School is back and winter is slowly rearing its head. It’s time to consider school shoes and what’s on offer to keep your child’s toes warm in the playground during colder months.

Black shoes are usually the go-to shoe as they meet the uniform code for most schools. So the decision you need to make is based more on the style of shoe. Depending on your child’s age and preference, you may be able to consider a variety of styles.

For younger children, velcro school shoes are the way to go. They are simple to put on and take off and don’t require lace-up skills, which can be great for the younger students. For the little ladies, Julie Baillie from Spend-less Shoes at Marion recommends one style in particular.

“For the little girls if they want something a bit more open they have the Mary Jane style with the buckle or the velcro.”

One style which fits this description is the Macey from Spend-less Shoes. The Macey resembles ballet slippers, with a round toe and a shape that really moulds around the foot. They can be worn with socks, tights or on their own, depending on the time of year.

For bite-sized boys, there is the classic Spence and School velcro shoes from Spend-less. They are a polished black sneaker with double velcro tabs and priced at $39.95.

If you are looking at lace-up shoes, some people believe that there are a lot of benefits. Julie says that lace-up shoes are most sought after.

“I’d probably go lace-up shoes, although some children can’t do up their own laces and prefer velcro. But lace-up shoes are more popular and give you more support.”

Lace-up shoes are often more suited to older students. For girls there is the Olive from Spend-less Shoes which is a classic school shoe with laces and the Zadow with a buckle and detailed cut-out on top, which are both priced at $59.95.

Boys can either go for a sneaker or leather style shoe for the classroom. There is the Lock which is a lace-up black sneaker with a spongey sole. Or the Michael, which has the leather look and classic school sole. Both are priced at $29.95.

To better prepare school shoes for winter, it is a good idea to protect them with a waterproof spray or cream. Spend-less Shoes has a spray which costs $9.95. Another remedy – but of the home made variety – is body moisturiser. I use the original Nivea cream to massage into my handbag and shoes as it keeps the leather supple.

With simple tips like that, your child’s shoes could last right until the change of season.


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