Want Rice Recipes? 10 Delicious Meals to Use Up a Bag of Rice!

From sensational sushi stacks to one pan Mexican meals and all the tasty quick fixes in between,  we’ve got ALL the delicious rice-based dinners right here with these rice recipes!

Don’t think being ‘budget savvy’ with the groceries means boring dinners. Nope! Here’s 10 ways to use a bag of rice (and a heap of pantry and fridge staples) to turn out a fabulous meal in no time. Yum!

Armed with your favourite rice (basmati? jasmine? maybe a rebel who loves the long grain?) let’s get ready to rock the rice wagon.

10 delicious meals all starting from a humble bag of rice:

1. Fried Rice

If ever there was a rice dinner the kids will wolf down in no time, fried rice has to be it. Throw in some diced bacon, shredded chicken or prawns and it’s a complete meal. Yum!

Clever Ways With Leftovers - Fried Rice, rice recipes

2. Spicy Tuna Sushi Stack

If you love sushi but your sushi rolling game is kind of crap, don’t despair. Deconstructed sushi is all the rage. You can whip up a delicious spicy tuna sushi stack or sushi bowl in no time.

rice recipes

3. Chicken Rice Soup

Whoever said soup wasn’t a meal, hasn’t tried this hearty chicken rice soup. Delicious and nutritious (packed with veggies), it’ll have you coming back for seconds, for sure!

rice soup recipe, rice recipes

4. Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding

Rice can totally be a dessert! Creamy vanilla rice pudding is a blast from the past style dessert which is still as delicious today as what I remember it being in the 80s!

rice recipes

5. Mexican Rice

The perfect side dish for any Mexican feast, Mexican rice is on the table in just 30 minutes!

Mexican rice recipe, rice recipes

6. Thai Coconut Curry Rice

All your favourite Thai flavours in a bowl of rice? Yes you can! Try a bowl of Thai coconut curry rice this week!

rice recipes

7. Baked Arancini Balls

Turn your risotto into amazing arancini balls. Rolled in breadcrumbs and baked in the oven, they’re sure to become a family favourite.

arancini balls, rice recipes

8. Cheddar Broccoli Rice Patties

Take your rice and form a patty. A RICE PATTY. Cheddar broccoli rice patties are perfect for lunch or dinner – cheesy AND full of broccoli – #winning.

rice recipes

9. Chicken Enchilada Rice

Feeling like all things Mexican but looking for a one pot wonder? Chicken enchilada rice ticks all the boxes AND it uses mostly pantry staples you have on hand. Too EASY!rice recipes

10. Sun-Dried Tomato and Vegetable Risotto

Get in my belly! Sun-dried tomato and vegetable risotto can bubble away gently in the lead up to dinner. Creamy and packed with delicious flavour, you can be sure this will become a new regular weeknight dinner.

rice recipes

That’s your bag of rice sorted! For even more dinner ideas, see our 15 Easy Vegetarian Meals to Bring Meatless Monday to Your Table recipe round up!

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