WIN: BIBO Water Bar is the Kitchen Must-Have for Busy Mums

Who wants a water bar? I do! I do!

And if you have a baby, a toddler (or a child of any age, really) then you will too. Ditto for mammas who like to enjoy a quick cuppa at nap time.

What is a water bar, you ask?  Well, it’s pretty much the next best thing after a wine bar, made with busy mums in mind. If you have a bottle fed bub or a thirsty toddler, you’re really going to love what this kitchen gadget can do.

BIBO Water Bar is your own personal water station that provides your family access to healthy, pure, fresh water whenever you need it. No need to boil water or spend a fortune on store-bought water. And no need to worry about nasties in the tap water!

The sleek and stylish system is a welcome addition to any kitchen bench. With ten colours to choose from, you can select a BIBO system that complements your decor.

The brilliance that is BIBO

BIBO water filter

Let’s face it – it gets hot here. And Aussies get thirsty, especially little ones. With BIBO Water Bar you can stop stressing about whether the water is purified and eliminate the need to constantly boil water (and wait for it to cool down).

Featuring the latest technology to filter and purify your tap water to the highest standards, BIBO offers a simple and safe water solution with the push of a button.

Why we want it

BIBO water bar close up

There are a slew of different reasons why BIBO is a must-have, especially for new mums, but let us walk you through our favourite things about this clever device:

BIBO makes night feeds a breeze

No, BIBO won’t wake you up, feed the baby and rock her back to sleep. But it can allow you to fill baby’s bottle at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure, especially handy in the middle of the night.

No more late night water boiling sessions. Winning!

BIBO eliminates harmful bacteria

Water is water, right? Not quite. Tap water contains chlorine, other chemicals and even unwanted contaminants and micro-organisms. These can include cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and impurities such as lead and copper, which are potentially harmful to babies and toddlers.

BIBO replaces the 27 half-empty water bottles currently living in the backseat of your car

Nope. Won’t be missing those. Think of the space in your car, kitchen counter and fridge, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

mum central

BIBO is especially designed for sleep-deprived parents suffering from baby brain

In other words, it’s super easy to use. The touch screen technology makes it easy to set it in advance, plus the built in UV lamp technology along with the continuous boiling cycle, ensures water is well-sterilised without having to constantly check it.

Oh, and it comes with a built-in child lock, just in case the mini ninjas manage to climb onto the kitchen counter… because that happens, okay.

BIBO allows you to easily fill water bottles for the whole family

Baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, thermoses – BIBO can provide the entire family with their daily H2O in a matter of seconds.

BIBO can save you a small fortune on bottled water

Let’s say you’re buying two bottles of water a day. Over the course of two years, this is going to add up to close to $4000. BIBO Water Bar retails for $1495 including installation (but you can WIN one for FREE below), which means the system pays for itself in less than a year! Winning!

Plus there are no more plastic water bottles floating around your house.  In fact, one glass of water from a BIBO is one less plastic bottle polluting our beaches, rivers, and oceans.

BIBO makes hot beverages too

Goodbye kettle. Hellooooo BIBO. And HELLO hot coffee and tea made from purified water. BIBO can also supply you with hot water on demand which means you might actually have time to make a cup of coffee before attempting to usher your tribe out of the house on time.  

Now, if only BIBO could figure out how to turn water into wine…


Want one? Here’s your chance to take home your very own BIBO Water Bar. We have one system (valued at $1495 including installation) to give away to one lucky reader.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and tell us in the comments at the bottom of page what your favourite feature is of the BIBO Water Bar.

a BIBO Water Bar, valued at $1,495!

Good luck to all our mums! And make sure you check out BIBO Water System to find out more about this incredible device. Plus, for a limited time, Mum Central readers can use the code MUMCENTRAL at checkout and pay only $995 for a BIBO Water System (that’s a $300 saving off the usual $1295 RRP!)

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Emma

    Hot water on demand I always forget I’ve boiled the kettle because of little distractions I end up doing it several times. Yes to instant cuppas.

    • Avatar of Philippa

      Safe water free from bacteria and impurities for the family without the expense and environmental impact of shop bought water

      • Avatar of MARY WHITTA
        MARY WHITTAReply


      • Avatar of Julie Mason
        Julie MasonReply

        Yah clean water and no more carting water bottles home from the supermarket

    • Avatar of Nini Watkins
      Nini WatkinsReply

      Removing harmful bacteria, ensures the health and safety of my family. Drinking pure, clean water, to be enjoyed by all.

    • Avatar of Yourpalsal

      So many awesome features! I’ve fallen in love. Instant hot water for tea trumps others. Each time it’s two minutes of my life I get back!

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara FehmelReply

      Th avings that I would make by not buying bottled water.

    • Avatar of Jasmin Inglis
      Jasmin InglisReply

      Being remote is hard to have clean drinking water this would be a life saver and help save on buying bottled water

    • Avatar of Kim Cassidy
      Kim CassidyReply

      Hot QLD days + instant cold water = super chilled out family !

    • Avatar of Jan

      Instant hot water for that cup of tea and not waiting for the kettle to boil

    • Avatar of Madelinegee

      Definitely the water purifier ! Makes life easier for me and bub plus My sister went to the dr and got told she was sick because of a parasite from the tap water so I’ve been boiling my water ever since ! ><

    • Avatar of Jon

      Safe, clean drinking water!! I live in Cooranbong and it’s always rusty!

    • Avatar of Meagan

      Water at preset temperatures makes for easy bottle feeding!

    • Avatar of Natalie

      wow i was just thinking about looking into one of these … what an amazing gift to make life so much easier – thank you for the opportunity to win one

    • Avatar of Natasha Collisson
      Natasha CollissonReply

      I love that it’s instant hot water and removes chemicals/purifies the water.

    • Avatar of Rhyannon Delaney
      Rhyannon DelaneyReply

      This would allow me to clear the 23000 empty plastic bottles from my car, save on buying bottles of water every second day, in a town where I don’t even give the dog tap water and ensure that my recycling bin isn’t over flowing.

    • Avatar of Jade Hannigan
      Jade HanniganReply

      That fact it has no nasties would make me feel really good ❤️

    • Avatar of Lisa

      Definately getting all the nasty bacteria out of our water and also being able to eliminate excess plastic bottles.

    • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
      Katrina StantonReply

      Just Awesome. Great for good Health and clean pure water. Just what the Doctor ordered for me on my Prescription.

    • Avatar of Renee Eccles
      Renee EcclesReply

      About to be a first time mum this will be one less thing to think about and a great help with all the visitors!

    • Avatar of Colleen

      fresh chemical free water would be so healthy for my family

    • Avatar of Maria

      I like how it filters the tap water and boils water like a kettle

    • Avatar of Denise O'Hagan

      I love the Bibo because it gives you continuous hot or cold purified water which means I would no longer here to purchase bottled water and anything that’s good for the environment is good with me,thank you.

  2. Avatar of Lazzie

    I love the fact I can get safe water at the right temperature without having to think!! I’ll be a solo mother (by choice) so anything to help me at 3am would be amazing.

  3. Avatar of Renee B

    My favourite feature is that BIBO removes bacteria and chemicals from the water, a convenient and healthy feature.

  4. Avatar of Natalie

    I live in a remote town with hard water and the Bibo’s ability to eliminate all the nasties from the tap water would give me peace of mind knowing that my bubba (and myself!) will only be drinking fresh, clean, healthy water at the touch of a button!!

  5. Avatar of Jess

    The ability to set the water to the exact temperature and measurement for night time feeds. Godsend for a bottle fed 7 week old baby

  6. Avatar of Kathie Stoker
    Kathie StokerReply

    Hot water may mean finally get a hot coffee as we rush out the door in the morning!!

  7. Avatar of Janelle Milios
    Janelle MiliosReply

    Dear God how freakin amazing is this technology. Holy moley to not wait 3 mins for the bottle warmer to heat up a bottle 4 times through the night Amen Sisters…. do you know how long 3 mins is? It’s over 100 seconds, try counting to 180 slowly with a screaming baby Best thing is this machine will ensure a peasceful sleep for the rest of the household..!!

  8. Avatar of Dannielle

    My favourite feature is that I can have purified water at the touch of a button! That would have been perfect for my first 2 boys who were both formula fed, saves so much time!

  9. Avatar of Megan Marot
    Megan MarotReply

    Bibo eliminating harmful bacteria as well as hot water on demand,
    That makes for a healthy and happy family, Bibo does whatever we command!

    I am really impressed by all the features, it’s just the appliance our family need,
    I can see it would change our lives so it is for a Bibo Water Bar we plead!

  10. Avatar of MV

    I love the idea of not having to boil water for my baby’s drinks.

  11. Avatar of Kym

    The best thing about the BIBO for our family would be having filtered water on tap, being on tank water is a bit of a worry sometimes!

  12. Avatar of Jade O

    A fantastic innovation, fresh, filtered water with the touch of a button. I love the UV feature which steralizes whatever vessel you are filling!

  13. Avatar of Samantha brown

    I don’t want one.. I NEED one of these. 3 boys to keep hydrated during the day.. this isn’t a luxury item this is a “must have” in my house!

  14. Avatar of Sam

    having purified water on tap without having to buy water all the time for my family and to make those middle of the night feeds for my toddler who will only have warm milk and not cold so much easier

  15. Avatar of Courtney Lummis
    Courtney LummisReply

    Impressed that the BIBO water system does hot water as well! I would love a BIBO water system so that I can save money on bottled water and feel confident that my family is drinking purified and filtered water!

  16. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love that it can make hot beverages as well as keep me hydrated. I love a double espresso with a dash of milk and sugar – rough, guarded and unapproachable at first but becoming beautiful, sweet and smooth with each sip – purified heaven!

