby Bunting
  • Amcal Max
  • Guardian Pharmacy
  • Soul Pattinson Chemist
  • HealthSave Pharmacy
  • Priceline Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Choice
  • Pharmacist Advice
  • Terry White Chemmart

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This is a sponsored post for Vicks Australia & New Zealand

*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, speak to your healthcare professional. Certain trademarks used under license from The Procter & Gamble Company or its affiliates.

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  1. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren IbbotsonReply

    We have an old Vicks one which is so handy when the kids have a cold or when my son gets croup.

    • Avatar of Misa

      Would love to win one of these as I have been wanting one for a very long time.

    • Avatar of Sheree

      I had a Vicks one and loved it but it stopped working and havnt been able to get another one …was great for my children

    • Avatar of Beverley

      I have never used a Vick vapourizer before I know I should as I have bad chest problems I have heard they are very good.

    • Avatar of Blossom

      I have not used another brand vaporiser as I have not found one I consider safe to use.

    • Avatar of Jenny Mansbridge
      Jenny MansbridgeReply

      I had a square camel coloured one – bought in the 1980’s.

  2. Avatar of Rita Dwenger
    Rita DwengerReply

    Would love to try this especially with sick kids all the time.

  3. Avatar of Melinda Davidson

    We have previously used an aroma bloom. I’ll be honest, I mostly chose it because the colour matched my son’s room and it was all our local chemist had available!
    I use it as soon as my son starts to get a cough or someone in the house gets a blocked nose. Its also used as a diffuser.

  4. Avatar of Samantha brown
    Samantha brownReply

    I only ever use Vicks on there chest, back and feet and keep then nice and snugly..I would love to win the vapouriser thou.. I can’t afford to buy one.. Please let me win!!

  5. Avatar of Tracy

    I haven’t used a warm steam vapouriser before but would really like to try one because I think it would help my kids when they have colds in winter and my son’s hayfever in spring.

  6. Avatar of Jade O

    I remember mum having one around the house when we were growing up but never used one with my family. It would help with the sniffles around.

  7. Avatar of Amy

    We have the same sort of one as pictured. We used it alot for the first 2yrs of my sons life hes now 6 1/2 so rather well used now. Helped so much when he was sick.

  8. Avatar of Celeste

    I have borrowed a Vicks vaporiser off a friend in the past when my son was having a hard time breathing with blocked nose. It worked a treat.

  9. Avatar of Kate Slack

    No i have never used one, i usually get a bowl of hot water and use the steam to help with congestion but the Vicks Vaporizer looks way more convenient and effective so i would love to try it.

  10. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I have never used a vaporizer before. I really need to use one because I suffer from allergies.

  11. Avatar of Lynette Smith
    Lynette SmithReply

    I’ve never used a vaporiser but think it would be so helpful. And when it’s made by VICKS you know you can count on it!

  12. Avatar of Sue

    vicks vaporizer we have used in the past but unfortunately after 10 years of use it has died and with winter colds hitting hard and fast we need a new one

  13. Avatar of Michelle Ward
    Michelle WardReply

    I’ve always wanted one but I’ve never had one to date.

  14. Avatar of Vicki

    I haven’t ever owned one, but desperately need one. This has been a tough winter in our house and my 6month old and 3yr old keep sharing their germs so we all stay sick. This would help us all breath a little easier of a night and hopefully get some much needed sleep!!

  15. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia ThomanReply

    I haven’t used a warm steam vaporiser before. I’ve only used an ulstrasonic vaporiser and while I like that I didn’t have to worry about burns I was sceptical that it actually helped.

  16. Avatar of yvette anderson
    yvette andersonReply

    Voporair is the one I have used. I use it all winter as my son is asthmatic and it helps keeps the colds away.

  17. Avatar of Carmen Park
    Carmen ParkReply

    I havent used one before but I’d really love one right now to ease this blocked nose Ive got with this cold, have had too many colds this year and worried about the amount of nasal sprays ive used that probably cause damage to my nostrils so I’d much prefer something more gentle like this.

  18. Avatar of Rebecca

    warm steam vapouriser would help us out so much. First baby and is has his first cold. It’s horrible as a mother to watch and feel helpless. I have wishedone for so long and just cant afford one at the moment. We put vicks rub in the shower and run hot water and sit in the room to help our little boy at the moment.

  19. Avatar of Brooke Hollie
    Brooke HollieReply

    Ive never used one but so many people rave about it helping with the winter flu’s.

  20. Avatar of Farrah

    Unfortunately never used one but would definitely come in handy with my asthmatic son

  21. Avatar of Melissa

    I haven’t used a vaporiser before but over the last few years with my boys being ill over winter I have looked into this one

  22. Avatar of Kylie S

    I have no used a warm steam vaporiser but i definitely would love to try one!

  23. Avatar of rachel

    we have never used one but with my new little one winning this would come i. handy!!

  24. Avatar of Amy

    I have never used one. But after the colds both my little ones have had this season would love to try one out

  25. Avatar of Krosy

    We’ve never had one but would definitely give it a crack to keep the winter blues away!

  26. Avatar of Christina Gerber
    Christina GerberReply

    Never used a vaporiser, but would like to try one.

  27. Avatar of Uhgreen Huerto-Gill
    Uhgreen Huerto-GillReply

    I’ve never used one before and I’d love to try!

  28. Avatar of Susannah

    Haven’t tried one, but would love to, my son has so much trouble with a blocked nose.

  29. Avatar of Halley P

    I’ve used one when I was younger — to help clear up sinus infections. Would love one for the little bub to avoid similar troubles.

  30. Avatar of Janene Morgan
    Janene MorganReply

    I’ve used a Euky Bear Vapouriser often throughout Winter to help my toddler breathe better and to warm the cold air. I found it worked but the machine is very bulky and very hard to keep clean. I’d love to win a new one and the Vicks brand one sounds fantastic. I particularly like the fact it cools the vapour, a great safety feature.

  31. Avatar of Sara

    I have used the Vicks vapouriser before and it was amazing. I would love to win one of my own to use when my boys get sick as I only ever use Vicks on there chest and feet. Thanks

  32. Avatar of Danni Schaefer
    Danni SchaeferReply

    No havent used one but have heard they are great and the kids really benefit from them so would love to try one

  33. Avatar of Marlana

    We have been using an old vaporiser which has been in my family for years! Looks as old as I am It is a Kaz brand. Helps heaps for the little ones with there colds and coughs! Thou it does worry me being so old! Would love to update to a Vicks vaporiser!!

    • Avatar of Sam

      I have a Vicks vaporiser & on the models detail sticker attached, it’s says it’s made by Kas You might have the original model ‍♀️

  34. Avatar of Megan Hickey
    Megan HickeyReply

    I have never used a vaporiser, but think I need to because I always feel like one or the other kids are sick!

  35. Avatar of Lazzie

    Never used one, but reading how awesome this is, I probably should have years ago!!!

  36. Avatar of Mel

    Oh my.. I need one of these!! My son has had croup twice already this winter, and I’ve been using a humidifier!! FAIL!!

  37. Avatar of Belinda Krockenberger
    Belinda KrockenbergerReply

    I have owned a Vicks vaporizer in the past and it was great. My youngest daughter would get sick every winter, and the vaporizer would help her get to sleep and stay asleep so she wasn’t coughing all night. We used it every winter until it stopped working. It would have been great to have the vaporizer for this winter. It’s been so cold

  38. Avatar of Rachel

    I have never used a vaporozer before but would love one for my son whenever he gets a cold during winter.

  39. Avatar of Kerrie Anne Makings
    Kerrie Anne MakingsReply

    No, I haven’t tried before.. but would love to please

  40. Avatar of Marilyn

    Never used one. Ironically, I’ve been researching vaporizers because I need one.

