WIN 1 of 5 Nappy Prize Packs: The Search For THE Perfect Nappy Is Over. Meet BabyLove Cosifit

There is plenty of baby gear that falls into the ‘not 100 per cent necessary’ category.

That wipes warmer from Justine in Accounts or the handmade, quilted nappy stacker from your great aunt probably hold pride of place on that list.

Nappies however, are not part of the category. Nappies, and plenty of them, are a baby essential. And BabyLove has just made its already impressive Cosifit nappy range even better.

BC (before children), the chances are good that you had no real idea just how many bodily fluids a tiny human produces in one day. Keeping this secret till you’ve actually reproduced seems to be a trick of nature, to make sure we keep making babies. After all, once we’ve got that little bundle in our arms, it’s difficult to survey a full nappy and scream “I’m not dealing with anymore of this (actual, literal) poo.”

Wait, babies poo HOW many times a day?

mum central

The average newborn and young baby usually has five or six full nappies per day. That’s a conservative estimate. It seems they haven’t accounted for charming occurrences like ‘the follow through’ where wind leads to a tiny yet significant enough to be changed bowel movement. Or the ‘ninja wee’ where the entire non-waterproof exterior of the nappy gets coated in urine JUST as you’re about to do up the sticky tabs.

It’s often recommended to first time mums to buy many, many more nappies than they need. And to stash them everywhere. House, car, pram, backyard… there is nothing worse than being caught nappy-less after an explosion of epic proportions.

But which nappy brand to choose? It’s not uncommon to see first time parents wandering bewildered through the baby aisle at the supermarket, confused and intimidated at the choice. “What’s DriWave when it’s at home?”, they may think. “Is a back waistband pocket all it’s cracked up to be?”. You may then find these same parents sitting on the floor and rocking quietly next to the ice-cream, muttering that they are in over their heads.

Fortunately, BabyLove has come to the rescue with their new look ‘Cosifit‘ nappy, or as we like to call it, ‘the great all-rounder.’ A nappy that covers all bases and all eventualities.

New look Cosifit for no more red marks The Search For THE Perfect Nappy Is Over: Introducing BabyLove Cosifit

BabyLove has included some rather impressive improvements to its new look Cosifit nappies. They include:

  • High absorbency – A nappy is nothing without its absorbency. All that liquid needs to go somewhere and a less than absorbent nappy is a nightmare (think wet onesie, wet capsule, wet mummy…). BabyLove Cosifit has clever DriWave technology which absorbs liquid instantly, drawing it away from sensitive skin to leave baby feeling dry.
  • Soft and comfy – We all know what it’s like to wander around all day in a pair of too tight jeans. NOT COMFORTABLE. Babies feel the same way about nappies that cut into their delicious leg chub and milky bellies. BabyLove Cosifit are all about comfort thanks to the patented technology which gently wraps around little bottoms, tummies and thighs to prevent leakage without red marks. There’s also the soft and breathable cover which helps prevent nasty nappy rash
  • Wetness indicator – Short of sticking your hand into a nappy every half hour, it’s tricky to know when it’s time for a change. The BabyLove wetness indicator, found on newborn and infant sizes only, changes from yellow to blue when wet. You’ll know in a snap when it’s time for a fresh nappy, no wee/poo on your hand required.
  • Self changing – Sadly this is still a pipe dream but give BabyLove time. They’ve managed to squeeze all the above into one very handy package so we don’t doubt they’ve got the #skillz to do it.

BabyLove Cosifit nappies new look Cosifit

mum centralenter-to-win

Thanks to our friends at BabyLove, we have FIVE massive nappy prize packs up for grabs, each consisting of a three month supply of BabyLove Cosifit nappies!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below, then comment at the bottom of this article  telling us what you love most about the new look Cosifit nappies and you could be one of five lucky winners!


Win a 3 Month Supply of BabyLove Cosifit Nappies – 5 To be Won!

This is a sponsored post for BabyLove

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  1. Avatar of Jen

    I love the stretchy waistband. It doesn’t dig in as the nappy gets full like some other brands

    • Avatar of jToni

      Great flexible to babies needs keeps dryer for longer and lovely band on the nappy

    • Avatar of Ellen

      I am checking it all out for some friends of mine. I will keep my fingers crossed that I can win this competition for one of them.

    • Avatar of Lyn

      master 16 months is a big power ,often exploding out of his nappy.These manage to hold everything in,are really gentle and soft on his bottom and very easy for his dad to change

    • Avatar of Clodagh

      Im pregnant on my 1st and have been looking into different brands.yoyr double layer supporr sounds like a really good udea

    • Avatar of Bec

      We have a newborn and absolutely love the fit on our long and lean boy, and the green side tabs are so much easier to see than other brands, and particularly great for those late night/early morning feeds in dimmed bedrooms!

    • Avatar of Kate Nitschke
      Kate NitschkeReply

      I love how snug they fit around my 9 week old sons skinny legs. I have had leakage.

  2. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    I love how it fits perfectly and comfortably onto all babies of different shapes and sizes without causing any red marks.

  3. Avatar of Lazzie

    No idea! I’m 100%v lost on nappies being pregnant with my first, BUT my friends have said these are better than other brands, so would love to try them.

  4. Avatar of Line

    I love the wetness indicator – not having to guess what’s happening is awesome!

  5. Avatar of Tameka

    I love the way the hug the whole area of bub and doesnt leave marks like other brands do, they are flexible for us they move the best with bub and never leak

  6. Avatar of Belinda

    Wetness indicator is a time saver. Stops you having to check manually all the time.

  7. Avatar of Nic B

    I love the absorbancy for use overnight on a toddler. Makes it easier not having to wake them to be changed.

  8. Avatar of Tam

    The new more stretchy waist band is great! My son’s childcare provide Babylove nappies and I’m quite impressed.

  9. Avatar of Karla

    3 kids and the only nappies I will ever use. I have tried the rest and nothing compares. No nappy rash issues, no bad smells. Dry for longer so you is less nappies, and bubs is free without red marks from restrictions.

  10. Avatar of Amber Haag

    the wetness indicator is always a winner. but reducing red marks on bubba’s chubby legs & belly is the best! comfy baby = happy baby.

  11. Avatar of Tess

    I love how absorbent they are! My poor little dude has a sensitive tooshie and it gets very red if we use anything else, even if I change him straight away.

  12. Avatar of FTM?

    First timer here – im just learning to find out which is best to use with my newborn.. wetness indicator is brilliant idea and stretchy tabs

  13. Avatar of rebecca

    Great leakage protection is a wonderful thing & less red marks means less irritation

  14. Avatar of Estelle Prunty
    Estelle PruntyReply

    I love the different patterns, makes it easier with 2 kids in nappies

  15. Avatar of Bronwyn

    The cute designs are this seasons must haves in the pants category. No need for nappy covers over these fashionable pants.

  16. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina EReply

    Wetness indicater is fantastic & such a time saver also how absorbent they are fantastic for long sleeps. Excited to use them on new bub No7 due anyday.

  17. Avatar of Tina

    Definitely the absorbancy factor! Nothing worse than having a screaming, sopping wet baby, wrapped up in stinky wet sheets and clothes at 2am!!!

  18. Avatar of Rachele

    I love babyloves for my baby love! Such a good all rounder. So easy to put on!

  19. Avatar of Rebecca Smit
    Rebecca SmitReply

    Trying to find nappies to hold my 4 month olds bodily fluids is tough so I’d love to test out the absorbent levels of these.

  20. Avatar of Alexandrak

    I love how simple the packaging is. So very eye catching and the sizes are easy to read making it a quick and easy selection

  21. Avatar of Laurencia

    The double support gathers that prevent red marks but still provide a great fit that keeps bub dry

  22. Avatar of Sue B

    I love that they’re soft and comfy, no-one likes too tight duds, especially when they’re sleeping.

  23. Avatar of Victoria

    I love the double support gathers to reduce red marks, but mainly to decrease leakage because no one wants to inhale poo fumes for a whole car trip because the carseat, etc, hasn’t been cleaned properly.