  17. Avatar of Brittany

    Cool idea! I would love to try it. Fresh water is LIFE!

  18. Avatar of Tracey

    The ability to set the water temperature for night time feeds would be amazing! I am going to be a solo mum by choice so this would be so helpful!

  19. Avatar of Tina

    Although im keen as for one, where my dad lives, the water quality is shocking. He has filters from town water to house connection just to use for everyday stuff. He needs one…bad

  20. Avatar of Joanna Lau

    Best feature for me is the help to eliminate those plastic bottles! Help the world save energy…Another plus fact is that it has a water temperature great for making hot water /tea/coffee whatever you need for the adults and at the same time, make night feeding for the kids, babies easier! Amazing!! It will be a very helpful and reliable tool/ friend for all mums!!

  21. Avatar of Dee

    That it delivers perfectly temperate water for night feeds! My first born had to be fed three hourly round the clock, oh how I wish I’d had one of these back then! Fingers crossed I can get one in time for bubba 2!

  22. Avatar of Stephanie Wilkins

    With a new baby at home (Miss Georgia is three weeks old) who is bottle feeding the availability of clean filtered water on tap would be a new mummy’s dream.

  23. Avatar of Natalie Zeimer
    Natalie ZeimerReply

    It will save me from being a sleep deprived new mum

  24. Avatar of Karla

    I’m a water boiler! All our drinking water is firstly boiled. Just think of all the time that could be saved in my household! Yes please.

  25. Avatar of Belinda B

    I love the fact that it purifies the water so you have clean drinking water free from bacteria available without having to buy water bottles or boil the kettle. So environmentally friendly.

  26. Avatar of Celeste

    I’m just loving that the Bibo has the clever feature that will allow me to be able to fill baby’s bottles at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfectly measured. especially handy for in the middle of the night. A real Mumma’s little genie machine.

  27. Avatar of Amanda Giffard
    Amanda GiffardReply

    I love that I can choose the temperature that’s just right for me! Fingers crossed for no more stone cold tea and no more teeth shattering iciness, I like my water at room temperature!

  28. Avatar of Bronwyn Howard
    Bronwyn HowardReply

    Perfectly measured water at the correct temperature at the touch of a button!

  29. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona CharltonReply

    I like how it removes bacteria and chemicals from the water!

  30. Avatar of Jenjen

    Sterilised water at a preset temp and the exact measurement you need…perfect for those night time feeds

  31. Avatar of Susannah D

    That looks amazing. I’d love one of these as my son has lung disease and has to do water therapy twice a day, with sterilised water. If we go out for the day and forget to turn the kettle on before we go then we have to wait for a litre of water to cool down when we get home (same at night before we go to bed). Having sterilised water on demand would be one less stress.
    We also moved into a house a year ago with no water filter and have been drinking bottled and boxed water ever since. We use it for everything as the tap water tastes awful.

  32. Avatar of Anna

    I love the fact that BIBO provides water at its best & in its purest state.

  33. Avatar of Jacqueline f
    Jacqueline fReply

    don’t like the tap water in roxby so having a filter water system with hot water as well would be amazing

  34. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana SumnerReply

    I would love one of these. My hubby and I are avid coffee drinkers so constantly boiling the kettle and with a newborn and toddler this would make life much better with drinking water and bottle feeds.


    How I wouldn’t have to pay for store bought water any more.

  36. Avatar of Nikki Rossi
    Nikki RossiReply

    I love the pre set function so you can get the bottles ready to go

  37. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The continuous boiling cycle how amazing is that no more waiting for the kettle to boil to have a cup of tea!

  38. Avatar of Michelle

    My favorite feature is how BIBO eliminates harmful bacteria, which is an incredibly beneficial function to my childrens’ health.
    With my youngest toddler suffering from a serious condition called pulmonary atresia, which is a birth defect of the pulmonary valve, he endures continuous visits to the Royal Childrens hospital, has had, and will have multiple operations and serious health battles.
    This is where clean sterilized water comes into play.
    Simple needs like purified water are a very important part of everyday life to us. Impurities like lead and copper can be potentially harmful to my sons health, and this would provide reassurance that Bebo is providing clean, well-sterilised water for the whole family.
    Filling my boys bottle at an ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure would make feeding and bottle preparation so much easier, which would be fabulous for parents of our very special little man and his older siblings.
    Bebo would be advantageous to our household for so many reasons, and we would be confident that we are using the best!!

  39. Avatar of Samantha Hintz
    Samantha HintzReply

    The fact it has both hot and cold!! What a Life saver!

  40. Avatar of Katy Dingwall
    Katy DingwallReply

    The convenience of always have fresh water for the older kids, perfect clean water for bubs formula and of course coffee for me

  41. Avatar of Ari

    Safe drinking water for my kids and pre set mesurment systems for them night time feeds

  42. Avatar of Julie T

    We have 17 grandchildren and we are on Bore Water here. We spend a fortune on bottled water. A BIBO water bar would be a very welcome addition and an awesome money saver!

  43. Avatar of Roziana Nordin
    Roziana NordinReply

    It would be great to have that convenient around the house knowing that the water we drink is fresh especially for my newborn baby.

  44. Avatar of sharon mclean
    sharon mcleanReply

    I always boil our drinking water… This would be awesome to have excellent healthy drinking water on tap any hour of the day

  45. Avatar of Leonie

    This sounds just the thing for my daughter to use for her gorgeous 7 month old ! Clean fresh water at the right temp ready to go !

  46. Avatar of Kelly

    Adelaide water makes me feel sick, with a new bub on the way I don’t want them getting an upset tum from all the nasties. Fresh water on tap instead of buying bottled water would be a God send!

  47. Avatar of Selena

    Oh My Gosh, what’s not to looove. You my friends are PURE water geniuses. My family would be forever grateful!!

  48. Avatar of Michelle

    I love that it removes all the nasties from tap water and that it is a multifunction unit. Cold and hot water on demand. I might actually get a hot cuppa now.

  49. Avatar of Esther

    It would be an absolute lifesaver in the wee hours of the morning when I’m putting on the kettle to make up formula, having it on tap 24/7 would make my life so much easier!

  50. Avatar of Renaye Hodges
    Renaye HodgesReply

    I have a son with ASD and heavy minerals in the water concerns me as water is the bulk of what my children drink.
    I love this product for that reason

  51. Avatar of Amy

    This sounds amazing! My favourite features instantaneous hot water (which is purified as an added bonus!) as well as the ability to measure out your desired amount of water. This would be the perfect product for measuring out those bottles for my 5m old!!

  52. Avatar of Jess'ca Murray
    Jess'ca MurrayReply

    Definately the coffee in a heartbeat. Swear the kettle takes 5hrs when your in a rush and just trying to sneak one in between putting the baby down and the 5secs before the devil wakes again. This would be a lifesaver and really what an awesome solution to nasty tap water.

  53. Avatar of Russell Mills
    Russell MillsReply

    What a fantastic product! I would love to win it for my pregnant wife.

  54. Avatar of Jessica

    Instant hot water wow be amazing to not have screaming Bub in middle of the night while I wait for kettle to boil

  55. Avatar of Sam

    I love that it will make night time feeding so much easier… would be perfect for a first time mum 🙂

  56. Avatar of Kathleen

    My favourite feature is how easy it will make night feeds

  57. Avatar of Lucy

    Love that it’s quick easy fresh clean water that can be used for lots of things.

  58. Avatar of Amber

    Complete control over the amount and temperature of your water at the touch of a button! Convenience at its finest. Yes please!

  59. Avatar of Julie M

    My toddler recently contracted giardia so the fact that the Bibo can kill harmful bacteria is a big factor to help protect my 2 year old and newborn.

  60. Avatar of Cassie

    Filtered water available hot or not! Would just be amazing!

  61. Avatar of Rebekah Rade
    Rebekah RadeReply

    What could be better than sterilised water at the push of a button when you’ve got an armful of baby at 2 in the morning, this is a must have!

  62. Avatar of Sonia Manoukian
    Sonia ManoukianReply

    With twins on the way this will save me so much time during night feeds and nothing is better than purified water

  63. Avatar of Stephanie B B
    Stephanie B BReply

    This contraption sounds amazing, I love the fact you can get the temperature you want every time and so many different colours to choose from.

  64. Avatar of Santina

    coming into summer, and having a 6 mth old on solids, this will be the perfect way to keep my baby hydrated and well fed with out waiting out the boiling water to cool, which with baby brain always gets forgotten about. It would also look great to have babies water machine next to daddy’s coffee machine

  65. Avatar of Odile

    Great tasting filtered chilled and boiling water on tap 24/7. I’d feel like royalty.

  66. Avatar of Ginabowman

    The temperature control would be amazing! My partner and I both have different ideas of what the correct temperature for our little boys bottles are. This would end a lot of disagreements

  67. Avatar of Ash

    Pure water for the whole family, and it’s better for the environment than bottled water too! Win-win 🙂

  68. Avatar of Karen

    I love the fact that it can make hot drinks as well. A money saving, time saving system that can make me a hot drink. Well done. I want one.

  69. Avatar of CyndiS

    We love the water on demand and the hot water fearure. With an active 15 months old who doesnt like to sleep and constantly hungry, having the ability to have the right temperature water, without having to wait for it to cool down, enables us to make milk for her and normal drinking water for her on demand. She loves her water more than her milk so we constantly have water stored in Tupperware drink bottle for her and in the car. And since she doesnt like to sleep, mummy needs her coffee to keep her sane. Please choose us!

