Vitamins and Minerals Can Help You On Your Way

Ok, who remembers this commercial?? If you grew up in South Australia or Western Australia in the 80s we bet you’ll remember the lyrics in no time.

Such effective marketing, I remember singing this song with my friends at school and to this day it helps me remember what all the vitamins do. I can’t wait to show my kids when they get home from school!

YouTube video

We’ve even made it easy for you to teach your kids the words too…

“Vitamins and Minerals can help you on your way. They’re in vegetables, dairy food, meat and fruit. Just ask your Mum today

I’m Vitamin A. Ooooh I’ll help you see. Yes, I’ll help you grow – germs don’t like me

Oh I’m Vitamin B. So if you’re feeling low, no energy look for our famous group. Oh go to Vitamin Bs

I’m Vitamin C and colds and diseases never have a chance when you take a lot of meezus

Get out in the sunshine and get Vitamin D. I’m good for your eyes and good for your bones… Here’s Vitamin E

Thank you very much Vitamin D

I’m Vitamin E and I’m good for your corpuscles. Take a lot of me and I’ll give ’em to your muscles

We’re in vegetables, dairy food, meat and fruit. Just ask your Mum today!”


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