PADDINGTON follows the journey of an optimistic and polite young bear from darkest Peru who travels to London in search of a home and a family.

When the Brown family invites him to stay with them, little do they realize how much comic mayhem one young bear will bring to their lives.

PADDINGTON features an all-star cast including Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Peter Capaldi, as well as Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington.

STUDIOCANAL’s biggest movie release of the year and will delight audiences of all ages with its comic chaos, endless charm and sparkling humour. In Cinemas nationwide 11 December 2014.

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  1. My Daughters but with or without them I am seeing this movie 🙂

  2. Jemma Hansen Reply

    Myself, my 2 sons and my mother-in-law. We have the book at home and my sons love me reading it to them

  3. My Grandson Lachlan and he would want to know all about Paddington

  4. Lynda Kibblewhite Reply

    I would give the prize to my nieces and nephew for a school holiday treat.

  5. shelbyward Reply

    My four year old who has been carrying around his bear since he could walk. His name is ‘Teddy Peddy’ and I bet he’d love a cinema experience too!

  6. Katelynn Nicole Kemp Reply

    My two little grizzly bears and my handsome husband

  7. Lara Daebritz Reply

    Hmmm…with one daughter and six nieces, therein lies a dilemma. If push come to shove, I’d use the pass and buy four extra tix just to prove Aunty Lara is THE best!

  8. My husband and my son. My son loves bears at the moment and I think he would really enjoy it.

  9. Sue Cossor Reply

    My Nephew, although I think secretly I’d enjoy the movie to because I grew up with Paddington Bear

  10. My daughter and her favourite Paddington Bear purchased at London’s PADDINGTON Station.

  11. Joanne Deane Reply

    My two daughters, so they will no longer have bad dreams about bears!

  12. Dianne Childs Reply

    My son who thinks the Paddington trailer is hilarious! He’s really looking forward to seeing this movie (and so am I, to be honest)!

  13. My 5 year old daughter would be up for a Paddington movie, I’m sure

  14. Claire Bansagi Reply

    My daughter loves Paddington, I couldn’t not take her!

  15. My son’s godmother sent him a Padington bear from London what a lovely movie memory for him to think of her!

  16. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter Charity would love to experience Paddington for the first time and I believe she would be so thrilled with the movie!

  17. Kylie Clayton Reply

    My kids, they know who Paddington Bear is as I have one (with suitcase) that I received as a gift from rellies in the UK years ago.

  18. Crissy Gilbert Reply

    My 3 babies I think they would thoroughly enjoy the movie 🙂

  19. Claire Thrower Reply

    my daughter she has seen the preview and is very excited to see the movie, will be nice to spend some time just the two of us.

  20. jody buhagiar Reply

    My niece. Spending some quality time with would be wonderful!! They grow up too quick 🙂

  21. Adam Brown Reply

    My daughter Molly. Paddington was always one of my favourites as a child & she knows the story but would love to see the movie.

  22. I’d take Paddington. I bet he’d be a right hoot watching himself on the big screen.

  23. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    My 3 year old we have watched the trailer together and he is so excited for it

  24. Milly Howells Reply

    My daughter and husband (he would enjoy it just as much as her I think!)

  25. Anna Rowan Reply

    My kids of course, 2 little girls and a boy! Oh maybe hubby too if he behaves;)

  26. Tracey Ralph Reply

    I’d love to take my daughter because we have read the complete works of Paddington together.

  27. Kelly Goworek Reply

    My kids would love this! Although Paddington Bear was my favourite growing up!

  28. Michelle Silvestro Reply

    My 4 year old Madison. She cracked up just watching the previews!

  29. I would love to take my 3 girls they love Paddington Bear since they were little

  30. Michelle Roberts Reply

    I would be taking my Husband and my niece, I would love to see this movie as the first book I can ever remember buying from bookclub at school was Paddington bear when I was 5. This obviously was a very long time ago!!!

  31. Sophie Ikon-Nelson Reply

    My 3 year old daughter who loves having Paddington Bear goes to the Zoo” read to her.

  32. Little 5 year old Natasha who would love it as she’s never been to a cinema so it’d be a double treat

  33. Mick G – Little 5 year old Natasha who would love it as she’s never been to a cinema so it’d be a double treat

  34. I would take my 4 year old and his friend & his friend’s mum. (and my competition entry says I commented as azp74 and I can’t change it!)

  35. id take my daughter show her how cute and great paddington is i so want to cuddle him

  36. Belle McArdle Reply

    I adored Paddington Bear back when I was a youngster. I’d be tickled pink taking my 2 daughters, Tyler-Rose & Billie to the Paddington Movie on the Big Screen. ‘Such a polite & captivating Bear.’

  37. My daughter who is in love with anything, cute, furry and can talk

  38. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    My six year old and her best friend, they love animal movies

  39. Natasha Andrews Reply

    Miss 5 and Miss 8 are dying to see this movie – which fills me with joy because I think I want to see it as much as they do!!