  70. Avatar of Sarah

    Perfect purified water for the whole family whether for cool refreshing drink for the toddlers, warm comforting bottle for the newborn to be or hot coffee for mummy and daddy to get through the day … ITS PERFECT!

  71. Avatar of Chrissy

    My husband would love not to have empty plastic bottles every where

  72. Avatar of Kristie Wright
    Kristie WrightReply

    Water that’s preset for bottles during the middle of the night – does it get any better?

  73. Avatar of Shannon d

    Would save so much time and money buying bottled water love that it can measure and get the temp right every time brilliant would love a bibo at home

  74. Avatar of Tracy Rock

    Hot water for dads coffee, chilled water for mum, and filtered water for the kids! Win win win! Love this idea!!!

  75. Avatar of Tegan bridge

    I love that it eliminates bacteria from your water with its constant boiling cycle! I had no idea tap water could be so harmful!

  76. Avatar of Alana

    Would love this as my kids ALWAYS forget to fill the water jugs after they have empited them. This would be amazing when getting up through the night to make bub a bottle or quickly make a coffee when having to stay up all night with a sick or teething bub

  77. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    The water is purified, different water temperatures, would be filling my own bottles with filtered water so the chance to save there, the benefits go on and on, an amazing prize.

  78. Avatar of Kelly

    Sheer genius this product is….
    I would love to win one because it purifiers water, heats the water to the right temp for bubbas bottles & I can make a cup of coffee quickly on the run. It also is environmental friendly can refill bottles instead of buying them from the supermarket. Really the list is endless as to why I want one.

  79. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-ElturkReply

    My favourite thing would be that this fantastic machine eliminates any nasties out of the water which is paramount when it comes to my baby and his health.

  80. Avatar of Jaala

    I love that you can preset the water temperature for your baby’s bottle, I have a 1 yr old grandson and this would make my daughter’s life so much easier !!

  81. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee UssherReply

    No more boiling the kettle over & over!
    My fav feature is that I can get clean, safe water at the perfect temperature for anything & everything! Especially bottle feeds!

  82. Avatar of Kristie

    Im expecting a newborn tomorrow so having water ready at the right temp would be so handy and also for it to be pure water and not having to buy boxed water would save us a lot of money! We haven’t been able to drink the nasty tasting water from our taps for years now

  83. Avatar of Caitlin

    Purified safe water at the touch of a button elimanting and nasty bacteria!

  84. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny VabrianyReply

    My favourite thing would be the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria. Most important for our health.

  85. Avatar of Anthea

    I love that it provides clean water at the desired temperature at the touch of a button. Thus would make feeding bubs such a walk in the park!

  86. Avatar of Jamie

    My favourite feature is the filter. We live off tank and bore water which can have all sorts of nasties in there. We have to buy cases of bottles of water to drink which is quite costly.

  87. Avatar of Ains

    I love that fact this provides cold or warm filtered water and that it has a child lock!

  88. Avatar of Rachael U

    Pure water anytime, who wouldn’t want this
    Being able to know that not only are my kids missing all the nasties but so are we in our daily coffee

  89. Avatar of Sarah

    I love the fact it makes clean fresh water as my family love our water.

  90. Avatar of LeonieW

    I love the hot water feature as I won’t have to wait for a kettle to boil when I’m getting ready to leave for work at 4am

  91. Avatar of Freda

    LOVE the fact that it has more than one use and I can double my kitchen bench space by getting rid of my other applicances!

  92. Avatar of Michelle

    Purified water on the push of a button. Would love this for my little girl as the summer in Brisbane is HOT!

  93. Avatar of marie

    Everything take care of for you. Just touch the button and voila!

  94. Avatar of Jess Blythe
    Jess BlytheReply

    The convenience! This machine would get a serious work out in this house hold, we buy so much bottled water and I feel like I’m forever standing around the kettle waiting for it to boil for my little ones bottles! With another baby on the way this would be the best time saver ever!

  95. Avatar of Bianca B

    My five year old only drinks water … no milk, juice, flavoured milk .. since day dot she has loved water .. I’d love this in my kitchen so I can access the best and cleanest water possible

  96. Avatar of Neha

    I love the pre-set temperature and amount feature for preparing the formula milk at night which means fuss-free night time feedings for new mums like me

  97. Avatar of Naomi Ruddlesden
    Naomi RuddlesdenReply

    This is amazing! How have I not heard of this before! Save me and my family from my baby brain. So many features great for the whole family.

  98. Avatar of Petrina Griffiths Byth
    Petrina Griffiths BythReply

    Would be fantastic to provide clean safe drinking from our rainwater tank and the preset temp to ensure daddy doesn’t over heat the bottle.

  99. Avatar of Anna

    To be able to select the water temperature is fantastic! I love to have my water at a slightly warm temperature so this feature is great!

  100. Avatar of Melissa Milne
    Melissa MilneReply

    Purified water at the right temperature at any time. Perfect for master 16 months’ drink bottle not to mention mine and great for new baby on the way if we need a bottle in the middle of the night! (Not to mention the adults in the house) plus that blue machine is amazing and would look great in my scullery

  101. Avatar of Anita Lang

    Nice fresh chemical free water at the touch of a button. Also very handy in preparing bottles for our micro premmie twins as the temperature is pre set.

  102. Avatar of Alexandram

    No more cold cups of coffee. I would be able to have a nice cuppa with my feet up whilst my daughters sleep without worrying I’ll wake the up boiling the kettle.
    Hello warm cuppa. Good bye cold tea.

  103. Avatar of karena turner
    karena turnerReply

    woild love this, this is something our family really need.

  104. Avatar of Lynn

    Pure, fresh, tasty and safe water on demand! Perfect for making up baby’s formula!

  105. Avatar of Jacinta

    Love the preset temperature and all the different colours available!

  106. Avatar of Kayla J

    This would make bottle prepping so much easier and quicker

  107. Avatar of Trish J

    I love that it provides clean water for the whole family by removing harmful bacteria.

  108. Avatar of Hayley A

    How amazing to be able to provide the best safe water for my growing family as well as making myself a much needed and deserving coffee at the same time! Would love one 🙂

  109. Avatar of Bianca K

    Purified water on hand at a preset temperature! How amazing is that. There are so many nasties in our water so to have this piece of mind would be perfect for our soon-to-be expanding family!

  110. Avatar of Kristy

    I’d love to have clean, fresh water for all my kids in seconds!!

  111. Avatar of Lisa summerell
    Lisa summerellReply

    I love the fact that i can use a baby bottle, a water bottle, a coffee cup all in the same machine and have that wayer at the perfect temperature. Plus the bonus of not having to buy bottles water (the carrying of these heavy 24 packs of water really drains and makes difficult carrying when pregnant).
    To know i am not drinking the dirty old tap water from our town (where i am positive the water is not doing any of our citizens any good- too much disease.).
    Then there is the addedbonus of a cool looking machine which will make my kids want to drink more so they can refill their drink bottle. It sounds like a win win machine

  112. Avatar of Taegan Stevens
    Taegan StevensReply

    I love the hot and cold water on demand. With the 3 kids i am always needing cold water for the middle one (cause she robs me of my cold bottles from the fridge and hides them places), warm water for little ones bottles and due to my eldest sons severe disabilities he is tube fed and requires a special milk mixed with hot water then the addition of cold water. And knowing the water is free of any nasties is a win win! And on top of all that im constantly boiling kettles for my own drinks and forgetting about it due to kids needing something or destroying the short lived cleanliness. Save us from our disgusting tap water.

  113. Avatar of Shelley

    Not having to boil water and wait for it to cool! Having perfect temp and measurement at the touch of a button would be amazing.
    My baby is sensitive to tap water and even after boiling if I’ve used tap water instead of filtered water it upsets his tummy. This BIBO would ensure its perfect every time.
    Of course being able to make a coffee without having to wait for the kettle would be a bonus for me

  114. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzeyReply

    knowing that my grand-children are drinking fresh filtered water we all know that water is a gift we all should drink our quota per day

  115. Avatar of Melinda Grant
    Melinda GrantReply

    The temperature control! Also knowing my family would be drinking the best quality water i could provide is wonderful

  116. Avatar of Tracee

    After suffering through a giardia and cryptosporidium outbreak in Sydney’s water and being sick for months, the fact that it is purified, clean water with no nasties appeals to me. I am paranoid that my kids especially my 4 month old are exposed to these nasties unnecessarily! I also love the awesome colour choice, it would make me so happy every morning with a cheery yellow sitting on my bench!

  117. Avatar of Gianna Seuati
    Gianna SeuatiReply

    WATER can be soo underrated! When you think of kitchen appliances, you dont straight away think of a BIBO!? You think of a fridge, or microwave, stove..
    But water is used sooo frequently!
    I love the fact that BIBO can be used by everyone in the family. Perfect temperatue bottles in the middle of the night, when it’s too cold to get out of bed, or soo hot at night its hard to go back to sleep.
    No chemicals in my toddler’s water bottles – when he wants ‘Water’ I need to be quick before tantrums hit. Having a BIBO will give me peace of mind that I dont have to just shove his water bottle under the tap at full blast.
    Even when hubby and I get home after work, we can even enjoy the BIBO too, for fresh water. I love that its a tool the whole family can use! AWESOME 🙂

  118. Avatar of Isobelle Carlton
    Isobelle CarltonReply

    I love that you can set the temperature as a formula mum this makes life so easy

  119. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea HurringReply

    I love how it comes with a built in child’s lock, it’s an important feature that I look for especially with it having boiling water. Safety is my top priority with having children

  120. Avatar of rebecca

    Hot water on demand combined with safe filtered water for the family!

