“The Good Dinosaur” asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?  

Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) makes an unlikely human friend.

Luckily for young Arlo, his parents (Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand) and his two siblings, the mighty dinosaurs were not wiped out 65 million years ago. When a rainstorm washes poor Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) downriver, he ends up bruised, battered and miles away from home. Good fortune shines on the frightened dino when he meets Spot (Jack Bright), a Neanderthal boy who offers his help and friendship. Together, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to reunite Arlo with his beloved family.

While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.


Releasing on Boxing Day, this is sure to be a hit with the kids (young and old)

Check out (the very cute) trailer below: 



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  1. blackwidow63 Reply

    Would love to take my Granddaughter as it will be the first time ever that i will take her to the movies

  2. kathy clark Reply

    Would love to take my Granddaughter as it will be the first time ever that i will take her to the movies

  3. Rachel Stribling Reply

    Would love to take the boys to this movie. It looks awesome!

  4. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I’d love to take my kids to see this. They’ve seen the trailer the last couple of times we’ve been to the movies and they are begging me to take them to see it.

  5. Katie Shelley Reply

    My Miss 5 and her Best friend and her Mum – Girls day out!

  6. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I would take Miss 4 and Miss 7 and my hubby. We saw the trailer and are just as excited as the kids

  7. Margaret Davies Reply

    I would take my grandsons they really want to se this movie & so do I lol:)

  8. Kylie Clayton Reply

    My kids, we’re all desperate to see the movie, it looks great.

  9. Debrah Bassett Reply

    i would take my little girl she would be so happy to see this

  10. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    My two boys! They love dinosaurs! I’d send them with Granny cos I think she’s have so much fun taking them.

  11. Clare Gilmour Reply

    My two sons & my nephew (who’s spending Christmas with us whilst his Dad is in hospital). x

  12. Lauren Barnes Reply

    My two sons and their father who all love anything Jurassic, reptile and cartoon. They would be in heaven!

  13. Dinosaur “diva” daughters. They can’t get enough of DINOSAURS especially since they were fortunate enough to attend How to Train your Dragon – Arena Spectacular live show. .. Dinosaurs really came live for them then. Museum dinosaur visit extended the frenzy. Movie Tix.. yes please.

  14. sam pearce Reply

    My mum and my two sons! My boys absolutely adore their nanny, my eldest especially has a very close bond xx

  15. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    OMG my daughter and her friend would totally love a movie-date to watch this amazing movie this school holidays!!

  16. If I won it would be my daughter’s first movie! She loves dinosaurs!

  17. Melissa Yelds Lacey Reply

    My 4 mini me’s… We are so excited about seeing this movie, they are already laughing at me because they know I’m going to cry…

  18. Paula Harris Reply

    I’d love to take my 17 month old grandson Ben to see this….he loves land before time so dinosaurs are right up his alley

  19. I would take my girls and partner. We haven’t been to the cinemas as a family in over a year, so it would be great to go see such a good movie with the family.

  20. Elizabeth McKinlay Reply

    I would take both my boys they are dinosaur crazy and love a good Disney flick

  21. I would take my daughter and her besties from kindy as there going to different schools next year so wont get to spend alot of time together

  22. Sarahmary92 Reply

    My nephew. He’s never been to the cinemas so I’d love to treat him to his first experience

  23. Kym Finnigan Reply

    My nearly 4 yr old son, for a roaring good time 🙂
    This is one movie he would really enjoy

  24. I would so love to take the kids, they have been asking to see this ever since we saw the ad PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK US

  25. Susan McLennan Reply

    My 5 year old is counting down the days to Boxing Day to see this, so that’s who I would be taking – I think he is just about more excited about this than Santa’s visit!

  26. Tracy Andreatta Reply

    I’d give the pass to my daughter so she can take her dinasaur obsessed stepson . I’m sure she would also take her partner and little sister along for a great family day .

  27. Loredana Giannaris Reply

    My daughter has just learnt about dinosaurs as part of her school subjects so I’d definitely take her (Georgia) to see the movie.

  28. Antonietta Reply

    I will take my family, who are obsessed with Dinosaurs, I think the kids take after me 🙂

  29. Peta Masih Reply

    I would really love to take my son to see this movie!! I just know he will love it!!