  24. Avatar of Amanda L

    I changed to BabyLove and so happy I did. Absorbent, I haven’t had any ‘explosions’ and they fit really well.

  25. Avatar of Melinda

    Double support gathers and stretchy waistband to help contain those dreaded No. 3’s!

  26. Avatar of Meaghan

    Love the Wetness Indicator on the Babylove Cosifit Nappies – will be super helpful for us being first time parents in January 🙂 Also love the double support gathers to prevent leaks and the fact they are absorbent, soft and comfy for baby. Happy baby = Happy parents

  27. Avatar of LuluAmes

    Double support gathers really help contain those messy ones!!

  28. Avatar of Jessie

    I like that they’re highly absorbent. Can’t go wrong with that!

  29. Avatar of Nat

    I love the abaorbancy which draws the urine away from bubs skin and reduces the risk of nappy rash. Also they are soft and don’t scratch

  30. Avatar of Sophia

    I love all the features, but most of all the wetness indicator as I find many other brands stop having it as the child gets older. I find it would be most helpful until the child can be toilet trained.

  31. Avatar of Suz43

    I love the wetness indicator as well as the double gathers for leak protection.

  32. Avatar of stephk

    love the comfort for baby and the high absorbency of the baby love cosifit nappies!!

  33. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love the cute little animal designs and the wetness indicator. Also the comfort fit knowing my darling little grandson will not be uncomfortable with elastic cutting into those adorable chubby little legs.

  34. Avatar of Jayme

    Love that my daughter doesn’t get a nappy rash reaction to them that she does to other brands. We think it’s the better absorbancey taking moisture away from the skin!

  35. Avatar of Louise French
    Louise FrenchReply

    I have used baby love from day one with Bub. Have tried huggies and Aldi nappies and found Baby love to fit the best with no leaks and no red marks. I chose Baby Love because they are a better nappy . I also used them for my older 3 kids when they were in nappies some 15 +years ago

  36. Avatar of Brittany

    The wetness indicator will be such a handy feature for a new mum like me , who is likely to be a little confused otherwise! Great for dad too, he won’t be able to ‘play dumb’ and avoid nappy changing either 🙂

  37. Avatar of Susan

    The wetness indicator is fantastic, most of all they are great on both boys and girls.

  38. Avatar of Bernarda

    I like the softness and the elasticised waist that can move with my baby so she stays comfortable. The wetness indicator is also so important to me. When the absorbency is so good it can be difficult to tell when it’s wet! Comfortable baby equals a happy baby!

  39. Avatar of Lizzie Cannon
    Lizzie CannonReply

    Comfy fit for no red marks or rubbing around bubs chubby legs!

  40. Avatar of blake haugen
    blake haugenReply

    No leaks, cosy fit!
    Wetness indicator,
    great price.
    Babylove Cosifit Nappies,


  41. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa SummerellReply

    i love that Babylove cosifit nappies are living up to their name. All the other companies seem to promise changes, that either dont happen or dont make a difference. With Babylove Cosifit i feel confident fresh ready to take on the world and i bet bub does too.

  42. Avatar of Melissa

    As a pregnant, first time Mum-to-be, I don’t know a whole lot about nappies. Babylove Cosifit nappies have been recommended to me by friends so I would like to give these a go!

  43. Avatar of Chloe Bush

    I will be a new Mum in December (after 5 failed ivf cycles, i somehow fell pregnant naturally). I will be a Mummy wandering the nappy aisles wondering what to choose!! Love the idea that this brand has created an “all-rounder” nappy. The wetness indicator will also be very useful!!

    I also love the packaging- very nice to look at, draws my attention straight away.

  44. Avatar of Sude

    I love the soft comforting hold and the wetness indicator as reassurance for any parent

  45. Avatar of Elanor

    I love how they work with a toddler who is always on the move

  46. Avatar of Rebecca

    I like the double support around the legs to prevent leakage

  47. Avatar of Michelle D

    I really like the super-soft sides for less red marks. I always feel terrible when I see red marks left by an uncomfortable nappy, like I’ve failed at doing something as simple as changing a nappy.

  48. Avatar of Karina Lee

    The DriWave technology means I can get away with changing less often when I am busy and not worry about baby being uncomfortable or getting a rashy bum!

  49. Avatar of Anna Lam

    It’s soft and comfy, but most importantly it’s gentle on my baby’s skin as she does not get nappy rash unlike other brands we’ve tried.

  50. Avatar of Melanie Gale
    Melanie GaleReply

    I love that they have such great reccomendations! And look like such a good versatile nappy!

  51. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    BabyLove Cosifit nappies tick all the boxes. No leakages is a big plus.

  52. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea HurringReply

    I love how good they fit and NEVER leak. These are my go to nappies! I love these nappies

  53. Avatar of Elizabeth Streten
    Elizabeth StretenReply

    Cosifit has s superb design which let’s me change my bubs less often without any consequence of nappy rash!

  54. Avatar of Liz

    The soft sides, gentleness of baby’s skin and the general fit of Babylove. We had issues with other brands leaking due to the fit.

  55. Avatar of Kate

    Absolutely love the new Cosi fit Baby love nappies for my boys especially my 3 month old who has skinny legs they fit perfect on him and are so absorbent. Love the wetness indicator line as well

  56. Avatar of Asenath Lynch
    Asenath LynchReply

    The wetness indicator is awesome and I love how well they fit!!

  57. Avatar of Michelle Jenkins
    Michelle JenkinsReply

    These would be awesome for my grandson due late October. I think they would be a great start to my daughters experience as being a first time mum she would love these <3

  58. Avatar of Nicole g

    I love how they are so comfy and sold and with the new wet indicator makes it a lot easier at night

    • Avatar of Lis j

      I love the stretchy waist band for my chubby bub. These are the only nappies that fit her nicely and dont leak.

  59. Avatar of Skye

    I love that they are delicate on littlies skin and leave no red marks or cut into their skin

  60. Avatar of Sarah Aspi

    I love the price! Times are tough, and knowing you can get a great nappy that ticks all the boxes at such a great price, can’t really get any better than that.

  61. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-ElturkReply

    The absorbancy is fantastic in these nappies! Wouldn’t use an other brand.

  62. Avatar of Christina R
    Christina RReply

    The larger fit means that they sit higher up bubs back so less leakages all up her back and less cleaning for me. Happy Bub, happy mum

  63. Avatar of Rebecca gillespie
    Rebecca gillespieReply

    I love how they fit nicely around the legs and waist
    They never leave any red marks and never leak my go to nappy choice

  64. Avatar of Katie Brown
    Katie BrownReply

    The wetness indicator is truly amazing for my partner and teenage daughter when im needing rest…
    The price also takes the stress away knowing they are the best nappies not at a ridiculous price and also lastely i used these with my daughter 14yrs ago so very happy

  65. Avatar of Stephanie B B
    Stephanie B BReply

    Excellent absorbency and great fit. Value dor money!

  66. Avatar of melinda roche
    melinda rocheReply

    i think the wetness indicator is such a practical feature.

  67. Avatar of Louisa Frail
    Louisa FrailReply

    I love from the Wetness indicator, the great quality, snuggly fit, great value, my nephew loves cosifit, great designs to make nappys fun, the softness feel.

  68. Avatar of Russell

    It’s got to be Wynne’s indicator for me so I know as soon as my daughter has wet her nappy. So much better than sticking my hand in there.

  69. Avatar of Domenica

    Great nappies, they’re nice fitting around my little chunky ones legs!

  70. Avatar of Olivia Miller
    Olivia MillerReply

    They don’t leak overnight which is priceless! But speaking of price, these are great.

  71. Avatar of Briana T

    Our twins wear different sized nappies, so the bold colour change to the patterns on the new Babylove range has made it SO much easier to find the right nappy for the right bum when we’re half asleep!

  72. Avatar of Kirsten

    I haven’t used them before so would love to give them a try!

