Watch How This Family Built A Business For Their Autistic Son

While many parents are dealing with the challenges and triumphs of autism in their kids, watch what one family built for their son, and others like him, once they hit adulthood.

Introducing Rising Tide Car Wash in Florida. They employe 43 staff, 35 of which are on the autism spectrum.  Proudly so, with the business owner declaring that autism is “one of our key competitive advantages”, now here’s a pretty awesome business with a clearly positive take to create an autistic career opportunity.

They have a powerful mission:  to employ adults with autism and inspire communities to redefine their perception of the capabilities that people with autism have.  

Combining a high standard of expectations and exceptional training program, the unparalleled Rising Tide, features top-notch equipment, elite customer service, eco-friendly products and a comfortable/fun waiting area.

Autistic people love process, and naturally this business is very process driven, allowing its employees to flourish, engage with the community and feel like they’re really achieving great things on their own.

Simply brilliant!

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  1. Avatar of Mumma Bear
    Mumma Bear Reply

    This has me in tears. Positive ones. Its great to see positive outcomes.
    Its hard being a parent of a son who has autism. We worry about their future. I worry about this daily and am forever thinking of how I can help him learn life skills now, to help him in the future.

  2. Avatar of Lee Lewis

    As a parent of two autistic boys under 5, this is a great article, we too are starting a business which our boys are passionate about and love, it is a slow and steady process, but our boys are excited 🙂

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