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Watch as These 2 Well Deserving Women Fall for Life Changing Pranks!


Pranks – what does this word make you think of? Silly little jokes? Maybe finding not-so-mean ways to make your BFF look somewhat silly?

Maybe those eye-rolling little jokes that your child plays on you (yeah, the plastic spiders frozen in the ice wasn’t exactly fun)? Even though pranks are typically harmless ways of getting a giggle at someone else’s expense, some can actually do good.

Wait, what? A prank that does good? Yes, indeed!

Firstly, meet Chelsea Roff. This young waitress got pranked by Break and PrankItFwd and she didn’t feel silly, suckered or anything other than amazing.

Break typically posts funny pranks on their YouTube channel, but this one was different. Along with Prank it Forward, they chose to give something back to the much-deserving Roff. Why? After struggling in her younger years, Roff helped raise her younger sibling and overcame an eating disorder. Instead of stopping there, Roff chose to give back to others who were also going through similar challenges. When her therapist suggested that she try out yoga after receiving treatment for her eating disorder, she did just that. Roff went on to become a yoga teacher, wanting to help other women overcome their eating disorders.

To keep herself afloat financially, Roff took a job waitressing at the Spring St. Smoke House. Knowing that she had done more for others than for herself, the staff at her restaurant teamed up with Break to ‘prank’ Roff. No, not a pull-your-leg kind of prank. This one was a do-good type of prank. PrankItFwd is a charity campaign that does “pranks for good.” Using the hashtag #PrankItFWD, they donate $1 per every 1,000 video views or shares. The money all goes to the non-profit organisation

Watch as her life changing prank unfolds before you below!

Roff’s unsuspecting turn as a star in a PrankItFwd video became her ‘Best Shift Ever’.

The young waitress thought that she was in the midst of a typical day at work. That is until she received a $1,000 tip. That’s right — $1,000. Not knowing what to do with the crazy generous amount of cash, she actually told her co-workers that she couldn’t take it. The other wait staff told her to put it aside for later (knowing that she’d find out about the ‘prank’). Her day only went up from there.

The next table didn’t exactly leave a mega cash tip. But, they did give Roff something equally as valuable. Claiming they didn’t have the money to give, the couple said that they had a voucher for a trip for two to Hawaii. Again, Roff was floored (and a bit confused, to say the least) about what was going on. First the money, and then a free vacation. Not even thinking that someone was behind this lucky streak, the waitress kept on going with her day.

The next surprise ‘prankster’ was about to give Roff something she had never dreamed would become a reality – a job doing what she loves. Clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Krevoy had heard about Roff, her past and her selfless desire to help others. Posing as an unknowing customer, who just so happened to be reading a stack of yoga books, Dr. Krevoy caught Roff’s interest. Sparking a conversation about yoga, eating disorders and the work that Roff already does, Dr. Krevoy offers the waitress a job helping other women. Shocked and in a state of disbelief already, Roff’s day is about to get even better.

If you think that a stack of cash, a trip and a job isn’t enough to make this Roff’s best shift ever. Next comes a set of keys from another customer. With no clue as to what’s really going on, Roff follows the customer outside only to find her brand new car. And, who’s in the car? Her BFF jumps out to share the ‘prank’ and fil Roff in on what’s been going on.


Cara Simmons, single mum of three, also got ‘pranked’ in a good way by PrankItFwd. Trying to make ends meet, this housekeeper works to the point of exhaustion (resulting in hospitalisation and mounting medical bills). When Simmons goes to a job, she finds that the house is already clean. Her ‘boss’ then tells her that she must taste-test a gourmet meal. Next, her job duties include sitting down to a therapeutic massage. Still not knowing that she’s being ‘pranked’ she gets to go on a designer shopping spree. The mum thinks she’s taking some throw-aways from her ‘boss’, but she’s really getting clothes that her friends and family picked out for her. What’s next?
Boxes come to the house. But, they’re filled with Simmons’ own stuff. Why? Because she’s getting the house that she thought she was there to clean!

Amazing! These two women just had the best days ever. The next time that it seems like the nice guy (or gal) finishes last, think about these truly terrific stories!

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