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Enter Now to Win a NUTRiBULLET – Say Goodbye Boring, Hello Healthy

If you’re looking to create healthy, fun and tasty smoothies, and want only the best way to do it, get entering now to Win a NUTRiBULLET, delivered straight to your door, valued at $319.

Unlike ordinary juicers, the NUTRiBULLET extracts all of the fibre other blenders leave behind, using the entire whole fruit or vegetable. This breaks the fibre down into the juice and makes it easily digestible giving you a smoothie that really packs a punch! Valuable nutrients from stems or seeds can be ingested and you can even chop nuts and herbs! Easy to clean and with a range of accessories, the NUTRiBULLET will change the way you eat, forever!

The prize includes the following:

  • Magic Bullet NUTRiBULLET 600watt
  • High-torque Power Base
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Milling Blade
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 2 short Cups
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • Free delivery to the winner

Win a Nutribullet

Here’s your chance to win a NUTRiBULLET valued at $319

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Win a NUTRiBULLET Valed at $319

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  1. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    Sweetness with fruit. Watermelon, yellow watermelon, rockmelon , passionfruit and banana

  2. Avatar of Sonya S

    A smoothie with banana, mango, raspberry and a hint of chocolate and call it ‘Fruttylicious!..’…. Mmmmmm!…

  3. Avatar of Amy Barbour
    Amy Barbour Reply

    I would make a blueberry, strawberry, banana, raw honey and Greek yoghurt smoothie For my boys for breakfast!

  4. Avatar of Kym Mitchell
    Kym Mitchell Reply

    mixed berries, plain youghurt and milk makes a great breakfast smoothie

  5. Avatar of Yonni Mary
    Yonni Mary Reply

    I’d make my favourite smoothie – Mango, grapes, frozen berries, yoghurt, ice and Chlorophyl

  6. Avatar of Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick
    Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    I would make a mango,chia seed and strawberry shake.

  7. Avatar of Anita Black
    Anita Black Reply

    I would make a delicious drink of Banana and Mango, strawberries too! Nom nom!

  8. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Kale mixed with pineapple and fresh mint,
    blended with ice and juice of half a lime,
    a green smoothie that tastes sublime!

  9. Avatar of nicole hurta
    nicole hurta Reply

    Watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries juice

  10. Avatar of Amanda Maher
    Amanda Maher Reply

    I would buy every kind of berry and throw in some almonds.yummo

  11. Avatar of Kayleen Stevens
    Kayleen Stevens Reply

    Greek Yoghurt, Mango, Banana, Pineapple and ground flaxseed great for trying to loose weight and its very tasty m mm mmm

  12. Avatar of Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt
    Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    I would make my kids a banana, strawberry and kiwi smoothie

  13. Avatar of Shana Coyle
    Shana Coyle Reply

    Green smoothies are my favourite! Apple, kiwi, kale and ginger! Yum!

  14. Avatar of Jennifer

    Banana, pineapple, strawberry, mango, apple, mixed with crushed ice, yum

  15. Avatar of Annela Christie
    Annela Christie Reply

    My favourite is cherries, coconut milk, strawberries, baby spinach, and

  16. Avatar of Jennifer

    Banana, pineapple, strawberry, mango, apple with crushed ice yum

  17. Avatar of Rachel Barltrop
    Rachel Barltrop Reply

    pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, mango, lime, honey cashews, yoghurt, ice

  18. Avatar of Anna

    Depends on whether it’s summer or winter! Summer… definitely strawberry, watermelon, mint with some toasted sunflower seeds! Winter…carrot, pink grapefruit and fennel with a touch of ginger.

  19. Avatar of sam

    All vegetarian family, we love juices, yoghurts, smoothies and would love a nurtibullet make breakfast, lunch and dinner even faster and more nutritious

  20. Avatar of Fran

    watermelon,mango, mix berries,banana and frozen boysenberry yoghurt

  21. Avatar of Helen Victoria
    Helen Victoria Reply

    The combination of spinach, pineapple, orange, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and chia seeds are amazingly refreshing, simply blissful! Love it!!!

  22. Avatar of Veronica

    Blueberries, banana, pineapple, coconut water, milk, chia seeds, tumeric and cinnamon.

  23. Avatar of Manasee Arpan Roy
    Manasee Arpan Roy Reply

    Would make a yummy one with my favourite raspberries, spinach, lemon and coconut water for my growing belly 🙂

  24. Avatar of Linda C

    Kale, banana,
    strawberries, blueberries, mango, coconut milk, LSA, protein, cacao and maca
    powder. Delicious and nutritious.

  25. Avatar of Karen Turner
    Karen Turner Reply

    Strawberries, banana, pineapple, fruit punch and chia seeds.

