Video: Gone (to Snooze-ville) In 60 Seconds

Well if this isn’t just the most adorable thing you’ve seen all day then we’ll do something dramatic like give up coffee for a week (please note, this is a blatant and bald faced lie). 

Unless you’ve seen a family of baby ducks reunited with their mother after being trapped on different sides of a busy motorway, followed by daddy duck busting out of the reeds and taking the whole gang under his wing to smother them with duck kisses, then we think this super sweet video is pretty unbeatable in the ‘Nawwww’ stakes.

There’s just something about a snoozy baby that pulls on the ovary strings and makes the uterus twinge. And there’s something about a baby that just won’t go to sleep that makes every parent cringe. Well, cringe no more, tired mamas and papas, because here’s an easy baby sleep solution. And it’s one that may just send your own fractious newborn off to the Land of Nod in record time.

Goodnight friends. 💙 “Who wouldn’t go to 😴?” @gibsonpottery #dontforgetdads #fatherhood #dadlife

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This little guy drifted off to snooze-ville at the hands – actually, the finger – of his adoring daddy in less than 60 seconds. Pretty impressive! Got a sleep resistant bubba of your own at home? Try it yourself and let us know how you go.

For more off-the-scale cuteness, check out this video of newborn twins mistaking a nose for a boob.

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