  41. Avatar of Clare J

    We live in Canberra so heaters are a must overnight in Winter. With our eldest having eczema from an early age, we use a Vicks Vaporizer with just water to help put moisture back into the air that the heater was taking out in order to help her skin to not dry out. We also use it with Vicks Vapo Steam whenever she gets a cold. It works a treat for both. But now we have two bubs needing steam we have had to decide who needs it more each night, so we would love to win this awesome prize.

  42. Avatar of Ellie

    No… never use any before but start to consider buying one cause bubba always have blocked congested nose

  43. Avatar of Tara Dee

    My in- laws live in chilly Northern America and they swear by their Vicks Vaporiser to keep them healthy in winter. I should get one as my children are struggling this year

  44. Avatar of Rebecca McDonald
    Rebecca McDonaldReply

    I’ve never used one before but with two asthmatic’s in the house I probably should. I remember mum putting Vicks in a small container, sitting in in boiling water and making us breathe it in from under a towel to get rid of blocked noses and colds… those were the days lol…

  45. Avatar of Sue B

    I haven’t used a Warm Steam Vaporizer before but I’d like to try one for those worrying snuffly snozes.

  46. Avatar of Rebecca

    Yes I have. Used it recently for my children in their room when they had a cough/cold.
    We have a vicks vaporizer & very happy with it. We need another for the second bedroom!

  47. Avatar of Rebecca Ziersch
    Rebecca ZierschReply

    Ive never used a warm steam vaporiser. I desperately need one for my little boy. He’s almost two and started childcare 6 months ago. He’s ben sick non stop since then. I feel this warm steam vaporiser would help us get some more sleep.

  48. Avatar of Alison

    Have a vaporiser and love it, but it needs updating as we have had it for a long time.

  49. Avatar of John Steven Szabo
    John Steven SzaboReply

    great product and helps kids with asthma to live a normal life

  50. Avatar of Larissa

    I personally have never used a humidifier but I do know it is quite good especially in flu session.

  51. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda RobinsonReply

    With our firstborn we used Vicks Baby Balsam when he would get sick and had a huge bulky eukybear vaporiser which I got rid of when he was a toddler. The Vicks vaporiser looks so much more user friendly and has an overall nicer design. The automatic shut off is also a fantastic feature which Is so good for peace of mind!

  52. Avatar of Monika B

    I received a Vicks Vapouriser at my baby shower for my first baby and it was a godsend! Helped our little one to sleep through the night when congested – and we used it too!

  53. Avatar of Cass Pipe

    No, never used one. We use an ultrasonic vaporiser. Would love to be able to compare the two.

  54. Avatar of Alana Pianezzola
    Alana PianezzolaReply

    I’ve used the Vicks Vaporiser for the last 3 years and it’s been great! It’s only just stopped working, and I’ve been meaning to go buy a new one. It’s always helped with our toddler and his congestion overnight.

  55. Avatar of Tara

    I’ve never used a vaporizer before, but have actually just been looking to purchase one this week as both my toddler and myself have got a cold. I’ve been completely confused as to which one I should buy!

  56. Avatar of Catherine

    I’ve used an older model Vicks vapouriser in the past, great for asthma and bronchitis. Would love a new machine!

  57. Avatar of Louise P

    No, I haven’t used one, but I really would love to next time someone in the family has a cold.
    We usually put hot water in the sink with Vicks rub added to it. Then put a towel over your head and breathe it in. A vaporiser would be so much easier and nicer. 🙂

  58. Avatar of Mary Irwin

    I have used a vaporizer as a kid. My littlie (6 mo) had her first cold at 1 month and my mum pulled out the good old vaporizer from 30+ years ago. I would love to win so I can convince her to finally send it to the tip but so I have access to borrow it when my daughters need it.

  59. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    No, have never used one before. Our whole family has been struck down by the flu the past two weeks, would definitely have come in handy.

  60. Avatar of Liz

    I have not used a vaporiser before but am keen to try one as my 5 week old son is experiencing his first bout of sickness with a dry cough and it is one of the few things we can actually seem to do to relieve him at such an early age.

  61. Avatar of Rebecca

    I have used the Vicks vapouriser for my daughter since she was an infant, I found it worked wonders with her. My son has rarely had a chance to use it though because if one has a cold, they both do and with her asthma she usually gets it first.

  62. Avatar of Toni

    I love vaporisers, so good for congestion and coughs. Unfortunately my cheaper brand is no longer working and it only had a 12 month warranty! Would love a good quality Vicks replacement.

  63. Avatar of Samantha

    I haven’t used a warm steam one before, would be interested in seeing the benefits of one though

  64. Avatar of Emily Davis
    Emily DavisReply

    Yes! These vaporisers are awesome for my sick twins. Would be great to have one for each room when they get bigger!

  65. Avatar of Vicki H

    Loaned the Vicks vaporiser from a friend while I was pregnant-I was so unwell with a cold & I couldn’t take any medication for it-lets just say the Vicks vaporiser was a godsend!

  66. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    I have tried this Vicks Vaporiser before on my son who has coughing fits due to blocked and congested nose. Paired with the Vicks vaporub it worked wonders for my son ensuring him a better sleep.

  67. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    Yes I’ve used a Vicks Vaporiser for my eldest son when he had a particularly bad cold and cough to relieve some of the congestion and help him have a half decent sleep. It worked wonders, and I’d love a second Vicks Vaporiser for my middle son’s room for when both boys are sick at the same time and could benefit from the wonders of Vicks 🙂

  68. Avatar of Maree Gray

    I have never tried a steam vaporizer before but would love to

  69. Avatar of Carmen Gatt
    Carmen GattReply

    I have previously use a taav vapouriser. Having a second would be amazing for times like now when both my boys are sick

  70. Avatar of Lauren

    I have never used a humidifier but as a child growing up with Asthma this would have been much more effective and more comfortable than a towel over my head breathing in steaming water from the basin! I would love to have one on hand for our newborn.

  71. Avatar of Tiffany

    Ive never used one personally but my mum had one and said it works absaloute wonders. And having to young kids that are always coming home from childcare all snotty i think would be great to use one.

  72. Avatar of Johannah M

    I’ve never used one as yet as I’ve been hesitant with which one to get! I found the differences between all of them to be a little daunting!

  73. Avatar of helen c

    Vicks vapour rub has been in our home since I was a child,
    We’d love to try the new product on colds and flu – strong and mild!

  74. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny VabrianyReply

    I have used vaporiser before in the past. We used it at night to help with colds in the winter. Its really great to clear blocked nose, especially for my two boys.

  75. Avatar of Maguire martin
    Maguire martinReply

    I have used the Vix vaporizer in the past but unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. Would love a new one, my youngest of four children isn’t well atm with broncholitis and could really do with it in his room. Thanks

  76. Avatar of Jaymie

    No i habe never use one but i am currently peegnany and thought it would be great foe is and when my baby gets sick and tjought it could help with the whole family my hubby is a sook when hws sick hell love it, it will make him feel special haha

  77. Avatar of Tiffany

    I have never used any steamer or vapouriser. I would like to tho. My sister is hosting a sentsy party soon and they sell these things, not vicks tho. I was thinking if getting one but they’re a bit on the expensive sive side. I would live to already have one now actually. My husband is suffering from a pretty nasty flue and he’s not at all any help looking after the baby. If the baby gets what he’s got it’s gonna be hell at home. If I had some vapouriser or diffuser at home wouldn’t that make everyone’s life easier.

  78. Avatar of Kelly

    We have used vaporisers with all 3 kids. Defi itely help when they have croup

  79. Avatar of Kris

    I haven’t used a vaporiser before, but they sound great & I’d like to try one!