  40. Jodie Louw Reply

    I would take my 2 nieces and my 2 kids. The 4 of them love to hang out and do things together on the weekends – especially the movies!

  41. Susan Banyard Reply

    my 2 boys and their best friend who dont get the oppertunity to go to movies

  42. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    I will take my two girls, that’s easy. I’d love my husband to come and he may not be too willing to see a kids movie. Do you think it would sound more adult if I told him we were seeing Paddington Bare?

  43. Chantel Rowley Reply

    I would take my 4yo son. It would be his first ever movie experience!

  44. Ingrid Robertson Reply

    I would take my kids – let the fall in love with Paddington as I did when I was their age.

  45. My Paddington Bear, collected at Paddington Station, UK, as a two year old, has been handed down with love to my son.. along with my ‘kiddyhood’ Paddington book. Together, we both would love to see Paddington on the big screen.

  46. I would take my kiddies, every time the ad comes on for it they get very excited

  47. St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    I would take my darling Grandchildren who deserve a special treat.

  48. Christopher King Reply

    I’d take my daughter along to see Paddington at the cinema. She’s (teddy) bear mad. This movie would delight and tickle her immensely! I’m looking forward to seeing it too!

  49. Dawn Taylor Reply

    The granddaughters, my beautiful, beautiful granddaughters. I’ m completely unbiased of course

  50. Lis Martion Reply

    I would take my 9 year old grand daughter Hollie & maybe my one year old grandson.

  51. Sally Dyson Reply

    I would take my Daughter so she could experience the joys of Paddington Bear like I did as a child.

  52. Leanne White Reply

    Master 7 loves paddington so much so he would have to be my date

  53. my 3 kids, they will love it, never seen the famous Paddington bear before.

  54. my children and i would to spend time with them while watching this cute movie

  55. Edmund Lee Reply

    I swear I will bring my sisters, named Veronica Lee and Jessica Lee to go for the Paddington movie if I won.

  56. Julie Donnell-Oliver Reply

    My 4yr old daughter loves Paddington. She has the book series which has been read to death and a Paddington Bear she’s had since she was a baby. She would love to see Paddington at the movies!!

  57. I would take my 9 year old son and 2 granddaughters who are 3 & 4 as they all love watching Paddington bear and the adventures he has.

  58. 78DaysofSummee Reply

    if it being a family pass, i would then take hubby and our two boys that way it be a family fun date for us to enjoy, thanks for the chance!

  59. I’d take my two nieces because my girl is too,young for movies

  60. Robs Tilley Reply

    Would take my daughters godson and sister. But I am the really big fan of Paddington.

  61. I’d take my young son. I hope he loves Paddington as much as I did as a child.

  62. I’d like to take my daughter because she would love Paddington Bear as much as I

  63. Meredith Mellor Reply

    My husband Chris Taff Mellor has been gone for 9 weeks with the army, he arrives home today! I’d love to take my daughter so we can spend some family together before he leaves again!

  64. My kid’s didn’t know who paddington bear was until I read, ‘Paddington goes shopping’, the book I have had since I was 3. Now all of us are excited to see it!

  65. My daughter who I’ve been reading Paddinton stories to since she was tiny! She can’t wait to see this film.

  66. kerry horvath Reply

    This movie would bring delight
    to me and my children alike
    weaving a web that blends generations
    as we watch together in true elation ….

  67. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My nieces, Sophia (2) and Sienna (7) would love to see Paddington.

  68. would love to take three daughters, they have paddington bears they love dressing them up.Thankyou Happy Xmas

  69. I would take my 4 year old son as he’s such a snuggly bear! 🙂

  70. I use to call my Dad Paddington when I was a Kid he’s from the UK love the show

  71. Kathy 'tigerthebrave' McDuff Reply

    My cousins – I’d be the best cousin ever!

  72. Jenny Newstead Reply

    My mum and three year old son! I think it’s just what she needs after recovering from back surgery!

  73. Laura Scriven Reply

    My niece loves bears,
    So she has to go there!
    To see it with me,
    An Aunt that always makes her happy!

  74. Judy Roney Reply

    Would take some of my grandkids, probably Darcy and Megan the two who I’m sure will really love the movie.

  75. Judith Senese Reply

    I have 3 sons that I would have to take with me, they would all love to see Paddington.

  76. Celine Guillot Reply

    My daughter – she’d love it. She has a Paddington picture on her wall!

  77. Kerrie Smith Reply

    My two boys, they love the books they will love the movie.

  78. Heather Hopley Reply

    My nieces. When they come to visit I always like to treat them to a movie.

  79. Kylie Bowers Weinz Reply

    My Son Thomas, who really wants to watch this over the school Holiday!

  80. Sharon Markwell Reply

    My nephew would go ballistic over this movie. I would be put on a pedestal and even have a halo.

  81. Tamara Lamb Reply

    I would take my husband Rob Lamb for a night out 😀 Even if it is something the kids would love!

