Newborn Mistakes Twin’s Nose For a Boob and We Can’t Cope With the Cuteness!

Well doesn’t this just get the ovaries whispering; “Come onnnn, make a baby with my eggs”. 

Just-hatched twins, so fresh you can practically smell the new baby smell, snuggled up together, in matching hats. Look, that’s almost enough to get the uterus twanging.

But there’s more. Twin number two, clearly feeling a bit on the peckish side, decides it’s time for some nosh. The only flaw in the plan? A lack of boob/bottle. But hey, resourcefulness is the mother of invention and a nose will do just fine.

As the kids say, it’s #cuteAF and we challenge you to watch without booking in some baby-making time of your own STAT. God bless Instagram and the way it offers access to ‘awwwwwwww’ inspiring moments on the daily.

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