  121. Avatar of Chantelle

    Would love to win one of these I have two stepsons,a 3 year old daughter and due in nov it would make it so much easier when Bub is born of I had one of these

  122. Avatar of Rebecca

    To have hot OR cold water on demand would be a coffee lovers dream come true!! No more boiling and reboiling the kettle because the kids have distracted you from your morning, mid morning, afternoon and mid afternoon coffee!! Seriously EVERY parents dream come true!!

  123. Avatar of Paini

    The instant access to hot and cold water on demand! Would be helpful when you have your hands full with an active household!

  124. Avatar of Kimberley Pollard
    Kimberley PollardReply

    The health benefits of havinf filtered and clean water. Instant hot and cold water at temperatures we like. No more reboiling the kettle over and over again.

  125. Avatar of Trinitie Wilson
    Trinitie WilsonReply

    Purified water in demand to fill my bubs bottles as needed rather than having to wait for it to boil then cool

  126. Avatar of Mikah

    The baby brain safe controls are so smart, making me realise i must have this gorgeous, user friendly BIBO in my homes heart!

  127. Avatar of Sheridan Miles
    Sheridan MilesReply

    I love the fact the water can be used for ANYTHING.. Baby bottles, coffee, etc.
    It simplifies life.

  128. Avatar of Margaret

    I would love the beautiful yellow biboi fresh filtered water at the touch of a button . So many uses in the kitchen and So stylish. Please pick me.

  129. Avatar of Kyms

    I like that it eliminates any bacteria and makes the water to temp!! Saving time making bottles for hungry babies

  130. Avatar of Carmen Park
    Carmen ParkReply

    I just love that it can multitask, making hit beverages as well is such a bonus!

  131. Avatar of Sarah S

    To have boiled water on demand would be amazing I’m forever buying bottled water or boiling the water in my kettle as it’s the only way I’ll have water.. plus with a newborn on the way this would cut my time in half in boiling water for bottles ect

  132. Avatar of Kathleen

    That the BIBO is especially designed for parents suffering from baby brain being super easy to use. with touch screen technology and that it comes with a built-in child lock.

  133. Avatar of Melzy

    I LOVE that it removes all impurities, like chlorine. I hate that my tap water always tastes like it. And the fact that i could make a cuppa without having to fill and boil the kettle.. BRILLIANT!!

  134. Avatar of Kylie G

    Love the hot & cold SAFE water at the touch of your fingertips. Living on rainwater alone at home, getting rid of yuckies in the water is a never ending saga! This would just be the bomb sitting on my kitchen counter!

  135. Avatar of Leah

    This will help me drink and make the kids drink their 2 litres a day.

  136. Avatar of Lisa

    Water with no nasties is such a big win, but hot as well!?! With a third boy on the way and studying this would make a busy noisy life a lot easier.

  137. Avatar of MandyY

    Definitely the hot water! No more boiling the kettle twenty times before making my coffee!

  138. Avatar of Amanda Kelly
    Amanda KellyReply

    There is so much to love about this!

    I’m about to go back into my full time job as a Store Manager after my 6 months maternity leave and this sounds like it would be my sanity saver! No more waiting for boiled water to cool or overheating it when you are half asleep at night and having to try cool it in the freezer whilst bub cries away impatiently. And it has a light! I wouldn’t have to be blinded by turning on the kitchen light at 2am.

    Our town doesn’t have a drinkable water supply and our rainwater tanks are dry from this drought. We have to boil all our water before drinking and I honestly struggle enough trying to remember to keep enough boiled water on hand for my 4mo and my water loving 4yro so I tend to go without. This beauty would cure my dehydration headaches and help with my journey to becoming healthier.

    I need this in my life. There is no way my partner would ever agree for us to spend 1K on one though! Instead I’ll just have to keep working towards replacing our overworked leaky kettle!

  139. Avatar of Paula Lawrence
    Paula LawrenceReply

    I love that you get filtered water on tap & it also allows me to make my toddlers bottle at the touch of a finger at the perfect temperature. Easy.

  140. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather HopleyReply

    We only have tank water and I always worry that it may not be safe for my grandchildren. I boil the water twice. To have a ready supply of guaranteed safe water would be amazing and so reassuring.

  141. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I just love having fresh bacteria free water on tap. It’s so much healthier to get rid of all the nasties. Because it’s so convenient the family will drink more water and less soft drink.

  142. Avatar of Darina

    I am extremely fussy when it comes to drinking water and to know. BIBO Water Bar comes with the latest technology to filter and purify the tap water is a pure joy to my ears.

  143. Avatar of cameron lucadou-wells
    cameron lucadou-wellsReply

    Trust and purity. A practical miracle machine.

  144. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I just love having fresh bacteria free water on tap. It’s so much healthier to get rid of all the nasties. Because it’s so convenient the family will drink more water and less soft drink.

  145. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    I love that you have instant hot water and dont need a kettle, yay!!!

  146. Avatar of Christine

    I love that you can preset the temperature and always have it ready for when you need it! Its also great because you have filtered water all the time so its much healthier for the whole family!

  147. Avatar of Amy T

    What’s not to love!! I drink nothing but water so this would be an amazing addition to my home It would also ensure my 5 month old son is introduced to clean, pure water that is ready to drink at any time of the day!

  148. Avatar of Katie

    Everything about the BIBO machine looks ‘AMAZING…’
    Really? fresh, clean water without the worry!!!
    Wow, what else can I say!?!

  149. Avatar of Kristine

    Bibo has thought of everything, caring not only for our environment but caring for the health of our families and the sanity of us busy Mum’s. No more boiling the kettle 5 times before I finally get a coffee.

  150. Avatar of Vanessa Calleja
    Vanessa CallejaReply

    Love that you can have instant boiling water in hand for a quick cuppa

  151. Avatar of Ammie

    Purified water on tap, amazing for the environment preventing the easy but unnecessary bottled water.

  152. Avatar of S Lorman

    I love the purified water and the fact that my young son can help himself rather than thirstily wait for me to get him a drink. But the ready to roll hot cuppa would be total luxury!

  153. Avatar of melanie otto
    melanie ottoReply

    Hot water on demand, perfect for them rush out the door to meet school bus mornings, plus it cant freeze over like has happened this year to our pipes

  154. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullenReply

    That’s it’s the ideal temperature and that the water is clean ! Anything that makes being a mum easier is fantastic !

  155. Avatar of Fiona S

    Sleep deprived first time mum of a newborn here, I need this so much… to think this amazing Bibo could supply us with purified hot AND cold water makes me think I’m dreaming. Is it real? No more running out of cold water because someone forgot to refill the bottle. No more staring at the kettle (and trying to keep my eyelids off the floor) waiting for a cup of coffee. And my young son will grow up drinking cold water copiously, instead of hating it like I did (tap water!), giving him a healthy start. I couldn’t ask for more!

  156. Avatar of Alisa De Silva
    Alisa De SilvaReply

    Bibo eliminating harmful bacteria as well as hot water on demand! Love it for our healthy and happy family!! My husband and I are expecting our first child and this would be an amazing addition to our household!

    I am really impressed by all the features, it’s just the appliance our family needs!!!

  157. Avatar of Jess1705

    This would be such a lifesaver in our house hold. Were we live tge tap water is terrible and usually tastes like chlorine. So we but 10L tubs of water from coles every second day. This product is so good for the environment and would make life cleaner and easier

  158. Avatar of Kelly H

    Having a 7 month old waking up at night.. getting the kettle nice n hot then waiting for it to cool down to get the correct temperature to make a bottle… BIBO MACHINE will be god sent for me.
    To be able to fill baby’s bottle at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure.

  159. Avatar of Paula

    As our house is on tank water I am forever boiling our water to ensure its safe to drink. When we have guests over, and the weather is particularly hot, we often run out of ‘drinking water’ as we hate to buy bottled water. This would save us so much time and money 🙂

  160. Avatar of Alex

    I love the idea not to spend hours boiling the water for my baby’s bottle

  161. Avatar of Sann Watts

    Safety and Hygiene.
    As soon as you have a bub, your safety awareness levels hit the roof, and you are always on the lookout for products that help you step it up a few levels!

  162. Avatar of Kristy

    BIBO would save me a small fortune on bottled water and water filters for my jug. We like to drink water over any other drinks in this house so it would be a blessing to have BIBO.

  163. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I LOVE that BIBO filters and purifies your tap water to the highest standards. We never know what we are drinking and rely heavily on standards being up to scratch with our town water supply. This would be most reassuring to me

  164. Avatar of Malissa Marshall
    Malissa MarshallReply

    Hot water on demand. Would save me so much time

  165. Avatar of N.Dugo

    Hot water anytime you need it! and cold for the kids. A fantastic all in one machine!

  166. Avatar of sue perry

    You mean i won’t have to buy those huge 24 x 600ml bottles & the 8 x 1.5l bottles
    Wrestle them into the trolley out of the trolley into the car out of the car up the stairs & then load them into the fridge
    Omg i need this right now

  167. Avatar of Carly R

    Being able to fill up my coffee cup and the kids drink bottles from the one place before we run out the door. Instead of filling the kettle with filtered water, waiting for that to boil, filling drink bottles then topping up water purifier…and always ending up with cold coffee!

  168. Avatar of Julie

    Hot water on demand as I often boil the jug and then get sidetracked or otherwise wait to have my morn green tea until the kids are awake as the jug is so loud.

  169. Avatar of Natalie

    Not having to worry about filling bottles and waiting for the kettle to boil that’s for me!!

  170. Avatar of Sheldon

    There aren’t any features about the BIBO that I don’t love, it even looks cool! I’m due to have our second baby in January, so of course having clean water at any temperature would be extremely helpful at feed time. Also, my toddler and I have a bit of a morning “coffee” ritual, and he gets very impatient waiting for the kettle to boil, haha!