  30. Nicolle De Morton Hollis Reply

    I would take my sons , my 1st born is crazy about dinosaurs and they would both be thrilled to see this (:

  31. Peta Masih Reply

    I would really love to go see this movie with my Hubby, our son & his best friend!!

  32. Karyn Munro - Reply

    My 6 year old daughter who just loves dinosaurs & my 9 year old who isn’t so sure about them but learning to like them!

  33. Joanna Hayward Reply

    My partner – he needs to get used to cartoons and kids movies as we’re about to have our first child! 🙂

  34. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My two autistic kids love Cartoon Movies . It is a great prize for everyone. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  35. Brooke Parker Reply

    I would take my little cousin. He is really good at the cinema for a very energetic talkative child. I only have to tell him to be quiet a couple times and he is good. I love going to the movies with him. So much fun. And this movie looks like an awesome movie.

  36. Katie Sara Winderlich Reply

    My daughter would love to see this, so I would take her! 🙂

  37. Jenna Aulsebrook Reply

    My daughters, i was thinking about taking them these holidays to see this!!

  38. My three daughters. And it would be the first time at the movies for my two year old twin girls. They love dinosaurs!

  39. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    My son & daughter, my son loves dinosaurs and we’d all enjoy the movie

  40. My dinosaur obsessed son – I would love to take him to see this movie – he would just love it

  41. Maria Mendez Timoko Reply

    I would take my 3 year old daughter who absolutely loves dinosaurs.

  42. Nicole Williams Reply

    My son and I both want to see this. Would be good to see

  43. my kids! they would love to see this and i could spend quality time with them.

  44. Kara Healey Reply

    My two year old son would love this- I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it too it looks very cute! Not sure if I’d bring his baby sister too or leave her with hubby

  45. Julia Morton Reply

    I’d take my 5 year old son who loves the trailer for this movie and makes his own dinosaurs out of playdough

  46. Both my 2 & 4 year old would love to see this. Great outing during school holidays for two dinosaur crazy kids.

  47. I would love to take my kids and get them out of the house over the school holidays! I need the moment of sanity, don’t we all!

  48. rachel sinclair Reply

    i would take my 3 kids with me… my boys love dinosaurs and cant wait to watch this movie

  49. My nana & my 2 beautiful girls. Coming from the country we don’t get to see movies so they would love it

  50. Wendy Hatton Reply

    I have 5 grand children all of an age that they would be delighted to visit the cinema (so exciting) and see a fun movie with dinosaurs (always a favourite theme)

  51. Brianna Taylor Reply

    My son is obsessed with dinosaurs so I would love to take him!

  52. Rachel Wilson Reply

    I would take my 2 boys aged 10 and 6, this movie looks awesome i think they will Love it!

  53. My daughter is sooo wanting to see this movie because she loves dinosaurs (may have to take the menagerie of them with us to the movie too)

  54. shelbyward Reply

    I would take Jackasaurus (5) and Lucasaurus (7), my boys who will be stomping around all Summer long – this will entertain them enormous-aurus-ly!

  55. Heather Hopley Reply

    Holidays are for the beach and movies and I have many possible darling “monsters” to accompany me to the cinema for a quiet afternoon of fun. Grandchildren, nephews and nieces and of course , neighbours, friends children etc.

  56. Rebecca Foster Reply

    I would take my 6 year ole grand daughter and 7 year old grandson and their Poppy to watch this great movie.

  57. perfect for a day out with the family – cinema visits are a special treat for us

  58. Kate Zwiersen Reply

    I would most defantiantly bring my daughter Summer 4yo, my son Tyler 5yo and Daddy too 🙂

  59. Paula Carey Reply

    My kids and 2 year old nephew. He would love to see this awesome movie

  60. My son and his 2 best friends would love to come to the movies to see the good dinosaur!

  61. Kate Slack Reply

    I would take my 5 year old son and 8 year old daughter it looks great for both ages and they are both really excited to see it.

  62. Jenny Woods Reply

    I would give the family pass to my granddaughter so that she could take my great grandchildren to see the Good Dinosaur….I’m sure they would love it.

  63. Michelle Hill Reply

    I would take my 9 year old daughter who has wanted to see a movie with me for a very long time, but unfortunately it hasn’t been possible. Ideally, I’d also take her two older sisters and brother, if they wanted.