  73. Avatar of julie morton
    julie mortonReply

    i love the waterproof exterior the best,keeps my daughter dry and mum confident and happy that im using the right product and reputable brand

  74. Avatar of Kym

    I used these with my first child so I’ll be using them with my 2nd child. More affordable and they were more effective then some of the other big name brands out there

  75. Avatar of Rebecca O

    I love the stretchy waistband and how absorbent they are

  76. Avatar of Anthea Georges
    Anthea GeorgesReply

    I love the absorbency of these nappies and how they are really true to size. Not to mention the price is great.

  77. Avatar of Anna

    I love the little animal prints, for summer days when bub is nothing but a nappy

  78. Avatar of Roslyn Hadden

    There is so much to love about these nappies the technology is amazing the wetness indicator what a brilliant idea my grandson is due on the 26th September would love the new parents to be to try them out for the first time on there little bouncing baby boy im sure they would never change brands if they did.

  79. Avatar of Jon D

    I love the DriWave technology. Its a stand out by far compared to other brands

  80. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark AgapiouReply

    Love the fit they have and the way they last overnight is outstanding.

  81. Avatar of sandra d

    I love the feel of the nappies nice and soft and I love the shape which makes it very easy to put the nappy on (especially a wiggly baby!)

  82. Avatar of Monique

    They have a soft and snug fit and don’t leak out the sides

  83. Avatar of Amy boneham
    Amy bonehamReply

    I’ve never tried them. Friends have said how great they are with no overnight leaks or issues. Was planning to buy some for our new baby.

  84. Avatar of Sarah Robinson
    Sarah RobinsonReply

    I love the cosyfit indicator and the fact that they fit snuggly and dont cause red marks. Super absorbant too!

  85. Avatar of Riarna Springbett
    Riarna SpringbettReply

    Babylove Cosifit make it easy with the flexiable but snug Fit and wetness indicator! And no night time leaks!!!

  86. Avatar of Anita

    These fir my daughter perfectly! I’m usually a huggies mum, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how snug these nappies are on my little girl.
    Would love to win more of them

  87. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzieReply

    I love the great fit with no leakage!! I also love the price!!

  88. Avatar of Lynette Hurt
    Lynette HurtReply

    We have found these have been the best nappies to keep master 1 dry all night long!!!! Absolutely love and winning this would be a huge help

  89. Avatar of Tiara Allen
    Tiara AllenReply

    I’ve been struggling to find a nappy that fits my boy perfectly without leaving marks on him, so I love that they have a stretchy waistband and don’t leave red marks

  90. Avatar of Halley S

    I’m currently pregnant with my first child, so have yet to use nappies but have heard from several other mothers just how great they are. The biggest benefit (and what I think can be a high priority when my bub comes) is the high absorbancy. I’m sure this feature will be a huge plus with blowouts.

  91. Avatar of Krystal Garner
    Krystal GarnerReply

    I love that their soft and comfy, have high absorbency and the nappy tells you when to change them by the change of colour. They are snug and gives my baby that extra protection they require.

  92. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    I love that they’re soft and comfortable for bub, while still preventing leaks and red marks.

  93. Avatar of Leesa Kube

    Both my grandsons wee a lot and babyive are the best because of their high absorbency and fit.

  94. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    BabyLove Cosifit nappies make my babysitting duties a breeze. Particularly love the bright new patterns.

  95. Avatar of DEB

    Love the wet indicator, baby looks happier obviously ferls drier and comfortable for bubs. Get them for friends bubbies they love them as well. Bright happy colours all so wonderful for everyone

  96. Avatar of Kylie

    I love the wetness indicator and the fact that little miss poopey pants doesn’t have blowouts with these on (unlike some other brands)!

  97. Avatar of Cassie

    The only nappy brand i havent experienced leakage from. As a first time mum ive tried so many brands but babylove is the best for my boy, they were my saviour on 29hrs worth of flights when he was 7 weeks old!

  98. Avatar of Lisaclaire

    I love that they are so absorbent and how stretchy around they are legs so bubs can move freely without any spills

  99. Avatar of Ryan

    Their High absorbency which means we won;t have a bed bed come the morning through leakage.

  100. Avatar of Charlotte

    Their high comfort level which means I won’t have my little one constantly fidgeting with them.

  101. Avatar of Eunice Ang

    It’s hard to choose between the wetness indicator and the softness of the nappy! My boy is slightly on the chunky side and lots of nappies leave red marks on the skin although I’ve already upsized

  102. Avatar of Juanita Munro

    The DRIWAVE technology for instant absorption because when you have a toddler that wakes up a lot during the night these are great.

  103. Avatar of Vanessa

    I have always used baby love nappies, love the new design, cute pictures and wetness indicator is helpful. They’ve also been a great night time nappy or long travelling, you always know they are not going to leak. Best nappy on the market. 🙂

  104. Avatar of Rebecca

    No red marks! I feel so bad for my Bub when I see red marks around his legs. I also love it’s high absorbency, nothing worse than a poo explosion especially when it leaks onto your clothes.

  105. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    The wetness indicator is a definite plus, and they are ultra comfortable.

  106. Avatar of Brooke Hollie Lavin
    Brooke Hollie LavinReply

    Super soft & gentle on my babies bum! 2nd child and still in love with BABYLOVE ♥️

  107. Avatar of Louise M

    The double support, I’ve seen my friends have too many leakages!

  108. Avatar of Sharon E

    Soft and comfy is the best, there’s nothing worse than those red marks on their skin where the nappies scratch and rub.

  109. Avatar of Ali

    Love the wetness indicator and they fit well and are so comfy

  110. Avatar of Rachel Bletchly
    Rachel BletchlyReply

    Love how absorbent they are as well as the stretchy waist!

  111. Avatar of Lynette Smith
    Lynette SmithReply

    Love the stretchy waistband and that they’re soft and comfortable for bubs to wear.

  112. Avatar of Leeanne

    My name is leeanne. I go through nappies like anything. So it would be great to win them. It’s sad when you buy nappies that leak but baby love are good doesn’t leave leakage but holds the wetness in.

  113. Avatar of Gemma Debnam
    Gemma DebnamReply

    I love the comfort that they have and last all night without leaking

  114. Avatar of Anna Amoroso
    Anna AmorosoReply

    These are the best nappies by far, never a problem with leakage!! Not having to change nappy and outfit everytime!

  115. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    I love how cheap they are the cost is amazing and the quality outstanding affordable luxury for bub

  116. Avatar of Blossom

    BabyLove – I Love our Baby. The adhesive tapes at the waist of the nappy never break on BabyLove
    Cosifit Nappies. They don’t leave horrid red marks at Baby’s waist or legs. These absorb mositure and the indicator is idea. Unlike other brands there is rarely nappy rash.

  117. Avatar of Kate Jones

    They are a close fit, and last all night without leaking!

  118. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison HumbleReply

    The soft sides. You want to know your baby is comfortable

  119. Avatar of Katiee

    Currently pregnant with first bub, would love to win baby love nappies to try out

  120. Avatar of Alex He

    Wetness indicator is a very handy feature and will be helpful for me.

  121. Avatar of Jody Smith

    The stretchy waistband would be very helpful and more comfy for my son.

  122. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy weddingReply

    I love that our toddlers get all the way through the night without leaks

  123. Avatar of joe crisafulli
    joe crisafulliReply

    Their soft comfiness which ensures a comfortable & happy bubba!

  124. Avatar of Jessica kerr
    Jessica kerrReply

    Havnt tried yet have bub 3 on the way would love to try

  125. Avatar of Kate Silvy

    Love the snug fit, elastic waistband and super absorbency.

  126. Avatar of STEPHEN ELSWORTHY

    Looks like this could be a great contender for the “no leaks allowed nappy until mummy comes home to change it.”

  127. Avatar of Lorraine R

    I Love the wetness indicator. With the super absorbency of nappies, the indicator can be helpful to know when to change the nappy

  128. Avatar of Melanie Hurley
    Melanie HurleyReply

    High absorbancy appeals to me. My bubba wees like an elephant overnight. Would love to put an end to the night urine pool.

