Get everyone out of the house, burn off their excess energy and treat the kiddies to a trampolining experience they will love!

It’s all thanks to BOUNCE and their Gift of Flight multi-visit jump pass giveaway.

We all love our kids. But sometimes  (okay, often), they can drive us a little crazy. And sometimes (okay, often), we could use a bit of a break from needing to be their constant source of entertainment.

Ready, set, BOUNCE!

BOUNCE Australia is the go-to venue for bouncing, tumbling, leaping and somersaulting fun. Kids can bounce off the walls (literally) and you can take a much needed break and watch the craziness unfold from the cafe. Or, you can get your workout for the week in (okay, month) and join the kids on the floor.

Bounce Australia Gift of Flight

Either way, you can expect an epic outing the entire family will enjoy. After all, bouncing is not only fun, but it’s also great exercise. Plus, it can be quite hilarious, especially watching your husband attempt a flip off the big bag.

BOUNCE venues include a number of different jumping areas. From the free jump area to the wall, there are activities to suit toddlers, teens, and every age in between. There’s also dodge ball and basketball areas, plus heaps of other activities to explore on the floor. Some venues even have a X-Park Adventure Challenge Course for an extra dose of excitement!

Thanks to BOUNCE, you can make adventure part of your routine with their Gift of Flight giveaway.

BOUNCE Australia gift pass competition

Each Gift of Flight multi-visit jump package (priced from $35) includes special socks to help you jump super-high, a MULTI-VISIT pass card to BOUNCE and a BOUNCE wristband to help your little jumper feel extra special. And it’s all contained in a special tin perfect for Christmas or birthday gift-giving. They come in three or five-visit passes, so you can pick the one that best suits your budget, with separate Gift of Flight packs for preschoolers and bigger kids.


Get the gift of an awesome, active experience this Christmas. BOUNCE and Mum Central have two BOUNCE Australia Gift of Flight multi-visit packages to give away.

Each prize package includes four Gift of Flight kits – three five-pass general admission kits for bigger kids (RRP$69 each) and a five-visit-pass junior jumper kit for preschoolers (RRP$49). That’s 20 FREE visits to BOUNCE for your family and four super-bouncy pairs of socks for each winner!

Make it a once-a-week, once-a-month or once-a-term family outing and bring the BOUNCE back into your quality time.

To enter, simply complete the form below and tell us what your family loves most about BOUNCE.

Win 1 of 2 BOUNCE Multi Visit Pass ‘Gift of Flight’ packages, valued at $256 each!

Want to know about the benefits of bouncing? Have a look at these 8 reasons to let the kids loose on a trampoline. 


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Bounce is brilliant for burning the kid’s extra energy – so they sleep really well after a big session!

    • Wendy McKeon Reply

      The 3 fs – Fun, fitness & freedom!! What more could you want?

    • We love everything about Bounce. Great fun & fitness for all. Plus great coffee for the mum’s

    • Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

      Our boys who are 2, 3 and 5 years old haven’t been to Bounce and they would ❤️ this

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      What I love most about bounce is that it is not just for the kids. The adults (big kids at heart) can join in on all the fun to. Especially dodgeball, which Is always interesting.

    • Christine M Reply

      “The most fun ever” announced my grandchildren , I enjoyed watching the sheer joy on their faces …….. Healthy and fun you can’t beat tha

  2. We have only been to bounce once because we had vouchers given to us as a gift we had so much fun the kids would love to go back but the cost for us is hard with 6 children. To win this prize would be amazing


  4. It’s a place for every member of the family. It’s keeping fit and having fun at the same time.

  5. Crystal Colee Reply

    It’s soooo much fun and great exercise! A brilliant day out !

  6. Since moving to a house with a yard too small for our trampoline, we love the chance to bounce again!

  7. We love Bounce in general because it’s fun for the whole family,we often go on Friday nights from 6-10 and we all join in.Dodgeball is our favourite,my 6 year old once had a whole basketball team cheering him on to win as it was him and one teenage girl left in and he won! he thought he was the best thing ever and was beaming from ear to ear

  8. Chantel Walters Reply

    It’s awesome for our 2 boys with Autism best therapy eva xxx

  9. Rebecca Forsythe Reply

    My 9 and 4 year old boys love this place always asking if we can go to the jump place they would love this for christmas

  10. Kayla Sibley Reply

    I love the fact that we can all enjoy bounce. There’s something for everyone in the family to do no matter what your age is!

