Nothing beats a new bike!  Thanks to Reid Cycles, we’re giving one lucky boy or girl a sparkly new kid’s vintage bike, and what kid wouldn’t want a new bike so shiny and special – training wheels and all!


Now your child can ride in style with their new range of specially designed kids Vintage bikes.  Reid Vintage Kids bikes are especially made for kids, and built just like our grown up bikes with reliable, high quality components and classic style:

  • The 16″ is perfect for kids from 86 to 114cm tall (3.5 to 8 year olds)
  • A beautifully designed frame for comfort and style
  • Colour matched fenders, training wheels and chain guard for the complete look
  • Tektro dual-pivot front brake and rear coaster brake for safety and control
  • A comfy seat and upright riding position for a smooth ride in an ergonomic position
  • FUN and great memories guaranteed!

Kids will love their new bike, complete with a chain guard to protect little hands and feet, and of course a vintage style bell. With a paint job and tan accessories to match our adult range, now the whole family can enjoy riding in style.    For safety and performance the dual-pivot caliper brake on the front is the same style as they use on their adult Vintage bikes, just scaled down for smaller hands. The backpedal coaster brake on the rear provides a familiar braking method for kids. Includes free training wheels.

Special Offer

For a limited time, grab your own Kids Vintage bike for just $169 and enjoy FREE Spokey Dokeys and FREE Helmet thrown in!  Be sure to enter the code BUBBLES at checkout to get your deal!






We’ve got one of these gorgeous bikes up for grabs including helmet and spokey dokeys, valued at $208.98.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running to win!

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Win a Kids Vintage Bike for Christmas


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  1. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    we next to a bike track and dog park we have many adventures in the park sometimes even a bbq

  2. No better place to ride a bike than the huge backyard at Grandma and Grandad’s 🙂

  3. Nicole Woods Reply

    Through the park near their house. Much safer than letting them ride on the streets!

  4. We are lucky enough to have some beautiful cycling tracks around our suburb so that’s where we head.

  5. Chris Arthur Reply

    We are lucky as our local council has built heaps of bikeways for cyclists in my area so we are always riding to the park 🙂

  6. There are some really nice parks around. We like to go to different ones for something different and to see somewhere else.

  7. In our backyard – they don’t have to worry about cars, dogs or other bike riders and they’ve been able to create their own track with jumps etc!

  8. In Mum’s large backyard. It is flat and safe – perfect for littlies.

  9. Jenny Newstead Reply

    To the local park via the milk bar of course for an icy pole!

  10. Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes Reply

    We have a lovely rider safe little road set up with little traffic lights etc, the kids love it and it teaches them everything they need to know.

  11. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    We love Sydney Park, they have a bike track for kids equipped with traffic lights and road signs that educate young riders =)

  12. Judy Roney Reply

    They all love taking their bikes down to nanna & grandads farm, so much space for them to ride their bikes, so much to explore and do!

  13. Tess Howard Reply

    We love going down to Seaport River area. Long trail along the river with an ice cream (and coffee for mum) shop at the end! Makes for a great morning or afternoon out.

  14. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    We love going riding along paths on the banks of the barwon river, geelong that goes on for kilometre after kilometre.

  15. Laura Scriven Reply

    Down the street is a big reserve that we use everyday, That’s where they love to explore and play.

  16. My kids love riding down to our local park to feed the ducks and have a mini picnic 🙂

  17. Round the Maribyrnong river trail, which is near us, we always stop to feed the ducks, lovely in summer.

  18. Paul McCallum Reply

    In the market to get my little on her first bike so she can come riding with me – this would be great!

  19. Dianne Childs Reply

    There’s a bike track around a local river that my son loves riding on.

  20. Michelle Skelson Reply

    My daughter would love this bike, after her recent bike accident I think a new bike is what she needs to get back out there.

  21. TanyaCrerar Reply

    Along the bike track that follows the river. Beautiful scenery and a playground awaits us at the end- perfect!