  171. Avatar of Dani

    Having bacteria free water readily available to make up bubs milk would be a god send. No more waiting for the kettle to boil & cool down & knowing she’s always getting healthy water.

  172. Avatar of Lozz g

    With a growing family, now 6! Our water consumption is through the roof (kids water, mum & dads coffee!). This would be worth its weight in gold!!
    Perfect temperature for cool drink on a hot summers day, hot coffee or anywhere in between

  173. Avatar of Sharni-LeeR

    Hot water on demand! As a mum who can’t breastfeed because of medical issues, access to hot water instantly and quickly is very important for bubs feeds.

  174. Avatar of Vicki C

    The pre-set water temperature and measure sounds wonderful and saves time

  175. Avatar of Emilie Jones
    Emilie JonesReply


    We all know that baby brain is REAL! When running a business, working full time as a high school special education teacher, keeping the house clean, making sure all bills are paid and being a Mum, baby brain can take over! Especially trying to remember to buy the bottled water or to find the 3 minutes to boil the kettle, or go the the screaming whilst preparing the bottle!

    This would be of excellent use in my super busy household!

  176. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    Love the idea of clean, bacteria-free water on demand

  177. Avatar of Alex

    The fact that BIBO does more than one thing is amazing. I’m over kitchen gadgets that have one purpose. And one that provides ME with hot water for tea and coffee … that’s a win all round!

  178. Avatar of Nicci

    I love to drink water, the problem is that after my recent pregnancy, tap water doesn’t taste as good as it used to and my hubbie is tired of water bottles all over the house! I would love a BIBO so I can enjoy water again!

  179. Avatar of Jess Gaudry
    Jess GaudryReply

    Partner is obsessed with drinking filtered water and our filtered faucet is current out of service

  180. Avatar of Megan Hannigan
    Megan HanniganReply

    Compact, convenient and stylish. Definitely wouldn’t hide this away from the kitchen bench. Great way to ensure our little ones develop healthy habits with filtered and cold water on demand with no fuss.

  181. Avatar of sam

    Filtered water, plus hot water for coffee and tea? I’m sold!

  182. Avatar of Phebe F

    My husband and I have been talking about getting a water filter – this one looks so stylish and ticks so many boxes! As a mum of 2 small kids though, the bonus of coffee is a feature too good to ignore!

  183. Avatar of Kirby Mulhern
    Kirby MulhernReply

    Filtered water and at the right temperature for midnight bottle runs…im in love…neeeedddd this in my life

  184. Avatar of Bec Clark

    Coffee and tea is essential for survival when your a mum and apparently toddler life is the need for water in a rainbow of cups during the day. This would be lifesaving!

  185. Avatar of Beksmum

    Living in Darwin we go through a lot of water, this would save us so much money over the years. Also perfect for when friends & family come over and I can makes cupas nice and quick (whilst putting on a little show at first)

  186. Avatar of Natasha

    What a great system with so many fabulous features. Hard to choose a favourite, but filtered water on demand would have to be right up there, and having hot OR cold water at the press of a button – awesome!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  187. Avatar of Tamika

    I love having fresh, clean water for my baby without having to boil the kettle and wait for it to cool. Also the convineince and simple design for the rare occasion baby’s father needs to make him a bottle.

  188. Avatar of Tamika21

    I love having fresh, clean water for my baby without having to boil the kettle and wait for it to cool. Also the convineince and simple design for the rare occasion baby’s father needs to make him a bottle.

  189. Avatar of Sarah O'Brien
    Sarah O'BrienReply

    I love that you get fresh filtered water for the whole family and instant hot water for a hot drink. I forget how many times I boil the kettle for a cuppa because I have other things come up or need to be taken care of.
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome system! 🙂

  190. Avatar of Alicia T

    Love the ability to have hot water on demand. No more tears while waiting for the kettle to boil. And those tears are from a very tired Mumma who needs a coffee stat!!!

  191. Avatar of jordana hodgetts
    jordana hodgettsReply

    Hot pure water availible instantly on demand would be perfect for busy mums like me! I rarely get the chance for a hot cuppa during the day as by the time I’ve boiled the jug I’ve had to move onto another job, ain’t nobody got time to wait for the kettle to boil!

  192. Avatar of Rhiannon Bedola
    Rhiannon BedolaReply

    Being able to fill baby bottles straight from the BIBO at the correct temperature. This will be such a lifesaver!

  193. Avatar of Elle

    the filter which in itself is awesome, but the hot water option too is fantastic!

  194. Avatar of Angela S.

    What a fantastic product! I love that it not only filters water but gives you full control over the temperature. A must have all year round!

  195. Avatar of Ryan

    The fact it can also supply you with hot water is a plus as it means we can get rid of the kettle meaning one less appliance on the kitchen side.

  196. Avatar of Abigail

    BIBO eliminates harmful bacteria which means there is a peace of mind that my baby won’t get ill through bacteria from his feeds.

  197. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele SmithReply

    Allows you to fill baby’s bottle at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure, especially handy in the middle of the night.
    This would be ideal for my daughter who is currently expecting her second child. With an active toddler also in the home, a partner who is in the army and is away until after the baby is born, juggling all things on her own, the Bibo Water Bar is sure to be a very appreciative set of helping hands.

  198. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan ParrattReply

    Hot water for a cuppa move over bubba it’s mine.

  199. Avatar of Leo Wski

    The best feature in this day and age is the protection of filtered clean water. Paramount in my eyes with all the chemicals around.

  200. Avatar of Lyndall

    I love how simple it seems to have filtered, clean water on tap! With 2 young boys and another on the way we are constantly filtering jugs of water from the Tap. This will make it so much easier for everyone.
    HOT coffee?! What even is that??

  201. Avatar of Juliane

    This is the perfect adittion for my busy Mummy Life. No more heating water on the settle and waiting it to cool down. It will save me so much time.

  202. Avatar of Narelle

    What a great idea! Wish this was around when my kids were babies.

  203. Avatar of Kate Lawrence
    Kate LawrenceReply

    I love the positive impact on the environment the Bibo will have; saving me numerous bottles of water.

  204. Avatar of Jade bennett
    Jade bennettReply

    Filtered water on demand…. Amazing!! We had a hot and cold water system with our first and that was pretty good but still had to wait for the water to cool down which could be a disaster if you forgot to put some aside in zombie mode.
    This would not only be a time saver but a life saver.

  205. Avatar of Jasmin

    The preset temperatures makes filling my daughters water bottle and sons bottle a breeze with no harmful bacteria

  206. Avatar of Zoe

    I love how I can have hot water on tap that is healthy and good for you!

  207. Avatar of Sarah

    The BIBO water bar would give my kids the freedom to get their own cups of water, which encourages independence and regular drinking. I also currently heat water on the stove so the BIBO water bar sounds like a godsend to my tea breaks!

  208. Avatar of Pippa

    I love that you can pre-set the temperature. I’m a herbal tea drinking and water from the kettle is too hot, and aside from burning the tea, I have to either wait for the tea to cool down – and then it’s too cold by the time I remember it – or I have to add tap water to it anyway.

  209. Avatar of Kat

    I love that you don’t have to boil the water its all purified for you ready to go no more plastic bottles piling up everywhere. This would be such a quick and easy tool to have around especially once baby arrives ill need it even more.

  210. Avatar of Asa

    I love the fact that you get clean filtered hot water right away a great time saver

  211. Avatar of tabatha voss
    tabatha vossReply

    Who knows what lies beneath the water we drink? no more worries with this little ripper purifying your H20

  212. Avatar of shrekluck

    What a great idea – no chance of overheating, and it’s clean EVERY time.

  213. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    The filter function and instant hot water top my favourite feature list of this machine….how convenient!!!

  214. Avatar of Kasey E

    I love how it fills baby’s bottle at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure that would save me a lot of precious sleeping time!

  215. Avatar of Suzanne

    This would be a god send, I am finding it difficult to lift the kettle (chronic illness that causes muscle weakness) and don’t get me started on trying to undo caps off bottled water. Plus side is the filtering and temp control

  216. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    I absolutely love the entire concept of the BIBO! Particularly the money it saves with regards to bottle water and the UV lighting feature. Thanks very much for the chance to win one for my family: it would be very much appreciated in our home (our 3 boys are 12 weeks, 3 years & 5 years). 🙂

  217. Avatar of Shannon

    Safe water free from bacteria would be a godsend to us as we live on tank water and back on to a rainforest, so there is all kinds of nasties getting into our tank on a regular basis.

  218. Avatar of Jean

    Instant hot water would be so useful and helpful. I totally would love that.

    Also the colour range is great!

  219. Avatar of Marija

    As a mother, I cannot recall the last time I had a hot cup of coffee…family’s always first and my coffee’s last. BIBO will always have hot or cold filtered water on demand.

  220. Avatar of Susan Mitterman
    Susan MittermanReply

    Fresh, cool water – without having the kids in and out of the fridge! Then nice hot water for cups of teas, without the kettle – a real energy saver!

  221. Avatar of Anne

    Wow! Hot and cold PURIFIED water at mine and my family’s fingertips for instant drinks is such a brilliant concept!

  222. Avatar of Lorna M

    Filtered water with just a touch of a button! love that is can be set in advance and the continuous boiling cycle means I have hot water whenever I need it!

  223. Avatar of Sue B

    Goodbye boiling and boiling and boiling, cooling & re-filling water bottles over and over…..what a heavenly time saver!

