You Asked Santa for What? The Weird Gift Requests from Kids at Christmas

Unicorn poop, a pet elephant, teleporting machine … say what?! In true ‘be careful what you wish for’ style, let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous and downright crazy gift requests made by our kids this Christmas.

Kids say the darnedest things, especially at Christmas

Nothing sparks a kid’s imagination more vividly than creating a wishlist of gifts they might like from the big man in red. You painfully watch as these random ideas are carefully penned onto the paper and you dare not question them, because we all know the response will be something to the tune of “SANTA IS MAGIC MUM. DON’T YOU GET IT?”

Gulp. Oh, I get it. But where the heck do I get a jar of unicorn poop from? We asked our Mum Central Facebook community what weird gift requests your kid has made at Christmas? And boy, did you guys deliver!

Tins of spaghetti, batteries and a chainsaw, please

There were some absolute doozies of weird gift requests that you served up to us. From bulk bacon to cleaning sponges and all the martini glasses in between, your kids provided the laughs with their weird gift requests!

“Last year Miss 5 asked for bubble wrap and 2kg of bacon.”

“My seven-year-old wants martini and margarita glasses and some coasters…”

“This year my four-year-old asked for a beer machine and my seven-year-old asked for coconut powder. Nailing it as a mother.”

“Mr 7 had just requested a maths book about geometry.”

“My son desperately wanted sponges and was SO excited when Santa threw in a dustpan!”

“My 5 year old said she wanted a KFC crispy chicken box.”

“Miss 2 has asked for popcorn and rice.”

“I told my daughter if she misbehaved, Santa would bring her coal. She got so excited and really wanted coal to cook a roast in the weber. She got her bag of coal!”

weird gift requests
YES. A marshmallow roasting stick is a PERFECT gift. And something I never would have guessed…. Source: Canva

Take a look at the mammoth collated wishlist below, it’s ALL the weird gift requests you could ever think of! #KIDSARECUTE

The animal lovers…

From new and obscure pets to foreign species and a humble goat, the kids have them covered at Christmas.

  • A pet sloth
  • Mother and baby duck
  • A lizard
  • A black and white cow
  • An armadillo
  • Giraffe
  • A black goat

Weird gift requests from the pint-sized foodies…

When kids ask for food items, it’s very telling of what their favourites are. To be fair this would make an epic shopping list (and it’s pretty much how my husband shops)!

  • Mint Slice biscuits
  • Bacon
  • Mangoes
  • A tub of sour cream
  • Devon and hot chips
  • A BBQ chicken pizza
  • Chocolate
  • Real pineapples
  • Bread rolls
  • Butter chicken
  • Cereal
weird gift requests
I mean, who WOULDN’T want pizza for Christmas? Source: Canva

Those kids who REALLY believe in the magic of Christmas…

Imagination is the limit with some kids, if they can DREAM it, surely Santa can make it happen?

  • A trombone
  • Unicorn
  • A real-life dragon egg
  • A hotdog tree (personally, I second this gift idea!)
  • More specifically, a talking baby unicorn with wings
  • Slime. ALL OF THE SLIME. And ONLY slime
  • A baby brother… with three months notice

The practical approach

And for every pie-in-the-sky dreamer, there’s an equally practical-minded child. My own kids used to be hot on the battery request – means those noisy toys can keep on keeping on, WELL into the New Year!

  • Dora toaster
  • A motorbike
  • bubble wrap
  • A wheelchair
  • Batteries (always a popular request!)
  • An egg slicer
  • Blue-Tack
  • A robe and slippers
  • An air-con for their bedroom
  • A filing cabinet
  • Bandaids
  • Danger tape
weird gift requests
Um. Sometimes it’s just best not to ask questions… LOL Source: Canva

And then there are those who are VERY specific…

My 4-year-old wants a marshmallow roasting stick. At least she’s easy to buy for.

“A large giraffe plush toy wearing a tuxedo and a top hat for herself.” one reader wrote.

The devil is in the detail, always. Just when you think you could feel accomplished by buying a giraffe toy, only to realise then that it needs to be wearing a tuxedo. Dang, tough crowd.

And if the request REALLY isn’t going to happen, here’s how to soften the blow

Meet the fall guy, aka your Elf on the Shelf.

It’s been made very clear that when it comes to preserving the Christmas spirit, it’s every parent for themselves with Elf on the Shelf is often being the bearer of bad news (and thus, parents get to shine on in good light). GENIUS.

“Mine wanted a grappling hook when he was 7 but Santa’s lawyer elf sent her a letter saying he couldn’t legally give grappling hooks to kids under 12…”

We all have to do what we have to do, right, even for the MOST weird gift requests? So with that said, no hard feelings, Elf.

weird gift requests
Weird gift requests: from bacon to siblings, Santa hears it all! Source: Canva

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