  64. Felicity Turner Reply

    My 3 year old granddaughter. She has only been to the movies once but really loved it so i cant wait to take her again. and what a great movie to see.

  65. Colin N Mandy Saunders Reply

    I would take my 7 year old nephew Asher who lives interstate with his mother and is coming to spend his first Christmas with us in 4 years. We can’t wait to have him here with us! I’d also take my daughter, it would be her first time at the movies with her cousin

  66. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I’d take my daughter and hubby so we can enjoy as a family

  67. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I would love to take my twin Great Granddaughters they would love this funny animated movie.

  68. Jane Gardam Reply

    My grandson Zane who is 6 and mad about dinosuars all shapes and sizes.

  69. Kristina S Reply

    My 2 daughters, looks like a really sweet movie… an yes hubby will come too, like it or not. Secretly I think he loves Disney as much as we do

  70. Both kids have loved playing with these toys instore so pretty sure they’ll enjoy the movie too!

  71. Dale Pearce Reply

    I would take my niece and nephew, they would both love this movie as much as I would.

  72. staceyshailer Reply

    I’d have to take my 3 little ones and my biggest kid (aka hubby) 🙂

  73. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I would love to take my 4 fabulous kids to see this movie.

  74. Jemma Hansen Reply

    The whole family. My 2 dinosaur crazed boys will love it and it will be great for me to see a new dinosaur movie

  75. Tammy Lee Burnett Reply

    My 2.5yr old son, we’ve called him our little dinosaur from before he was born and his room has always been dinosaur themed and he is now obsessed with dinosaurs

  76. Nikki Cashion Reply

    my grand daughter my daughter and im sure my grand daughter would love to bring a friend

  77. Simone von Stieglitz Reply

    My 4 year old daughter and hubby – a great opportunity for a family day out!

  78. My son and daughter have seen the trailer on TV and are so excited to see it. We would make the day of it with lunch before the movie.

  79. Katherine Spanos Reply

    My grandons are Dinisaur crazy and after buewing ghe traler im addicted too and would live to see movie with them

  80. Lisa Loizou Reply

    My son loves dinosaurs and has been hanging out to see this movie since he first saw the trailer.

  81. Nicole Beveridge Reply

    Would love to take my girls and hubby, make it a fun family outing, all of us together,

  82. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    My two kidlets, aged 4 and 2 – sounds like a great way to introduce the cinemas! They are just getting curious now about the movies… Perfect timing!!

  83. Linda Luczak Reply

    My 3 children have asked me to take them to see The Good Dinosaur these school holidays. It’s the one movie they really want to see!

  84. Natasha Page Reply

    I would take my 4yr old Joshie, my 8yr old Xander and my husband Stephen.

  85. Maree Hamilton Reply

    I would take my daughter who is dinosaur mad. She is hanging out to see it.

  86. Whichever of the little monkeys isn’t grounded at the time. They’ve been putting us through our paces of late, testing the waters, pressing our buttons, so we’ve introduced them to the delight that is missing out when you misbehave!

  87. My little family, we all love movies and the cinema is the best place to be during a hot Perth summer!

  88. My 10 year old son and 2 granddaughters Miss 4 and Miss 5 as they will all enjoy the movie.

  89. Dinosaur crazy niece and nephew who I’ve promised I will take to see it over the holidays because they’ve been sooooooo good all year.

  90. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My son is Dino and fossil mad and because my daughter looks up to him she is also so I would love to take them

  91. feline1981 Reply

    My 3 kids- that makes a big wonderful family when daddy is at work over the holidays!

  92. Michelle Waixel Reply

    I would take me three kids, wouldn’t get there without them!!

  93. Shara Slater Reply

    Id take my 2 yr old. He loves dinosaurs & we are yet to have a movie date together. With a bit of luck i could get him to sit still long enough for this movie

  94. domandlauren Reply

    My 2 and a half year old. This would be his first movie and I can’t wait to take him to the movies!!!!

  95. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    I’d take my two cheeky children, who would absolutely love to see the good dinosaur.

  96. Eva Kiraly Reply

    My friend Darryl, he loves animations, he’s 52 and I might even take my nieces as well! 🙂

  97. Baila Cyprys Reply

    Would love to take my youngest kids. they have never been to the movies. As the youngest 2 of 6 its just not in the budget.