  22. My son loves riding bog laps of the park with his friends while the mums all watch and hope there are no crashes!

  23. Down at the beach , cool breeze, intoxicating smell of the surf, relaxing sounds of the sea.

  24. Along the beach, it’s great to get out in the fresh air and watch everyone at play

  25. Jennifer Cruwys Reply

    We love riding at Picton Botannical Gardens because it’s just down the road from home!

  26. Celine Dyer Reply

    Anywhere and everywhere especially when we go to Coolangatta for our pre christmans holiday we could ride all along the paths along the shore from point look out to as far as the eye can see

  27. Love riding around the bike tracks where we live in the city.

  28. Michelle Harrison Reply

    My kids love riding their bikes along the foreshore, it is cooler and pretty

  29. We have a park near us that has great riding paths under the big fig trees.. beautiful spot

  30. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Laratinga wetlands in Mt Barker. Beautiful and flat, so easy to learn to ride

  31. Fiona Pidgeon Reply

    We have a fantastic bike path that goes from Coast to Vines and we are in the Vines part. It is beautifully shaded, just enough hills to get a good work out and best of all, away from the traffic!

  32. We have an amazing park near us with mini street signs and roads, the kids love it, it’s safe and they learn road signs!

  33. Any of the parks with the road signs, it so great for pretend play and feeling like a grown-up

  34. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    Up hills and down dales. Our children love love love to ride their bikes. Whether on a formal bike track or just around the streets, they don’t need an excuse to volunteer to ride to the shop to grab the paper. They ride around the yard too. They love their bikes.

  35. My son loves riding his bike to the playground from Grandma’s house.

  36. My daughter loves riding her trike around the “train tracks” at our nearest park.

  37. Maitland Park! There is a cool ‘petrol station’ for them to stop at to fuel up!

  38. Lisa Abejja Reply

    We love to ride our bikes along the Mandurah foreshore where we live. Cafe lifestyle, stop for ice-cream and milkshakes. It’s bliss !!

  39. There are a series of maps of bicycle and shared pathways in Brisbane and the suburbs. times exploring so far.

  40. My kids would ride almost everywhere if they could. They love to ride around the lake the most. My son is due for a new bike. It would be awesome to win one!

  41. They love riding to the park and around the park – they look so happy as though they are feeling free and alive

  42. The kids love riding their bikes on their grandpas farm, so much open space & no traffic to contend with!

  43. Narelle Rock Reply

    they love riding to the park where they get to play for a while before heading back home.

  44. Anywhere and everywhere – he has just learned to ride and wants to ride all the time. 🙂

  45. melody rainbow Reply

    outside our house and all around it or sometimes we take their bikes upto the school and they ride them on the footpaths there or on the tennis courts

  46. Catrina Murray Reply

    Along the foreshore at Port Melbourne watching the boats go by!

  47. Tina Clausen Reply

    As soon as he gets his first little bike we’ll be riding in the back yard and down the park to his favourite playground there :-).

  48. My kids love riding to school and back. It’s so quick compared with walking.

  49. Jacqueline Reply

    My kids love riding their bikes anywhere they can. Mostly they love riding around the yard but love to ride anywhere.

  50. Pheebee Jeebees Reply

    My son loves cruising along the Christies Creek Catchment walking paths – some great hilly parts, and dirt tracks that weave and criss-cross. No two rides are ever the same!

  51. Kaaren Mitchell Reply

    Anywhere, as long as I’m behind……makes me feel safer and let’s them feel like leaders!

  52. Down to the beach and back. I love watching them trying to brave the little hills.

  53. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Just riding around the farm and at their grandparents house

  54. My son doesn’t have a bike atm (his little sister ‘borrowed’ it a few months ago, but when we finally get him a bike, we’ll be riding him to school just down the road every morning.

  55. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Definitely by the Werribee River – always green and great footpaths!

  56. Larissa Oliver Reply

    Along the esplanade, watching the waves and concentrating where they are going!

