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Win a Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine valued at $250

When baby arrives there’s so much to do and to think about, so many things to juggle, so much that’s new and challenging. Thank goodness for the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine, making preparing bottles much quicker and more accurate!

Perfect Prep™ gives you the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. Breast milk is best for your new baby, but if you are making the move to formula milk, Perfect Prep™ is everything and  an make a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes.

Key features:

  • Makes a fresh bottle at correct temperature in less than 2 minutes.
  • Filter system removes impurities present in water.
  • Initial ‘hot shot’ of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula.
  • Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution.
  • This Perfect Prep™ machine measures in millilitres.

…which means the bottle is ready to serve at body temperature – in under 2 minutes!

Closer to nature ® Global Marketing Manager, Katy Pigg comments, “When you make the move from breast milk to formula milk, it can be a challenge. It isn’t always easy to know if you have the bottle at the right temperature or dilution, but the perfect prepTM machine gives you the peace of mind that the water has been filtered, that the bottle isn’t too hot and that the dilution is consistent – and what’s more, it does all of this in under 2 minutes, which is great when your baby needs feeding quickly– such as in the middle of the night!”

The perfect prepTM machine is part of the closer to nature® range and is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes. It is available now at Babies R Us and Baby Bunting, RRP$250. In the UK, the Perfect Prep TM Machine won two gold Loved By Parents Award and being Highly commended in the Junior Design Awards.

Here’s your chance to win a Closer to Nature Perfect Prep™ Machine valued at $250

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Win 1 of 2 Closer to Nature Perfect Prep™ Machines

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  1. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    Husband would be racing to get to make up the bottles before me, such a help.

  2. Avatar of Anna Elle

    This would make middle of the night wake-up calls so much more pleasant!

  3. Avatar of carly

    This would be a way to get more sleep with hubby being able tohelp out and he could bond with our baby as well

  4. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    This would mean the world to me! More time, more sleep, more energy, less stress, less frustrated, less screaming/crying bub!

  5. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    I wouldn’t need to worry about the temperature when I feed my baby. Less stress and less time as well.

  6. Avatar of Alex Ho

    Hygiene problem solved, time problem solved, serving temperature problem solved!

  7. Avatar of tracywed

    This would mean my daughter-in -law would love me even more than she already does as this would help her so much

  8. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    I would love to win this for my grand daughter who is expecting my 3rd great grandson in June. With 2 children to take care of already the Closer to Nature Prep machine would save her so much time.

  9. Avatar of Alysia Sheehy
    Alysia Sheehy Reply

    I would love to win this for our next baby as I can’t breastfeed, this would be easy to use even when sleep deprived lol

  10. Avatar of Elizabeth Jeong
    Elizabeth Jeong Reply

    It would mean the world to my sister who is hoping for her first baby soon!

  11. Avatar of Christie Miller
    Christie Miller Reply

    This would mean that 2 amazing friends of mine would have something they really need.. Struggling with a brand new baby, the stress of not being able to breast feed.. These people are amazing and would help anyone, including strangers. I’d love to give them something <3

  12. Avatar of Shay Pierce
    Shay Pierce Reply

    I love all of closer to natures items! Being due with number 3 in a few weeks and not being able to successfully breastfeed my first two, this item would bring a peace of mind to a very stressful time, and even daddy can operate it 🙂

  13. Avatar of Michelle Solomon
    Michelle Solomon Reply

    Being able to bring my new niece closer to nature in just a few easy steps would be fantastic.

  14. Avatar of stacey coppin
    stacey coppin Reply

    This would mean a lot. It would mean being able to give my sister a very special and useful gift and make her life that bit easier too!

  15. Avatar of sprickel

    I am constantly overheating the milk in the microwave while the little one is screaming. This would save me waiting forever for the milk to cool while dealing with an unhappy little man!

  16. Avatar of Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt
    Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    This would make my life so much easier as I have 5 kids at home majority of them 6 years and under

  17. Avatar of Deb Lee

    This would mean that everything would come out at the right temperature, no more burning bubs accidentally…

  18. Avatar of Lara Hamlyn
    Lara Hamlyn Reply

    I’d love to win this for my sister in law for when she has her next baby. She doesn’t have a choice to bottle feed after going through breast cancer at age 23. This would help to make life a lot easier!

  19. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d be able to give this to my niece who is expecting her third child in about a month from now.

  20. Avatar of sam

    Having first baby soon, would love something like this to really help my wife and i look after our first little bundle of joy.

  21. Avatar of MichelleY

    An hygienic mess free time saver, what a beauty this is, perfect for new Mum niece x

  22. Avatar of Jade o

    My sister would love this and I’m sure my new nephew would appreciate it!

  23. Avatar of Rebecca

    It would make feeding time a lot easier, with an 18month old and bubs due in October any help is fantastic!

  24. Avatar of Christopher Arthur
    Christopher Arthur Reply

    My niece would love this as she has just had a premature baby.

  25. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Peace of mind knowing prep really has been done properly, not just hoping and taking pains to do it right.

  26. Avatar of Paige Stephens
    Paige Stephens Reply

    What a fabulous ingenious idea! This would mean that even my father in law could make up a bottle when he minds our baby!