  224. Avatar of Sheree Cornell
    Sheree CornellReply

    Wow – I didn’t realise I was spending Approx $2000 or more a year on bottle water for the family & myself.
    This is a amazing saving..
    Intant Chilled Filtered Water

  225. Avatar of graham buckingham
    graham buckinghamReply

    Filtered water on tap is very important for my six kids because I’m paranoid about what comes out of the tap

  226. Avatar of Daisy

    I have two kids at home. One is 1-year-old and the bigger one is 5. We always buy bottles of water for my infant to drink at home but now the water filter & purifier System of bibo water bar solve all the problems. No more plastic bottles and everybody at home can enjoy their drinking in a very safe mind.

  227. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah BallingallReply

    Perfect for everyone in the family at the perfect temperature, I like my coffee boiling, my husband likes his Luke warm, my toddler his baby chino cold

  228. Avatar of Hkj

    With baby front of mind I am looking forward to not double guessing/checking if dad boiled the water and no excuses either when it is bottle time…. simple and easy to use makes mum happy, calm and that’s cause she will have a hot bevy in hand too.

  229. Avatar of Rianna J

    There are so many impurities in water these days. Knowing that my family is drinking an amazing quality of water would be very comforting.

  230. Avatar of Kellie Turvey-Gutterson
    Kellie Turvey-GuttersonReply

    Everything this little machine can do! Plus the colour range is amazing.

  231. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    Fresh clean water without having plastic bottles floating about is a plus for me. I hate the waste and love the idea that the kids can help themselves safely.

    • Avatar of Wendy Hatton
      Wendy HattonReply

      PS. I’m a grandma and know my daughter with the new baby would welcome this Bibo

  232. Avatar of Kerry-Anne Hinds
    Kerry-Anne HindsReply

    I love that with Bibo you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. And that water can come out at a safe temp to make a babies bottle which if I win this I would get this installed at my mums and my sister could use it to make bottles for her twin boys.

  233. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    The built in child lock is impressive but mostly like the hot water on demand so no more kettles.

  234. Avatar of Renee Ballantyne
    Renee BallantyneReply

    I love that it has multiple uses which are essential for all households

  235. Avatar of Bonnie Gemmell
    Bonnie GemmellReply

    Instant not water! This would mean I don’t have to boil the kettle 5 times before i am interrupted and actually get to have a cuppa

  236. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina DecapiaReply

    Night feeding 10mo twins and living off cold tea/ coffee because of other 3 kids (agreed 6/4/3)…. No more too say haha

  237. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura PowerReply

    We have tank water so I love that it eliminates harmful bacteria

  238. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I love that it removes
    the harmful stuff
    that makes the family sick.
    With one of these beauties
    mum and dad can rest with ease,
    with clean and great water
    that gets the tick.

  239. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrieReply

    Push of a button and what do I see
    the latest water filter technology
    Tap water fresh and clean ready to drink
    The perfect accessory for my home, I think

  240. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie MasonReply

    I just love the fact that everyone in the house can easily help themselves to cold water and hot water for cups of tea, without bothering me!

  241. Avatar of Nadia Pasqua
    Nadia PasquaReply

    I can use it to for my coffee in the morning so I can function

  242. Avatar of Fiona Mazzei
    Fiona MazzeiReply

    Bibi Water Bar would save me time and money on bottled water. I can make an amazing cup of tea and coffee efficiently and to the perfect temperature whilst also eliminating bacteria. Feel healthy and happy

  243. Avatar of Veronica

    Oh my gosh, what a wonderful idea, hot water on demand. Surely would sit proudly on my kitchen bench.

  244. Avatar of Angela M

    I personally love the fact that not only it delivers purified water, but it has a gorgeous and stylish design. It would fit perfectly in any kitchen.

  245. Avatar of Alicia

    The fact I wouldn’t have to buy. Titled water again and not have to worry about what is I. The water my kids are drinking what an amazing product!

  246. Avatar of lara haynes

    Love that I can get purified drinking water I would love to drink more water than I do as I am not one for buying water & tap water your never know what your drinking & with 4 kids I would love them to drink clean chemical free water also hot water on demand just what I need for that quick coffee

  247. Avatar of Nisha

    This is great as I like it due to the fact that it gives water with preset temperature for baby bottles.this means I don’t have to wait for boiling and iffcourse clean water.sinetimes I had to let the water run off for few minutes due to taste of chlorine from tap.this saves my water

  248. Avatar of Jessie

    I love that it automatically heats up your baby’s bottles to the right temperature. This will be perfect to know that the milk is always just right, not too hot or hold and you don’t have to burn the inside of your wrist trying to guess if it’s the right temperature. I can’t believe that this exists!

  249. Avatar of Lauren P

    We are a family that only drinks water and this would be such a treat for the kids to have a purified water station that’s easy to use and looks cool.

  250. Avatar of Susan Mc

    Hot water on demand… possibly a marker of my laziness…

  251. Avatar of Charisse C

    B – oiled water for my tea
    I – ce cold water for my kids
    B – ottles filled for my dear,
    O – h I’ll be glad of chemicals it rids.

  252. Avatar of Alex He

    Currently we’re feeding our bub at night, but sometimes I forget to cool the boiled water. It makes me feel frustrated when the baby is crying for the feed but the water is still so hot. BIBO can pre-set the temperature, that will give my peace of mind.

  253. Avatar of Rebecca McKenna
    Rebecca McKennaReply

    This would be fantastic for streamlining making up formula bottles – especially at 3am!

  254. Avatar of Hayley Chapman
    Hayley ChapmanReply

    Love these chic, ‘keep mama sane devices’! I’d be pretty chuffed and a little hipster to showcase one of these stunning water bars on my kitchen bench.

  255. Avatar of Sarah

    BIBO Water Bar, my favourite feature?
    It’s ability to measure safe water for me,
    when I’m a night creature.

  256. Avatar of Arnie

    Looks to be a nice handy trendy looking time saver to have.

  257. Avatar of Jennafa

    Clean water at any desired temperature to drink on demand-this is gold!

  258. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'DayReply

    I need one of these! I love that you can set in advance and be assured you will ALWAYS have sterilized water for not only bubs but the whole family!

  259. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    I love the fact that our old second hand water steriliser can finally go into storage. Having to boil water and then sterilise separately for Bub will finally be a thing of the past

  260. Avatar of Tara sparrow
    Tara sparrowReply

    How convenient!! We go through so many water bottles from the supermarket in our home. It is all we drink! This would be so handy. Love the idea.

  261. Avatar of Ellen Kara

    It’s the ridding of bacteria which has the most appeal. particularly as these can be so damaging to little ones.

  262. Avatar of Tina Hopkinson
    Tina HopkinsonReply

    I love that it’s hot water on demand that I know is safe and doesn’t have any harmful bacteria,I also love that I can have hot coffee on demand.

  263. Avatar of Kathleen

    My favorite feature is the high tech carbon filtration and ultraviolet lamp purification system.
    With 8 of us living in an old house with old pipes on a 14 acre property with only tank water that gets pretty low this feature becomes the number one priority. Bibo is the whole package in one – it’s easy to use and gives access to SAFE instant hot or cold water AND it’s look is timeless and would fit into any household! One can be confident using Bibo. And why not? …it’s the best there is and I look forward to owning one. Thank you.

  264. Avatar of jacqueline

    I love that it eliminates harmful bacteria from water.

  265. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    Not having to boil the kettle to get sterilized water, and instant hot water for a quick cuppa!

  266. Avatar of Loz Jordan

    Wow! Not needing to boil water for bottles would be amazing!! I’m just about ready for my Bub to start bottle feeds so it would be fabulous timing!

  267. Avatar of Samantha

    Making life easier and providing nothing but the best for my family, what more could a busy mum want!!

  268. Avatar of Sonya Cerny
    Sonya CernyReply

    No more need for a kettle means more bench space and one less appliance.

  269. Avatar of Monika M

    I love that it eliminates harmful bacteria and saves me having to buy bottled water.

  270. Avatar of Lily

    the feature i love most is the ability to set the temperature. So often Bubs bottle is either too hot or too cold and this is a perfect solution. Also it perfect for the whole family having fresh water in QLD’s hot summer.

  271. Avatar of Kahlia Barker
    Kahlia BarkerReply

    I love that it eliminates harmful chemicals! I currently live off bottled water whilst breastfeeding my newborn and at an estimate have already consumed over 400 bottles in his short life! This gorgeous machine would save me a fortune.

  272. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I love that hot water is available 24/7 as it’s extremely handy for when I want tea/coffee, getting bubs bottle ready on the go and those late night instant noodle cravings.

  273. Avatar of Caru

    Adelaide water has never tasted good,
    With Bibo, we’ll drink water just as we should.
    No more soft drinks or cordial in their cup,
    My kids will love water, they’ll drink it up.

    Supper time will be an absolute breeze,
    As we enjoy a hot chocolate with ease.
    And when the littlest of all comes along,
    With pre-set temperature, I can’t go wrong.

    Oh how much easier my busy life will be,
    If for this great prize, Mum Central chooses me.

  274. Avatar of joanne parkinson
    joanne parkinsonReply

    the continuous boiling perfect for and Italian family like ours and the quick fill of thermos as work in the morning will be quicker to get out the door

  275. Avatar of k8y23j

    Has to be a tie between having instant hot water so that I could actually have a warm cuppa for once when the kids distract me… and knowing the water my family is drinking is safe and clean.

  276. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta NimmoReply

    being able to make a hot drink early in the morning with out kids screaming at me or getting distracted, and reboiling the kettle a dozen times, and to have nice cold water for just a glass of water, will make life so much simpler.

  277. Avatar of Melissa

    Living in the country, we are on tank water which suits the adults fine but isnt suitable for our young kids. BIBO would give me peace of mind that the kids have access to sterilised water instantly!