  57. Around our backyard, taking his toys for a ride to the ‘shops’.

  58. Simone Louise Reply

    Through the park, over the rickety bridge (annoying the trolls I suppose) and along the bike path to watch the ducks in the river.

  59. My kids love riding everywhere with Popsi (grandpa), he takes them for milkshakes!

  60. Sharon Markwell Reply

    There is a beautiful bike path at Scarborough in Qld right by the water. We go for family rides.

  61. Judy Ratsch Reply

    This will be my 5yr olds first bike & together we will ride to school on my matching Reid vintage bicycle!

  62. Christina Lungo Reply

    Surfing waves across the shore,
    How could one ask for more.
    The scenes, the ride, the atmosphere,
    I wish Summer lasted all year

    How could one ask for more.
    The scenes, the ride, the atmosphere,
    We wish Summer lasted all year

  63. Helen Hamilton Reply

    My daughter just loves riding with her Dad, they explore all over the place.

  64. Jemma Hansen Reply

    Around our court and also on the walking track in our town

  65. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Around the lake, it is a really nice and relaxing ride

  66. They love to ride around the skateboard ramps (until the BIG kids arrive!)

  67. Tameaka Jade Darby Reply

    these bikes are so cool, my daughter would ride it around our paddock 🙂

  68. amandagorton Reply

    There is nothing we love more to do than take our bikes for a ride around the zoo!

  69. They like to ride around the yard and with their Dad at the Park.

  70. my kids love riding anywhere and they love our local park that has a smooth track

  71. My kids love riding…everywhere they shouldn’t! In the yard, over to their mates houses down the road and even once- through the actual house!

  72. Claire Bansagi Reply

    Down the street to the milk bar. And if she’s lucky she gets to post our letters too 🙂

  73. Bigdog Benny Reply

    The look funky as! My little girl would be the coolest little one on the street

  74. Michelle Green Reply

    My kids love riding in the park down the road and on the bike paths along the Southern Expressway while we walk the dogs.

  75. Karalyn Sladka Reply

    We go down to the lake and ride along it. Its a big lake and there is a great bike track around it. We have to go there because we live in an apartment.

  76. We go to Dru Point park near Margate, TAS. It has a purpose built bike path with a traffic light for kids- they absolutely love it!

  77. My son is only one, but is just starting to ride his little bike up and down the hallway or out the back with chasing the dogs.

  78. sonya blyton Reply

    My Girls love riding at the local free Road Safety Bike Track, It has stop signs, Zebra Crossings, round about just like a big road does. Very good for teaching them the correct road bike safety rules.

  79. Our backyard, it’s the size of a paddock with heaps of gumtrees for them to ride around,and race I must admit I’m very happy for them to ride in the backyard I’m a bit of a stresser

  80. shelbyward Reply

    At the caravan park where we spend our summer – more freedom, more adventures, more fun!

  81. Sarah Homans Reply

    Around the netball courts. My daughter doesn’t feel comfortable on bumpy ground yet.

  82. my little girl loves having fun in the park across the street 🙂

  83. My kids love riding their bikes anywhere because it just means that they’re outside, and that’s what they love!!

  84. My son’s favourite place to ride is down the driveway (fortunately towards the house not the street)really fast,stopping at the last possible instant with a screech of breaks and giggle of delight.

  85. Sarah Morrison Reply

    Apex Park in Adelaide, it’s a great playground with a bike track perfect for little ones 🙂

  86. My kids love going down to the nearby lake to feed bread to the ducks. It’s so nice to go for a bike ride with the kids in the evenings on these warm nights.

  87. Kate Reynolds Reply

    My 5 year old loves riding on the bike path near us which trails around a brook. It’s a bit hilly and her dodgy old bike doesn’t have the best brakes but she tackles all the hills anyway, she’s very determined!

  88. Pitstop playground at Discovery park, Banksia Grove-Perth. It’s a very cool playground with racing track themed. So awesome!

