Virgin Australia Announces Kids Fly Half Price!

Virgin Australia has just launched its biggest kids sale ever with half price fares for every child (2 – 11 years). 

“We think 2020 will be the year of family travel and we’re making it easy and affordable for all families to explore new destinations and take adventures together,” A Virgin Australia spokesperson says.

“Travel doesn’t have to break the bank and these half price kids fares mean that going on a family holiday is now one step closer”.

Where can you go?

The half price flights are on offer for all Virgin Australia destinations in Australia and New Zealand.

That includes: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Uluru, Tamworth, Alice Springs, Tasmania, Darwin and Auckland. Every Virgin Australia destination has some flights available, but you will have to get in quick.

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Virgin Australia Flight Sale
Everyone needs a holiday like this.

When can you go?

The dates for the half price flights Virgin Australia flight sale are: 05 February 2020 until 25 March 2020, and from 01 May 2020 until 31 May 2020.

That is NOT school holidays. But, that’s not a problem if your kids are not yet at school. Or you could be that naughty parent that takes a week out anyway. Or leaves for their holiday a few days early, and arrives back late.

How cheap is it?

We tested a few sample fares and found it was cheap as chips. The fares below are for to children. Remember these fares include complimentary checked baggage, entertainment and food.

Brisbane to Sydney = $146 total ($73 each)

Sydney to Melbourne = $192 total ($97 each)

Sydney to Gold Coast = $187 total ($93 each)

Melbourne to Queenstown = $358 total ($179 each)

Auckland to Sydney = $246 total ($123 each)

For the full fare details check out the Virgin Australia website below.

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