  98. Hayley Brennan Reply

    My lil man and my lil brother, they’d love this. My toddler already thinks he’s spot just from watching the previews a couple of times.

  99. My kids, as they’re on school holidays, & always looking forward to doing something new each day!

  100. Natalie Skinner Reply

    My dinosaur obsessed kids because this movie will be perfect for them to see

  101. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    No choice…my kids, haha. Even my 4year old knows the name of the movie!!!

  102. Sarah Beck Reply

    My daughter Charlotte, she has been going on and on about this good dinosaur movie, it looks great

  103. Lenna Reinhard Reply

    My daughter and nephews have been going on and on about this movie and we do a family movie every school holidays it’s best thing my kids and nephews enjoy and it’s something not dependant on weather

  104. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    My wife and kids! We love all the kids movies and watching them together.

  105. Fiance. See every new pixar movie that comes out & love seeing the short film at the begining

  106. Nicole Gurney Reply

    Of course I would take my kids and my best friend and her kids. They would all love this movie 🙂

  107. Melanie Graham Reply

    My 5 year old son has asked his future wife, also 5 (yes you heard right) to go see The Good Dinosaur with him. He also said he would take his sister and her sister as long as they didn’t sit with them. Myself and future mother in law better go and chaperone as well, luckily we get on like a house on fire and also think the movie looks great 🙂 .

  108. I’d take my partner and our 2 boys, they have enjoyed seeing the preview of the movie on tv.

  109. Chris Nicol Reply

    Nicolas, aged 4 loves Pixar movies and listening for John Ratzenberger’s voice in every Pixar film 🙂

  110. My dinosaur mad nephew…though he will probably chat all the way through telling me the names of the dinosaurs!

  111. I would take my daughter & her best friend and her mother who is my best friend 😀 Merry Christmas

  112. Donna Dwyer Reply

    My son, he’s talked non stop about this movie since school holidays started!

  113. Melinda Fowler Reply

    My 3yr old daughter Sami loves dinosaurs and keeps talking about going to the movies to see it


  115. Juanita Thorn Reply

    My Mum actually – she loves these animated movies as much as I do – they are done so well these days with great stories 🙂

  116. Carlee Tredrea Reply

    I would love to take my four year old Hudson… it would be his first trip to the movies as he has just hit the age where he would enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  117. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    I would love to my little Family our Son Jordy and Hubby Jason. The Good Dinosaur looks like a great family movie

  118. Kristine McLean Reply

    My partner Belinda and our little boy Will! He is all about dinosaurs at the moment and it would great to watch this with him and experience his reaction all together.

  119. Milly Kiely Reply

    My son Tarkyn… He LOVES Dinosaurs and id LOVE to take him to celebrate graduating kinder 🙂

  120. Kate Hardman Reply

    My partners daughter would love to see this. And it’d be nice bonding time for us.

  121. Debbie Price Reply

    My eldest son (turning 8) really wants to go to the movies during the holidays, and his brother (4.5yo) is actually very excited about this particular movie – for a change! It would make my day, and their school holiday, if we were actually able to take them to this! Thanks for the chance.

  122. Nicole Woods Reply

    If I was fortunate enough to win this I would love to gift it to my friends so they cold take their 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son to see the movie.

  123. Lizzie Midgley Reply

    This would be fabulous to take Mr 4.5 as he’s dinosaur mad! Also keep us out of the heat of the summer sun.

  124. My nephew, he would love to see his very first cinema film and i would love to take him!

  125. amandagorton Reply

    My best friend…works consumes his life, he needs a reminder of what its like to sit back and have fun!

  126. My little next door neighbour! He is being raised by his grandmother and doesn’t get to go out much – he’d love this!

  127. My junior paeleontologist, his cute little sister, a random family member and myself, biggest dinosaur fan since i was a kid!

  128. Cindy Nickels Reply

    My dinosaur-mad niece, one of her crazy friends, my lovable old fossil husband and me, the biggest Disney fan of them all.

  129. I would love to take my nephew (6), niece (4) and my daughter (2) to keep them all entertained during the school holidays.

  130. My daughter, she loves dinosaurs, she loves the movies and I love nothing more than spending a fun filled day with her!