  89. My daughter doesn’t have a bike, but she would love one so i can teach her to ride it.

  90. Sarah Collett Reply

    My little girl loves riding down to the water and along the track. So pretty and so much adventure to be had.

  91. Daniel G Hill Reply

    My boys love riding on our driveway. It is fairly steep and they start at the top and let the angle do most of the work, legs in the air as they speed down hill. The hours they could spend doing it over and over is unbelieveable, the laughter and fun they have is priceless

  92. My little one is stil on L Plate 🙂 , just like a toddler who starts walking and loves to walk and run all time,she just keep riding her bike all day ,in our hall way,on drive way,back yard,and we can’t stop.

  93. Sue Lambert Reply

    around the house as we live on acreage and have a track already made that is also
    with jumps

  94. Rachel Kirstenfeldt Reply

    On our 10 area property! + at the park (such a great track for the kids to ride)

  95. My little one loves the balance bike, it would be lovely to boost his confidence to ride with a vintage bike just from Santa!

  96. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Our kids love riding in the local park; particularly when they can stop and feed the ducks.

  97. Lynnette Bull Reply

    My child loves bike riding at the roundabout park, well that it what she calls it. It is a 30second walk from home and has a huge circle path that she goes around and around

  98. St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    Jen Smith.

    Our town is full of fantastic kid friendly bike tracks. Little Miss would feel on top of the world with this vintage bike pack.

  99. Nicki Cambourn Reply

    This would be my daughters first bike. We’re ready to make memories and find some favourite places to ride.

  100. Out at Nanna and Pa’s place or through the local park would be his soon to be favourite places I reckon 🙂

  101. Rachel Cheel Reply

    My daughter just LOVES to ride around at the park! She’s getting so fast and confident, and it makes me so happy and proud of all of her achievements so far!! 🙂

  102. My kids don’t currently have a bike to ride, but when they do, they’ll be in the local park, riding up and down in front of the harbour.

  103. jody buhagiar Reply

    Down the beach, to the park. Lots of fun and people to meet. They love it!!

  104. Around the lounge! My daughter needs a larger bike so I can get her cycling outside instead.

  105. Adele Smith Reply

    Generally up and down the street with the rest of the neighbour’s kids, sometimes to the local tennis courts for a game or two.

  106. Goanna Park, its where we go camping and we always take the kids bikes so we can get from campsite to the toilet block quickly. I “dinked” my kids for the first time and they love it (so did the adults to be honest)

  107. Elyse Evans Reply

    My son loves riding around the neighbourhood but we also like taking him to South bank to ride along the path. He loves riding along kangaroo point as well.

  108. Natalie Crawford Reply

    We love riding around the lake near our house. The kids love stopping off for a play in the playground half way and then we have just enough energy to make it home with two tired, happy munchkins 🙂

  109. Milly Howells Reply

    My daughter loves riding to the park on the bike track just like a big girl!.

  110. Anna Rowan Reply

    My kids love riding in the bushes behind our house where we are always looking for adventure: wombats, wallabies, or koalas, or trying to tell animals’ footprints. Great memories and very educational too!:)

  111. Kylie Embury Reply

    We have a re-claimed tip site called Heritage Forest that has great bike paths, lots of shade, and cool playgrounds so it’s a fantastic place for the kids to ride!

  112. Kelly Goworek Reply

    At our local bike park! My eldest son loves going on the skate bowl whilst I hold my breath!! 🙂

  113. Tracey Ralph Reply

    We live riding along the river where we can stop and feed the horses.

  114. My eldest 3 love riding in our street and at Centennial Park, my youngest is still too little.

  115. Michelle Silvestro Reply

    Our driveway as it’s really long with a hill. Plus sand at the bottom for skids!!!!!

  116. Vicki Smith Reply

    There is a park opposite home so it’s a great place for little ones to ride their bikes

  117. Brooke Billett Reply

    The kids love riding (well Mum and Dad pushing them from behind) along side the dog park. They are not interested in steering or watching where they are going as they are too busy looking at the dogs. It is sooo much fun for us – and the kids love it too!