  80. Avatar of Anita

    No I have never used a vaporizer before nor a humidifier. I am a sufferer of sinus type symptoms and have always been interested in these products. I have always covered my head over a steaming bowl of water with vicks, or rubbing on vick or vick inhaler. I have had a nose operation 3 years ago now where they removed polyps and I have been a lot better since, but at times can find my nasal passages dry.

  81. Avatar of iBean

    Never used a vaporiser, but based on the information given in this article would definitely like to give it a go.

  82. Avatar of lara haynes

    Never used one yet but have been thinking about it because my kids & i always get sick at the same time my kids dont like the idea o head over a bowl cover with towel so this would be awesome to try

  83. Avatar of Louise

    Have used one many years ago when my nearly 18 year old had bronchitis on his first birthday but haven’t got one for my almost 1 year old and the way he is coughing and spluttering at night these past few night I am going to get one for him as the baby balm chest rub doesn’t seem to do much

  84. Avatar of Casey

    Yes have used the Vicks vaporizer with my little one it was great when he had bronchitis but had to borrow off a friend would love to win 1 for myself ☺

  85. Avatar of lauren ryan
    lauren ryanReply

    1st time Mum here lucky enough bub has not had a cold yet but would love to have this ready to handle our first cold!!

  86. Avatar of Selina

    No I have not used a warm Steam Vaporizer before but certainly would like to use a Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer if I could.

  87. Avatar of JulieWT

    No, we haven’t used one before but have been told the Vicks Vaporizer is a Godsend for babies with a cold

  88. Avatar of Rhi

    Use one every time the kids have a cough or sniffle bothering them (or myself) its the only way to go

  89. Avatar of Jodie

    I’ve never used one, but each time I’m in the chemist I see them and I want one. My bub and i have bad colds at the moment and I bet this works.

  90. Avatar of Angela

    i have only used cool vaporisers
    Glow dream – but this stopped working
    And another I can’t remember the name but there wasn’t great access to clean the inside and it turned mouldy
    Would love to get a new one With a 3 year old who brings home colds from kindy and passes to my 9 month old twins a vaporiser is always needed in this household

  91. Avatar of Kyla

    We use the Vick humidifier and it is wonderful when my little ones are conjested. It helps them get a better night’s sleep. However, we only have which makes it difficult when they are both sick. This Winter has been particularly bad.

  92. Avatar of Kobi Ging

    I haven’t used one yet as my little boy is only three months one and we’ve been lucky that he hasn’t had a cold yet. But that right last forever and I’m dreading his first round of sniffles and hoping it’s not too severe!

  93. Avatar of Monica

    I haven’t bought one yet but for 5 weeks I slept In a room with one and I never had blocked sinisus for all that time. I believe it would be good for my little one too.

  94. Avatar of Jessica Nacho
    Jessica NachoReply

    I dont have a vaporiser, my mum used to have one when my sister was younger as she had asthma. My son was 8 weeks premature and suffers from croup and bronchiolitis at least 6 times a year, each time resulting in a hospital visit/ stay. We would love to win a vicks vaporiser pack. Thanks for the education around them.

  95. Avatar of Renee

    Never used a vaporizer but use Vicks vapor rub all the time for big and little ill kids

  96. Avatar of Sharon

    Would love to win this for my daughter who is due in a couple of weeks.

  97. Avatar of AmyJae

    I have not used a Vaporizer, but my niece has a Vicks warm steam Vaporizer which is fantastic. Whenever I have a cold I breath in steam under a tea towel with Vicks Vapour Rub in hot water, so would love a Vaporizer for convenience and safety!

  98. Avatar of Lisaclaire

    I have never used a Vicks vaporizer or any other vaporizer but would love to give it a go for my daughter. she has this cough at the moment at night that doesn’t seem to want to go.

  99. Avatar of Jenny

    No, I haven’t used a vaporizer before but we use Vicks Vapour Rub. I would love to give the Vicks Vaporizer a try.

  100. Avatar of Katre

    I haven’t used this but with a 7 year old at school and a baby due soon this will be essential in winter. Everyone in our home loves Vicks and we WILL be getting one of these!

  101. Avatar of Charlotte Bryant
    Charlotte BryantReply

    I am yet to try a vaporiser but am very curious to see how well they work! My baby boy has a terrible cold right now and would be great to have something to clear those little airways!!

  102. Avatar of Kate

    I haven’t used a vaporiser before, but being currently pregnant with my first bub, I have a feeling one of these might come in very handy!

  103. Avatar of Lesleigh

    Mine old vaporiser was a TAAV, I say was because it is no more

  104. Avatar of Brian O'Keefe
    Brian O'KeefeReply

    I need this for little Luka, always coming down with coughs and runny noses which inevitably ends up as asthma and a trip to hospital, be great to nip it in the bud early and keep him breathing comfortably.

  105. Avatar of Ern

    Used one once, borrowed it from sister in law, when we all had head colds with blocked/runny noses. Worked a treat, it really did.

  106. Avatar of Renee Hermansen
    Renee HermansenReply

    Have not used one before but would love to try it.

  107. Avatar of Victoria

    I have never tried a steam vaporiser. I think it’s what my 7 yr old needs. He has had sinus issues since his first birthday. We’ve tried nose sprays from the supermarket, and a steroid nose spray from a hospital doctor, but not a vaporiser or humidifier.

  108. Avatar of Rebecca

    I have never used one but having a 2 week old daughter now I really want to get one so I can help relieve her when the inevitable sniffles come around

  109. Avatar of Tania C

    I use a vaporiser when my kids are sick with cold or flus, together with eucalyptus oil t fight off the bacteria. I find that the steam helps their breathing when they’re stuffed up and helps all of us to get a better night’s sleep!

  110. Avatar of Pauline Stewart
    Pauline StewartReply

    I borrowed Mum’s Vicks Vaporizer when my youngest had a cold

  111. Avatar of Terri Todd

    I have never used one but lately I’ve been in desperate need of one

  112. Avatar of Laurien Elfar
    Laurien ElfarReply

    We had a vicks vaporiser when I was growing up, it was used regularly as I had some serious breathing problems!

  113. Avatar of Yuen Tham

    I’ve never own one before but would love to be able to have one for those times when bub gets sick.

  114. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    I personally haven’t used one but I suffer from hayfever & allergies so am constantly suffering with a runny nose and I’m pregnant so I can’t take anything for it at the moment. I’m worried my little newborn will suffer with the same problems and think something like this would be perfect to help us both

  115. Avatar of Lindsay

    I’ve never tried one but I have a 3 month old who will inevitably become ill one day and would love the Vicks one to help us out ❤️

  116. Avatar of Ness

    I haven’t used one but have a bub on the way and have heard great things about these!

  117. Avatar of Fiona

    I had a Vicks Vaporiser 30 yrs ago as a kid to help ease allergy reactions. My baby currently has a runny nose and this would be perfect!

  118. Avatar of Olivia M

    I haven’t used one before, how’re I’ve heard very positive reviews about them and would love to try one.

  119. Avatar of Kate

    I have previously borrowed a Vicks vaporizer from a family member when my 3 sons were sick and have been saving to try and buy one to have on hand to help my little men breathe easier at night when they are sick.

  120. Avatar of Sheree cornell
    Sheree cornellReply

    Euky Bear vaporiser is the product we have been using the past 3 years.
    It helps my daughters sinus & allergies.
    I run it approx 6/8 months are year every evening to clear the air in her bedroom.
    This time of the year is worse with extra sickness of cold & flu symptoms

  121. Avatar of Satah f

    Have never used 1 but i have been wabtibg 1 for my preemie baby. He is 8 weeks old and would live to have 1 for his room to help prevent any sickness

  122. Avatar of Pru Fraser

    I probably haven’t used a vaporizer in nearly 20 years. It was essential for me as a child being an asthma sufferer and something I know I will use with my own children. Even just a short sniff of Vicks is warm, comforting and makes me feel better!