  26. Avatar of Karen Turner
    Karen Turner Reply

    Strawberries, banana, pineapple, fruit punch, water and chia seeds.

  27. Avatar of Christie Miller
    Christie Miller Reply

    Strawberry, kiwi fruit, kale, mango, raspberry and a dash of orange juice.. Sooooo yummmy!

  28. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish Leonard Reply

    Banana, mango, yoghurt, milk, ice and a drizzle of honey.

  29. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Orange, Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi Fruit, Yoghurt, Egg, Milk!

  30. Avatar of Sharon

    Anything and everything would be getting the “Bullet” at my place.

  31. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    The options are endless! I do love a good tropical juice though so would make Banana, Pineapple, Mango & Coconut. Yum!!

  32. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    I love my watermelon, mango and coconut water Smoothie, and I do mean I love it <3

  33. Avatar of Lorraine Kong
    Lorraine Kong Reply

    I can create endless choice of juices with goodness from “A to Z”:-

    A=pple B=erry C=oconut D=ates E=lderberry F=ig G=rapes H=oneydew I=ceberg lettuce J=ackfruit K=ale L=ime M=ango N=ectarine O=range P=ineapple Q=uince R=adish S=trawberry T=omato U=tmost V=itamin C W=onderful juices X=cited Y=ummy and Z=esty!


  34. Avatar of christy sweeney
    christy sweeney Reply


  35. Avatar of Nat M

    Mango and banana, We live on a mango farm and I have a years worth of mango in my freezer and we are growing our own bananas with about 6 trees fruiting all at once I’m already looking for where to use them all!

  36. Avatar of Elke

    My favourite Green smoothie – spinach, celery, apple, banana and juice of lime!

  37. Avatar of Jill08

    Tasty tropical, nicely nutritious with NUTRiBULLET – a mango, pineapple, lychee smoothie.. all locally produced ingredients.

  38. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I will reward my self with a tropical blend of Pina Colada – Pineapple, cocunut cream and some RUM….yum!!

  39. Avatar of Sann

    Choc- Coated Licorice BULLETS
    Vanilla ice cream!!!!
    Lightning Fast with a NUTRiBULLET!

  40. Avatar of Hannah Gleeson
    Hannah Gleeson Reply

    I love pure grape fruit juice but cant seem to fined it bottled. Would love to whip it up in my very own Nutribullet!

  41. Avatar of Cherie Guest Boucher
    Cherie Guest Boucher Reply

    blueberry banana chia seeds flax seeds kefir milk

  42. Avatar of Lyndel Marshall Rowe
    Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    Kale,baby spinach,banana,blueberries,lsa mix,goji berries,oat milk

  43. Avatar of RosslynT

    Banana, cacao, stabilized rice bran, honey blended with coconut cream for this dairy free vegan.

  44. Avatar of Michelle McKay
    Michelle McKay Reply

    This is a loooong entry 🙂
    Working in animal rescue during the very hot
    Melbourne summers, I need to ensure I am energized and healthy and able to
    rescue wildlife no matter how hot the day becomes. Abundant with health
    benefits, the below Smoothie not only tastes great, but provides me with the required energy I need!

    My first creation with the NUTRiBULLET would be my “Summer Energy Green
    Smoothie”; with 1 ½ cups Filtered Water, 1 cup spinach, ½ cup cucumber, 2 celery
    stalks, 1 small bunch parsley, 2 apples (cored), ½ inch ginger, Juice 1 lime, 1
    ½ cups crushed Ice; placing all the ingredients in order in the NUTRiBULLET, and
    blending until smooth.

    Most smoothies contain liquid and
    something frozen….by adding liquid, you can add water, milk (which people
    assume ALL smoothies contain), yogurt, or fruit juice. (Smoothies don’t
    necessarily need to contain milk/yogurt or ice-cream.. some people are lactose
    intolerant and
    cannot add any milk products in their diets..).. and then add something frozen
    to create a delicious Smoothie, whether ice, frozen juice, or frozen fruit – I
    love mine with crushed ice and fruits added, or the above recipe with I love
    for the health benefits

    “Summer Energy Green Smoothie” is packed with tons of nutrition powerhouses.
    Besides providing good levels of vitamins A and K, Parsley also has several
    unusual, helpful components: volatile oils which can inhibit tumor formation,
    especially in the lungs; and flavonoids, which prevent cell damage associated
    with various diseases, including asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes,
    glaucoma, heart disease, and macular degeneration. Made with filtered water,
    whole vegetables and fruit, this smoothie is a healthier and more nutritious
    alternative to pressed or squeezed juices, and will provide your body with the
    required energy to keep you going all Summer long! <3

  45. Avatar of Courtney

    Beetroot, carrot and ginger.. So healthy and a great energizer !