  278. Avatar of Chau Bao Nguyen Phan
    Chau Bao Nguyen PhanReply

    I love BIBO’s ability to eliminates harmful bacteria, so I don’t have to decide whether I should drink water from the taps or boil it.

  279. Avatar of Pat

    Favourite feature of the brilliant Bibo Water Bar is its replacement of plastic water bottles therefore protecting our beautiful beaches, rivers, oceans, environment and precious creatures from pollution, allowing ourselves, children, grandchildren and all generations to follow to enjoy all of natures wonders.

  280. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    Removing harmful bacteria would be amazing and so needed in my family

  281. Avatar of Melinda Davies
    Melinda DaviesReply

    OMG – this sounds divine! I love a good cuppa and have to filter water then transfer it to the jug to boil before I can begin to enjoy my fist cuppa of the day. No more mess on the bench when the lid comes off the filter jug when the kids are getting a drink of water, no more empty filter jugs when I am thirsty (because no one ever fills it besides me). Sounds like bliss 🙂

  282. Avatar of kristy nicholson
    kristy nicholsonReply

    Its accurate, quick and healthy temperature control

  283. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    BIBO – So many excellent features to encourage ALL the family to increase hydration, especially with sizzling Summery days fast approaching. Wonderful that BIBO eliminates harmful bacteria and that ghastly chlorine taste from tap water. … and as a sleep deprived Mum I’d adore being able to have hot or cold drinks as needed, day or night!

  284. Avatar of Susan Lucre
    Susan LucreReply

    The environmental impact of bottle water is huge – this eliminates that!! Well done team!! (and just quietly, I love the variety of colours!)

  285. Avatar of Sonja Henderson
    Sonja HendersonReply

    Hot and cold water on demand :D, water filtration and purification 😀 this sounds amazing, i need this in my life, we are massive water drinkers in my household, would save a ton of money

  286. Avatar of Edward

    Finally water that won’t taste like its been through a pool filter #ADELAIDE

  287. Avatar of Kylie Rogers
    Kylie RogersReply

    OMG……. I LOVE that BIBO eliminates harmful bacteria…. my hubbie has been complaining for years about how he can smell the chlorine in the water!! Having BIBO would stop the whining… effectively saving our marriage… joking, love my husband.. he just hates the kids drinking Chlorine…….. #comeATmeBIBO

  288. Avatar of Natasha

    I love how it kills harmful bacteria and keeps water warm!! My mum always has cold hands, so having hot water all the time is fantastic! The fact that it also kills bacteria is an added bonus!

  289. Avatar of Tracy pavlovich
    Tracy pavlovichReply

    The amazing clean filtered water that may be hot or cold…..yeah baby!!!!!

  290. Avatar of Marg Chafer
    Marg ChaferReply

    I love knowing that the water is fresh, pure and uncontaminated in the Bibo, which is better for our whole family.

  291. Avatar of Desley

    How easy is that I win ,you install we all enjoy pure fresh water goodbye plastic bottles in the fridge welcome back fridge space whoop whoop !

  292. Avatar of Natasha Penfold
    Natasha PenfoldReply

    Pretty awesome, i like the idea of temperature control settings

  293. Avatar of Xzavia green
    Xzavia greenReply

    Baby brain saviour!!! To get a hot cuppa and drink it too would be nearly as amazing as not have to worry about the milk temperature when half asleep or in a rush.

  294. Avatar of hayley shaw
    hayley shawReply

    Quick and easy access to fresh water for my children. I love that i dont have to worry about what they are drinking because this make it safe

  295. Avatar of Kacie Mogyoross
    Kacie MogyorossReply

    Would love one for the house. What a brilliant idea! We all need access to fresh drinking water.

  296. Avatar of Nicole Eyles
    Nicole EylesReply

    I have a pet hate and that is buy bottled water! Not only is it a financial pain but an environmentally damaging product. BIBO is the way of the future. What a great product, it’s about time we start evolving and changing they way we do things. BIBO will be a great addition to our home and save a lot of precious time.

  297. Avatar of Ashleigh Hewson
    Ashleigh HewsonReply

    BIBO gives you pure clean water. Growing up on tank water, you can taste the chemicals in the water straight away. The fact that BIBO eradicates these is absolutely awesome. No more ugly water filter..winning!

  298. Avatar of Lin

    Best feature is removing the bacteria (and horrid taste of the local water.) We spend so much on bottled water because the children can’t bear the tap water in our area.

  299. Avatar of Julie Jinks
    Julie JinksReply

    Nanna’s helper what a wonder it would be to have a Bibo.

  300. Avatar of Tara

    My favourite feature is the child lock, because my ninja would love to push all those amazingly functional buttons!

  301. Avatar of Jason

    Definitely like the pre selected water temperature feature along with the removal of harmful bacteria and chlorine from the water. It also just looks really cool, the touch screen is super modern and the colour range is nice! We rent and don’t trust the water from the old pipes in our house and getting tired of buying bottled water. We are having our first child soon and are definitely need to provide filtered water for our baby.

  302. Avatar of Audrey

    The Word EASY to fill won me over! Anything to make life smoother.
    No more late night water boiling sessions. Winning!

  303. Avatar of Rhonda MacLennan
    Rhonda MacLennanReply

    I love this it is so stylish compared to other water filters. Makes a nice accessory in the kitchen. Fingers crossed

  304. Avatar of Amy

    That the temperature of the water can be adjusted to make bottles for babies.

  305. Avatar of Shannon Lucas
    Shannon LucasReply

    my son (5) only likes ‘fresh water’ not out of the fridge, this means that we have an ugly water container on our bench as we live in SA with undrinkable tap water. This would be stylish enough not to have to cover with a colourful teatowel when guests come over

  306. Avatar of Simone

    keeps the family healthy on the inside, while it looks good on the outside.

  307. Avatar of Nerys Lewis
    Nerys LewisReply

    I always forget and re-boil the kettle before filling our water bottles to put in the fridge so that we can have cold water. So this nifty little machine would make my life a whole lot easier and help my fog brain remember.

  308. Avatar of Jessica webster
    Jessica websterReply

    We live on bore water. Not suitable for drinking so buy in water. Would be fantastic to have some water the kids could get to drink.

  309. Avatar of Jasmine McGee
    Jasmine McGeeReply

    Living in the contamination area of Salt Ash, the feature of purification would provide peace of mind when my children ask for a drink.

  310. Avatar of cheerie Murnane
    cheerie MurnaneReply

    A nice up of tea without the wait, is always welcolm at busy times, no fuss, no bother, and if it also is good for the babys bottle, its a double bonus

  311. Avatar of Lynda

    No more throwing away water bottles good for my wallet good for the environment

  312. Avatar of Raeleen Phelps
    Raeleen PhelpsReply

    I just love the fresh water at hand and to be able to fill our water bottles is great. With a house hold of 5 and we all drink bottled water several times a day.

  313. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    I love that it provides a family clear, clean hot or cold water all year long – hassle free. So helping a first time mummy to be a little more stress free

  314. Avatar of Barbara Arscott
    Barbara ArscottReply

    Good clean fresh water, you should see our contraption at home to get good clean water, from a ceramic urn to a drip water filter, to boiling…then its drinkable…….would love a Bibo, one unit, one touch compared to 4 units on the kitchen bench

  315. Avatar of Tegan Blayden
    Tegan BlaydenReply

    I love the fact it is well filtered, i myself and my little girl poppy love drinking water everyday, and would love to always have fresh clean water on hand. Especially in summer.

  316. Avatar of Ian Reed

    Endless cups of tea on demand. My kind of Friday nights in.

  317. Avatar of Tamar

    The fact it will help me reduce my carbon footprint on the environment by not having to buy water anymore.

  318. Avatar of Joanne scannell
    Joanne scannellReply

    As we are not on mains water we buy all our drinking water in bottles as our rainwater tanks are old and we do not trust the quality of the water. This. Oils save us some money and be drinking healthy purified water.

  319. Avatar of Cherie Maywald
    Cherie MaywaldReply

    Definitely love the hot water feature the most. I love my coffee and to not have a kettle as well as my water jug on the counter and just have the one appliance would be amazing due to having such a small kitchen.

  320. Avatar of Kate Langmaid
    Kate LangmaidReply

    I love the sleek designs and the fact it uses uv light to sterilise. This is such a healthy and efficient way to drink water!

  321. Avatar of Michelle

    The child lock, because we all know with kids that wandering eyes soon turn into wandering hands

  322. Avatar of Kristina S

    Getting rid of the tap water nasties. Part of the reason I buy bottled which this also solves. I have also heard bottle water isn’t good for you because it stagnant and ” dead water ” water that moving has life.

  323. Avatar of Rachel

    Love the safe clean drinking water and the hot beverage option

  324. Avatar of Veka

    Currently pregnant with my 2nd and living in a 2 storey townhouse makes me think that all new houses need to install BIBO. It eliminates so many troubles and accident of going up and down while pregnant or with a newborn. Literally mums new gadget.

  325. Avatar of Anne Maureen Scarff
    Anne Maureen ScarffReply

    Instant hot or cold pure water, no more plastic bottles, great for the family as well as the environment.

  326. Avatar of Deere

    Having clean water on demand! I am constantly filling the water purifier jug, the water jug in the fridge, the kettle, the mountains of reusable water bottles our family uses. With this i can have a cup of tea and water all at once, so much time saved, what every mum craves to have

  327. Avatar of Katie M

    I’m currently pregnant, dur on Valentine’s Day. I would absolutely love to have access to fresh, cold water every day to keep me hydrated throughout a summer pregnancy! I would be so ecstatic and grateful to win this prize 🙂

  328. Avatar of Tanya C

    Not having the kids open the fridge 38 times per day to get a drink of cool water? Love this product!