  123. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia MasonReply

    Never used one but we really need it. We are all suffering with extreme congestion right now!

  124. Avatar of Renee

    No didn’t even know these existed before today so would love to give it a go

  125. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann BryantReply

    No, I haven’t used one before. I sure needed one over the last 2 Weeks with a wheezy cold. I would love one handy to use for future wheezy colds.

  126. Avatar of Karen Bowen
    Karen BowenReply

    I haven’t tried one before, but my 4 year old grandson, Harry, keeps getting coughs and colds. I feel that this would be fantastic and enable him to breathe freely, which would make him a very happy little boy again.

  127. Avatar of Kerry

    I haven’t tried one before, but have always wanted to know if it makes a difference or not.

  128. Avatar of Toyah

    We have never used one as trying to work out what we need has been difficult. Thank you Vicks for explaining the difference betwen a vapouriser, humidifier and a diffuser.

  129. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I’ve nevet tried one before but being a first time mum and seeing my baby sick with the flu is heartbreaking. Would love to try this vaporiser so our family can all get a good night’s sleep.

  130. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey TaylorReply

    Bought my first vaporiser 30 years ago.stopped many sleepless nights with sick kids and adults as well.I think its time I updated for safety reasons.every home needs a quality appliance like this.

  131. Avatar of Scott

    I loved the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer i have when I had the worse flu ever, helped me sleep and cleared the blocked nose.. was only way i could sleep with it running

  132. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    We have a Vicks one – for many years now. And lent it out to my stepdad when he was super ill. He fell in love with how effective it was. It would be nice to gift him one for fathers day.

  133. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Yes, I’ve had the benefit firsthand of using a Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer while staying with a friend in Victoria. Worked a treat!

  134. Avatar of Dee Susan

    I haven’t use one before but I desperately need one because we live in a mouldy house, we can hardly breath, the kids always have wizzy chest and everyone is coughing. I would love to have this opportunity to use and review this fantastic vaporize. Thank you.

  135. Avatar of Colleen Phillips
    Colleen PhillipsReply

    I have used one before and it was brilliant, I don’t remember what brand it was I just remember it was brown. I found it worked really well when my kids had colds or bronchitis. I would love to win one for my 10 month old grandson.

  136. Avatar of Ryan

    Never used one but our neighbours have one and swear by it so it was on our list of things to get to help our son who suffers from asthma.

  137. Avatar of Amelia

    I have not used one before – but I drop a little Vicks into the bath before bed!

  138. Avatar of Susan Mitterman
    Susan MittermanReply

    I remember using one when I was a little girl but I don’t have one for my family. Would be so good for winter season of coughs and bugs!

  139. Avatar of Mick

    I’ve only used the old school water in a bucket with drops of eucolyptus in it

  140. Avatar of Abigail Black
    Abigail BlackReply

    My mother has a Vicks Vapouriser for when she gets a cold and we used it recently when our daughter got sick and it really helped her with a good nights sleep.

  141. Avatar of Tash

    as a parent I’ve never used one, but after the winter we’ve just had with all 3 of us getting sick-I definitely need one!

  142. Avatar of Charisse C

    I have never used one before just lots of vicks rub instead.

  143. Avatar of Jen

    I haven’t used one before but i’d like to try it…my sister in law bought one a few months ago and she loves hers

  144. Avatar of Claire

    I have only used the hand held steamer ( the one that you fill with warm water) and that was great but a real vaporiser would be amazing. I use the handheld steamer all the time.

  145. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie VeljanovskiReply

    I have used one before I can not remember the brand as it didn’t last for long ,we pulled it out when my son was unwell and worked well whilst it lasted.

  146. Avatar of Lucy

    I used one when I stayed with my mum in the UK, I think it was Vicks too and it was amazing! Helped my little girl so much! Would love to have one here to help us get through winter!

  147. Avatar of Julia Cartwright
    Julia CartwrightReply

    I have never used one. Would be good for my kids, and hubby.

  148. Avatar of My

    I have not used a vaporizer before but would like to use it for my children as they often wake up with some congestion.

  149. Avatar of Linda

    We have an older model TASAV vaporiser (only one I could find years ago) and use my VICK’s vapo-rub with it . Vick’s is a common staple in our house during the cold and flu months. Would love to upgrade to a VICK’s vaporiser . Everyone in the family uses the vaporiser as it sometimes is the only thing that can help get some rest !

  150. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I have never used a Warm Steam Vapouriser before. Old school, breathe over a large basin with a towel over my head remedy used here. Would be so much easier with a Vicks Warm Steam Vapouriser.

  151. Avatar of Katie

    We have used one for all three of our girls. But, my one is getting a bit old now!!! They help so much for snotty noses, coughs and congestion. Love ❤️ them.

  152. Avatar of Kristy Bidwell
    Kristy BidwellReply

    I have never used a vaporiser or humidifier before. I do have a difuser and it is good for breathing in lemon and eucalyptus but it doesn’t help the blocked nose.

  153. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van SchoonhovenReply

    ~ I also have never used a Warm Steam Vaporizer. ~

  154. Avatar of Bridget Landis
    Bridget LandisReply

    I have never used before either but very keen to

  155. Avatar of Jessica H

    We haven’t had one before but I think this is the winter to try one!

  156. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent StewartReply

    Can always trust Vicks. My mother-in-law still rubs it on her feet when she is sick. This seems a lot easier

  157. Avatar of pfaftle

    We had one when I was young…. It was brown; it made nice smells…. That’s about the best I can do for ya, lol.

  158. Avatar of Feliana

    Never used one before but I have friends telling me it is really good and handy to have.

  159. Avatar of Nicola Busch
    Nicola BuschReply

    Yes I’ve used a Vicks vapouriser when my daughter was sick in the past. Would love to win one for my soon to be born sons bedroom!

  160. Avatar of Marco

    Never used one before, but flying every two weeks makes me extremely susceptible to bugs

  161. Avatar of Jo

    I have used Vicks Vaporizers for two years now, I wouldn’t use another brand. Vicks has been a known and trustworthy brand for as long as I can remember.

  162. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline LissamanReply

    I have never used a warm steam vaporiser but am keen to give one a go!

  163. Avatar of Natalie

    I had one of these and it lasted us YEARS and got us through many illnesses. Last winter it finally gave out and we are struggling this winter to get through without it! Would absolutely love and appreciate this SO much!

  164. Avatar of Jason W

    We did use a vaporizer once, but it was one of those cheap and nasty brands, not a Vicks of course… and it ended up actually vaporising both our kids… turned them into wispy little white clouds! On the plus side, they cost nothing to feed now, but on the down side, we can’t tell them apart anymore and they make a terrible mess on the couch when they cry. Apparently the only way to get them back to original human form will be to access a better quality vaporizer (like the Vicks you are offering in this competition), reverse the polarity of said vaporizer and blow our cloud-kids back out through it. Bottom line – I guess I’m hoping we win cos my wife is starting to miss the little vapours…

  165. Avatar of Mikaela C

    I have never had the opportunity to use one, but I have heard great things about them!

  166. Avatar of Kacey

    Yep, I’ve used Vapo Steam – Such a soothing feel and is my go to when things get too stuffy 🙂

  167. Avatar of Nicki

    We always use our Vick’s vaporiser but it is old now, so we have it for the youngsters for croup ans it’s marvelous for this.It does settle them.

  168. Avatar of Michelle

    Have used and Love, Love, Love the Vicks vaporiser, not only for the kids but got my older parents onto it too!

  169. Avatar of Alex He

    Never used it before and would love to win one for my son.

  170. Avatar of Candice Milner
    Candice MilnerReply

    I haven’t used one before, but I wish that I had. It sounds like it would have helped so much on the multiple occasions when colds ravaged through our household and wreaked havoc. It has been constant sickness for us this winter.

