Weird Crushes of Stay at Home Mums…

Kate Lynford reveals the seven intriguing men on Australian television that become strangely attractive after you become a Stay at Home Mum.

Before a baby, you would never have given them a second glance. They were just people you knew vaguely on the telly. But now, wow. They come into your home every day, sit with you and entertain you. They smile at you when you are covered in food and vomit and still make you feel happy even when you haven’t showered since last Friday… make that Thursday. Heck, even your mum kind of loves them.

Sorry husbands, but these are the other men which crept into our hearts when we became stay at home mums.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Jimmy ‘Giggle’ Rees”]

His high-pitched enthusiasm may be slightly annoying, but dearest Jimmy, not even your fear of b-b-b-b-bats or mishaps with the travellator could dull that gorgeous grin and cheeky glint in your eyes. The Giggle and Hoot star wears cute owl pajamas, sings, plays guitar and is great with kids. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Five steps to bed? Let’s look for that magic button, shall we?

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Larry Emdur”]

Those shirtless photos of Larry’s rippling abs on the cover of Men’s Health magazine started this nottie to hottie transition. With his silky-smooth voice, tattoos, sharp dressing, and knack for dropping a hilarious aside into his conversations, The Morning Show host is the hot dad we would all like to …meet. Larry, for you, the Price is always Right.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Alex Papps”]

While many Play School aficionados are all about flashy Eddie Perfect (cos let’s face it, he is), those in the know only have eyes for Alex. Speaking of peepers, he has incredible chocolately ones which sparkle with gentleness and subtle humor. And any man who goes from crawling around on all fours as a dinosaur to suggestively telling us to “blow and blow and blow” a balloon has a special place in my heart. While he may no longer rock the Home and Away mullet, our children love him and we’re not afraid to admit we do too. Hickory. Dickory. Dock.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Keith ‘the Blockinator’ Schlieger”]

Ok, even I’m prepared to admit this one is a bit out there. But anyone who is a fan of the Channel 9 show will admit, there’s just something about Keith. He’s the hard man on TV with a heart of gold – tough but fair, cracking the whip but sharp with a quip. While he hides his physique under hi-vis and a baseball hat, he’s fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox. He’s got gorgeous blue eyes and a year-round tan, and he is renowned for cooking perfect steaks. We hear he’s happily married and dotes on his two daughters which adds all sorts of “awwws” to his positive attributes. And isn’t there something just really hot about a successful tradie?

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Andrew O’Keefe”]

While in my opinion, The Chase does not live up to its predecessor, Deal or No Deal, Channel 7 were still right to sign lovely Andrew on to their latest game show. It’s a highly-underrated position. He churns out hours of television, all the while maintaining unbridled levels of enthusiasm and joy for a daily motley bunch of people who are vaguely good at trivia nights. This love is a slow burn rather than a sizzle. You miss him when he isn’t around in the evenings. You find he brightens your day with how he makes others feel safe and special and how he says “cor-RECT!”. His background as a hot shot lawyer, his professionalism and slickness all means Andrew is a man for the long haul. The Chase? It’s on.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Waleed Aly”]

It’s dinner time, the kids are ratty, you finally wrestle them into bed and then sink into the couch. It’s finally grown up time, and Waleed is the man of the moment. Articulate, intelligent, funny – the host of The Project is not just the perfect antidote to a day of Paw Patrol. Indeed, with his deep brown eyes and dulcet voice, he’s the dark and handsome gold LOGIE winning journalist our hearts and heads now need. In the words of the Castle, that man has principles, and gosh damn that is attractive.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Tony Jones”]

The silver fox of the TV night shift with impeccable taste in ties. Tony is there when you need him late at night and in need of a dose of adulting. While your brain might still be fried from the mind numbingness of singing Old MacDonald for the zillionth time, Twinkle-eyed Tony grills politicians and social commentators on Q and A, or dissects all the important stuff from the day that was on Lateline. Thinking woman’s crumpet indeed.

Who did you start to find strangely attractive on TV when you became a Stay at Home Mum?

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Kate Lynford is a Melbourne mum of a newborn and a demanding toddler. Her hobbies include sleeping, occasionally showering and going to the supermarket on her own.

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