  131. Rachelle Seabridge Reply

    My oldest daughter for her birthday, her sister and best friend

  132. My youngest – and maybe a couple of her friends…a dinoroarcus afternoon.

  133. julia sheedy Reply

    Would love to take my Granddaughter and my Niece and Nephews as a treat over the holidays 🙂

  134. Take my mini family my 4 and 5 year old daughters and the biggest kid of them all my husband :p

  135. would take my son who loves dinosaurs and needs to learn more about being good

  136. Love to take the kids this movie looks so amazing….PLEASE PICK US

  137. Whilst my 2 teenagers head to the Boxing Day sales I’d love to take my 9 year old son to this movie, bonding together and avoiding the Queensland summer heat.

  138. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I’d love to take my 3yo daughter. She keeps asking to see this movie every time the ad comes on tv.

  139. My dino nuts son and my daughter. They’ve been excited about this movie coming out now for ages!

  140. Christie Louise Reply

    My son Alexander. I’m a single mum with 3 kids, and I like to take each one of my children out for a special ‘mummy-date’ where I can provide them with one on one time. My son Alexander loves going to the movies.
    My daughters are older teens, so they prefer shopping.
    I’d love to me able to take my son to go and see this movie sometime.

  141. Leisa Sandles Reply

    My 5 year old twin girls would love to go see The Good Dinosaur!

  142. I’d take the old fossil of a husband and of course my 2 darling T-Rex boys who like to devour everything in their path.

  143. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I’d love to take my kids to see this over the holidays. Wonderful competition. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  144. Julie Ford Reply

    master oliver he is four years old and love loves dinosaurs all he asks for christmas is a Big Big dinosaur.

  145. Nadine Cameron Reply

    I’d love to take my two munchkins. I’m nagged every time the advert comes on!

  146. I’d take my children ( and that includes the big child / husband! )

  147. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    i’d take my kids with me as they love to go to the movies but we don’t go often

  148. Rebecca Evans Reply

    My kids, we only go to discount movie sessions. My son went to see barbie princess power with his sister and was a good sport, it’s his turn.

  149. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I would take my daughter and my bff and nephew, movies are expensive so we’ve need taken the kids, plus my nephew has never been to the cinema

  150. My little boy, he LOVES dinosaurs, and he’d love this film… Disney make magical movies!….

  151. Rebecca Raudino Reply

    My beautiful four year old. He is in love with dinosaurs. My son has never been to the cinema what a great first movie to take him to see

  152. Valerie Wee Reply

    My little girl loves dinosaur and she would be excited to watch it in the cinema for the first time too!

  153. A special movie for the Christmas holidays, we can all go together, something we don’t always have time to do, and dinosaurs are a family favourite

  154. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I would take my super cute nephew, because he loves dinosaurs! — everything he owns is dinosaurs. NOT KIDDING! 😛

  155. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is a beautiful prize for everyone. Merry Christmas and Thank you.

  156. id take my nephew and the biggest kid of all his dad. Must admit love watching my little nephews face light up at kids movies

  157. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d take my husband and son as they both love dinosaurs!

  158. Anthea Cornish Reply

    I would take my husband. Just us till the grandkids come ! Great movie for all the family.

  159. Tennille Lindsay Reply

    I would take my 7 year old son who wants to be a Paleontologist and is addicted to anything dinosaur related!

  160. Panda Jess Reply

    I would love to take my younger sister to see this movie because she used to love dinosaurs as a kid and loves animated movies still.

  161. Tanya Berglund Reply

    I’d love to take my 5 year old son Brayden, and my two girls, Sarah and Lauren. This would make the holidays extra special.

  162. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My whole family watched this triailer. It is fun movie for young and old.

  163. my family! we’ve all been hanging out to see this one. maybe even bring the cousins too and it could be a real treat for everyone 🙂

  164. I’d like to give these passes to my flatmate who is a single dad and has the kidlets on the weekend – perfect ages 5 to 9, and Pixar films are F A B !

  165. My three boys love dinosaurs, so there would be no other choice!! 🙂

  166. Little Cooper and Natasha who love the movies and dell dinosaurs – say no more

  167. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. It is a heartwarming movie for everyone. Thank you.

  168. Sarah Fairley Reply

    my kids – we always see a family movie together
    on the holidays

  169. I’d take my daughter, one of her friends and the friends mum. A girls day out is always good!

  170. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    My son Jordan who would love this and his best firend

  171. Katrina Phillips Reply

    I’d have to take my boys and drag my hubby along too!

