What Would You Do If You Saw a Teen Girl With a Dangerous Online Predator?

Picture this: You’re in a cafe and you notice a middle-aged man approach a teenage girl who is sitting on her own. You realise they have arranged to meet there and then you overhear something disturbing… and dangerous.

Sixteen-year-old Maria met Brian online and had finally agreed to meet for a first date. She had no idea that he had been grooming their ‘relationship’ under the guise of his FAKE sixteen-year-old boy profile.

Watch what the bystanders sitting close enough to hear their conversation do when the dangerous online predator convinces vulnerable young Maria to leave with him.


YouTube video


Would you have stepped in too?


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  1. Avatar of Wendy

    Yes absolutely – I would have called out and made a scene if necessary and called the police!

  2. Avatar of James

    Duh..First of all, if that’s a real predator, he won’t talk loud so people can hear.

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