  171. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’ve never used one but I think it sounds like it could do wonders for my asthma and hayfever!

  172. Avatar of Jordana

    We borrowed a warm steam vaporiser from friends when our son had his first cold. It was a total life saver, thankfully he hasn’t had a cold since then but would love to have one of these on backup for when he does inevitably get sick again!

  173. Avatar of laureneve

    I have never used a warm steamer but did used my neighbours and I did think it was better than my cool steamer. More effective and quieter.

  174. Avatar of Mel E

    No I haven’t used one before, but everyone is talking g about them so I think I’ll be checking them out very soon

  175. Avatar of Deborah

    No we uuse old school method bowl,,of hot water with a teaspoon of Vivek & towel over our head .This be so much easier .

  176. Avatar of Carlyb

    I have used a Taav vapoouriser – my poor old thing had it for years & years – used it when kids were all stuffed up with colds

  177. Avatar of Tieng

    The grandparents have one that they use for the kids when they are unwell and it always seems to make them feel better.

  178. Avatar of Lexy H

    I’ve used a vaporizer before for my little one when he was all blocked up and coughing a lot.

  179. Avatar of Amanda S

    We regularly used the Vick’s vapourizer for when our son had croup. I also have an Aroma Bloom but use that more for the pretty night light.

  180. Avatar of kelly griffiths
    kelly griffithsReply

    i have not used a vapouriser before but have heard positives about them

  181. Avatar of amie grech

    yes i have it was great for my 1yr old with the flu it was a older style vaporizer but it really helped

  182. Avatar of Justine

    I’ve never used a vaporizer, but I really should start as I’m very much affected by the change of seasons where my asthma flares up and my chest infections start.

  183. Avatar of Bianca Louise
    Bianca LouiseReply

    No, I haven’t used one before, but know it helps my sister’s kids.

  184. Avatar of Julie

    We have never used one but have often thought we have needed one

  185. Avatar of Katharin Jenei-Pinter
    Katharin Jenei-PinterReply

    Yes, we have used a Vicks vaporiser at home (model from 4 years ago) previously when our 1year old Son developed an incredibly serious virus and cough and he was admitted to hospital where he spent many days on oxygen and many different types of medications to assist him. The vaporiser and Vapo Steam is absolutely magical and we swear by it. A truly sensational product !

  186. Avatar of Lauren D

    I’ve never used either before but I would love to give them a try this cold and flu season! Especially with a baby in the way – can’t afford to get sick or have sick kids!

  187. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I’ve never used one before but have always liked to as they seem fantastic for little ones. Also Vicks is a brand I trust and love for all my family members.

  188. Avatar of Bella Ri

    i’ve never used one before, I have heard great things about them and would love to be able to have that on hand to protect my little ones!

  189. Avatar of Kelly

    I haven’t tried one before, but after reading your write up about it, really makes me want to.

  190. Avatar of lyn

    Have only used the steaming up the bathroom method. This looks much easier and has the bonus of the Vicks factor.

  191. Avatar of stacey

    Ive never used a warm steam vaporiser before but it sounds great!

  192. Avatar of Leonie I

    Never used one before but Id love to try it for my son, it might help his asthma as it gets pretty bad when hes sick

  193. Avatar of Pen

    Never used one either, but have heard amazing things about them!

  194. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    We were using a vaporiser all the time in winter,
    even when the children aren’t sick,
    it helps keep the air warm and fresh,
    to prevent sickness.

  195. Avatar of Leanne Dodd

    Used a hand me down one. Cannot remember brand but always used when kids were little and had colds and weren’t breathing well without one in bedroom. Great help especially with kids with childhood asthma.

  196. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina LReply

    I have never used one but would love to especially during this yucky season

  197. Avatar of Rachael

    Have used one since the kids were born! They are brilliant!! Can’t remember the brand but it’s green…lasted 8 years! Pretty stoked with that. Best invention!! 🙂

  198. Avatar of LW

    Not used one but have been meaning to get one for a while! Looks awesome!

  199. Avatar of Kristina S

    WE have an older Vick vaporiser but have not used a warm vaporiser. Thank you

  200. Avatar of Mick G

    Never used one before – the nearest I’ve ever come is a hot bowl of water, Vick’s vapourub and a towel

  201. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara LambReply

    I have used the Vicks Warm Steam before when my son was having breathing issues at night with a cold. It was fantastic! Leant it to a friend and it never came back!

  202. Avatar of Karen Hodge
    Karen HodgeReply

    Yes! I borrowed my sisters for a week while my daughter was sick. They are wonderful. It really did help her breathe easier. My fingers are very much crossed. Thank you for the chance to win.

  203. Avatar of Lacey

    I have only used the vicks in the little tubs. Ever since i was little (now 28 yrs old) and all i can remember is my mum using it on my bothers and myself on our chests, back, just before we got sick or when we were sick she use to put it just below our nose above our top lip just so we could breath it in. And works wonders!!I now have a 5 month old and would love to use that amazing vaporizer on my little one as i live in canberra and ITS ALWAYS COLD plus everyone is sick with a cold etc and having my first little one im always paranoid and trying to prevent him from getting sick. THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!!!

  204. Avatar of Joanna H

    I haven’t tried one would but would to when my kids suffer winter colds. I love that this is a natural way of healing and promote health. This would be a much used product to assist recovery!

  205. Avatar of Hannah

    I haven’t used one but I have used hot water with vicks in a bowl and put a hot towel over my head.

  206. Avatar of Alyce Mc

    I have never used one before but with asthma running in the family and cold season upon us, it would certainly help keeping us healthy!

  207. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I’ve never used one before, but would love to give it a whirl. Would be perfect for the worsened asthma and croup that lurks in the cooler months.

  208. Avatar of hayley shaw
    hayley shawReply

    I’ve never used one but I remember my mum having a vaporizer for us as kids but I cant recall the name, I still grave that vicks scent when I’m feeling unwell

  209. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto ColombiReply

    Not yet but would love to see the benefits of it

  210. Avatar of Ann Maree S
    Ann Maree SReply

    I hired a vaporiser when my son was little because he was forever getting colds and bronchitis ,never had to use one with my Daughter until this year borrowing from a friend after her ongoing bronchitis battle ,it helped her a lot !

  211. Avatar of Juanita

    I haven’t used a warm steam vaporiser yet but would love to. I suffer with Sinusitis chronically as I have my air-con on cold 98% of the time, even Winter on cold, as my body’s thermostat doesn’t regulate my temperature. And a warm Vicks steam vaporising treatment would be the perfect ‘bestie’ for me.

  212. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla OleinikoffReply

    The Vicks vaporiser. All of my kids had chest infections, and this helped them breathe easier and actually get some sleep at night.

  213. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne LillingtonReply

    I Have only used a humidifier but found it did mildew the ceiling. I used for for both kids and adults to help with their colds and asthma

  214. Avatar of Sally Blyth
    Sally BlythReply

    I have never received one but recently suffered and spent two nights in ICU with asthma so I am sure this would help me and my baby in the future 🙂

  215. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    I have never used one but I desperately need one. My little girl is coming down with a cold and is 11 months old.

  216. Avatar of Laticia

    Never used one before, with 4 kids I probably should of gotten one by now

  217. Avatar of Roz

    When our beloved pet rats have respiratory infections, we borrow a friend’s Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer. Keeping it alongside their cage, it comforts us knowing we are easing their suffering. We wish we could have one for ourselves please 🙂

  218. Avatar of Rachel

    Have never used once but definitely will in the future after reading this review!

  219. Avatar of Leonie

    I haven’t used one but my daughter has one and swears by it !

  220. Avatar of Korryn

    I have used one when both the kids and I were terribly unwell. Works wonders when you’re congested and can’t breathe!