  46. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    Banana honey crunch breakfast smoothie!
    Banana, lite milk, honey, greek yoghurt, oats and crunchy peanut butter!

  47. Avatar of Michelle McKay
    Michelle McKay Reply

    Working in animal rescue during the very hot Melbourne summers, I need to ensure I am
    energized and healthy to be able to rescue wildlife regardless of how hot the
    day becomes. Abundant with health benefits, it not only tastes great, but also
    provides me with the required energy I need!

    My first creation with the NUTRiBULLET would be my “Power Energy Green Smoothie”;
    with filtered water, spinach, cucumber, celery stalks, parsley, cored apples,
    ginger, juice of 1 lime and some crushed ice- all ingredients blended until

    My “Power Energy Green Smoothie” is packed with tons of nutrition powerhouses.
    Besides providing great levels of vitamins A and K, Parsley also has several interestingly
    helpful components; volatile oils which can inhibit tumour formation,
    especially in the lungs; and flavonoids, which prevent cell damage associated
    with various diseases, including asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes,
    glaucoma, heart disease, and macular degeneration. Made with filtered water (instead
    of milk- great for those who are lactose intolerant), whole vegetables and
    fruit, this smoothie is a healthier and more nutritious alternative to pressed
    or squeezed juices, and will provide your body with the required energy to keep
    going all year long!

  48. Avatar of Michelle McKay
    Michelle McKay Reply

    Working in animal rescue during the very hot Melbourne summers, I need to ensure I am
    energized and healthy to be able to rescue wildlife regardless of how hot the
    day becomes. Abundant with health benefits, it not only tastes great, but also
    provides me with the required energy I need!

    My first creation with the NUTRiBULLET would be my “Power Energy Green Smoothie”;
    with filtered water, spinach, cucumber, celery stalks, parsley, kale, chia seeds, cored apple,
    ginger, juice of 1 lime and some crushed ice- all ingredients blended until

    My “Power Energy Green Smoothie” is packed with tons of nutrition powerhouses.
    Besides providing great levels of vitamins A and K, Parsley also has several interestingly
    helpful components; volatile oils which can inhibit tumour formation,
    especially in the lungs; and flavonoids, which prevent cell damage associated
    with various diseases, including asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes,
    glaucoma, heart disease, and macular degeneration. Made with filtered water (instead
    of milk- great for those who are lactose intolerant), whole vegetables and
    fruit, this smoothie is a healthier and more nutritious alternative to pressed
    or squeezed juices, and will provide your body with the required energy to keep
    going all year long!

  49. Avatar of Belle Warrant
    Belle Warrant Reply

    spinach,carrot, strawberries,ginger, my blender just doesn’t cut it at all!

  50. Avatar of Donna Allen
    Donna Allen Reply

    A mix of fruit and veg. Really get my fix of pure goodness! Yum! Would live this! I must admit i could be a-lot healthier and this would really make that happen.

  51. Avatar of Evelyn

    The Anti-Blue Remedy Smoothie, which ironically is coloured blue, haha! It has blueberries, strawberries, banana, kiwi fruit and chia seeds for boosting spirits and overall health. Yum!

  52. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    I would love to create a kale, beetroot, kiwi fruit, carrot, apple, chia seed, watermelon, and ginger juice in my new NUTRiBULLET!

  53. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    Strawberry, Guava and Apple juice as it would taste fantastic and it would be so fresh

  54. Avatar of Becky Kennon
    Becky Kennon Reply

    This would be so awesome to have for my super picky 4 year old! He loves fruit but with this I could sneak in spinach kale carrots ahhh so many possibilities!!!

  55. Avatar of Qui Truong
    Qui Truong Reply

    Anti-oxident booster – it is my quick ‘breaky’ to go. Its what I have
    early every morning. There’s minimal preparation as most of the
    ingredients you can get frozen from your local supermarket. All you have
    to do is throw it all in the blender. Its also time saving as it takes 1
    minutes to make and 1 minute to drink it all down which makes it good
    for those who like to sleep in and too lazy to eat breakfast. It has
    everything a good breakfast cereal has and more: B vitamins for energy,
    fibre for healthy digestion, lots of anti-oxidants to ward off cancer
    but more importantly it has such a sensational taste.
    The ingredients are:

    1/3 cup blueberries
    1/3 cup strawberries
    1/3 cup cranberries
    1/3 cup blackberries
    1/3 cup goji berries
    1 1/2 cups orange juice

  56. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    Orange, mango, banana, pineapple and coconut. Exotic, fruity and delicious!

  57. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    I’ve just started exercising after many years of not ! I’d love to make a post work out smoothie to replace nutrients & help repair muscles & help me revive . Banana ,Berries , Maca & Almond milk , plus other good stuff added .

