Meeting Murilo – What the Doctor Did at This Blind Mother’s Ultrasound Was Incredible!

The excitement of embracing your baby for the first time is unique. For Tatiana it was even more special. Meeting Murilo is a true story of this blind mother #CountingTheDays to embrace her baby boy.

For a blind mother, the smell of a baby’s hand grazing her nose is all the more potent. The tuft of hair on the little one’s head all the more soft.

Tatiana is a blind mother and really looking forward to the moment she can finally hold her baby boy Murilo for the first time.

However, unlike most expecting mothers, Tatiana isn’t able to have the experience of seeing her baby boy develop in her womb through the ultrasound as most of us do.  The first time you can see those little hands and feet, the nose, the ears and the little baby growing and moving right before your eyes.  For Tatiana though, she has to imagine it until she can touch him to really get a feel for what he looks like.

Huggies Brazil decided to give Tatiana a little something special. Watch on and grab a tissue because what this Doctor did for Tatiana is truly amazing.

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