  221. Avatar of Asenath Lynch
    Asenath LynchReply

    I havent tried any but would love to try them all

  222. Avatar of Kristin

    We have never used a humidifier before. We silently suffer through the winter months. This would help our growing family immensely!

  223. Avatar of Daniel F

    Havent tried a steamer as yet, we have a diffuser which seems to help a little

  224. Avatar of Jessi

    I used to do the old candle diffuser but bubba would always blow it out like it was his birthday so it wouldn’t last long and was a little unsafe when he would try reach and grab it so would only work whilst he wasn’t in the room

  225. Avatar of Melanie O

    Never used one but i think would really help kiddos asthma

  226. Avatar of Dorana

    Never used anything like this before, but being our first winter with bubs we are on the hunt for what to use!

  227. Avatar of Amber Haag

    i’ve never had to use one for my daughter, as she’s yet to have a cold (thankfully!!) but it’ll definitely be something i’d look at going forward!

  228. Avatar of Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp
    Stephanie Herringe BeauchampReply

    I have used vicks products my whole life and have the vaporizer. With 6 kids, this pack would be fantastic. No more taking turns sitting near it when two or more have a cold. Vicks products are fantastic!

  229. Avatar of Saadia

    I’ve never used one and suffered through winter with baby having congestion and flu, it was the worst few weeks. This would’ve helped a lot with some of the symptoms. Would love to give it a whirl.

  230. Avatar of Katie Dalla Santa
    Katie Dalla SantaReply

    We use the Euky bear vaporiser. I also have a Scentsy diffuser. Would love to win the Vicks one to try

  231. Avatar of Sarah Robinson
    Sarah RobinsonReply

    I havent used one before. However i am thinking of getting one for my little ones room as she is clogged up at the moment and fess & vapour rub on just isnt enough.

  232. Avatar of Chris King

    When I was a child and suffering from a cold, my mother would make a steam bath using a plastic basin, hot water, Vicks Vapour Rub spooned in, and a towel over my head. I’d have to sit there carefully at the kitchen table for 10 minutes. Now decades on, I can’t say I’ve used a powered steam diffuser so this would definitely come in handy.

  233. Avatar of Katie Burton
    Katie BurtonReply

    I’ve never used a vaporizer before but I’d love to try one with my 1 year old. He’s going to daycare and bringing viruses home with him and I’d like him to be more comfortable at night when he’s sick.

  234. Avatar of Krystal Garner
    Krystal GarnerReply

    I have never used a warm steam vaporizer before but would love to give one a go. I have heard they are really good for you!

  235. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka HenricksReply

    I’ve never used a Vicks Vaporiser before but would love to try one!

  236. Avatar of Michele Ong
    Michele OngReply

    Only the old fashioned vicks in a bowl of hot water. Heard good things about the vaporisers though.

  237. Avatar of Beksmum

    I use a Vicks Steam Vaporizer whenever anyone feels a cold coming on, makes sleeping so much easier!

  238. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    Only as a child,
    When my colds were wild!
    Will be great for man flu,
    As I don’t need hubby (when we have bub) to feel blue!

  239. Avatar of Krystal B

    No we haven’t used one before but really keen to try

  240. Avatar of Letitia Schleehauf
    Letitia SchleehaufReply

    I have not used one before but think it is a great idea

  241. Avatar of TaraCorballis

    I have never used one but would love the opportunity

  242. Avatar of Jessica Ross
    Jessica RossReply

    No but it’s been recommended to me by my baby nurse.

  243. Avatar of JENNIFER VELLA

    I have never tried one, but I am 4months pregnant and would love the benefits for me and my new baby!

  244. Avatar of Evelyn Hubbard
    Evelyn HubbardReply

    I’ve never used a warm vaporizer before but after reading this article, I want to ASAP! Vicks is inspiring for sure.

  245. Avatar of Kerrie

    Never tried one, but would love to, especially at this time of year!

  246. Avatar of Heylee

    I have had the vicks vaporizer before and it has worked absolute wonders for my children when they have been sick, unfortunately it got broken in our last move and I havent got around to purchasing a new one.

  247. Avatar of Susie

    Can’t remember brand name but have used it to relieve congestion. Helps my little one sleep better at night. I moved it to the lounge during the day which helped both of us breathe better. Unfortunately, there’s no auto cut off.

  248. Avatar of Kerri

    No I haven’t used one before but my little boy really needs one to stop him coughing at night.

  249. Avatar of Naomi

    No never! But I would love to as both myself and my daughter have health issues that cause horrible congestion

  250. Avatar of Robert

    I used one years ago, for my kids, I think it was Eukybear or something like that. It would be good to have one of these for my school age kids, who tend to catch colds from school especially in Melbourne’s long cold winter.

  251. Avatar of Pip Booker

    No. I have never tried one but would love to in the future!

  252. Avatar of Karen Thompson
    Karen ThompsonReply

    I have used a Vicks vaporiser for when my kids have had bad colds and been really blocked up. Unfortunately I broke it!

  253. Avatar of Suz43

    I’ve got a really really old Vicks one that we pull out and pray still works,

  254. Avatar of Nicole g

    I have never used one before but I would love to try. With my kids sleeping in the same bed they seem to pass colds back and fourth. This would be great thanks

  255. Avatar of Jill-anne

    Love the safety aspect of VICKS Warm Steam Vapourizer. Have never used one but it would be wonderful to have to help ease the symptoms of sniffly, snuffly, chesty colds and bronchitis.

  256. Avatar of Tara S

    We have used many before but found vicks to be the best. We have asthma children so we love them!

  257. Avatar of Mitchell bottle
    Mitchell bottleReply

    We had one years ago when we only had 2 children it was a fantastic investment. Somehow was lost when we moved house. Now we are expecting our 5th child and winter time has proven some little colds and coughs in our household this would be a great win for all of us to benefit from.

  258. Avatar of Courtney

    I use my old Vicks vaporiser for my two boys!! Love it.

    • Avatar of Courtney

      Whoops! We use it for chesty and nasally colds! And the smell in general for me!

  259. Avatar of Julie

    Don’t have one and we are so sick at the moment so think it would be great to have one.

  260. Avatar of Jodie H

    I borrowed a Vicks Vaporizer from my sister in law when my little one was sick. It was amazing! Would love to win one of our own!

  261. Avatar of NatKing

    We’ve used one many years ago that you could hire from chemists. More recently I’ve resorted to putting vicks into some boiling water in the room – not quite the same and definitely not the same effect! Would love to win one to share with family and friends for when those winter sniffles attack! Vicks is still our go-to product

  262. Avatar of Lou

    A long time ago. Cant remember the name but would love to try it again

  263. Avatar of Mich Field

    Have a very old steamer that is around 26 years old, not tried a vaporizer before

  264. Avatar of JULIE MORTON

    no,I havent used one before but sure need one now,im suffering a real bad case of flu this would be a must have in my household of myslelf and 2 children who catch everything at chool

  265. Avatar of Stephanie Balazs
    Stephanie BalazsReply

    I’ve had a horrible flu during this pregnancy and have been trying to get my hands on one of these the last two months but all chemists local are out of stock

  266. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    I have used a Vicks Vaporiser previously to help with my daughter’s cough. Unfortunately hubby put it away in the cupboard before leaving it to completely dry and it never worked again. Now we have a new bub and I would love to have one on hand should he ever need it.

  267. Avatar of Sam

    I have a Vicks Vaporiser and have used it every night in winter for my baby. Is helped keep the cough at bay, clear his runny nose and he sleeps awesome! Love it

  268. Avatar of Kristina Siljanoski
    Kristina SiljanoskiReply

    I used my sister’s euky bear vaporiser when I was visiting her this winter and my son became sick

  269. Avatar of Trudy Mylrea
    Trudy MylreaReply

    My friend borrowed me their Vicks Vaporiser and loved it and would be great to have one of my own especially with this flu going around.