  11. Angela Myers Reply

    Bounce, Bounce you are good for our house
    You keep our kids from cartwheeling down the halls and bouncing off our walls
    Safe, stimulating, unplugged fun.
    When its mums choice for a day out you are always number one!!!

  12. Mr 5 loves to bounce. Watching him jump higher, further and faster is what we love about bounce!

  13. I love bounce because i can join in with my kids. We always have a good laugh at my fails!

  14. Anne Renee Dirks Reply

    I’ve never been because I only just heard of the existence of trampoline centres out of curiosity late one night when my 3yr old son was jumping on the couch. I love Bounce because it will allow me an outlet to let my son jump on something other than my furniture (and unfortunately the furniture of his relatives also)

  15. Kate Slack Reply

    It is such a good laugh and its a chance for mum’s and dad’s to feel like big kids too!

  16. My family would love bounce as my 6 and 3 year old love trying new things. Loads of energy to burn off.

  17. Natalie Rose Reply

    Unfortunately we haven’t been to bounce yet as money has just been too tight lately but miss 6 has been asking for a few months if we can go as she’s heard from her school friends how fun it is. I know my children would have a ball there.

  18. We haven’t been to Bounce yet, but my twins have just figured out jumping and trampolines and they would go wild for Bounce.

  19. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    My boys just love Bounce! They especially love the Dodgeball but love it all really. The versatility is great and the new X-Park is a hit!

  20. The kids love bounce because I’m not constantly nagging them to slow down or calm down – they can go nuts!

  21. Michelle Ward Reply

    My kids have been to a few Bounce parties and it is just so well done – the kids are always so excited!

  22. Olivia Muller Reply

    The freedom of flying through the air, my youngest to oldest all love it! it suits all age groups, which is fantastic!!!

  23. Alex Trichilo Reply

    I love going to bounce with my nieces and nephews because they love practicing new tricks and burning off LOTS of energy! The best family activity!

  24. Having fun as a family, burning off some of the crazy energy circulating through my two kids, we love watching them learn new tricks and good exercise for mummy & daddy at the same time!

  25. Amanda Giffard Reply

    That they can burn off all their excess energy, push their limits and try new things and bounce as high as they like while feeling safe knowing their is a soft landing waiting for them!

  26. The energy burning is a big winner!! And the health benefits of physical activity.

  27. The children love to bounce as high as they can when our backs are turned even though they know if is banned on furniture. A venue constructed specifically for that is suitable for all ages and would be a wonderful family treat.

  28. Viny Vabriany Reply

    Fun for everyone because they have different areas/activities to choose from. Great to burn energy while having bonding fun time with family

  29. Melissa curgenven Reply

    In all honesty it gives me a break to sit down and have a well deserved coffee , while my 5 tornadoes have fun jumping. Sooo wonderful coming as i can get them straight to bed that night it’s heaven

  30. Love Bounce for our family. Young and old spending time bouncing around. The place is never over crowded or unsupervised.

  31. My girls have just been the one occasion to The Brilliant Bounce.
    They B obbed Outrageously Until None Could Exercise anymore!

  32. tash wright Reply

    we havnt had the chance to go as yet but my kids would love this. (shhh i would too )

  33. Teresa Clark Reply

    We have never been, but I’m sure that my boys would love bouncing the day away.

  34. The kids love the freedom of being able to go where they want yet the parents get piece of mind that they can see their kids at all times.

  35. Daniella Mavili Reply

    I ❤️ that my daughters have an amazing time here, constantly bouncing around and having so much fun all the while doing lots of exercise. Wears them out which I know means they enjoyed the time they have at Bounce

  36. Nicole marshall Reply

    My son loves just being able to bounce and bounce and bounce some more.

  37. Richard Harrison Reply

    Loved seeing my usually sedentary son running around and bouncing and getting sweaty and loving it!

  38. Megan Marot Reply

    My boys love to BOUNCE so high,
    Getting rid of their excess energy supply.
    They love the special bounce socks,
    Climbing the bounce walls non stop!
    They’ve been there to a party only once,
    And all they talk about is going back to BOUNCE.
    They drive me up the wall,
    Constantly BOUNCING through my hall,
    These BOUNCE passes would be our friends,
    Bringing BOUNCE joy that never ends!

