Christmas Ideas: Get Ready for Christmas with these 10 Festive Trends, Tips and Tricks

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook newsfeed is BUSTING with Christmas things already. As much as I want to kindly request my feed calm the eff down as it’s only October, I won’t because Christmas is the BEST and if we’re starting early this year, then I’m 110% on board.

If you’re hopping on the Christmas train a tad early this year (and why not?), then have we got a jolly surprise for you – we’ve rounded up 10 Christmas ideas, hacks, hints, tips and tricks to ensure you nail Christmas this year!

1. Christmas tree inspo

First things first, you need to jazz up your tree to LEGEND level. Don’t worry – we’ve got what you need – 24 ways to make a statement with your tree.

These unique Christmas trees may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admit, they certainly pack a festive punch!

unique christmas trees

2. Fluff that tree

One of our most popular Christmas posts last year was our Tree Fluffing How-To. You may not think fluffing your tree makes a difference but, by golly, it does! Check out our easy step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Yes, it’s a bit time-consuming, but, it’s worth it! Especially if you’re putting your tree up extra early this year! After all, you don’t wanna have to look at a sad-looking unfluffed tree for the next two-or-more months!

mum central
Source: Facebook / Trinity Collison

3. Alternative Christmas trees

Not keen on a forest in your living room this year? Never fear – we’ve got some beautiful alternative trees that will bring on the merry without sacrificing your much-needed living space. Check out these alternative Christmas trees to try this year.

Heck, you can even do a traditional tree in one room and a non-traditional one in another room – I mean, there’s no rule that says you can’t have TWO trees, right?

succulent christmas tree trend

4. Christmas tree collar hack

If you’re thinking about Christmas already, chances are you’re gonna want a BIG tree. And what does a BIG tree need? A BIG tree collar? Unfortunately, they are hard to come by and many people discovered last year that the standard Christmas tree collars didn’t quite fit their larger-than-life trees. #FestiveProblems

Plan a trek to Bunnings and pick up their Flexi Storage Clever Cube and you too can have a custom Christmas tree collar that fits your tree! And it looks divine too!

Christmas tree collar hack
Source: Stephanie Winckle

5. Deck the halls

We all have our go-to shop for Christmas items but Big W never seems to disappoint. They’ve already released their Christmas 2021 range and the stunning display of Christmas ideas decorations, tableware and all things festive is a treat for all senses.

Take a look for yourself!

Big W Christmas decorations

6. Christmas lollipops? Yes, please!

If you’re keen on going BIG on decorations this year, we highly suggest giving these Christmas lollipops a red-hot-go.

You’ll need a hot glue gun, pool noodles and coloured tape to make these lollipop dreams come true! Check out how to make them here. 

pool noodle hack
Make a hole and insert the lollipop stick. ADD MORE GLUE. Source: TikTok

7. December 1st Boxes

Okay so you’re probably ALL over Christmas Eve boxes but this year, we dare you to take it up a notch with December 1st Boxes – a fun new tradition that allows kids to enjoy a box-full of Christmas-themed fun for the entire month of December.

Fill them with all sorts of festive fun – an advent calendar, earrings, a special outfit to wear, PJs, books, Christmas lights to decorate their rooms, an ornament, cookie cutters to make Christmas cookies, craft sets and anything else that comes to mind! Check out what we put in our December 1st box last year.

mum central
A great addition to the bottom of your tree before Santa comes. Source: Supplied

8. Pimp my Present

If you love a nicely wrapped gift, then wow your entire gift-giving list with these Christmas wrapping tricks. No ugly wrapping paper in sight – just beautifully decorated and creative Christmas baubles, bows and more!

Check them all out here. 

mum central
Source: Instagram / my_best_laid_plans

9. Bake my day

And why not go the extra mile and deliver DIY gifts this year? You’ve got plenty of time to bake up a storm and perfect your Chrissy cookies before gift-giving starts.

mum central
A box of homemade goodies, deeeeelicious! Source: Supplied.

10. Return of the ELF

Don’t forget to move the Elf this year – we happen to have 24 easy-to-stage and extra cheeky ideas to get you through 24 days of Elf-moving magic.

Check out all 24 Elf-staging ideas – all you have to do is follow our day-by-day guide – no thinking or Googling ‘Elf ideas’ at midnight this year!

elf on the shelf ideas
Source: Instagram/tammie.arch

BONUS: Free ALL Things Christmas Guide

To help you on your merry way this year, check out Noël: our ultimate Christmas Guide with Christmas ideas galore!

Brimming with over 60 pages of Christmas inspo, Noël, is sure to bring a sleigh-full of ideas for your Christmas planning. It’s free to download too!

mum central mum central

It’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit! Well, we don’t think so at least!

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