  58. Avatar of Rianna Chapman
    Rianna Chapman Reply

    My fave Indulgent Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie- 1 banana, 2 dates, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 cup almond milk and 2 tbsp cacao powder. Healthy but so lush!

  59. Avatar of Bex

    Watermelon, Rock melon, Honey Dew Melon and Apple. This is just a delicious drink.

  60. Avatar of Angela Tennent
    Angela Tennent Reply

    watermelon, strawberries and mangoes so delicious and fresh cant get enough

  61. Avatar of Debbie Davis
    Debbie Davis Reply

    this is great for me I’m very health conscious and love fresh berry juice

  62. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I have been wanting a NutriBullet since seeing the Infomercial on TV…..I love my fruit & veg but don’t eat it as much as I should as it’s too much preparation time and I have a really bad back. But if I could throw everything in to this and mix it up in a minute….I would never miss out on my servings of fruit & veg again. I’d love to mix up carrot, baby beets, celery, tomato, zuchinni, apple, spinach and fresh mint leaves. I’d have so much fun with a NutriBullet !

  63. Avatar of imeia

    Smoothies for breakfast, snack and anytime. SInce Nutribullet so easy to clean and too easy to use.

  64. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Carrot, beetroot, apple and celery, trying to be healthy 🙂

  65. Avatar of Alison

    I’d make a banana and LSA plus chia seed smoothie with yoghurt and milk..yummy!

  66. Avatar of Carly Grace Smith
    Carly Grace Smith Reply

    Apple, strawberry and fig 🙂 Honey and cocoa powder to give a bit of flavour.

  67. Avatar of Nicole Holaj-Vos
    Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Oh my, so many to try. Let’s see, Banana and mango it will be for me!

  68. Avatar of NickyA

    I love to blitz up cheap mango & have int he freezer all year round. I love a smoothie with mango; banana and a spoonful of protein powder or Milo. Yummy!

  69. Avatar of jenny singleton
    jenny singleton Reply

    berry dream = avocado, strawberry, blueberry, banana and greek yoghurt

  70. Avatar of Jess Claes
    Jess Claes Reply

    I love a yummy Berry mix! Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and banana. It goes well with just milk or guava nectar mmmmm.
    I’d love to share delicious combos with my family 😀

  71. Avatar of Sandra Gillham
    Sandra Gillham Reply

    Frozen Banana, Greek Yoghurt, Skim Milk, Cacao powder, maple Syrup and Peanut butter!

  72. Avatar of Kirsty Dray
    Kirsty Dray Reply

    I’m a sucker for a good easy banana, strawberry, skim milk and yogurt!

  73. Avatar of JacintaN

    Yum, we love making lots of different flavours, and mixing and matching to see what we like best

  74. Avatar of Jenny Nordström
    Jenny Nordström Reply

    Veggie wake up juice – Beetroot, celery, carrot, orange and ginger for that extra zingy wake up

  75. Avatar of Lauren Moloney
    Lauren Moloney Reply

    Green smoothie! Banana, spinach, Apple, coconut water and cashews 🙂

  76. Avatar of Alison

    Spinach and beetroot juice I think the flavours would work. There would be so many experiments with this product and different flavour combinations

  77. Avatar of Danielle Gergely
    Danielle Gergely Reply

    Pineapple, orange, mint, ginger, carrot, coconut water. Yum!

  78. Avatar of Hayley Parker
    Hayley Parker Reply

    Honey, lemon and fresh mint is a cold fighting winner with all in our household.

  79. Avatar of Vicki

    Blueberry Banana Smoothie, Blueberries, Orange juice & Banana or Peach Smoothie, Peach,Banana, Milk, Orange juice & Ice. Two of my favorites so hard to choose just one.

  80. Avatar of Lisa Mathieson
    Lisa Mathieson Reply

    Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Honey, Protein powder, ice and shot of coffee…..

  81. Avatar of Kalina

    Protein Smoothie! Almond Milk, Protein powder (Vanilla) Half a Frozen Bananan, Handful
    frozen berries, tsp Chia seed and spoon full on natual peanut butter!

  82. Avatar of Claire

    Mango and ginger smoothie for me (frozen mango, fresh grated ginger, plain greek yogurt and coconut water) and choc berry smoothie (frozen blueberries and raspberries, yoghurt and coconut water, a heaped teaspoon of cacao powder) for the kids.

  83. Avatar of Lisa Loizou
    Lisa Loizou Reply

    i would use it to make my chocolate herbalife shakes! which is protein powder, chocolate, ice and water.!

  84. Avatar of Julie Ann Tindal Davies
    Julie Ann Tindal Davies Reply

    Nice and easy here… Banana, Greek yogurt, honey, low fat milk and an egg, Yum!

