Happy Bottom, Happy Baby: 9 Things to Know About Nappy Rash

If you’ve ever been desperately trying to heal a red, sore bottom and feel like ‘nothing is working’, you’ll know the struggle is real.  Whilst nappy rash is common in little ones, it can definitely cause great distress.

The good news however for little behinds is that most nappy rash is mild and can be easily treated. But did you know it’s even easier to actually prevent your baby from getting it in the first place?

These 9 tips will not only help you understand nappy rash but also prevent this common but uncomfortable condition. Red bums be gone!

1. Baby’s Skin is 5 Times More Delicate Than Your Own

Your baby’s skin is nearly half the thickness of yours. This means it’s also far more delicate and prone to becoming damaged or sore. This sensitivity is why it’s important to choose products without chemicals or irritant ingredients so the skin can be as protected as possible.

2. Products with Irritants can Cause (and Aggravate!) Nappy Rash

Those wipes filled with fragrance? The ones that can also get biro scribbles off your leather lounge? There’s a reason they smell good and have magical cleaning powers… chemicals! Preservatives, nasties and fragrances, all of which are found in most baby wipes, definitely cause irritation or allergy. Looking for an alternative?

Most other baby wipes claim to be sensitive, pure and natural but turn them over and read the ingredient lists and you’ll see that they still contain a catalogue of chemical ingredients.  Just  have a look at the back of the pack

Naturally good WaterWipes are the purest baby wipe in the world containing only softened water and drop of grapefruit seed extract.

WaterWipes are the purest baby wipe in the world containing only softened water and drop of grapefruit seed extract. Most baby wipes claim to be sensitive, pure and natural are often a catalogue of chemical ingredients.

3. Frequent Nappy Changing is the Big Part of the Puzzle

It’s not the only thing that causes nappy rash but a nappy that’s overstayed it’s welcome is the largest cause. The Sydney Children’s Hospital supports this claim saying long contact with wetness is the main cause of nappy rash. The longer the nappy is wet or soiled, the higher the risk of developing a rash. The ongoing moisture results in the breakdown of the skin’s protective outer barrier.’ The key message? Always change baby as frequently and quickly as you can.

4. Some Foods are More Likely to Cause Nappy Rash

That red rash on your baby’s bottom? It could actually be related to something in her dinner. Every mum knows that when baby starts eating solid foods, their poos – yikes –  change. All those new foods can make nappy rash more likely or inflame already existing symptoms. Acidic foods such as citrus, tomato and tomato-based sauces, orange juice, strawberries and pineapple can be to blame for irritating baby’s skin. Introduce them in moderation and reduce their intake if baby’s bottom is already irritated.

5. Poo is the Culprit, Not Wee

Okay, this is a bit TMI but it’s important to know. Yes, a baby that’s sat in a wet nappy for too long is likely to get nappy rash but this is not the primary cause.

Stephen Kownacki, chair of the Primary Care Dermatology Society says that nappy rash happens mainly because a baby’s poo contains digesting enzymes, which can start breaking her skin down if she’s left in a dirty nappy too long. But nappy rash can also be aggravated by ammonia, which is made when your baby’s wee is broken down by bacteria from her poo, and in turn, irritates her skin.”

Either way, if you can change your baby’s nappy, do it quick smart!


6. Pat, Pat, Pat Baby Dry

Whether it’s when you dry them after a bath or after you’ve wiped them during a nappy change you need to remove the moisture from bub’s skin. You might not know but how you remove the moisture from baby is actually important. Your little one’s skin isn’t used to rubbing or friction. This can actually cause irritation and make the skin more susceptible for germs to establish themselves. Be sure to pat baby dry with a light touch – that’s a new and delicate botty after all!

7. Mix Up Your Nappy Brand

If you baby is getting persistent nappy rash despite frequent changes and you’ve already swapped to a pure baby wipe, it’s time to switch up your nappies. The composition, bleaching, chemicals in the manufacturing and absorbency of major nappy brands is varying so try something different in your quest for healing. Baby’s nappy rash could actually be because they are having an allergic reaction to something in the material the nappy is made out of.


8. Suns Out – Bums Out!  

It’s old school parenting but it does work. Every baby needs nappy off time to let fresh air and sunshine work their natural magic on her skin. It’s not always convenient (and sometimes messy) but allow your baby the chance to enjoy some time without the restriction of a nappy. If bubs is suffering nappy rash this is more important than ever allowing relief from trapped moisture and heat so the skin can repair more quickly. Of course, you can’t be nappy-free all the time, however the more fresh air, the better.

9. But What About the Great Teething Debate!?

Some mums swear that teething causes nappy rash, others say they disagree! Even science is unclear on this argument. It’s believed the link could be in baby’s increased production of saliva. More saliva changes the composition of baby’s poo (sometimes to diarrhoea), making it more likely to cause a reaction when touching the skin. Unfortunately, every baby has to experience teething. Further, there’s no miracle cure for preventing sore bottoms as one of this nasty stage’s symptoms. Just take comfort mum in the fact, ‘this soon will pass!’


If your baby is suffering persistent nappy rash and you’ve tried all of the tips above without improvement it’s time to seek medical advice. In the meantime, always remember prevention is better than cure! Change baby quickly, eliminate irritants and here’s to your little one being ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom!’

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    I never try Water Wipes. Would love to try your wipes on bubs. I know your wipes is expensive and after reading the above article I understand why. Would love to experience for bubba do get red on the bottom and I can’t undersrand why (we change nappy frequently and quickly). Now with another bub on its way….. the most gentle, natural, purest wipes would be wonder for us.

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