  270. Avatar of Cate

    We haven’t used one either, but how I love the smell of Vicks.

  271. Avatar of Elise

    Mum used to put a vapouriser on for us when we were little as both my sister and I suffered from respiratory issues. I have not used one since but I am sure it will come in handy with bubs on the way.

  272. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga GrenkowitzReply

    No, unfortunately I haven’t used one before.

  273. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    We have one that’s a bit old and messy we use to vaporise Vicks when we get the winter sniffles

  274. Avatar of Vixen74

    I used a vaporiser when my twins were young as they were premature and 1 has chronic lung disease. It broke after a few years and i cannot afford to buy another one but it was fantastic. I added bosistios eucalyptus to it and the house smelt great.

  275. Avatar of Cassandra Anderton
    Cassandra AndertonReply

    Would love to win as I have never used one before

  276. Avatar of blake haugen
    blake haugenReply

    Having always used the Vicks vaporiser. My whole family use it when the flu hits!! Its just great to clear the had and nose and helps us breathe easier at night.

  277. Avatar of Dorothy

    Have never used one before, but have seen one in action.Very impressed with how it works. My grandchildren come from the city to spend time with us in the country but the weather is so cold for them here. They tend to catch the sniffles easy. Would love to have a vaporizer here for them to use, making their visit enjoyable while breathing easy.

  278. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    I have never used a warm steam vaporiser. I can certainly see the benefits though.

  279. Avatar of Kara Devine
    Kara DevineReply

    My mum had one of the older style ones when I was young, it was great, and I’d love to try one with my girls (and me)

  280. Avatar of Kerry-Anne Hinds
    Kerry-Anne HindsReply

    No I have not used one yet. But would love to try one.

  281. Avatar of Bec Hope

    I have never used a warm steam steriliser though. What a great idea. We do love the regular steam sterilisers though.

  282. Avatar of melinda roche
    melinda rocheReply

    we bought a vicks one for mum a few years ago and we keep on borrowing it…!

  283. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Vaporisers have truly an amazing medical product to relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms without harsh chemicals. It has been recommend by many healthcare professionals as my friends are medical professionals, My both autistic children don’t like medication and Vaporisers have brilliant solutions bringing maximum comfort for my family, This new Vaporisers VS Humidifiers have many positive reviews on the websites because it has the best safety designed for younger children or elderly people. I would love to own it.

  284. Avatar of SUE

    I borrowed one and it was great in our dry perth climate. Would love to have one of my own,

  285. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia WarrickReply

    We have never tried a vaporiser, sounds like it would be very useful in our home.

  286. Avatar of Stephanie

    I remember they are miracle workers for cold and flu but it’s been a few years since I owned one.

  287. Avatar of Lorraine

    I’ve used a diffuser before but never a vaporiser. Vicks get rubbed on the soles of the feet here.

  288. Avatar of Sharon

    I have never used one for my kids or for myself I have always wished I had one so the kids and I could get better sleep when unwell

  289. Avatar of May

    I always use my diffuser but I think for the heavier eucalyptus type oils, a vaporiser would be much better.

  290. Avatar of Kathie

    No I haven’t used a Vicks warm steam vaporiser before. I have been interested in doing so as my daughter, even though she is not a young child anymore, still has trouble with blocked sinuses which causes her pain and headaches.

  291. Avatar of Greg

    I have used a generic vapouriser before, very low tech, but workec well, with the reputation of Vicks i am sure this product combination would breathe ckkarity to my congestion

  292. Avatar of Bonnie

    I’ve used the Vicks Vapouriser for my young son previously and was pretty happy with it. Then it died so I thought I’d try the Aroma Bloom cool mist humidifier. It’s nice for scenting the air but honestly I don’t think it helps anywhere near as much as the Vicks warm mist one did. I would love to get a Vicks one again.

  293. Avatar of Hannah Johnson
    Hannah JohnsonReply

    I have 2 small children who are quite prone to colds. My oldest son has a hearing impairment and it is quite important to avoid ear infections as they can possibly cause increased hearing loss.
    I think that this vapouriser would aid him in avoiding severe issues caused by colds

  294. Avatar of jacqueline francis
    jacqueline francisReply

    i have never used one before but have been told by some of my friends with kids that they are amazing and a must have!

  295. Avatar of Cat Whyte

    We used a Euky Bear one with my oldest a few years ago. Would love one for my youngest!

  296. Avatar of Rosalie

    Yes Have always used one but it broke last year so need another. last one was eukybear brand. Vaporisers are the only things that work for kids with colds.

  297. Avatar of CARLI C

    Childhood memories of having a cold are of Mum rubbing Vicks on my chest and dragging out an ancient warm steam vaporizer for next to my bed. I tried replicating the same with my own kiddies but I’ve been using a humidifier. Thrilled to have read this article to learn the difference! Plus adding the water soluble Vicks to the vaporizer as a bonus diffuser is a brilliant idea!

  298. Avatar of LIZ B

    I have never used one but would really love to win. It would be great for my asthma and sleep issues

  299. Avatar of Jan O'Bree

    I had a Vapouriser for my children many years ago (too many to remember the brand), and I would love to win this Vicks vapouriser for my grandchildren who both have hacking coughs and stuffy noses.

  300. Avatar of Rebecca Figgins
    Rebecca FigginsReply

    I haven’t used one, but it’s on my fingers crossed I can get one soon list.

  301. Avatar of William

    Used a Euky Bear for the dry winter cold and air-conditioning drying out our skin.

  302. Avatar of Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B.Reply

    I’d like to be prepared for the good and the bad of parenting… I haven’t used a Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer before but am sure it will be valuable in the coming years with Number One due in October! Vicks certainly worked for me as a child!!!

  303. Avatar of Melissa Edwards
    Melissa EdwardsReply

    I’ve used an old style Vicks one for many years which was amazing. It has had it’s day but would love a new one!

  304. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I’ve never tried a proper vaporizer – the most I’ve done is cleared my sinuses with a hot shower or had my head over a bowl steaming hot water with a towel over my head. I suspect a vaporizer would be much more preferable though… Haha.

  305. Avatar of Lisa Walker
    Lisa WalkerReply

    With 7 boys I’ve used 2 different types over the past 22 years,, I can’t remember the 1st one I ever used but it was brown and beige colour. I think the second one was a eukybear one. There’s always one that’s prone to winter colds and croup.

  306. Avatar of Judi Damon

    I have never used a vaporiser before but know how effective Vicks products are.

  307. Avatar of Vicki Fraser
    Vicki FraserReply

    I have never used one but I could sure do with one.

  308. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee PuddyReply

    I’ve used the pictured vaporizer at my parents and sister house for my niece and nephew when there asthma is flared up makes such a difference other machines tried have left excess moisture in the additional. Definitely need one for my house with a baby on the way

  309. Avatar of Gemma Debnam
    Gemma DebnamReply

    I have never used one before but would love to win it!

  310. Avatar of Jacqueline Dodd
    Jacqueline DoddReply

    I’ve never used one but I would love to give it a go!

  311. Avatar of Lentz

    I have never used a steam vaporizer before but I would definitely benefit from one!

  312. Avatar of Anne C

    A few years ago I bought one after doing a lot of research. I can’t remember the brand. It worked well for a couple of times and was great for my stuffed up head however it simply stopped working. I returned it and obtained a replacement however it conked out after a couple of uses as well. I returned it for a refund and have not replaced it. My daughter purchased one for her baby’s bedroom and it has worked well. I’d love to try the Vick’s Vaporizer.

  313. Avatar of Rachael Jose
    Rachael JoseReply

    I have used a cheap eBay one which was pointless. Would love to give a good one a chance

  314. Avatar of Yvonne

    I’ve never used a Vaporiser before, but when I was a child, Mum would put some Vicks in hot water and have me inhale it to ease my sinuses during a cold!