  39. Michelle Burger Reply

    My kids love launching themselves onto the ‘big bag’ and having high bounce comps on the ‘super tramp.’ I also love bouncing with them but mostly I love how exhausted they are every time we leave hehe

  40. It’s so much fun and a great way to burn off excess energy – perfect for the kids!

  41. Louise Patterson Reply

    Bounce is healthy, screen free fun – and……it’s not just for the kids 🙂

  42. Kids can run around have a good time, meanwhile I can get fit and burn off some kgs.. its a great way for everyone to have fun together.

  43. All the different stuff. At home they love the trampoline but it is just as it is day in and day out.. Bounce has so much different gear they just love their time there.

  44. Claire Thrower Reply

    I love that my kids are entertained and burning off excess energy, my kids love that it’s like a jumping wonderland. They can go crazy and leap over meters of trampolines for ages.

  45. blake haugen Reply

    Bounce is not only fun, and healthy, my children get to meet new friends and so do I!

  46. Kylie O'malley Reply

    Would love to go there my son has way to much energy and definitely needs to burn it off

  47. There are big age gaps between my children but BOUNCE is one venue that keeps everyone happy. Great fun!

  48. Lesley Walker Reply

    No electronics, Bounce is all about keeping a family on the bounce

  49. Rachel Cocks Reply

    Great for kids young and young at heart
    our whole family loves taking part.
    jump, leap, somersault, we take flight and bound,
    A fun way to excercise we’ve found

  50. Anna Margaret Reply

    That it’s suitable for all ages, especially for the littlies in the quiet mornings 🙂

  51. My son loves to bounce bounce bounce. My daughter has just got the hang of jumping. It’s so fun to watch them develop and learn new skills

  52. My kids love bounce because there’s nothing better than trampolines!

  53. BOUNCE is the place where most of my son’s friend have birthday. It reminds me of laughing and good time.

  54. My family love the variety for all ages, the games, exercise and fun of bouncing for hours!

  55. C McCarthy Reply

    B urns kids energy
    O utstanding customer service
    U ninterrupted coffee break for Mum
    N ever too old
    C reative movements and jumps
    E xhausts them!!

  56. burning out all their energy and restoring all of mummys and daddys energy

  57. Emma Flanagan Reply

    My husband, the biggest kid of all loves flipping around all over the place. My baby loves to giggle and watch daddy being sillt. My neices and nephews loves jumping up on the trampoline and landing on their bottoms. And i love relaxing with a cup of coffee with no one hanging off of me!

  58. So much fun for the whole family. We can all jump, climb and be silly together. Quality family time is amazing!

  59. The kids go wild jumping til their hearts content and the youngest usually naps after burning all that energy best fun for them even I get to have a go

  60. An amazing energy packed fun day for a family with children of ALL ages. I have three in separate age groups and I know that all of them will have fun, and then they are exhausted and wiped out at the end of it. A friendly safe, environment. Thumbs up all round.

  61. My daughter loves Bounce because I can jump with her – it’s low impact so I can join in even with arthritic knees.

  62. Oh my gosh! Mr 3 would absolutely LOVE this experience. Thanks so much for the chance to win a brilliant bouncy adventure at Bounce!

  63. Dianne Childs Reply

    BOUNCE is a fun way to exercise as a family, burn calories, get fit and enjoy ourselves!

  64. Defying gravity while keeping active (not to mention tiring bout the kids) – what’s not to like??!!

  65. Maria Gillies Reply

    BOUNCE is a fantastic place, it enables people like my Great Nephew, Cooper, who has Cerebral Palsy, to exercise his joints by helping him improve his muscle tone and increase his fitness and balance.

  66. Melissa Turner Reply

    I love that the whole family can participate, exercise, and have heaps of fun!

  67. Master 6 loves the new x-park at our local Bounce. Apparently it is the ‘awesomest’ – high praise indeed!

  68. Larissa Plummer Reply

    There’s no better way for my kids to keep happy, healthy and physically fit. By going to Bounce my kids enjoy getting exercise and they feel like they are playing. Its difficult for parents to find a way to keep their childrens interest in physical activity that they enjoy.

  69. My kids love Bounce because it gets them out the house/yard but they can still be the active beings that they are, have fun, challenge them selves and try new experiences every time.