  129. Avatar of amie grech

    because they are dependable, durable and my bub never wakes up drenched and the biggest thing is they dont rash him up! with hyper sensitivity tried many brands but ur are the best no welts and rashes. thank you

  130. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine StanfordReply

    They are absorbent! Nothing worse than a non absorbent nappy

  131. Avatar of Chelsea

    The wetness indicator for sure! No need to peek in the sides to see if baby needs changing

  132. Avatar of Samantha

    I’m always looking for quality and with Baby Love, they are just that. Perfect quality, perfect fit, my daughter doesn’t complain anymore and they agree with my son too! So what agrees with my children and also 100% agrees with me, I won’t ever buy anything else!

  133. Avatar of izabella di tomasso
    izabella di tomassoReply

    As the name says “Cosy-fit” I like it that my little one is in superior comfort and absorbency. What an awesome product!!

  134. Avatar of Jenna C

    I love the wet nappy indicator! Such a handy feature, especially with a one week old baby and a first time mumma!

  135. Avatar of Hannah Johnson
    Hannah JohnsonReply

    I love the wetness indicator as I don’t have to stick my hands in to the unknown to see if it is wet.

  136. Avatar of Cherie

    Sister has a bub due in December…sneaky little entry for her

  137. Avatar of Kristi M

    they fit really well, hold everything and dont leave red marks

  138. Avatar of Chantelle Mattschoss
    Chantelle MattschossReply

    I like what they’re made of. They’re a soft nappy, not that really hard plastic feel. My son has never had a problem with them and I will be using with my newborn when bubs is born soon. Only nappy I’ve ever been completely happy with.

  139. Avatar of Jessica H

    We love the fact they’re so soft without being bulky!

  140. Avatar of Salina byrne
    Salina byrneReply

    I love the wetness indicator and the cool designs!!

  141. Avatar of Amber Hewat
    Amber HewatReply

    What’s not to love! Super absorbent, doesn’t leave red marks, great price and soft on my bubs bum!

  142. Avatar of Anita T


  143. Avatar of NIkki Farkas
    NIkki FarkasReply

    The stretchy waist band for the growing belly and the wetness indicator (can’t rely on the sniff test EVER)

  144. Avatar of Leah Amy taylor
    Leah Amy taylorReply

    I love the absorbency and flexibility
    And ofcourse the wetness indicator!
    What a fabulous idea

  145. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the no red marks! yet to find a nappy that lives up to thi on my chubba bubba. Can’t wait to put these to the test.

  146. Avatar of K.Smith

    Great double support gathers around little thighs. Nobody needs a leak! This is a great way to prevent them.

  147. Avatar of Elise W

    I’m a sucker for pretty things, the new designs look awesome and the fact that they are so practical and actually get the job done is really perfect

  148. Avatar of christine williams
    christine williamsReply

    Nothing like a quality product at a bargain price

  149. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    I love the softness, its so lovely on my little ones sensitive skin

  150. Avatar of Tara Nicholson
    Tara NicholsonReply

    I love that BabyLove stay snug all day and night, when baby is busy in the yard or sleeping cosy and tight

  151. Avatar of Rochelle

    Love how soft, absorbant babylove nappies are. Also great fitting, good price and don’t have the same trouble with nappy rash that cheaper quality nappies do.

  152. Avatar of Alena

    I discovered babylove cosifit and haven’t looked back! No red marks, no leaks at night , great designs/prints. they have proved to be a great fit for both of my babies. They are also well priced and value money.

  153. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    It excites me to think I’d be able to give my friend such a great kick start to her nursery with quality Baby Love Cosifit nappies.

  154. Avatar of lorexstevex

    The wetness indicator makes it easy to see when bub’s done a wee!

  155. Avatar of Kara Devine
    Kara DevineReply

    I love BabyLove cosifit because it’s one of the few disposal nappies that don’t make my little miss rashy and the wetness indicator is always a helpful addition 🙂

  156. Avatar of Loz

    I actually just decided to get baby love when they were on special! That was about 2 years ago and we haven’t turned back! One of my sons wears nappies and the other nappy pants! We love them both!

  157. Avatar of Bec leechburch
    Bec leechburchReply

    I love the perfect fit for both kids, that we have no leaks, no red marks and the price is so affordable compared to other brands.

  158. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    I only recently started using them and was blown away by the absorbency of them! They also have the cutest little pattern on them

  159. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    The wetness indicator is amazing. A great product at a great price.

  160. Avatar of Jess1705

    Babylove are the absolute best nappies on the market!!!

  161. Avatar of Indria

    I like that it claims ‘no red marks’ as I’ve tried using other brand and it has red marks around their thighs.

  162. Avatar of Kara fletcher
    Kara fletcherReply

    #BabyLove love the wetness indercators the perfect fit & perfect Price

  163. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon JohnsonReply

    I loved having Babyloves to fall back on when my kids were young. Ive two nieces due anyday now. Life too short to not have cosifits in your lives.

  164. Avatar of Courtney Jackson
    Courtney JacksonReply

    I love how they don’t leave red marks like other brands on the soft baby skin

  165. Avatar of Julie H

    Soft and comfy and no red marks plus other great technology like the indicator

  166. Avatar of Doreen Lim

    Love the softness, absorbency and wet indicator which are alm important features of a good nappy to the soft bums.

  167. Avatar of gaujess

    Nice and comfortable for my girls and easy to get on baby when she tries squirming away

  168. Avatar of Chantal B

    I love that they leave no red marks and that my son is so comfortable in them. I also love that we have never had any leaks.

  169. Avatar of Renee Gleeson
    Renee GleesonReply

    I love how they don’t dig into their little chubby legs or waist.

  170. Avatar of Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp
    Stephanie Herringe BeauchampReply

    With a 5 month old baby and a toddler in the middle of toilet training I would be excited to try these new and improved nappies

  171. Avatar of Elke

    They actually work! I am impressed with the no red mark initiative. Love cosifits!

  172. Avatar of Katherine

    I love the wetness indicator no more taking the whole nappy off to check if its soaked or not. Such a great feature along with the no red marks especially for a newborn.

  173. Avatar of Amber

    I’ve heard so many great things about these nappies, I can’t wait to try them on my newborn!!

  174. Avatar of Cassie Browne
    Cassie BrowneReply

    The wetness indicator! I don’t know how many times I’ve ummed and ahhhed when babysitting someones bub about needing a nappy change or not! Such a fantastic idea!

  175. Avatar of Sarah

    The easy of getting them on and off. Also the wetness inductor is super helper
    Love these nappies

  176. Avatar of KATE FULLER

    Soft, perfect fitting and gentle on the most delicate of skins

  177. Avatar of Joanna

    I heard they fit well and highly absorbent and fitting to the most delicate skin… Can’t wait to try this on my bub!

  178. Avatar of Brooke.T

    I love that baby love are the softest nappies yet I haven’t had a single leak since changing to babylove. With two kids under 2 we go though a lot of nappies and babylove aren’t overpriced

  179. Avatar of Tricia Hayley
    Tricia HayleyReply

    I love that Babylove nappies fit my baby girl perfectly, she has no red marks on her chunky legs. Also one size seems to fit much longer than other brands so can stock up when on sale.

  180. Avatar of rebekah ballingall
    rebekah ballingallReply

    They are super absorbent which means I don’t have to worry about wet linen

  181. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    Wetness/poo indicator, no more having to try to get them to stand still while you check down the back of the nappy, good fit, and no red marks around the legs, I am waiting for the self change to come into effect then I will be ready for another one. What a time saver that would be.

  182. Avatar of Jann

    These nappies are so soft for bub and my friend would love these for her new babe.,and what’s good they fit well.

  183. Avatar of Sarah J

    Babyloves Cosifit nappies I love,
    The wetness indicator is genius,
    Saves you from the messiness;
    A happy comfy bub is what everyone needs,
    Thats why Babylove truly succeeds.

  184. Avatar of Melinda Nardella
    Melinda NardellaReply

    I love they are easily identifiable at the supermarket. I love the big purple heart on the front of the packaging expressing how much love is in each pack!