  315. Avatar of Katie Brown
    Katie BrownReply

    We use a warm vaporizer and also when i was a child. Every winter we use it for the lovely colds and im currently using it in the pregnancy to clear the head! The brand we currenly use is TAVV

  316. Avatar of MadisonT

    No I haven’t used one ever before. I’m pregnant and I’m very interested in using it with my baby.

  317. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica MorrisReply

    I have not used a vaporizer… we do have a Vicks humidifier though which is fantastic. Would love to test out the vaporizer too

  318. Avatar of Barbara

    I have never used a vaporiser before but it would come in very handy for those times when you have a blocked nose, etc.

  319. Avatar of Rebecca K

    There are so many options on the market that I haven’t yet tried one – I have heard rave reviews about the Vicks one, though!

  320. Avatar of Karen Harris
    Karen HarrisReply

    I have borrowed a friends Vicks vaporizer in the past when my son had bronchitis. It worked amazingly well, and the smell it produced in the house was soothing.

  321. Avatar of Tania Hardman
    Tania HardmanReply

    We have a Vicks Vapouriser that we use in my older sons room pretty much every night during winter to help ease his cold/asthma symptoms for a good nights sleep, but when my younger son also got sick this year it was a case of ‘who needed it more’ as we only had the one. A second Vapouriser would definately be well used and appreciated.

  322. Avatar of Racheal M

    I’ve never used one but I think they are a great idea

  323. Avatar of Gail R

    We had one 7 years ago. We loved it but it broke and we haven’t replaced it but are keen for another go!

  324. Avatar of Helen J

    Borrowed Vicks warm steam vaporiser and it worked well with colds.

  325. Avatar of Jennafa

    Vicks vaporiser works the best and we would like one for our room as the one we have is used predominantly in our son’s room.

  326. Avatar of Emily Compton
    Emily ComptonReply

    I would love to win this as I am yet to try a vaporiser. I am currently freezing Vicks and water into ice trays and using a few cubes in the shower to help with little miss 4 month old. Although it works great, it’s a hassle to only be able to relieve her in the shower!

  327. Avatar of Meaghan

    Have never used a warm steam vaporiser before, but would have been very helpful after the last cold given you can’t take cold and flu tablets while pregnant!

  328. Avatar of Alyce

    We have used a warm steam vaporiser for both of our daughters over the last four years whenever they are unwell or unsettled, and we also used it nightly for my elderly grandfather when he was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. I’m about to have baby number 3 and our vaporiser is only working intermittently, so a replacement would be very handy!

  329. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine StanfordReply

    We have never used a warm steam humidifier but would love to try one, my daughter has asthma so I would be interested to see if it has any positive effects on that

  330. Avatar of Elizabeth

    We have never used a warm steam vaporiser before, but this will be extremely helpful throughout the year to prevent colds, flus and unsettled stomachs for the family.

  331. Avatar of Karen N

    I have never used a warm steam humidifier, yet, but would love to try one. My daughter gets croup and I’ve just recovered from pneumonia, so a little help in our household from Vicks, would be fabulous!

  332. Avatar of Patrick

    Between My wife and I and the three kids, at least one of us is normally suffering from the sniffles, so this would be a great help.

  333. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    My family went on holidays with my sister’s family. My sister took her Vicks Vaporiser on holidays with her. To be honest, i thought that was a little eccentric at the time, UNTIL… kids caught a nasty cold while we were away. I borrowed the Vaporiser and it made such a difference to the amount of coughing we were all subjected too, not to mention, making the nights just that little bit more comfortable for my wee little ones.

  334. Avatar of Emily Zilm

    I’ve used the Vicks Vaporiser pictured. We have used it for years and then it finally died, we have been missing the benefits of it!

  335. Avatar of Jaime Garland
    Jaime GarlandReply

    I haven’t used a vaporizer before, but I am interested in giving it a go.

  336. Avatar of Gregory Bell
    Gregory BellReply

    Never used one yet, would be useful when my kids get nasal congestion.

  337. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    I’ve never used one, a lady at Kinder drop off was talking about she has one and the kids don’t seem to hold onto their colds as long.

  338. Avatar of Petter

    We’ve used one on both our kids. Only been able to borrow one so would love to actually own one to use long term!

  339. Avatar of Lisa P

    We have used the vaporiser for our kids when they have colds and for allergies. Works great!

  340. Avatar of Deanne Deluca
    Deanne DelucaReply

    I’ve only used a humidifier and it didn’t work that well id love to try a vaporiser for my kids asthma, ezcema and to make the room free of germs

  341. Avatar of michelle

    Would love this as our family have ashma and sinus challenges THANKYOU

  342. Avatar of FionaL

    I never used a proper one before, my husband gave himself a bad burn trying a home made one!

  343. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa SummerellReply

    Yes i have used steam vaporizers before, all the time as a kid with my croup, even remember hanging over the sink filled with hot hot water covered by a towel to breathe. Now my 2 little ones are lucky enough to have diagnosed and appearing symptoms of asthma, so we constantly use my old vaporiser (at least 20 yrs old) during the winter and thunderstormy spring. Would love to upgrade as sometimes i wonder if the age of vaporisee is doing more damage.

  344. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia ComerReply

    UNFORTUNATELY WE have Never used or bought a vaporizer, but plenty of vicks chest rubs over the years. Our $$$ have always cost us dearly in chemists, especially between June and September. With my daughter getting regular tonsillitis and hubby suffering from hey fever and cold symptoms.

  345. Avatar of ah

    No but after reading about it I am not sure why not – Have used vicks rubs before and believe in the quality products they produce

  346. Avatar of Kristian Clancy
    Kristian ClancyReply

    I’ve never used a vaporizer before, but I have been a long time user of Vicks vaporub – best thing to help clear the airways which is vital when you’re a singer. Definitely the best thing used for all loved ones when they’re yuck and congested.

  347. Avatar of Elinor

    We haven’t used one before but have been super keen to try one when my sons asthma gets bad.

  348. Avatar of Phillipa Harman
    Phillipa HarmanReply

    I haven’t used a vaporizer at all. My daughter has one and loves it. I am sure my daughter-in-law would love to have one in her house to help her baby’s breathing in Winter and help keep the air fresh in her room. We have always used Vicks when our children were little.

  349. Avatar of EdenLouise

    We have never used a vaporizer. I do believe though it would help my son’s congested snuffles.

  350. Avatar of Jocy

    I used to use a vaporiser when my kids were little but that is so long ago I can’t remember the brand. it used to really help when they had colds. This would be great for the grand-kids

  351. Avatar of Tamara

    Unfortunately, I’ve never used a vaporiser but have wanted too. Tonight would have been perfect – 2 sick kids who I have had in a steamed bathroom and who have gone to bed with Vicks on the soles of their feet and chest.

  352. Avatar of Sude

    I used a Vicks Vaporiser with my first child and it was amazing! A friend recommended it and it really helped with easing my little bubs cold.

  353. Avatar of Pamela Wayans
    Pamela WayansReply

    I have had ASTHMA my whole life but about 7 years ago my asthma got so bad and was diagnosed of EMPHYSEMA/COPD which was most likely due to the asthma. I was on double antibiotics and steroids, still didn’t feel any better. My lungs were constantly wheezing in all four chambers, i already used Advair, Spiriva, and Albuterol in my nebulizer, they just didn’t do much. April 2016 my sister in-law told us about Rich Herbs Foundation where she ordered herbs that effectively treated her arthritis. We ordered their COPD herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report this COPD herbal treatment reversed my lungs condition. My quality of life has greatly improved and every one of my symptoms including difficulty breathing and wheezing are gone. Their official web page is ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om. I will be 52 soon and have never been healthier!

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