  118. Vicki Warnock Reply

    My daughter loves the freedom of riding to and from school every day

  119. My children do not have bikes yet 🙁
    18 month twin boys are getting balance bikes for Christmas, but the 3yo sister only has a scooter!

  120. Katie Gannaway Reply

    My daughter loves to ride her bike to and from kinder every day and is looking forward to riding to school next year. She proudly tells everyone we pass that she can ride without training wheels and is amazed when others can too (even the 60-odd year old gentleman we pass regularly). I love that she’s so excited about riding. We love it to!

  121. My kids are looking to upgrade from their balance bikes (that they ride through the house and around the yard) to a big kid’s bike and these are just perfect!

  122. Kimberley Mañago Reply

    Around and around, my daughter rides,
    In her grandparents backyard.
    She loves it there because they have the space,
    For her to ride fast and hard.

  123. Charisse Childs Reply

    He’s still on training wheels but is so keen to be a big boy so we spend a lot of time at the local park that has good kid friendly bike paths for him to learn on.

  124. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Down by the river, to ride along and look and listen to the Kookaburras, they just love it!

  125. Aimee Tatham Reply

    Nothing beats a ride around the local park! A lovely pond as big as the eye can see, that only brings adventure and games along the way, such as Spot the duck! quack quack!

  126. They simply love just riding around the block. They don’t need to go far to be happy

  127. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    We live by a lake with a bike path, so my daughter like to go along the pathand see the beautiful scenery

  128. My daughter loves to ride around our cul de sac however only has a balance bike which she is not to keen on!

  129. My kids love riding around our cul-de-sac, because all the neighbours watch out for them and they feel safe.

  130. Carly Grace Smith Reply

    My son loves to ride to the park! But he enjoys riding so much, he usually doesn’t want to play once he gets there!

  131. To the parks and playground. The kids would love a bike, especially to find one under the tree!

  132. My daughter loves riding her bike wherever she can but is now too small for her so definitely needs a new one. She starts at a school within riding distance next year so would love to ride to school too 🙂

  133. My daughter loves to ride to our local park, and is almost ready to take off her training wheels!

  134. Jodie Louw Reply

    We take the kids for a ride around the block every evening after dinner, it beats watching TV! – Jodie Louw

  135. Around to the local park. They have bike tracks , would be great to ride together!

  136. Xzavia Green Reply

    Round and round our circular driveway, with the bunnies, birds and beautiful scenery of our country home

  137. Kara-Maree Nevell Reply

    My son loves to ride around our local park. He gets so excited when his Daddy picks him up and his bike to take to the park!

  138. Nezza Goss Reply

    The backyard of course! A safe and secure location with grass and a footpath all the way around the house will little slopes here and there!

  139. tizzerina tizzerina Reply

    In the backyard to start with!!! Then once we know the rule, maybe to the park 🙂

  140. Ledam Nguyen Reply

    the local park because it has a bike track and my daughter is a proficient rider

  141. Jackie Mittler-Broomhall Reply

    Miss 6 has only just learnt to ride and she is loving her free wheeling freedom! School is a 5 minute ride away and she does laps of the basketball court before proudly rolling in to the bike rack.

  142. Isabeau Jane Reply

    My kids love riding from our house to their grandma and pa’s house, even though there are a lot of hills lol

  143. We ride all around but their favourite place is riding by the river where they get to enjoy looking at the scenery and the fish jumping out of the water!

  144. Kristie Cubbin Reply

    My kids love to ride down the ,local dirt track near the farms and the dam. They love nature and riding gives them freedom to explore our local country town.

  145. Danielle Farrugia Reply

    Our kids love to go bike riding with their Dad, little miss 5 needs an upgrade. They also love riding when on holidays with their friends.

  146. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    We have a bike track right at our front door. They ride up and down and up and down and probably drive the neighbours mental.