  85. Avatar of Shona871

    Banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt and milk. Although I’ll be mixing and making every possible type I can imagine. I barely eat at all, my health is extremely poor. So being able to make healthy, easy to digest options in the awesome Nutribullet would a blessing and sure improve my energy levels.

  86. Avatar of TiffanyHallard
    TiffanyHallard Reply

    Strawberry, banana, oats and chia seeds is my favourite!

  87. Avatar of Kerrie-Anne
    Kerrie-Anne Reply

    Apple Pie – skim milk, vanilla yoghurt, apple pie spice, 1 chopped apple, 2 tablespoons of cashew butter and 6 ice cubes

  88. Avatar of Veronica Paterson
    Veronica Paterson Reply

    It’ll be a breakfast smoothie for me,with banana, weetbix, honey, yoghurt & A2 milk.

  89. Avatar of Jade R

    Yoghurt, banana, strawberry and oats! Delicious, healthy and filling!

  90. Avatar of Nicole Rodriquez
    Nicole Rodriquez Reply

    Ok watermelon, pineapple, orange, lots of mint and some lime

  91. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James Pizzey Reply

    mango orange lemon and passion fruit all grown in our garden when in season

  92. Avatar of Wendy Traill
    Wendy Traill Reply

    Cinnamon is fantastic in carrot, pineapple and ginger juice. Think carrot cake but in healthy juice form!

  93. Avatar of Ben C

    I’d go for a immune building juice, Ginger garlic apples beets and orange. Who doesn’t need an immunity boost coming into winter.

  94. Avatar of KaraH

    I love berry smoothies- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and yoghurt, delicious!

  95. Avatar of debbiemowatt
    debbiemowatt Reply

    Ohh so many ideas… I’d love to try strawberry, banana, mango, Apple and pear…. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds!!

  96. Avatar of Rebecca Yangzon
    Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    I would have to make my summer sensation smoothie it has banana,strawberry,mango,apple,ginger,cucumber,mint and ice refreshing and really tantalizes the taste buds 🙂

  97. Avatar of Kate Zwiersen
    Kate Zwiersen Reply

    Banana smoothie for the kids and peach, apple and strawberry for me! And orange and ginger is a good one for winter 🙂

  98. Avatar of cat

    left over magic…. any fruit that is left over in the fridge – a great way to use it up

  99. Avatar of Rebecca

    We are all very much into banana smoothies at the moment, banana, ice cream, milk and honey.

  100. Avatar of Ashleigh Murphy
    Ashleigh Murphy Reply

    Beetroot, Ginger, Apple, Oranges. Bam !!!! Instant hit right there people 🙂

  101. Avatar of Felicity Turner
    Felicity Turner Reply

    Banana, Mango and orange smoothies for me please. Filling and refreshing

  102. Avatar of STACEY hollis
    STACEY hollis Reply

    carrot, Apple, pineapple,grapes,chia seeds and beetroot juice for me and the kids

  103. Avatar of kylie

    Orange, Cacao powder, Greek Yoghurt and a splash of milk… Yum tastes like a Jaffa

  104. Avatar of Ilonka Bruce
    Ilonka Bruce Reply

    Tropical Berry Bliss – strawberry, blueberry, orange and pineapple

  105. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie – 2-3 Frozen Bananas peeled and sliced, 1 carton non fat Vanilla
    yoghurt, 1/3 cup creamy peanut butter, ½ cup non fat milk.

  106. Avatar of Nadine

    Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Lemon and Coconut – all my favourite flavours!

  107. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    An apple and pear smoothie with cinnamon to give it a wintery comforting taste and aroma!

  108. Avatar of melfox

    something tropical – banana, pineapple, mango and a bit of greek yogurt…just delicious !

  109. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    Strawberry and mango smoothie-
    mango, strawberry, low fat milk, vanilla yoghurt, honey and crushed ice, low fat, tasty and refreshing

  110. Avatar of Hain

    I would love to create pineapple and coconut and call it pinenut!

  111. Avatar of Joe

    A mean clean green with Spinach, Green apple, Celery, Lemon, Parsley, ginger with a tweak of Tumeric and ice. It’s just so refreshing you can taste the crunch.

  112. Avatar of wayne dunning
    wayne dunning Reply

    Wayno Draino – Chorella, wheatgrass, epsom salts, bi carb, beetroot, lemon, coconut water…hell hath no fury like a purging gut

  113. Avatar of Irene Thomson
    Irene Thomson Reply

    oh gosh i would have to make a strawberry and pineapple with yogart that shall be my start to turning to a healthy diet before my sons wedding later in the year

  114. Avatar of Bops18

    Banana, Stawberry, Blueberry, Passionfruit, Rockmelon & Mango Smoothie – Absolutely scrumptious

  115. Avatar of Anna Rowan
    Anna Rowan Reply

    My kids and I love banana, kale, watermelon, pear and orange combination topped with chia and flex seeds – so much goodness in it!

