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Watch the Moment Toddler Falls From Second-Storey Window

Imagine taking a leisurely walk down the street when suddenly, a body falls out of a window above you!

It’s certainly not of everyday occurrence (thank goodness). But this is just what happened to 17-year-old Feuzi Zabaat.

As the real-life footage shows, two-year-old Doha Muhammed almost met her death after dropping from the two-storey window of a building in Istanbul, Turkey.

But Feuzi’s lightening-fast reaction was incredible. Apparently, he spotted the little girl at the window from the street below and had anticipated her fall. As the video shows he turns briefly to shout for help, before quickly turning back.

Yet it still could have ended in disaster if Feuzi had not positioned himself in JUST THE RIGHT SPOT to catch the falling girl. This is definitely an A-star catch!

Seemingly not-that-phased by the event, Feuzi is says, “I did what was necessary!”

YouTube video

Apparently, Doha fell from the kitchen window while her mum had her back turned and was cooking. And while in this instance the outcome was positive, it acts as a stark reminder – open windows and toddlers DO NOT MIX!

We’ve all been there, where we’ve found our little one about to do something they shouldn’t or already in some kind of a mess. It is certain that Doha’s poor mum was beyond terrified when the awful accident happened, so our hearts go out to her.

As for quick-acting Feuzi, he has been praised by his family, who have heralded him a ‘hero’. Thanks to his intuitive nature, he was there to save the day and ensure this story didn’t end in tragedy.

toddler falls from window, with Feuzi Zabaat

Feuzi Zabaat with Doha Muhammed. Source

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