  172. Master 7, who adds the word ‘saurus’ to everything would absolutely love this. IT would be awesomasaurus but we’d need popcornsaurus too! Merry Christmansaurus all xo

  173. Wendy Sutcliffe Reply

    I’d take my 4 year old daughter, it would be her first time at the cinema.

  174. Tracy Sedgewick Reply

    My 9 and 8 year olds would love this, they are dinosaur and Disney movie crazy!

  175. Jessica Maloney Reply

    My pet cockatiel, since he’s a direct descendant of dinosaurs!

  176. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    This movie would makes my whole family every happy. Thank you.

  177. Christine Dean Reply

    One for the whole family – especially my two boys (8 & 6). A special outing for all of us 🙂

  178. Belinda Mouk Reply

    I would take my nephew(8) and nieces (8 and 7) who can’t wait to see The Good Dinosaur.

  179. My dino-mad 5 year old son! He would adore this movie, and I’d adore watching him adore the movie!

  180. Definatly my son (8) who loves dinosaurs and I just want to get him out of the house

  181. I would take my son whos 13 and spend more quality time with him

  182. Roberto Colombi Reply

    My little dinosaur – 8 year old who loves everything about dinosaurs

  183. Stevee-Lee Anderson Reply

    I would love to take my 5 year old niece. She would absolutely love the outing!

  184. Nata Glavan Reply

    I would take my daughter and son who simply love dinosaurs and love learning about them.

  185. Wendy Peters Reply

    i have a special needs son and his girlfriend..they would love to see this!!

  186. would have to be my children and hubby – a great family film

  187. Melanie R Cooper Reply

    I would take the two children – one is 5 and the other is 37!

  188. Linette Grzelak Reply

    Will take my 7 year old dinosaur lover. We have read the book together in preparation in seeing the movie

  189. Judith Senese Reply

    I have 3 sons that I will be taking, all of which love Dinosaurs.

  190. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    If I could take my pet to see this movie with my family ? Thank you.

  191. Emma Puszkar Reply

    My little man Mr 5 would love this story! We could enjoy an little date together.

  192. Dinosaur mad and crazy is my cheeky Mr Three,
    so The Good Dinosaur is something he simply must see!
    Miss Six will come along for popcorn and watch silently with glee,
    So off to the movies I’ll go, taking hubby and the kids with me!

  193. Lyndall Crisp Reply

    I would take Miss 6 and Miss 4 – can’t wait to go back in time over 60 million years ago!

  194. Caroline Nicholls Reply

    My 5yr old grandson who has just discovered his love of dinosaurs. Brings back very fond memories of time with my own dinosaur mad son 25 years ago

  195. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my daughters as they roar as loud as a dinosaur and often say they will be good dinos

  196. My daughter, she’d like to see this movie … she is fascinated by dinosaurs!!

  197. Kasey Evans Reply

    My 3 girls would be roaring to go see this…..dinosaurs rule!

  198. Sarah Morrison Reply

    My daughter – she was sick on Christmas day and I really need to spoil her a little bit cos the poor thing had such a disappointing day 🙁

  199. Isabelle Hershman Reply

    My son- he is dino-mad- especially when losing a game of UNO- he roars like a possessed T-rex !

  200. My sons (2 and 4) – they’d love this movie! I’d also take my husband, to help wrangle the kids 😉

  201. carol woods Reply

    I’d take my sons ~ Jordan & Corey. They’d love this!! Great way to keep them out of trouble these school holidays!!!

  202. Kristy Winters Reply

    I would take my little girl and my two boys they all get so excited when the ad comes on and love dinosaurs, T. rex is their favorite.

  203. I would take my two T-rex daughters. They roar just as loud as any dinosaur and I know they would adore this movie!

  204. Kylie Baker Reply

    I have five kids so winning this would make it more affordable to go to the movies for sure.

  205. Ernie Gunawan Reply

    Since it’s a family pass, I’ll take my family for sure!

  206. Leanne White Reply

    My niece as I don’t get a chance to see/visit much now her parents have divorced.
    I’d love to have a special day out with her

  207. my son has asked to see this movie and I agree with him that it looks like a great fun movie

  208. My 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter. I haven’t been game to take them to the movies yet but I know that if it has dinosaurs in it they’ll be glued to the screen!