  116. Avatar of Terry Mashford
    Terry Mashford Reply

    Banana, Stawberry, Blueberry, Avacado, Rockmelon & Mango Smoothie

  117. Avatar of Christine Cory
    Christine Cory Reply

    Orange juice, mango, banana, pineapple, greek yogurt and ice

  118. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-Cousins Reply

    Would have to be melon,strawberry & mint for me xx

  119. Avatar of Edward Dekkers
    Edward Dekkers Reply

    Mango and Guava if I’m having a “need to lose some weight” day. Chocolate honey and banana if I’m having a “screw it” day.

  120. Avatar of April Robinson
    April Robinson Reply

    Anything with heaps of strawberries or raspberries…. Or both!!

  121. Avatar of Kristine Willoughby
    Kristine Willoughby Reply

    Kale, Celery, Pineapple, Ginger Root, Cucumber, lemon Juice and Distilled Water. Perfect Migraine Relief Smoothie. Just need the NutriBullet to do it 🙂

  122. Avatar of Buggeritliz
    Buggeritliz Reply

    Sunrise – Granny Smith Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Orange and strawberries. For a adult Party drink add a dash of coconut liqueur or Vodka.

  123. Avatar of Sarah Gifford
    Sarah Gifford Reply

    Strawberry, Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange and Coconut Milk 🙂

  124. Avatar of Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith Reply

    Melon Mashup – Watermelon, rockmelon, apple, kale, coconut water and frozen grapes

  125. Avatar of Kerry

    Chia,coconut yoghurt and any kind of berries mixed with some ice…. Yummy

  126. Avatar of Jo

    Fruit salad smoothie with banana, apple, blueberries and strawberries!

  127. Avatar of Alexis Christenson
    Alexis Christenson Reply

    Coconut cream, fresh mango, fresh apricot, fresh pineapple, ice and Malibu rum. Pina Colada drinks are not just for breakfast!

  128. Avatar of Mel

    Go-Go Green Mint: Loads of greens like spinach, kale or other with heaps of fresh mint and a whole young coconut, meat and milk … all blitzed together for a read fresh zingy treat!

  129. Avatar of Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess
    Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    Coconut water,kale, mint lemon and cucumber a cleansing earthy grounding smoothly yum

  130. Avatar of Emma Klopfer
    Emma Klopfer Reply

    Banana, strawberry, cherry, almonds, vanilla protein powder, vanilla yogurt, yakult

  131. Avatar of Precious Jewel
    Precious Jewel Reply

    Blackberries, pineapple, kiwi, kale, spinach and capsicum with coconut milk

  132. Avatar of Sharyn W

    pineapple, kale, coconut water, lime, mint and ginger – refreshing and yummy 🙂

  133. Avatar of Lucy w

    It’d be whatever hubby wanted as he’s the one nagging me to get him one!

  134. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    Choc Malt and milk combined to enthuse the taste buds, I’ve even made one at 3am in the morning and gorged on with a girlfriend

  135. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    This Nutribullet is a fantastic machine to create healthy drink in a minute. I would make Triple Berry and Coconut Milk Smoothie for my family. It is a great prize with unlimited ideas . I love this prize. Good luck for everyone.

  136. Avatar of Emma Klopfer
    Emma Klopfer Reply

    The “Blackforest Smoothie”
    Cherries, almonds, black cherry yogurt, chocolate protein powder and ice cubes.

  137. Avatar of Dani Short
    Dani Short Reply

    My fav by far is watermelon, orange, herbalife vanilla formula 1, ice and water

  138. Avatar of Lynette Phillips
    Lynette Phillips Reply

    Mango, Orange, passion fruit and lime and lots of ice

  139. Avatar of Christine

    Banana, apple, orange, passionfruit, apple, pineapple and strawberry with lemon sorbet and ice.

  140. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee Bolton Reply

    Would love to start the day with fruit smoothie. I have Hashimotos, and have to start eating better

  141. Avatar of Amybb

    Carrot,beetroot,Apple,coconut water and pineapple.My mum made me one of these on the weekend and it was quite nice.

  142. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    I’d throw in whatever I have in the fridge, eventually I’ll have to make something tasty and may create the next best thing!

  143. Avatar of Tina Kraja Was Nul
    Tina Kraja Was Nul Reply

    banana and Fejoia as I have a tree and far too much fruit to eat. the Fejoia is like a kiwi/pineapple d strawberry all in one and so healthy.