  82. I’d take my husband to go see it. He’s from England and grew up watching this so it’d be pretty fun to go see Paddington after all these years!

  83. Angela Hogan Reply

    I would love to introduce my niece to Paddington and how much he meant to me

  84. My girls 🙂 They love the books to see him on the big screen would be awesome 🙂

  85. My husband really really wants to go see this movie, so it looks like we’ll be “borrowing” my niece and nephew for an afternoon during the holidays

  86. My three boys. Would love to see this on the big screen and return me to my youth!

  87. My nieces, Piper and Lila – I would love to show them the bear that I grew up with!

  88. Christopher Reply

    My children. I remember when the original series began on British television so hopefully a little of that life-affirming magic will rub off on my own miniatures!

  89. Kelly Ryan Reply

    My daughters aged 10 and 13. It would be a fantastic opportunity for mother daughter bonding these holidays.

  90. Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    My 8yr old laughing machine. We love a funny movie and he makes it so much better with his giggles!

  91. R. Mccarthy Reply

    My 5 and 7 year old who just love movies and bears and ill be in trouble if I didn’t take hubby as well!

  92. Rachypie84 Reply

    My sister, she absolutely loves Paddington!!! She even has a coat and wellies to match his!

  93. Belinda Ban Reply

    My daughter watched the preview and she is very excited to see it! she has always had my Padding Bear teddy from when I was a kid in her room so she is very familiar with the character and excited about the movie 🙂

  94. My nephew who has his very own Paddington bear direct from London.

  95. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    my little man maximus he loves Paddington Bear it would really make his day

  96. My five kids. Winning a family pass would surely make an outing to the movies a little more affordable for my family of seven.

  97. Lorna Nickels Reply

    We’d love to see Paddington Bear
    Friendly, polite, with deathly stare
    Hat loving, endless capacity for trouble
    He almost could be my daughter’s double!

  98. Shere Corn Reply

    I’d take my lovely smart & caring daughter miss 8.
    Paddington Bear has always been a favourite of mine since I grew up in Hampshire in the 1970 & 1980’s

  99. lovelyloves Reply

    My mum! She always allowed me to watch Paddington!! She would enjoy this.

  100. My Mum who introduced me to Paddington as a kid. Ever since I have always dreamed of owning my very own Paddington original from the UK.

  101. Sabrina Blankey Reply

    My kids, Miss 5 & Mr 3, they received their first Paddinton book from Poppy while he was visiting England, they adored it !!

  102. Paddington is cute and fun and we’d love to see this movie.

  103. My best friend and her grandson,they could both do with a happy time,he is due for another open heart surgery in new year so much needed.

  104. My kiddies as they have heard the story of Paddington bear growing up 😉

  105. My kids.. they would love it just like i used to when i was growing up..

  106. Buggeritliz Reply

    I will give my sister and brother-in-law a treat and take my Nephew and Neice for the weekend and take them along to the Movies. Paddington Bear Book under the Christmas tree so we can read it first.

  107. Carly Grace Smith Reply

    My best friend and her little girl, she is such a pearl! Always giving and helping others, her brothers, sisters, dad and mother! She deserves a day out, she’ll love this movie I have no doubt!

  108. Alison Apps Reply

    My children are the next upcoming Paddington Bear fans. My daughter has my Paddington bear from when I was a child and is amazed that she will be able to see Paddington on the big screen. We love this beautiful bear story.

  109. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    We would make this a family event. Our children have just taken an interest in Paddington Bear due to this movie release and watched an old scratchy video. They are enthralled by this sweet little bear and his antics.

  110. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    My Two grandchildren, because I daren’t go with out them 🙂

  111. i would take Briella (5) and Chloe (3) as I want to see this movie and I would look funny sitting by myself. xxx Hey Cheryl Moulton, maybe we can go together lol

  112. Carmel Corry Reply

    My daughter and her 2 friends. 3 little bears who also are adorable!

  113. My little guy. He’s 4 and has never seen a Paddington movie or read a Paddington book, but LOVES his soft toy Paddington sent to him from a relative in England.

  114. mustangmum Reply

    My sweet little Ava as I would love for her to discover Paddington as I have.

  115. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My twin Great Granddaughters would love this movie as they have a “Paddington Bear Bear”

  116. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Always loved Paddington Bear. He was my inspiration as a little kid to go traveling as a grownup. That suitcase of his & Peru!

  117. Robyn Smithwick Reply

    I would love to take my hubby Noel. I am from Victoria not darkest Peru like Paddington. I loved the trailer! My grandchildren would love this but they are all in different states so I could buy them the movie when it is released on dvd in the future! Problem solved!

  118. my 2 year old son and his nanna – just so they can have some special time together

  119. Jenny Camilleri Reply

    Love Paddington. Collect teddies and bears. Would like to add this to my movie collection

  120. Fiona Johnson Reply

    Paddington is the best bear from faraway Peru, we love him from my sisters messy toothpaste book from the 70s…..

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