  27. Avatar of Fah Bee Kok
    Fah Bee Kok Reply

    It would really help the middle of the night bottle preparation when bleary-eyed from sleep deprivation.

  28. Avatar of Natasha Bernardo
    Natasha Bernardo Reply

    This machine is a god send, no more spilling the formula in the middle of the night coz your eyes are too stubborn to open due to sleep deprivation. This is pure intelligence, the perfect gift for any mum with a baby or a mum to be.

  29. Avatar of Lea

    Will make sure bubba gets milk at the right and safe temp each time.

  30. Avatar of Belinda

    This would mean the ultimate gift for my niece having her first bub very soon- as a mum of three myself i understand the time and prep required to make bubs bottles, i would love to win this to give to her, i only wish it were around when i had my bubs!!! its fantastic!

  31. Avatar of Dana

    It would be such a help especially when your dealing with a 3 year old as well. Any help is good help.

  32. Avatar of Suds

    Being a time poor mum of two under two, this would make my life so much easier

  33. Avatar of Danielle Studholme
    Danielle Studholme Reply

    If my second is anything like my firstborn was, I will be up multiple times a night and also having a 3.5 yr old who doesn’t love sleep, will help make the night time feeds as painless as possible. Would also make it easy for my hubby to help with the night time feeds!

  34. Avatar of Gaibrielle Affleck
    Gaibrielle Affleck Reply

    It will mean less time making bottles which would be good with my little girl and her 3 year old brother running around

  35. Avatar of Korryn Haines
    Korryn Haines Reply

    It will mean I can make the transition from breastfeeding to formula smoother – I have had a horrendous time with breastfeeding so anything to make it easier from here on would be a lifesaver!

  36. Avatar of SJD

    My BFF is having a bubba and this would be a great baby shower gift for her!

  37. Avatar of Kellie McOwat
    Kellie McOwat Reply

    It would mean more time with my babies, which has been in short supply lately. I have a nearly 2 year old (who was 9 weeks early) and a 12 week old new born (who is really only 38 weeks today after being born at 25 weeks, was touch and go for me and him), but he will hopefully be home from the hospital in 2 weeks. I have the Mum guilts big time for having to share my time between them. It will be great when we are all in one spot and my little ones can have all my attention at home.

  38. Avatar of Jacinta Greaves
    Jacinta Greaves Reply

    This would mean being prepared for the birth of my second child.

  39. Avatar of Brooke

    It means that night feeds will be a lot easier for mum and dad.

  40. Avatar of Elfbaby

    No more burning myself with the kettle while pouring bottles while asleep on my feet in the wee hours.

  41. Avatar of Evelyn

    Having this would mean peace of mind and more time to relax and bond with my daughter!

  42. Avatar of taniiah

    I’m 23 and haven’t had any baby interactions until this year. My sister has two babies under 1 and I’m often over to help out. This would relieve some stress for me and my sister, and quicken the bottle preparing process so we can get some nutrients into those little bodies as soon as possible.

  43. Avatar of Vy

    It would mean the world to me as it would help my nephew live a better and fulfilling life with a healthy start with the prep machine.

  44. Avatar of rock hardens
    rock hardens Reply

    What a time saver. This would make meal prep so much easier.

  45. Avatar of Amanda Badcock
    Amanda Badcock Reply

    As I go back to work, Hubby will be a stay at home dad to a 5 month old and a 5 year old. This will certainly help him out between house work and school runs. Help a fella out and promote Daddies taking care of their babies!

  46. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    Would mean I could give a fabulous gift to my mummy-to-be friend who is expecting her first child.

  47. Avatar of Krystle Prince
    Krystle Prince Reply

    This would have been so great for my middle child who was on prescription formula for 5 years for medical reasons (failure to thrive), not to mention my other 2 who also couldn’t be breast-fed. I would love this for my sister, as chances are she won’t be able to breast feed it seems to run in the family and this would be awesome to gift to her to make her changes to mummy hood a little easier when the time comes.

  48. Avatar of Alison Briggs
    Alison Briggs Reply

    This would mean the hubster wouldn’t get kerfluffed in the middle of the night trying to do it in the dark and make a mess of the bench 😛
    End result I get to sleep, he doesn’t stress, bub gets food faster and no mess to clean up….bonus for all of us 🙂

  49. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de Lima Reply

    A Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine,
    Would mean, fewer bottles to sterilise and clean.
    More time spent with the bubby,
    Looks simple to use, even by a hubby.
    Night feeds when not fully awake,
    Means I’m less likely to make a mistake.
    With Closer to Nature baby is quickly fed
    And mummy can get right back to bed!

  50. Avatar of Angela Rhodes
    Angela Rhodes Reply

    Closer to Nature baby, quick, easy less stress
    Making my baby happy with no mess 😀

  51. Avatar of Lesley Brown
    Lesley Brown Reply

    Every one knows mum’s need more sleep, so with a ‘Nature Perfect Prep Machine’ night feeds would be a breeze.

  52. Avatar of Nicholas Whitlock
    Nicholas Whitlock Reply

    Less time to prepare bottles = more sleep. That’s never a bad thing

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