  185. Avatar of Lauren P

    They are affordable and you know you can rely on them overnight to hold in all the wetness.

  186. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love how these nappies fit my baby comfortably without any marks like some leave behind.

  187. Avatar of Jenna Mills
    Jenna MillsReply

    I like the look of the wetness indicator as it will be a super time saver !

  188. Avatar of Melissa P

    I love everything about them…especially that they don’t leave a red mark around my childs legs like another certain brand did.

  189. Avatar of Samantha D

    I’m a sucker for a wetness indicator 😛
    The promise of no red marks is also a BIG plus! Baby love are my favorite nappies and i can’t wait to try out the new ones on my son

  190. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    Being a new grandmother I love the way they fit and that they don’t leak. It makes my job of babysitting so much easier.

  191. Avatar of Arunaa

    The wetness indicator on the Babylove Cosifit Nappies would be really helpful for us being first time parents in October :). Also they are affordable and the double support gathers to prevent leaks which would be comfortable for baby.

  192. Avatar of Emma

    The only disposable nappy my kids have never exploded out of!!

  193. Avatar of Sharon

    They are affordable and and they don’t leave marks on my son

  194. Avatar of Jess

    Baby Love are THE MOST absorbent nappies we’ve tried (and i feel like we’ve tried them all) and also they never leave any red marks on my boys

  195. Avatar of Felicity S

    My baby loves how soft and comfortable baby love nappies are! 5 months old and no sign of nappy rash either so you know they are good.

  196. Avatar of Liza T

    No other nappy compares. The fit, the comfort and the absorbency are the big stand outs in my eyes.

  197. Avatar of kylielah

    Babylove are my Go-to overnight nappy!
    I can put one on my heavy wetting 3.5 month old boy at 6.30pm and not have to change him for 12 hours! (wee’s only through the night)
    They are so absorbent and he still feels dry in the morning!

  198. Avatar of farah chahal
    farah chahalReply

    leaking protection and knowing that my baby bottom is well protected and being taken care of, it feels nice to sleep and knowing that my babies nappy are doing their job perfectly

  199. Avatar of Kelleigh Ballard
    Kelleigh BallardReply

    What’s not to love! They have fantastic absorbency and fit snugly but comfortably every time. Bub can get into any crazy position while playing, or even sleeping, and I know there won’t be any mess to clean up or irritation from the nappy. They’re a winner in our house!

  200. Avatar of Nat Aggelo

    Loving the absorbency and that they do not leave marks on the skin. Happy baby!

  201. Avatar of Belinda Gibb
    Belinda GibbReply

    We use babylove 24/7! Love the size range, the absorbency (lasts all night!) How soft they feel, they protect against nappy rash, the fit of the nappy around the legs and waist, affordability – Everything about babylove is a tick in our box- best brand of disposable nappy on the shelf!

  202. Avatar of Stephanie B B
    Stephanie B BReply

    Equally absorbent as other expensive nappies and half the price. Great buy!

  203. Avatar of Claire Spinks
    Claire SpinksReply

    Cosifit nappies are certainly the best fit on my newborn. We’ve tried other major nappy brands and find these to be the best fit, with the soft bands around his legs. I’ve not had a leak yet!
    I also love the large tabs on the nappies. Other brands don’t seem to do up as well.

  204. Avatar of Lindsay

    I have never experienced a baby poop explosion through a Babylove nappy! That makes them amazing!!

  205. Avatar of Renee

    They have great absorbency and are perfect for overnight on my toddler.

  206. Avatar of Erin

    We love how absorbent they are and the coverage they provide. Amazing!!

  207. Avatar of Sharlene

    Love that they’re a bit wider than other brands and fit well around my bubs legs and don’t leave marks.

  208. Avatar of Koralie

    The 9kg to 14kg fit both my girls, love the fact I only need to buy one size nappies for two kids!

  209. Avatar of Linh.tee

    The pretty pictures and colours. Love that they’re wider and fit so much better!

  210. Avatar of Lissy

    I love the idea of the wetness indicator! Pregnant with two other kids in tow, this would make my life so much easier and save wasting time!

  211. Avatar of Clara

    First time mum and heard that they are a good fit for tiny babies! Love the idea of the wetness indicator.

  212. Avatar of Sacha

    I love that they aren’t bulky and they fit so well without digging in to my LO. Also my LO loves the cute pictures/designs on the nappies 🙂

  213. Avatar of Sally

    Wetness indicator takes the hassle out of guessing or sticking your hand in

  214. Avatar of Carla

    First time mom to be. I love that it has all the things you would want such as a wetness indicator. But its best feature is its super soft fit which not only leaves baby comfy with no red marks on skin but fits snugly enough to prevent spills. To add to the comfort level, the material is also breathable to help prevent diaper rash which I hear can be awful.

  215. Avatar of Ness

    Love the absorbency but most importantly comfort for bubba with no diggy in bits or red marks

  216. Avatar of Dani

    These are the only nappies that are absorbant enough for my big wetter. I love that they don’t leave any red marks and hubby likes the numbers on the front to help him make sure it’s an even fit every time.

  217. Avatar of K Anne

    Would love too try out the new cosyfit range currently using the old babylove nappy range and love them no leaks or poo explosions.

  218. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I love no red marks around the legs,
    no rashes on bub’s bum
    happy baby means happy mummy!

  219. Avatar of Loretta

    I love that the baby love nappies are wider around the bottom we never have leaks it’s amazing and they fit so nicely around the leg!

  220. Avatar of Karuna

    I love baby love nappies since my first baby born.babylove nappy fits really well with no red scar on little one’s body and great absorbent lining and doesn’t bother me to change baby nappy in every hour.such a piece of mind baby product pay less for nappy rash cream.I always recommend this lovely product to every new mum for make your baby more relaxed and happy.

  221. Avatar of Addi

    5 weeks to go and then im sure ill know all about nappies wetness indicator sounds like a good idea to me!

  222. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I love the idea of the wet nappy indicator line, this makes things so much easier!

  223. Avatar of Rebecca Ziersch
    Rebecca ZierschReply

    I love that they dont leak but never leave red marks on my little ones legs.

  224. Avatar of Rhianon

    The price. They are as good as all the most expensive brands without having to pay as much.

  225. Avatar of Samantha

    The absorbency is far more superior than other brands. And the new comfy band is awesome too

  226. Avatar of Ebs17

    Price and no leakage! When they can stay in place and hold everything in whilst tearing around the place on my little hurricane’s backside then I know I’ve found a winner!

  227. Avatar of Natalie Harvey
    Natalie HarveyReply

    I love that these are great quality nappies and still affordable!

  228. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla OleinikoffReply

    The price! They are a great nappy, super absorbent and VERY easy on my wallet!

  229. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson ClarkReply

    Love the Price as they are very affordable, being on a budget, and are super Absorbent

  230. Avatar of Andrea Edyvean
    Andrea EdyveanReply

    The wetness indicator is great for first time Mums, who aren’t used to nappies!

  231. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminsi
    Elizabeth KaminsiReply

    I have heard positive reviews from my mum friends but as a pregnant 1st time mumma I yet to discover this all out for myself. I will definitely be giving them a try – they sound perfect!

  232. Avatar of Erin

    I love the high absorbency and wetness indicator, both things that were so important when my first born was a baby and are now even more with my second.

  233. Avatar of Kelly P

    I love the stretchy band and how it doesn’t leave red marks. I also loving the new fun design my boys love it!

  234. Avatar of Kayla

    I love how absorbent they are! My son sleeps 12 hours and no leaks! I also love the cute designs

  235. Avatar of Chelsea

    I have read great reviews on these nappies and would love to try them. I am having my first baby in two months

  236. Avatar of Bianca

    They are the best Holds everything in .. night sleeps are a breeze and they are value for money

  237. Avatar of Sue Hawthorne
    Sue HawthorneReply

    Loving the high absorbency – so important for big overnight sleeps (on the rare occasions that they happen!).

  238. Avatar of Jen

    I love how soft they are, the wide waste band, their cute designs and the reasonable price.