  329. Avatar of Corinne P

    Having hot boiled or cold water on tap would be amazing especially when we’re going to have lots of family around to visit our baby girl when she arrives! No need to worry about keeping enough in the fridge or having the kettle constantly on!

  330. Avatar of Lolo W

    The feature that impresses me most is BIBO’s energy and water efficiency, including the clever sleep mode. I admire and seek out creative products that are more beneficial to the environment while still offering practical day-to-day utility. Each time anyone in my family enjoys or warm or cold glass of BIBO H2O (or another drink mixed in!), will be a reminder to us that we can and must all play a part in ensuring the sustainability of our planet and our most vital natural resource – fresh water!

  331. Avatar of Hector

    Instant purified boiling (also cold) water, perfect for the guy who is so bad at cooking…he can burn water.

  332. Avatar of karina l

    Aside from the sexy colours it comes in, having the BIBO means having instant fresh water at the push of the button!

  333. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen StevensReply

    My favorite feature is the elimination of bacteria. I am a germ-phobic and this would put my mind at ease. Love everything about this.

  334. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola JamesReply

    The purified water that I can drink safely! I live in a small country town with town water that makes me ill, so I have to buy all my drinking water – really irritating.

  335. Avatar of Juanita

    I have a daughter and a Granddaughter in the very near future, and with me on Disability, saving money is the biggest priority in my life. I only drink water, and buy bottles of water as the water out of my tap is gross. Having the BIBO and the ability to access clean, fresh, pure water every second of the day without paying money for it ….would be life changing for me.

  336. Avatar of Debra

    With two tea drinkers and 2 coffee drinkers , I am constantly boiling water , and we pre
    Filter it atm also , this would be so amazing ! Filtered and hot already !!! Winning

  337. Avatar of Anna.E

    I’m a Sydney girl living in Adelaide. Have you ever tried Adelaide water? It’s to only port in Australia that ships will not fill up with fresh water at! This would be a life saver! The amount of money, and time I would save would be fantastic!

  338. Avatar of Neva

    As one of many poor mummies out there, the instant hot water is an absolute winner. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a hot cup of tea so this incredible Bibo Water Bar would be an amazing new addition to the family!

  339. Avatar of TraceyH

    My go too anytime of the day…can’t ask for anything better!

  340. Avatar of Kristy Costello

    The fact that having purified water on demand would save me heaps yearly as my husband only drinks purified water. On the plus side it also makes my coffee and my children would love the ease of use functions also with being able to help themselves to water for drinks.

  341. Avatar of Pamela

    Love the sterilisation and purifying features, perfect for making newborn baby bottles up at any time of the day.

  342. Avatar of Rebecca E

    I love that you can make baby bottles on demand at the right temperature as well as purifying the water. I thought the item we bought to heat bottles up would be the best thing since sliced bread but it’s really not doing the job properly.

  343. Avatar of Tracey Dickinson
    Tracey DickinsonReply

    OMGEEEEEEEE!!!!! No more tap water brilliant, and no more filling my horrid office type water fountain that lives in my dining room, how bright and colourful is BIBO, this machine becomes everything all in one, a glass of water, cup of tea and the water is all at the right temperature. BRILLIANT BIBO Water Bar would make a wonderful accompaniment in my kitchen.

  344. Avatar of Gabby

    Wow!!I would so Love a BIBO especially with all that it does.
    Hot water on demand Awesome!!
    What I Love the most is how the BIBO elimates all the nasties out of tap water.

  345. Avatar of Lisa Devlin
    Lisa DevlinReply

    I love that BIBO can make hot beverages. BIBO, where have you been all my life? You are me would make a great cupple……………………………… of coffee that is!

  346. Avatar of Amy WilliamS
    Amy WilliamSReply

    It would have to be the COLD water. Every weekend I wake up and repeat the same words to my children “where is your water bottle, how much water have you drank?” The answer is usually “I don’t know and none”!!!!!! drives me mental!
    So if I won a BIBO the children could drink cold water to their hearts content and knowing it’s nasties free is a SUPER added bonus!!!

  347. Avatar of Kathie

    I’ve ‘bean’ desperate for hot water on tap to add to my coffee beans, every hour, because I have ‘bean’ suffering from No Sleeeeeeep.

  348. Avatar of Amy WilliamS
    Amy WilliamSReply

    It would have to be the COLD water. Every weekend I wake up and repeat the same words to my children “where is your water bottle, how much water have you drank?” The answer is usually “I don’t know and none”!!!!!! drives me mental! But last weekend I discovered they love COLD water!
    So if I won a BIBO the children could drink cold water to their hearts content and knowing it’s nasties free is a SUPER added bonus!!!

  349. Avatar of Alyce

    Easy access to water for my kids and a cup of tea for me sounds amazing! We use lots of Brita water filter cartridges each year, and use up space on the counter, in the pantry and fridge storing separate jugs AND the kettle. It would be great to have one filter option that offers all these options!!

  350. Avatar of Kim

    After my 9 year old burning herself and spending 8 days in hospital after a skin graft I want to eliminate any hazzadeds in my house.

  351. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    I love the fact that it would provide my family and our guests with clean, fresh and bacteria free water. It’s so much better for everyone’s health.

  352. Avatar of Suzanne C

    Wow, it would not only look awesome sitting on the kitchen bench my children could help themselves to cold water and my husband could easily fix himself a cup of tea! It is definitely going on my list of big-ticket purchases.

  353. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morrisReply

    This would be great for the Grandkids, always thirsty and this system would be perfect for everyone.

  354. Avatar of angela Charles
    angela CharlesReply

    I love the fact that there is hot and cold water ready to go. In summer both taps issue hot water and we have to chill water in the fridge. This would save so much space In the fridge and the bench!

  355. Avatar of Jodie

    The different water temps and the way it cleans the water

  356. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark AgapiouReply

    Hot water when i need kids always wants things at weird times this will help out with that issue.

  357. Avatar of MarloJames

    Clean, safe water!! My little man has been great at drinking water from the moment we’ve started but I worry about what he’s getting. A purifying system hasn’t been a viable financial option yet so just try not to think on it too much, trusting that if it’s available it mustn’t be too bad right? To have peace of mind on tap (pun intended) would be amazing.

  358. Avatar of Jon

    Love that you save money on bottled water and is easy to use when you are sleep deprived

  359. Avatar of Stephanie Roberts
    Stephanie RobertsReply

    Removing harmful bacteria and the convince of fresh, clean water ‘on tap’

  360. Avatar of Lauren Tennant
    Lauren TennantReply

    Apart from the awesome colours I love that the BIBO removes bacteria from the water.

  361. Avatar of Zoe Deignan
    Zoe DeignanReply

    I have a large family that love their water. Also not having to re boil the kettle a million times would be a life saver!

  362. Avatar of Sara

    Safe drinking water free from bacteria and impurities for the whole family

  363. Avatar of Sarah

    I love the idea of being able to constantly fill up water bottles and the hot setting and not to have to constantly boil water for my babies bottles.

  364. Avatar of Alise Headlam
    Alise HeadlamReply

    Clean and safe water. I live on a cattle station and have to put all pur water through filter jugs and then boiled. It is time consuming and exhausting. This machine looks like a life saver!!

  365. Avatar of Lauren Johnston
    Lauren JohnstonReply

    My goodness what an amazing machine. What don’t I love about it! Pure water without the yucky filters! No hot steaming kettle for little fingers to get burnt on. Pre selected water temperatures perfect for those cups of tea! A life changing machine!

  366. Avatar of Nadien Lavell
    Nadien LavellReply

    There’s no denying that the endless bottles of water we buy are causing a huge environmental impact, albeit expensive! As a busy mum and one who is very health couscous it’s important for our family to have access to clean and pure drinking water, preferably without the added bulk of a plastic bottle world.

  367. Avatar of Monique Hamilton
    Monique HamiltonReply

    With fingers up noses and dirt in mouths, I cant always control the nasties that gets consumed. Its enough to make a mum shut up shop, tie the tubes or take the manhood off her hubby. But at least with the Bibo Water Bar, i’ll be able to control what nasties are in the water. With the water sterilisation on tap I can also be confident if anything happens, it wasnt in the water. Or doesn’t it work that way?

  368. Avatar of Tracy Mackay
    Tracy MackayReply

    Love this cool, sylish appliance and love that we would have pure, clean water on tap for the whole family, whilst saving money , leaving less of a environmental footprint and being healthier.

  369. Avatar of MichelleDd

    Clean safe drinking water for the kids would be great.

  370. Avatar of Jenny Watson
    Jenny WatsonReply

    You can get hot and cold water from the same machine. No more stumbling bleary eyed to get a cup of tea to find that I have to turn on the tap to fill my jug, use the jug to fill the Water Filter, then pour the water from the Filter Jug into the Kettle, wait till it boils then finally fill my mug.

  371. Avatar of Davina

    Just the ease of use. Makes it so easy for baby-brained parents!

  372. Avatar of Iain

    This would be so great early in the morning, no having to wait for the water to heat up then it getting too hot then having to cool it down all the while with a crying baby in arms

  373. Avatar of Bronwyn Walker

    I love that it caters for everyone in the family…tea and coffee for mum and dad, cold water on a hot summers day for the kids and perfect temperature water for baby’s bottles!

  374. Avatar of Belinda

    What an amazing machine. What’s not to love about it! Safe and easy machine, Pre selected water temperatures that are perfect for those Baby bottles and perhaps a coffee or tea. It’s a life changing machine!

  375. Avatar of Sian

    Being rural the water is gross. Purified water would be amazing for our big family and im sure they would love it too.</