  144. Avatar of bek

    Greek yoghurt with honey, bee pollen and LSA plus whatever fruit I have in my fridge. It tastes great with a banana and berries especially.

  145. Avatar of Jean Rutherford
    Jean Rutherford Reply

    Gingerchook – Strawberry and banana with milk and yoghurt. Very yummy for breakfast

  146. Avatar of Mel Mel Savage
    Mel Mel Savage Reply

    I’ll take spinnach and lime,
    and pineapple right in its prime,
    add coconut milk,
    Blend smoother than silk:
    And I’m good until my dinnertime

  147. Avatar of Jack

    Not healthy but anything with mango and ice cream would be my pick.

  148. Avatar of Narelle Rock
    Narelle Rock Reply

    I would use it to make fruit sorbet out of frozen pieces of pineapple, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.

  149. Avatar of sailor_astrogirl
    sailor_astrogirl Reply

    Banana, apple, cucumber, spinach, strawberries, lemon juice, honey, chia seeds, hemp seeds & coconut water. My absolute favourite at the moment – smashes through just about any craving because it makes you feel so good. Can only imagine it being blended to perfection with a NutriBullet!!

  150. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I’m boring and not entirely healthy so I’d be all about a chocolate banana smoothie.

  151. Avatar of Karen Turner
    Karen Turner Reply

    For breakfast I love strawberries, banana, weet-bix, chia seeds, fruit juice and water.

  152. Avatar of Rachel K

    Definitely this Carrot Cleanser Juice – the best body detox cleanser I know and I might even see things clearer afterwards! Ha, ha!

    2 large carrots

    half a stalk of celery

    half an apple

    Small handful of spinach

    Juice from 1/4 lemon

  153. Avatar of Sue

    For a good morning starter, I’d go for the carrot, apple, ginger and lime. Yummo, my mouth is watering now. What I would give to own a Nutribullet!

  154. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    I’ll let you in on a juicy secret, my recipe satisfies a sweet tooth BUT it’s healthy!
    A mango, pineapple, banana and almond milk smoothie.

  155. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda Holland Reply

    Hmm, a tropical smoothie made with ice and not milk, and a whole heap of frozen fruits such as mangos, apples, banana, berries, kiwifruit

  156. Avatar of Kylie T

    A heavenly yet simplistic infusion of blueberry, banana and chia seeds will create a balanced smoothie to enlighten inspirationally intrinsic healthiness and deliciously delectable delightfulness; harmoniously adept, NUTRIBULLET artistry.

  157. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    Orange, ginger, beetroot, Apple and pineapple for me. Simple but yum

  158. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    Raspberry , Blueberry and Banana, delicious and all fruits that are good for you 🙂

  159. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    I love smoothies today I feel like dates for sweetness, cocoa, coconut milk and ice just like a chocolate milkshake only healthy

  160. Avatar of lovelyloves
    lovelyloves Reply

    When it’s summer, I love mangoes with vanilla yogurt and some apples. It’s refreshing.

  161. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    Love banana, broccoli, pineapple and any berry with ice, super slushy and packed with power.

  162. Avatar of Fah Bee Kok
    Fah Bee Kok Reply

    Watermelon, orange and ginger with ice for a refreshing summer drink

  163. Avatar of Jill Hamilton
    Jill Hamilton Reply

    Fruit salad, greek youghurt and toasted muesli, delicious…

  164. Avatar of Amanda Gardner
    Amanda Gardner Reply

    Definately any with mixed berries. My children love them too 🙂

  165. Avatar of Lizzy Bee

    I love a bit of a tropical splash – banana, mango, apple juice and kiwi fruit.0

  166. Avatar of Emily True
    Emily True Reply

    Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, tropical juice, cranberry juice.

  167. Avatar of Kim

    Healthy green smoothie every morning! Anything in the fridge or freeze really!! Spinach, apples, pears, avocados, chia seeds, berries, peppitas! Nom nom nom!

  168. Avatar of Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)
    Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) Reply

    I can’t go past smoothies with banana, chia seeds, vanilla yoghurt, milk and a dash of cinnamon powder. 🙂

  169. Avatar of Tricia Beech
    Tricia Beech Reply

    berry and banana….and whatever else i can find to pop in! 🙂

  170. Avatar of HADASSA

    Kale, goji berries, chia seeds, LSA, quinoa and a paperback penguin

  171. Avatar of sapna

    I will create a SUPERHERO SMOOTHIE for all the future superheroes with spinach,banana,almonds,coconut milk and honey.

  172. Avatar of Vyktoria

    My munchkins love banana, chia and yoghurt so that would be the very first thing we’d have to make 🙂

  173. Avatar of Kristina Walker
    Kristina Walker Reply

    Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Ginger and kale juice – kids love it and the colour is amazing!

