21 Funny Easter Tweets That Sum Up School Holiday Parenting

Easter School holidays. We love and loathe them in equal parts right? Here’s 21 Easter tweets from parents who are feeling it. Just like you are.

You’re wildly teetering between the dream of priceless memory making and reaching for a bottle of wine. And its only 11am. Yep, it’s school holidays.

Easter’s here and the kids are at home for two, lovely, long weeks. It seemed a blissful idea. But now you’re hostage to small people, your house is filled with coloured tin foil and the kids are on a permanent chocolate high. Yep, it’s the long weekend. Brace yourself mum, these 21 tweets are a taste of what you’re in for!

Aaah Easter eggs. If you didn’t go chocolate-free from the bunny you’re likely drowning in eggs and treats. What’s a mum to do? (Eat them once the kids are in bed, of course!)

Take the kids away they said, it’ll be fun they said. Whether you choose a
holiday park or a road trip think of the priceless memories you’re making… 

If you’re in Sydney you may have spent a day at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. It’s a gorgeous family tradition isn’t it? You can make memories just like this…

School holidays is an endless surprise of everyone’s favourite game… ‘What’s happening in the bathroom right now?’

And then there’s the endless chatter. Hours spent listening to all the beautiful, fanciful things that roll right out of their little mouths…

You might just hit the park. Especially knowing how important ‘outdoor play‘ is for their development (and to give the iPad a chance to charge!) 

And then there’s just the plain weird stuff that kids do. But it’s easier just to go along with it than have the fight.

Lastly, here’s the parents that sum up just what we’re thinking or feeling – before we even knew we were thinking or feeling it. I’m not wrong, right? 

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