Helping Your Teen Find a Job Just Got So Much Easier

Do you have a teen ready to join the workforce or perhaps you’re concerned about your child fitting into a specific industry?

Thankfully, we’ve discovered breakthru, a valuable service that takes the stress out of searching for a job and securing the position that’s right for your child. 

If you’re a parent of a teen trying to break into the workforce or have a working-age child with disability, then breakthru is something you NEED to know about. It’s an unique employment agency especially catered to those who may need a little extra help breaking into the workforce.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Finding a job isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes A LOT of motivation, not to mention courage, to put yourself out there, to put your best foot forward in an interview and to put your fear of rejection aside.

When you’re a teen, new to the workforce, have a disability, or have trouble in social situations, the task of finding a job can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is where breakthru comes into play.

mum centralExtra job search support for those who need it

An employment agency, but not your standard “search-engine” type, breakthru takes on a more personal and holistic approach to the whole ‘getting a job’ thing. More importantly, it gives kids the confidence to make the transition from school to work without the added stress to them or to their parents.

From school to work

The breakthru team work with your kids to help them:

  • put together a resume
  • fill out applications
  • search for work
  • prepare for interviews, and
  • handle the possibility of rejection,

These are all skills that are invaluable in the real world, and often ones that we, as parents, cannot teach firsthand.

They can even help your child with travelling to and from work, which isn’t always easy, especially if your child can’t drive and you’re not around to do it for him.

Job trials to ensure the right fit 

But perhaps the best thing about breakthru is their work experience service.

When job hunting, sometimes it takes a little while to find the perfect fit. Sometimes it takes a few interviews, a few ‘nos’ and a few first days that end in disaster.

With breakthru, candidates can trial jobs, which helps ensure that a career path is the right fit, regardless of the extra support your child may require. Whether your child has trouble reading or writing, whether she struggles with a mental disability, whether he is on the autism spectrum, every child deserves to find a career they enjoy.

Take Tayla, for example.

YouTube video

Like many of our kids, Tayla needed a little bit of extra assistance making the leap into the workforce. Through breakthru, she was able to give a career at McDonald’s a test-drive. In this case, it was a great fit and she is now moving up in the industry and surprising everyone around her, including herself.

Help for mums with kids looking for work

A lot of the pressure of finding that perfect job for your child disappears with breakthru. But, what can parents do to support their kids in the quest for independence? Here’s what we suggest:

1. Start with a conversation

Find out what your child is interested in doing (and no, playing video games doesn’t count). Talk about what jobs you would love to have or where you can see your child working.

2. Tread lightly 

Don’t be that “get a job or else” mum. That mum is kind of a cow. Don’t be her. If you push too hard, make threats and put too much pressure on your child to get a job, then you’re going to be met with resistance.

3. Sign up with breakthru 

It takes all of 20 seconds to fill in the form and someone from breakthru will contact you and your teen whenever you’re ready. There are no applications or expectations straight away, so you can let your child decide if this is the right path for them.mum central

4. Get a work wardrobe ready 

Shopping is always fun. But winning $500 to spend on shopping is even more fun! And by simply doing the above step, you are automatically entered into the running to Win a Work Wardrobe with breakthru. That’s right – simply fill out the form above for your chance to WIN a $500 WISH Gift Card for your teen’s new work wardrobe.

5. Support and respect your child’s journey

It can be tricky to find that balance between letting your teen gain independence and wanting to help him with #allthejobthings. This is one of the ways breakthru can be so helpful for parents – it allows parents to be supportive in their child’s career choices, but without having to pressure or constantly hound them.

Let breakthru prepare your child for the next step and take the pressure off you.

Watching your child excel in the workforce and be excited and proud of their achievements, it’s something that every parent strives for. And, with breakthru, it’s 100% possible.

Sign up today to see whether breakthru is the job searching solution you’ve both been looking for (and maybe win a new wardrobe while you’re at it).

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