  147. Kate Evans Reply

    We would ride to the duck pond on dusk just when all the birds are out

  148. Alyce Jasmine Furnell Reply

    My kids dont currently have bikes, I am trying to buy them all one each for christmas so they can ride their bikes while I walk the dog.

  149. Brisbane has available area maps of shared bicycle pathways. We’ve collected all the brochures and plan to explore, by bikes, as many kilometres of the bikeways as we can manage these school holidays.

  150. Danielle Tassan Reply

    My kids love riding around our local Gooseponds and stopping to feed the ducks & geese.

  151. sars_angelchik Reply

    My little one doesn’t exactly have an actual bike yet, but she has a little push horse that she loves to ride around the house and chase mummy with!

  152. Christopher King Reply

    My kids love riding the local creek bike trails. Always plenty to see, and comfortable bench seats for some R&R when needed.

  153. Jessica church Reply

    My kids love riding down to the lake near our local park to feed the ducks!

  154. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Our children are all grown now, but we still lay- bye bikes on special through the year, and give them to Aussie Helpers to distribute at Christmas time. These bikes are more beautiful than the ones we buy, and would be a wonderful start to our 2015 collection.

  155. We’re on acreage so our son rides around our block as it’s flat and fenced and safe.

  156. Claire H Simmons Reply

    the local park as it has ducks and great ice cream near by

  157. Leanne White Reply

    Around our beautiful lake in our estate..lots of winding and narrow paths. He loves manoeuvring around all the Obsticlas.

  158. The local bike park behind the PCYC. It’s been set up with road signs, a mini roundabout, train tracks, a crosswalk, and many more creative things. They love learning road rules while riding in a completely protected area. My 5 yr old has outgrown his bike, but still rides it anyway!

  159. In the local park as it’s really pretty and has a really nice path to ride on!

  160. Laura Bamford Reply

    My kids love riding along the walking trail that runs alongside the Angus river not far from our house.

  161. Kelly Ryan Reply

    Riding along the Esplanade cooling off with a dip in the ocean afterwards!

  162. My kids would love riding around our quiet estate Jessica ashbrooke

  163. Our little girl doesn’t have a bike yet, but she would love one to go riding along the bike track near our local duck pond

  164. My local bike park has great riding areas for all ages, so the children can keep riding there as they grow. It’s bikes only, no cars, and set in beautiful bushland.

  165. nicole larsen Reply

    Down by the banks of the Murray River and then we can all have a swim

  166. Joanne sampson Reply

    We have a big slab of concert out the back they make little roads and ride around we draw traffics lights on the concert

  167. Shelley Wild Reply

    My almost 5 year old would totally rock this bike down the beach or across the park behind us to the Mr Whippy van!

  168. Jenni Braden Reply

    I think she would love to ride a bike in the park with her friends.

  169. My kids love their bike trails and we especially love the Fernleigh Track we can spend all day there as a family

  170. Ebony Carr Reply

    Jax is still learning to ride, so it’s just the road in front of our house for now

  171. To school, he loves riding and seeing all the big boys on their bikes too!

  172. Roberto Colombi Reply

    Centennial Park – exercise used to be a ‘Walk in the Park’ but we’ll have to change the regime now!

  173. Carolyn Wrigley Reply

    He loves to ride at the park. It is nice and flat and he is just learning to ride with training wheels.

  174. Trish Jones Reply

    He loves to ride at the local playground that has a miniature ‘road’ so they can ride safely and learn the road rules at the same time

  175. Annette Prout Reply

    When they were young in the country they had so many places but the pond area was a fav

  176. Jenny Pritchard Reply

    at the local park because it has a little kid fake roadway riding path with fake traffic lights, stop signs and so much more!

  177. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    My 4 girls love riding their bikes around the farm for hours with their backpacks full of drink bottles, a doll, notepads, pens and snacks

  178. Tabatha Marie Robinson Reply

    We take my children riding up hills. They love it!