  174. Avatar of Jan

    300g frozen mixed berries, 2 cups milk, 4 large scoops of berry-flavoured frozen yoghurt.

  175. Avatar of Jessica Rose Marshall
    Jessica Rose Marshall Reply

    spinach, mango, coconut flakes, coconut water, chia seedsv- YUM!

  176. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    Banana Cream Pie – a wonderful combination of banana, yoghurt, vanilla cookies and cinnamon.

  177. Avatar of Tee

    Spinach + Banana + Apple + Rolled Oats + Chia Seeds + Yoghurt + Milk

  178. Avatar of bleachy_dude
    bleachy_dude Reply

    Spinach and oats, banana and honey with yoghurt and soy. Yum!

  179. Avatar of Ruth Laker
    Ruth Laker Reply

    peanut butter honey and banana.. or lemon lime for a margharita?

  180. Avatar of Johanne Gavin
    Johanne Gavin Reply

    Beautiful fresh cheek of a mango,raspberries,pineapple piece and coconut milk and a few pieces of ice

  181. Avatar of David Petersz
    David Petersz Reply

    Blueberry, Banana, Spinach, Kale, Avacado, Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, Water

  182. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    I would mix carrot, orange, fresh berries, baby spinach, chia seeds and add some extra orange juice before blending. Great way to get some extra veggies into the diet!

  183. Avatar of Elena Ellul
    Elena Ellul Reply

    Banana, melon, ginger, mint.
    How? I’ll give you all a hint,
    Nutri-bullet, strong and small!
    A healthy yummy treat for all

  184. Avatar of kylie courts
    kylie courts Reply

    If I am to win I would be giving to my father who currently buys juices for a juice bar and he has anything that help for his immune system and that is a anti-inflammatory due too rheumatoid arthritis

  185. Avatar of Saraskye

    Apple, Lemon, passionfruit, pineapple and mint Juice for the kids and I when we need to vamoose!

  186. Avatar of Nal Rob

    Rambutan+Guava+Passionfruit yogurt+Mangosteen+Jackfruit+Lungan+Lychee

  187. Avatar of Michelle Mechel Boyd
    Michelle Mechel Boyd Reply

    You would see,
    Apple, beetroot, carrot and celery

  188. Avatar of beachnik

    Nutribullet smoothie would have pineapple, coconut milk and ice – just like a pina colada!

  189. Avatar of Laura Anne
    Laura Anne Reply

    Watermelon, pineapple, mint, kale, cucumber, and a tiny hint of ginger.

  190. Avatar of Huda Kharrufa
    Huda Kharrufa Reply

    Banana and mango.. I would also add flax seeds and possibly a protein powder.

  191. Avatar of Jerry Penny
    Jerry Penny Reply

    ZenBodi Protein powder, frozen pear and kale blocks, frozen berries, chia, rice milk.. nom nom

  192. Avatar of Shenan

    The friut bowl special…… whatever is left once the kids have picked throught it.

  193. Avatar of SJD

    Banana, honey, chocolate protein powder, soy milk. Best post gym shake ever!

  194. Avatar of Moosie_Juice
    Moosie_Juice Reply

    Ben & Jerry’s with added Crunchy bars. Mmmm, fattening.

  195. Avatar of allen

    i am craving some strawberry banana smoothie… I don’t think I have tried it before I wonder if it will be nice

  196. Avatar of ITPLEASESBULBA

    Quinoa Magic – apples, pear and apricot juice, bananas, and lots of quinoa seeds!

  197. Avatar of Lea N Domanic Gray
    Lea N Domanic Gray Reply

    Tropical Heaven (My own name lol) – Kiwi frui, Mango and Passionfruit with a little Apple 🙂

  198. Avatar of Rachel Kriss-Newell
    Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    I love watermelon. Incorporate some kiwifruit and a touch of pineapple juice – yum

  199. Avatar of Kate M

    A handful of spinach and some kale, hidden under the acidic sweetness of pineapple, the healthy zing of ginger and rounded off with a good slosh or two of coconut water!

  200. Avatar of Natalia

    Green smoothie! (spinach, kale, banana, chia seeds, coconut juice, honey)

  201. Avatar of Monique Farrell
    Monique Farrell Reply

    Protein powder, peanut butter, banana, blueberries, ice, rice milk

  202. Avatar of Lara Hamlyn
    Lara Hamlyn Reply

    Kefir milk, blueberries, spinach, yoghurt, banana and coconut milk!

  203. Avatar of Barbarella
    Barbarella Reply

    “The Barbarella” – Banana, Milo and Yoghurt mmmmmmmmmm!

  204. Avatar of Liz

    Pineapple, orange, passionfruit (anything else I could hide that the kids wouldn’t notice)