  239. Avatar of JaimeLidden

    I love the stretchy waist band that doesn’t dig into my mans chunky drumsticks and the super absorbency

  240. Avatar of Tiffany G

    My baby is big and these fit really well; length and waist! They don’t leak and no red marks like other brands.

  241. Avatar of Sarah crowe
    Sarah croweReply

    The wetness indicator is the best thing ever. As a first time mum I’m bound to be a bit clueless and paranoid.. it certainly helps take the guesswork out of it

  242. Avatar of Jen

    Pregnant with twins I think the wetness indicator will be a great improvement on the baby love nappies.

  243. Avatar of Jess

    Love love love these nappies only brand that doesn’t give my little bub red marks

  244. Avatar of Jaymie mould

    I cant say why i love them because i have never tried them but would love to try them with my newborn bub due in September

  245. Avatar of Belinda M

    i love how comfortable they are, and how they don’t leave red marks.

  246. Avatar of Susie

    The only nappy that doesn’t leak or give my bub nappy rash. We love them!!

  247. Avatar of Carly G

    I love how they make baby feel like he has nothing on at all but oh so absorbent!

  248. Avatar of Belinda Coope
    Belinda CoopeReply

    The perfect fit and absorbancy while still looking pretty

  249. Avatar of Shelley

    They always fit snug on my no waist bubbas. Super compfy and live up to no red mark promise 🙂

  250. Avatar of Bec Cook

    Love the wetness indicator! As a first time mum to be it will be very useful!

  251. Avatar of Michelle

    I have a tiny 3yo who for medical reasons has a mostly liquid diet. Therefore increased absorbancy is my favorite feature! Great stretchycomfy nappies though!

  252. Avatar of Chloe

    Have been using babylove nappies since my eldest daughter. Now continue the same product for my 2nd baby. Love this product!

  253. Avatar of GemmaF

    My baby is due early December and because of this article I’ve just learnt how many nappies I’m going to need. Argh… I had no idea!.. I will have to stock my copboards. I love that babylove have improved on their already popular and widely used nappy..

  254. Avatar of Kerry

    Love baby loves snug fit and the way they sit on my 2 year old son. Looking forward to using babylove again with my next bub due soon

  255. Avatar of Heather

    Great fit and very absorbent. Have never had any problems with Baby Love nappies with my little one.

  256. Avatar of Tarl

    I love that my daughter doesn’t have poo explosions in these nappies!

  257. Avatar of KaraB

    I love the stretchy waistband and great value for money. Suits bubs shape better as he has a long torso with skinny legs

  258. Avatar of Belinda G

    I love that they never leave red marks, and they are so absorbent they don’t leave over night!

  259. Avatar of NicoleF

    I love that they will have the wetness indicator. So easy to check if they need a change or not.

  260. Avatar of Jodie Flood
    Jodie FloodReply

    I love how soft and absorbent BabyLove nappies are. They also fit my two boys better than any other brand.

  261. Avatar of Sarah-Jane

    I LOVE how absorbant they are! Perfect for overnight and day trips

  262. Avatar of Chelsea

    Love the stretchy waist band that won’t leave marks, as well as the absorbency – great for overnight!!

  263. Avatar of MelP

    Love the super abosrbency as there is nothing more annoying than multiple layers of clothing and pram seat wet thru whilst out and about and the fact that iy doeant cut into my LO’s sensitive skin

  264. Avatar of melissacornford

    Love the wetness indictor, makes it so easy for hubby to tell when bub is wet. Which means less nappies for me to change. Plus they are super soft and comfy for bub.

  265. Avatar of Meaghan

    I found them nice and comfy on my toddler and currently pregnant with number two, they hold everything, which means nice clean carpet and furniture 🙂

  266. Avatar of Holly

    I love the high absorbency and wet indicators especially with a very fast moblie toddler.

  267. Avatar of SpRaTiE123

    The perfect fit for every toosh, captures all the contents from every push, elastic waiste holds it in place, for the day to play out at any pace. Whats not to love with babylove?

  268. Avatar of Clare

    Love how comfy they are, never leave red marks not too dear, which is great with 3 kids in nappies and soo absorbant, my oldest has kidney problems and wees a lot, babylove are definitely the most absorbent nappies (believe me, I’ve tried everything )

  269. Avatar of Roslyn

    When our little man was born we struggled with constant nappy leaks through the day and at night. We’ve tried almost every brand and the only ones that seem to hold up are babylove! They have saved me from multiple clothes changes and dirty washing everyday! We swear by babylove and don’t bother buying any other brands.

  270. Avatar of Kristy

    I love the way they fit and don’t leek even with my little man crawling!

  271. Avatar of Jenna A

    They are great, no rubbing on my little girls legs, great absorbency and the only nappies that stop blow outs!

  272. Avatar of Ally

    Mummy of twin girls so i know my nappies and hands down these are the best! No irration on my girls legs, bums and double layer means no leaks!

  273. Avatar of Leanne

    I tried a bunch of different brands and found these to be even better than Huggies. These are super easy to put on and have great absorbency, no leakage through the night. Have recommended to all my mummy friends

  274. Avatar of Val K

    I love how soft the nappies feel in comparison to other brands. I have had lots of leakages when using Huggies so BabyLove has been my go to choice!

  275. Avatar of Jamie

    The Babylove nappy fits baby so much more comfortably on baby, the nappy doesn’t have the big gaping bottom which always looks terrible in clothes. The snugfit indicater is great at getting the nappy on straight as well.

  276. Avatar of Sarah Brownlee
    Sarah BrownleeReply

    I love the cute ocean designs and the fact they are so soft.

  277. Avatar of Brittany

    I love the stretchy waist and the numbers which give me an idea of how quickly my little man is growing!

  278. Avatar of Jess Murray
    Jess MurrayReply

    Definately by far the snug fit indicator. Although now in the infant size I can still comfortably put him to the 1 indicator and this made it 1000000 times easier to tell husband where to put it when he changes the nappies so we didn’t have any issues with leaks and so husband could survive another day to change them again. Hahahahahaha poor hubby

  279. Avatar of Jess F

    I’m currently pregnant with my first & have been told these nappies are super absorbent, yet very gentle on newborn skin. I’m very keen to try them out!

  280. Avatar of Kaz Edwards
    Kaz EdwardsReply

    Wetness indicator-being a first time mum I need all the help I can get knowing when Bub is wet so I’m not constantly sticking my hand in his nappy to see if it’s wet.

  281. Avatar of Selena Baker
    Selena BakerReply

    I loove how they fit, super snug. Preventing those unwanted nasty lil leaks I find with other brands. Plus the designs are super cute!!

  282. Avatar of Samantha carney
    Samantha carneyReply

    I love baby love nappies. They are soft and very absorbent I have never had any trouble with my son wetting through when he is wearing baby love. Excellent nappies

  283. Avatar of Mary H

    I love that the have the ability to pull the wetness away from bub, which should reduce the risk of nappy rash. Having the wetness indicator is also handy, so there is no need to check with your hands!

  284. Avatar of Rachael Ruge
    Rachael RugeReply

    I love the soft feel of the nappies and the comfy stretch around my little one’s chubby thighs 🙂

  285. Avatar of Whitneyh

    I like the stretchy fit no red marks and absorbency no leaks over night!

  286. Avatar of Tia

    They are the softest nappy I have found by far, so I love them, not only for my toddler, but especially for my newborn.

  287. Avatar of Natalie

    I love that they fit so nicely and no poonamis. 4 kids so I’ve tried a hell of a lot of nappies.

  288. Avatar of Nes C.

    When I had my first born two years ago we constantly struggled with nappies that wouldnt irritate his sensitive skin. After trying almost every brand out there we were thriller to find your brand! We ended up using the wipes too! They were all we used until he was fully toilet trained. Now that we are expecting again I wouldn’t bother with any other brand.

  289. Avatar of Emily

    I love the absorbency – these nappies have been a godsend in keeping everything in! They are also the only nappy that doesn’t leave any marks, and my little guy is always so comfortable in them. Would never buy any other brand!