  179. My 3 boys love visiting their nan and riding around the lake together

  180. Sarah Morrison Reply

    Apex Park SA it’s a great playground with a track going around it.

  181. Round and round the school tennis courts after everyone’s gone home. Must be revenge for being too young to be allowed in there during school time!!

  182. Jacoba Evans Reply

    Our local bike riding track is safe with adult supervision. It finishes at a playground. Great for a picnic and then a ride home.

  183. Tamara Lamb Reply

    Along the path at the foot of the beautiful West MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs

  184. We have a creek near our house with a bike track. We love going for bike rides there as a family, stopping to watch the ducks, listening to kookaburras, and trying to find the frogs we can hear croaking.

  185. Lynnlet Taggartlet Reply

    I would love to win this awesome bike for my Granddaughter 🙂

  186. In our street – we’re in a culdersac and they love riding around there!

  187. Ring! Ring! Merrily on high;
    We always hear his bike bell ringing;
    Rides continuously around the camp grounds,
    As his bike he’s always bringing!

  188. My 5 year old daughter is just learning to ride at the moment. She rides on the grass on the front lawn and we clap after she counts to 10 and is still upright.

  189. Along the beach path -sometimes a dolphin on show .A feel of exhilaration it sets them glow!

  190. Around the park opposite our house… safer then on the roads.

  191. Karen Turner Reply

    Around the estuary bike path in Bunbury. Beautiful scenery and family friendly.

  192. Ruth Thomas Reply

    Outside under a lovely blue Aussie sky is always a winner. Better than around the house driving mum mad!

  193. Sandy Horsfall Reply


  194. Judith Senese Reply

    Around the show grounds near our place. Plenty of room to ride and soft enough to land.

  195. Belinda Ban Reply

    The bike track around the lake…. safe, fun and feeding the ducks and the playground are always a bonus! 🙂

  196. My son Ollie’s favourite place is in his dreams! He is desperate to ride alongside his older brother on the Kedron Brook bike path! One magical day, things will just click!!

  197. Karen Sharp Reply

    On the bike track near my house, it leads to a pond with ducks, and it is a lovely surprise at the end of the short ride.

  198. Carolyn Holmes Reply

    My daughter has never had a bike so she has never been bike riding but would love to bike ride anywhere

  199. My daughter likes riding her bike to her ma and pa’s house and to the park

  200. My kids love to ride at the local Bike Track. Complete with traffic lights, roundabouts and speed humps, we pack a picnic and stay all day!

  201. Kerry Malesza Reply

    My daughter would love to ride this bike at the Geelong waterfront

  202. My boys love riding there bikes at the bike parks with the “traffic lights”, It’s all about the stopping and starting for some reason 🙂

  203. Along the bike tracks by the river, we can feed the ducks as we go!

  204. Around the Bay Run – there’s a great bike track there & beautiful water views

  205. Tamara Joyce Reply

    would love my miss 3 to have her own bike so she can hop off the toddler seat!!!

  206. To Grandmas house. It might be a bit of a ride for my little girl, but im sure the rewards with treats will be worth the effort.

  207. Berrenson Thai Reply

    to the shops for ice cream then to feed the duck at the local park

  208. Eden Flynn Reply

    We love to ride around the local wetlands, stopping at each bird watching hut to see what we can spy.

  209. Natasha Andrews Reply

    To and from school – it makes the distance easy and it is so much better than driving – for us and the environment 🙂

  210. At the moment we are easing back into bike riding after a broken leg. Hence our favourite place to ride is up and down the driveway! Usually our favourite place to ride is to feed the horses in a paddock a few blocks away.

  211. Faye Hannam Reply

    Living in the country, our little folk have plenty of places to ride… They particularly love to road out of town on quiet back roads with me… We have fun…

  212. Round round, get around they get around
    They are happy to ride anywhere, starting from our long driveway to the park or friends/family houses.

  213. Debra-Lee Chester Reply

    Around the farm!! To see daddy in the sheep yards or to see him out in the paddock on the tractor!!

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