One of the highest rating shows on Cartoon Network, the popular LEGO Ninjago series returns with four, new epic adventures. Join your favourite Ninja warriors as they draw their blades once again to protect their beloved Ninjago City from a bevy of evil forces.

With a new series of LEGO brick lines releasing throughout the year, keep up to date with the latest installment, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu REBOOTED – Season 3, Volume 2 available on DVD & Digital from October 30, 2014.

The warriors of the rebooted LEGO® Ninjago series aren’t your old-­‐school ninjas of feudal Japan; these heroes are bold enough to confront their nemeses in a modern, hi-­‐tech world. This time they’re out to rid Ninjago City of Digital Overlord and his army of ruthless Nindroids.

With a new loyal henchman by his side, the Ninja’s old nemesis Pythor, Digital Overlord has successfully captured Lloyd Garmadon, the coveted gold Ninja and only son of Lord Garmadon. It’s only a question of time before he drains Garmadon of his golden powers and conquers Ninjago once and for all.

With the land held in an iron grip, the Ninja must go to extreme lengths and use their TechnoBlades to stop them. They must download themselves into the Digital Overlord’s computer and fight him on his
own ground. They must boldly go where no Ninja has gone before – into space.

Get ready to experience Ninjago like never before in the thrilling conclusion to The Nindroid Agenda, with LEGO® Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu REBOOTED – Season 3, Volume 2, yours to own on DVD & Digital from October 30, 2014.

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  1. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    Our son can’t get enough of all things macho, action-packed, full of bravado entertainment and play. Such a typical active busy boy

  2. Lesley Needham Reply

    I have 4 boys who are Lego mad. But I think it is my son Jack who is the biggest Ninjago fan. He has written a list of Ninjago Lego sets that he would like Santa to bring him. He knows that I can’t afford to buy expensive presents so he has asked Santa for them.

  3. Michelle Green Reply

    We have 2 boys, 11 & 14, who are obsessed with everything to do with Lego. Even their Dad and Grandpa still enjoy creating with Lego and use it on their train layouts.

  4. My seven and six year old sons love Ninjago. They have the Lego, books and love the show on TV. Their little sister is starting to watch it with them.

  5. My son (and all his friends) have loved Ninjago for the last few years

  6. My son he loves his Lego especially the Lego Ninjago Masters!

  7. Vicki Maree Laurie Reply

    My son loves Lego Ninjago Masters he watches them every night befor he goes to bed

  8. Antonietta Farrugia Reply

    My 7yo who can’t get enough of Ninjago, and thinks he’s a Ninja too

  9. Tamara Lamb Reply

    I have 3 lucky me!! Zachariah, Jacob and Jethro my beautiful sons <3

  10. Tess Howard Reply

    My Mr7! Loves the videos and movies, and the Legos themselves! I love that it encourages

    creativity. (My feet and vacuum not so in love with Lego, but they cope!) 🙂

  11. Laura Scriven Reply

    Lego is awesome as a series and as a brick. It has my tick!

  12. My 2 sons, who love spinning round and round until they fall to the ground pretending they are doing spinjitsu.

  13. shelbyward Reply

    My two boys (6 years and 4 years) are Ninjago crazy and I think they have picked up a few construction tips from watching too!

  14. Master 10 loves all things Lego and the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu are some of his fav’s

  15. LEGO NINJAGO for girls, too. Miss Four is a fanatic fan of the four Ninjas.. particularly Kai, the red Ninja.

  16. my 3 year old is a really big fan and is just lego crazy in general–which for me, means stepping on lego, constantly picking up lego and occasionally having to wrestle the vacuum cleaner to save a block or two!

  17. Both my boys Ryan and Connor love Ninjago – from DVD’s to shirts to Lego sets they are Lego Ninjago mad!

  18. Christine Bolton Reply

    My 7 year old son LOVES Ninjago ( I don’t mind it wither lol) He is always doing ‘Spinjitsu’.

  19. My 7 year old son is absolutely mad about all things Lego and especially all things Ninjago!!! He jumps out from behind the sofa like he is one of them!! lol

  20. My 7 year old is a spinjitzu master I beleive ninjago may b a true story based on his (imaginary) life story

  21. Kylie Tannahill Reply

    My 7 year old and 10 year old LOVE Lego and Ninjago. My 10 yr old Jayden loves that there is one called Jay.

  22. My son Kai loves to watch a cool character with the same name kick butt!

  23. Sonia Slodecki Reply

    My Son Alex loves watching lego anything almost as much as he likes playing with it. Keeps his dad busy too

  24. Shylee Green Reply

    My four year old son! he watches it daily if you let him…. and to ask to watch it, with this speech disorder, he spins around for me. he as assigned all the characters to family members or his friends.

  25. Do you mean to say there are people out there who aren’t fans? My whole family love it!

  26. My 11 year old Kai is my big Ninjago fan – he loves the sets and videos 🙂

  27. Nerys Lewis Reply

    My friends little boy is a massive fan and I’ve seen how much he’s into it all and I’d love my son to find something new to be interested in, this would be the perfect start 🙂

  28. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    My son Jordan, 3.5 has just discovered the magical world of Ninjago and has become a major fan

  29. Caroline Kelly Reply

    That would be my other half. Yup. Big as in height and oldest member of our household.

  30. My daughter Sophia she wants to be a ninja when she grows up

  31. My 2 nephews! If I win this I’ll definitely be the ‘cool’ Aunty 🙂

  32. My nephew Riley, he is a huge fan and loves all things lego and ninja!

  33. Tina Clausen Reply

    My partners son, can’t get enough of anything Lego and loves his Ninja dress ups, lol.

  34. Alisa Peterson Vernon Reply

    My nephews are obsessed ! Now my daughter is starting to get involved as well

  35. Lauren Barnes Reply

    My Son, ninja obsessed, he is excited about turning 5 – so he can start karate lessons.

  36. Michelle Tagg Reply

    Master 10 and Mister over forty a great bonding family experience.

  37. My Mister 4. playing with Lego is about the only time he is quiet and not asking to eat something else

  38. Emily Potts Reply

    I’d say my little brother, but honestly it’s more likely to be me.

  39. I have two boys who are non stop full of energy, but for some reason when Ninjago comes on they sit still, eyes glued and completely infatuated with those cute Lego characters.

  40. My 5 year old is a massive fan of Ninjago, he loves to practise his Ninjago moves!

  41. Carolyn Wrigley Reply

    My son. He can’t get enough of the lego and the movies.

  42. Kylie Bowers Weinz Reply

    I have 4 boys under 10 who are Lego Ninjago Mad! This will be perfect for the upcoming school holidays to keep them entertained!

  43. Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    My 8 year old son.. there is only one colour in his rainbow.. Red. Kai is the king!

  44. having five kids go go ninjago alot , my kids are my fans as iam theres 🙂

  45. My daughter is a huge fan, loves anything and everything to do with Lego

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