  290. Avatar of Chelsea Reed
    Chelsea ReedReply

    With 2 babies only 12 months apart,
    I’ve become very savvy and nappy smart.
    I’ve put numerous nappy brands to the test
    And BabyLove Cosifit are the best!

    They’re soft, comfy and have a stretchy waistband,
    These are only a few qualities that come to hand.
    I love the driwave technology and wetness indicator,
    That informs me to change them sooner than later.
    The double support gathers and animal designs are fun
    Makes BabyLove Cosifit just right for any bum!

  291. Avatar of Aileen Chuo
    Aileen ChuoReply

    They are supersoft as if bub is wearing a cloud on his bum. Excellent absorbency so we can get away with middle of the night nappy change – bub stay asleep and dry, mummy gets to sleep too!

  292. Avatar of Kylie

    The new look cosu fot are great they dobt leace red marks, have a streachy waistband and are absobant enpugh to last all night. We love them ☺

  293. Avatar of Brent

    Thank you Babylove!

    On behalf of every new dad, I need to thank you for making such a fool proof nappy! During those early days of parenthood your nappies made life a whole lot easier. No more nappy rash, no more poo explosions and an indicator so that i know when to change them….. with your help my wife thinks i am SUPER DAD!!!

  294. Avatar of Laura

    With 1 year old twins i need to have the best nappy as i dont have time for nappy rash. I love the new baby love cosi fit because they are very absorbent, best wetness indicator, super soft on their tooshies and have fun prints 🙂

  295. Avatar of Belinda

    Love baby love nappies as they are absorbent, good for sensitive skin and are trustworthy.

  296. Avatar of Nic hession
    Nic hessionReply

    The colours are great for both boys and girls.reasonably priced.don’t leave red marks or rashes ony bubs skin

  297. Avatar of Anne

    This is the only nappy i have found that holds when my little ones wet their nappies through the night. Even when my girls had the terrible gastro bug, it still held.
    Love babylove nappies. ❤

  298. Avatar of lexi

    I have a super active toddler and she is very vocal when she is uncomfortable, the stretchy waist on these nappies is perfect to move with my daughter.

  299. Avatar of Rachelle Mccauley
    Rachelle MccauleyReply

    I LOVE that they don’t leak, don’t smell and are actually soft unlike alot of other brands

  300. Avatar of Ellen M

    I like the look of the leak protection! Mr 7 mths rolls onto his tummy for sleep and often wakes up wet after 11 hrs!

  301. Avatar of Mellissa

    I like the idea of sending new mums a sample, thank you I have recieved. What I like about the feature of your nappies is the wetness indicator and the stretchy waistband. Now making changes easier and handy especially through those wonder weeks. Thanks for your ongoing research and development, keep it up.

  302. Avatar of Katherine Ward
    Katherine WardReply

    I love the soft stretchy waistband, it prevents points explosions that we have in other brands of nappies. I also love the fit on my baby, they just seem to hug her body so well, we never get leaks or red marks.

  303. Avatar of BG5

    I love that they are unisex, they don’t leave red marks and the absorbency!

  304. Avatar of Emma Mikus

    I love the fit. I have used alot of different nappies and baby love fits my daughter like a glove. Which means no red marks and no leaks. I also love the snug fit indicator which lets me know how well there fitting and when I need to go up a size. Won’t be using anything but baby love now. ❤️❤️❤️

  305. Avatar of Carla

    Currently pregnant, and looking at nappies, these look great, like the waistband and user reviews I’ve read.

  306. Avatar of Emma

    I love how the tags are grippy enough to stay stuck to the nappies but not sharp so that they dont scratch babies delicate skin.
    I also love how these nappies fit snugly to babies bottom and arnt too tight around those little squishy legs.

  307. Avatar of Kylie S

    Love how well they fit, that they are unisex and that they have never leaked.

  308. Avatar of Leanne

    I love the absorbency for my toddler granddaughter at night time. There is nothing worse than a soggy bed in the middle of the night!!

  309. Avatar of Nicky

    I use to think it was all Huggies but seriously love Baby Love nappies! they fit comfortably on my 8 month old girl, they are reasonably cheap and convenient and are very absorbent especially over night. Have never had a leak yet. Will never go back to Huggies, and refer Baby Love daily.

  310. Avatar of Ashlea

    I absolutely love Babylove cosy fits! Our 4 week old son has had issues leaking through other brands of nappies. As soon as we tried Babylove, no more leaks due to their super absorbency. Thank you Babylove, you have saved us lots of outfit changes!

  311. Avatar of Cassie

    Flexible and absorbs well
    Doesnt give my kids rashes like other
    Brands do.
    The fact there unisexed as i have boy and girl

  312. Avatar of Maryrose Nucup
    Maryrose NucupReply

    Flexible, comfortable and absorbs great which ticks all the boxes for a great nappy suitable for my 4 month old baby boy.

  313. Avatar of Belinda Webb
    Belinda WebbReply

    Love how soft and absorbent they are. The fit is perfect for not leaving red marks on bubs skin!

  314. Avatar of Tats

    I love the wetness indicator, specially st night. It’s a time saver 🙂

  315. Avatar of Saba

    It is like a rite of passage for most parents to go through trying a plethora of nappy brands to find the perfect one for your bub. I had my share too only to discover Babylove nappies are the best, most gentle option for my little one. And what nappy rash are we talking about, we don’t have any in our household. Not anymore! 🙂 #nappyrashfree #welovebabylove

  316. Avatar of Anthea

    I love that these nappies never leave a red mark and they’re do absorbent and easy to put on.

  317. Avatar of Kiki

    I love the wide band, how soft they are & the great absorbancy. Perfect for little ones.

  318. Avatar of Jess M

    I love the stretchy waistband and double elastic legs. Anything to prevent explosions!

  319. Avatar of Colleen

    I was using the baby love nappies but now as my toddler is getting older I’ve gone to the pull-up range to start to try toilet training, I was thrilled with the nappies since he was 6 months of age as they never leaked, were very comfortable on him and the price was by far the greatest with all the above mentioned. As my new baby gets older he will also go into baby love nappies as through the day I’m very satisfied. I enjoy buying them st the shops and keep an eye out if also on special

  320. Avatar of Lauren P

    These nappies are the only ones to agree with my kids and having 3 in nappies its definitely a blessing to know that they will not get the gel stuck to them

  321. Avatar of Emma

    I used BabyLove with my first child and loved them so I will continue to use them with my next child. I find them to sit much better then any other brand

  322. Avatar of Nicole T

    I love that Babylove don’t leak like the other brands do, thanks to extra absorption, the double support gathers and an awesome fit.

  323. Avatar of Tori coles

    I love that we have no leaky nappies wee or poo this was always a problem with other brands and no nappy rash or red marks

  324. Avatar of Melissa Hooper
    Melissa HooperReply

    I love how baby love doesn’t give my daughter horrible nappy rash unlike other popular brands.

  325. Avatar of Annalise

    Have loved Baby Love nappies with my other babies, now #3 is almost here and look forward to the amazing absorbency… never leaves bub feeling wet and uncomfortable. Especially with those awful “teething weed”. 🙂

  326. Avatar of Sarah Anne

    I love how well they fit. They are so soft, without compromising on absorbency or affordability. My favourite nappies!

  327. Avatar of Melissa wilkins
    Melissa wilkinsReply

    I love the BabyLove dry absorbancy. My little one sleeps most times through the night waking up with a full nappy. There’s no leaks compared to other brands and no need to do washing everyday

  328. Avatar of Ashleigh

    What’s not to love?! I love their great absorbancy, how soft and comfy they feel, tge amazing job they do preventing leaks, how gentle they are on my bubs sensitive skin. The list could go on

  329. Avatar of Tracy Groundwater
    Tracy GroundwaterReply

    I love how soft these nappies are. They fit well and don’t leak. Also great price.

  330. Avatar of Kate O'Callaghan
    Kate O'CallaghanReply

    Love how soft Babylove Cosifit are and the waistband design makes them so easy to so up.

