BREAKING: Teacher Allegedly Stabbed by Student in Queensland School


A teacher in Townsville, Queensland is recovering from a knife wound after allegedly being stabbed by a student. 

The school stabbing took place at Heatley State Primary School before noon today with reports that a number of students witnessed the attack.

The incident has left the female teacher with a minor, non-threatening puncture to the shoulder, and a school full of children who probably have a lot of questions about what exactly happened.

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School stabbing sends school into lockdown

According to Nine News, police were called to the Heatley State Primary School just before 12pm Queensland time with reports of a stabbing. The teacher has since been taken to hospital and the school is in lockdown.

A number of students witnessed the alleged incident after the altercation broke out on school grounds. Heatley State Primary School has just over 500 students, grades prep to six.

According to Senior Sergeant Scott Warwick, the student involved was a 12-year-old girl. She has been tasered by police and taken into custody.

The student was brought under control in a safe manner as quickly as possible. Immediate first aid as per QPS policy and training was provided. She’s being assessed and is in good condition.” – Senior Sergeant Scott Warwick

12-year-old school girl tasered by police after allegedly stabbing teacher

An 11-year-old girl has been tasered by police and taken into custody after a teacher was stabbed in the shoulder with a paring knife at Heatley State Primary School this morning. “The student was brought under control in a safe manner as quickly as possible. Immediate first aid as per QPS policy and training was provided. She’s being assessed and is in good condition” – Senior Sergeant Scott Warwick.More: Police: Police have arrested a girl following an alleged stabbing at Heatley today. Just before midday, police were called to an educational facility where a student allegedly stabbed a teacher.Police located a 11-year-old girl inside the school grounds armed with a knife. Officers gave the girl multiple verbal commands prior to deploying a conductive energy device and taken into custody. A 56-year-old woman suffered a small non-life-threatening wound to the back of her shoulder and was transported to Townsville Hospital as a precaution. The 11-year-old girl is currently assisting police with their enquiries.Report on 7NEWS at 6pm.

Posted by 7NEWS Townsville on Sunday, October 27, 2019

What to say to your kids (if they ask)

We can only imagine just how scary this school stabbing would have been for those young students who witnessed it. When anything like this happens, it’s important that our children understand that they are safe.

Bad things happen and there is a good chance your children may want to discuss it, especially if they happen to watch the news or if they witnessed the event.

Below are some tips on helping your child when faced with violent or scary news:

Offer answers and ask questions – It’s tempting to keep quiet and gently brush your child’s questions away. But experts warn against doing that. In an interview with BBC News, consultant clinical psychologist Emma Citron said parents should speak with their children.

“Give children basic facts, tell them what it is they want to know, ask them what they would like to know and then give them access to that.”

Provide realistic comfortIt’s okay to tell the truth. Just do so in a reassuring, comforting way. Yes, there are bad things that happen. But they don’t happen all the time, in every place to everyone. Your child needs to know that something like a bombing or a mass shooting is rare and isn’t the norm.

Resist the urge to chat about it to your partner – Although you may want to, leave these adult conversations until later. Take a deep breath, put your own feelings into perspective and focus on helping your child through this troubling time.

For more tips on helping your child overcome scary situations, please read our guide on discussing upsetting news with kids. 

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