  209. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    I would take my best friend – my mum – as she loves the movies as much as I do

  210. My ‘good’ 5 year-old daughter would love to go to the movies with an old dinosaur (me) to watch this!

  211. Megan Higgs Reply

    My 3 year old son, he is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment and has been asking to see this movie since he saw it advertised.

  212. I’d take my stepdaughter, she’d love to spend some special one on one time toghether an what better way than a day out at the movies.

  213. Lisa Pannunzio Reply

    My god-son. Not having children of my own, I treasure him like my own child. He brings so much joy to my life, I’d love to be able to take him to the movies as a school holiday treat.

  214. Ann Trebeck Reply

    my girls, they love the movies, this way I could shout them popcorn a real treat 🙂

  215. The trailer is fantastic. We can’t wait to see the entire movie.

  216. Debbie Dye Reply

    Mr 7 has been pestering me about The Good Dinosaur ever since he spotted the preview, so I’d take him along for sure! I might even share my popcorn if he’s lucky 😉

  217. Andrew McKeown Reply

    Little Miss Five has already created her must see movie wish list and The Good Dinosaur is at the top.

  218. Devon Windelborn Reply

    My son Charlie who loves dinosaurs and would be roaring the whole time!

  219. I really want her to see the dianosaures from new angle, most friendly and humanly through this movie!

  220. My boys would love to go see this movie, every time is comes on the tv they yell out i want to see that!

  221. I would take our 4 boys Cody, Jackson, Oliver & Hector and make sure Jackson had the best seat in the house as he is Dinosaur & Volcano mad!

  222. My 3 gorgeous grandchildren would love to go with nanny to see The Good DI NO SAUR as my youngest would say!

  223. Clare De Celis Reply

    My partner and our awesome little man Tyran who we named after a dinosaur.

  224. Stephanie Merrington Reply

    I’d like to take my son to this movie it’d be the very first movie I take him to and how special that’d be cause his nursery is dinosaur themed

  225. megan vuzem Reply

    I’d take my daughter Akeelah and my best friend and her son. Would be a great day out

  226. Shannon Discombe Reply

    My two kiddies would stomping with excitement to go see this

  227. Cat Armour Reply

    I’d take my boyfriend and two of my siblings! As they all love Disney! But I adore dinosaurs and Disney so I think I’d be the perfect candidate!

  228. Tayha Donald Reply

    My Dinosaur obsessed 5 year old. He’s been dying to see this movie! As well as his Dad 🙂

  229. Gayle Richardson Reply

    My daughter – she has been hounding me for weeks to go to this movie!

  230. Sarah Fleming Reply

    I would love to take my 7 year old. He saw the preview for this recently and cannot wait to see it these holidays. I think an outing without his sisters will be much needed within a few weeks too!

  231. I’d take my daughter she’s been glued to the previews on Disney junior

  232. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Yes, I would take my whole family to see this movie, thank you.

  233. Jane Whitelaw Reply

    My daughter Sarah who hasn’t been to the movies yet, aged 5

  234. I would love to take my two boys. They’ve never been to a cinema before so it would be an exciting first for them with the perfect movie 🙂

  235. I would take my two boys who love Dinosaurs and movies ..So perfect Movie for them 🙂

  236. humptydumpedme Reply

    My grandsons are really excited about going so I would take them and their mum

  237. Kerrie Lawson Reply

    I’d take my 2 boys. They are currently going through a “dinosaur phase”. They eat, sleep and breathe dinosaurs. It astounds me how 2 little tots can pronounce the word “tyrannosaurus” before they can wrap their mouths around “please” or “thank you.”

  238. My very own dinosaurs of course and my husband as well who would love sharing this family film experience with us!

  239. My 4yr old boy who acts much like the boy. Ha ha well sometimes his imagination does.

  240. Veronica Paszkowski Reply

    My husband Fred, daughter Pebbles and son Bam, Bam!

  241. Amy-Ruth MacDonald Reply

    My 2 and 4 year old boys who love dinosaurs and hubby!!

  242. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    My two sons who don’t like popcorn (I know – what’s with these kids), so there’ll be more for me and my husband who will take them to the toilet so I don’t have to miss any of the movie.

  243. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    My Daughter and her friend they both would love a treat they could enjoy together .

  244. Thank you so much for the tickets, my daughter has been asking to see this.

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