VIDEO: The Hair Raising Truth About Postpartum Hair Loss Will Shock You

Think postpartum hair loss isn’t really a thing? This 30 second video is about to change ALL OUR MINDS.

Pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and watch the wonders of the post pregnancy shed in action. Oh and prepare to be amazed and grossed out all at once.

Christina Kreitel is about to “gross a lot of people out”. And she’s pretty excited about it!

The hairdresser, who also happens to be a new mum, posted a video to her Instagram of a client’s “post pregnancy shed”. As Christina gently tugs at the woman’s hair, she grabs clumps at a time, holding it in her fingers before showing her collection to the camera.

It’s a tad disgusting, yes. But it’s also one of the many untold truths about new mummyhood. Hair loss happens. And it happens in MASSIVE CLUMPS that cling to the sides of your shower or clog up your drain.

Have baby, lose a head full of hair

Christina’s strangely satisfying video is hitting home with millions of viewers with the comments and advice flooding in. As many suggest, continuing with your prenatal vitamins and adding biotin might help with the hair loss.

And some are just plain freaking out. “Are you kidding me… I didn’t know it could be this bad! I am laying in bed at 11pm, 32 weeks pregnant and wide awake out of fear of my poor hair. Hell no!,” writes Billie Lovell.

Many of the commenters are also sharing their own after postpartum hair loss stories, proving that, yes, it’s a little unsettling, but, it’s also normal. It’s all part of the new mum experience. Like your brand new blue veined boobs, your paunchy mum pouch and your inability to go in the shower without hearing phantom baby cries.

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