  331. Avatar of CATHY

    Being a 1st time mum I had no idea what nappies to use. I was given a packet of Babylove as a gift and I will not use anything else. The wetness indicator and driwave technology are amazing. But this nappy over all is awesome so light weight soft to touch. Coloured tabs so in the middle of the night u can find them and best of all Baby loves them

  332. Avatar of Sheridan

    Love the flexible fit and no leaks! And no red marks around my little mans thighs!!

  333. Avatar of Kahlia Barker
    Kahlia BarkerReply

    I love how absorbent they are, no other nappies have been able to handle my toddlers bladder overnight. We also don’t have to deal with red marks anymore thanks to the stretchy fit around the thighs and waist. There was no other choice when it came to buying for my newbie.

  334. Avatar of Bonnie S

    I’ve always loved how soft they are and not bulky like other brands. I rarely have a leak through with Baby Love nappies.

  335. Avatar of Jac

    I love how absorbent they are with no leakage! The new designs are also SO cute

  336. Avatar of Donna

    I absolutely love the dry wave technology. My son sleeps 10-12 hours and he still wakes up dry 🙂 happy bubba means a happy mumma!

  337. Avatar of Ashlee penhaligon
    Ashlee penhaligonReply

    As I ftm I followed the advise and went with huggies initially and was disappointed time after time with leaking etc. I found babylove nappies as my boy went into infant size and have not looked back. Awesome fit, wetness indicator, no leaks, no red marks- the list goes on. I have since converted a number of friends also.

  338. Avatar of Shea

    I’m really digging these new BabyLove Cosifit nappies. They are super absorbant.. It must be the new Dry Weave technology. The stretchy, flexi-fit sides are amazing! No red marks and no leaks! Winner! The designs are super cute too. And they are perfect for my bubba’s skin. These are a fantastic new product, and a staple for our new little one.

  339. Avatar of Sarah Bman

    I love the fit, no red marks like other brands! It’s super soft and I like that the walker size starts at 9kgs -couldn’t find this with any other brands

  340. Avatar of Christie

    I love that they don’t leave red marks on my babies legs

  341. Avatar of Jodie

    Perfect fit and sooooo soft! My sensitive bum baby has zero issues in babylove

  342. Avatar of Kerry

    I actually have gone away from babylove because I found they smelt like wee after half an hour.
    I love that BL are soft and absorbant, so I would love to have the opportunity to be won back over by BL and get me back as a customer!

  343. Avatar of Jade

    I made the move over from huggies last year with my toddler and with another one on the way, I’ll be going babylove all the way

  344. Avatar of Indika Wijayasekera
    Indika WijayasekeraReply

    My son used huggies but then we changed it to baby love because they are so soft, comfortable and absorbent.I’m 100% satisfied with babylove products. We wont change this brand for anything else…:)

  345. Avatar of Katie Stevens
    Katie StevensReply

    Love the new waistband I didn’t like seeing red marks on my first born after using some nappies!

  346. Avatar of Juliette

    The fit and absorbency are perfect for my chubby weeing machine

  347. Avatar of mel b

    not sure yet as haven’t tried them but cant wait to find out 🙂

  348. Avatar of Bek

    I love the nappy pants as changing my 15 month old is like dressing a drunk octopus. With the nappy pants im able to change him standing up before he even realises whats going on!

  349. Avatar of Tracee

    Baby love, keeps my baby snug, all thru the night and morning. Baby love, no more waking up, cold and soaked thru the bedding.

  350. Avatar of Erin

    Got given a box of these for my Newborn, wetness indicator is really handy and so far has contained her poo explosions!

  351. Avatar of DanniHurrell

    The stretchy waist band fits my little bub when others leave a gap!

  352. Avatar of Jamie-lee olson
    Jamie-lee olsonReply

    My favourite nappies! Only brand that prevents poo explosions. And best nappies for my newborn who sleeps 9 hours through the night!

  353. Avatar of AmyH

    Gathered legs keep pooslosions away, Less cleaning time in the day. Happy baby, happy Mum, Cosifits mean we are never glum!

  354. Avatar of Jacoba Evans
    Jacoba EvansReply

    Double support gathers contain all the body fluids until nappy is changed.

  355. Avatar of Laticia

    Stretchy waistband, I have 4 kids and they all have been different with their body shape and its great when a nappy has more give if needed

  356. Avatar of Annie

    Super soft against the baby’s skin and it’s super absorbent.

  357. Avatar of Kris

    The stretchy waistband is great – my little one “chunks up” then has a growth spurt & “slims down”. The stretchy waistband means that these nappies fit, regardless of the stage he’s at.

  358. Avatar of Candice Milner
    Candice MilnerReply

    They are reliable and don’t have to worry about leakages.

  359. Avatar of gail davies
    gail daviesReply

    Being a Grandma of 2 (aged 11 weeks and 2 yrs) I love that they are cosy and fit so well ,,,

  360. Avatar of Erika Collis
    Erika CollisReply

    No RED marks! My grandson has sensitive skin and is prone to eczema. The rubbing from some brands just make it worse. With BabyLove nappies, his skin is soft and smooth like a babies should be!

  361. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    Haven’t tried them as yet,
    But the wetness indicator means they’re a must get!
    Such a clever idea,
    Would give checking time some cheer!

  362. Avatar of Criselle

    I love how flexible the band is, as well as its super absorbency. Theyve never irritated the skin or caused diaper rash. Stuck with this brand since my son’s birth and I highly recommend it to all mothers out there.

  363. Avatar of Tanya h

    I love the Wetness indicator for newborns, how they fit so well and mold to different size babies. Can be use for boy or girl and the fact there so soft!

  364. Avatar of Louise B

    I love the lack of leaks. My little boy seems to pee A LOT overnight and can leak really easily.

  365. Avatar of Jordana

    I love the wetness indicator, and the fact the waistband doesn’t roll down when the nappy gets full

  366. Avatar of EmJ

    The stretchy waistband and wetness indicator – so important for bubs to be comfy. And if I won this prize I would give it to my best mate who is about to have 3 under 3.

  367. Avatar of Brylliana

    Love BabyLove! Great fit and so absorbent – always keeps bubs skin dry 🙂

  368. Avatar of Sam

    Have never had any issues with these nappies! So cosy and soft for bubs. Don’t seem to have “blow outs” either.

  369. Avatar of Amie Jolene Powell
    Amie Jolene PowellReply

    Love the pull ups with my toddler, makes transitioning to knickers much easier

  370. Avatar of Belinda L

    Love Baby Love nappies- they are the best fir for my different sized twins and they never leak!!

  371. Avatar of Adelina

    These are so comfy for my bub! The stretchy waistband is great.

  372. Avatar of Catherine Hansen
    Catherine HansenReply

    Love the 360° stretch! I’ve got a long skinny boy so need a tight waistband that’s not loose around the legs and cosifit are PERFECT!

  373. Avatar of Megan

    Love the absorbency and also the little numbers where the tabs go.

  374. Avatar of Amy Bainbridge
    Amy BainbridgeReply

    Theseare the furst soft nappy that hasn’t given my newborn red marks! I always worry what they are doibg to his skin and the confort when the marks occured.

  375. Avatar of Rebecca Kilpatrick
    Rebecca KilpatrickReply

    I love keepingmy 2 beautiful girls comfy and dry with babylove cosifit!!

  376. Avatar of Kerri Hansen
    Kerri HansenReply

    I love the packaging actually. Makes it so easy to find at the supermarket. I have used Babylove since my daughter was born as they are the only ones that fit her little bum properly! Plus they are the softest nappies I’ve found.

  377. Avatar of Anne S

    I love that my baby no longer has red marks on his bum and it absorbs so much which allows him to sleep all night.

  378. Avatar of Mary

    I’m due with our first child in 5 weeks and this would be a massive help. All my friends recommend this brand of nappy and can’t wait to put them on my little girl when she arrives

  379. Avatar of Ilana

    I love that things are always getting better, new ideas taking these nappies beyond expectations. Quality product with good value for money