  70. mary moschovakis Reply

    perfect for two energetic and full of beans toddlers who love nothing more than to jump and bounce from everything… great place to us up their energy in a fun safe and friendly enviroment

  71. Susan Banyard Reply

    Having fun bouncing around, learning new tricks and making new friends, fantastic atmosphere with friendly helpful staff

  72. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    It helps children to leave the iphone or pad or even the Television and get ACTIVE.

  73. My kids have an absolute ball and play really well together at Bounce. Not to mention they’re exhausted afterwards so we get a break while they jump AND a break when they’re stuffed afterwards!!

  74. Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ We haven’t yet been to Bounce, but I’m certain it would be fun for all of us to have a go at jumping! ~

  75. We haven’t been there but I just know my boys would absolutely love it as would I

  76. I can’t tell you the best thing about bounce as I have yet to experience it, but it looks like such a blast high flying on the trampolines

  77. My kids love jumping and being active ALL the time… this will be a great “something different” for them to do!

  78. I love that the experience that you get at Bounce is something unique that you can’t get at home or the local park. I’ve watched my daughter have so much fun on the trampolines, and would love to be able to join her for a play date!

  79. not only is bouncing good fun, but it’s great exercise as well, to keep my son healthy and happy 🙂

  80. I love that whilst my 7yo can go nuts on the big kid stuff whilst my 3yo can play on the little kids.

  81. Our favourite thing about Bounce is our weekly Kindergym class – bounce time for little miss 4, coffee time for mum!

  82. We never been but miss 7 adores any bouncy surface, just ask the couch

  83. We love the fact that our whole family can enjoy Bounce. It’s a great place to go with family and friends, irrespective of rain, hail or shine.

  84. What I love the most about Bounce is that, unlike indoor playgrounds that restrict the age to 11, all ages can play. I have a 12 and 9 year old and the ages mean that it’s really hard to find an indoor, physical outing that they can both do together. I haven’t been to Bounce yet but my two boys have been through Vacation Care excursions and they loved it.
    P.s. coffee – need I say more

  85. Gwen Menzies Reply

    My little “Bundle of Energy” would simply love this. Lots of fun for Grandma and “Hurricane Harrison”. !

  86. Our daughter loves jumping and bouncing. Bounce allows me and my hubby to be like our daughter and just bounce happily away.

  87. Pamela Dark Reply

    It’s exercise that our entire family can do together, we have fun and it tires the kids out!

  88. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    We love bounce for its bounce factor. Every possible tramp to bounce your way around. Oh to backsault, backflip, Layout, frontsault our way down the long tramps. It’s a bouncers dream come true.

  89. Amy Camilleri Reply

    We love that it is an activity that we call all do together and don’t have to have any skills to have fun and a bit of exercise.

  90. cameron lucadou-wells Reply

    A glorious, energetic experience for the whole family.

    We bounce away anxiety, FOMO, road rage and exam stress.

    The secret to family health and happiness.

  91. Nicole Woods Reply

    We’ve only been there once, but I loved seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces and the joy that they felt. I also loved how exhausted they were that night! Haha.

  92. Have not been to Bounce yet but it has been on the ‘Must Do List’ for awhile…… looking forward to taking both my hubby and little man soon.

  93. We have been a few times and had my kids birthday parties there. So much fun for kids and adults. Bonus is used up lots kids energy so that bed time is a breeze afterwards

  94. Maree Gray Reply

    The kids love having their birthday parties at Bounce because they all have so much fun playing in the different areas and seeing who can go the highest

  95. I love Bounce because it’s entertaining,
    Keeps the kids from complaining.
    Jumping high and having fun,
    Gives some rest time for this tired Mum!

  96. Everyone can have fun – no matter if it’s your first time or your 30th! You don’t need any special training to get bouncing!

  97. Paige Yang Reply

    Bounce lets us feel free and relieve the stress. Jumping high while laughing out loud together is always fun.

  98. Go crazy on the trampolines. They are so much fun for all ages and very unique as this place caters for all ages in one location.

  99. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    My twin boys love jumping and burning off lots of energy.

  100. Bounce is amazing. The kids do things they wouldn’t normally do. My son is afraid of heights but he conquered his fear the first time he went to bounce. Proud momma moment.

  101. Natalie Matkovic Reply

    Bounce gets my son off his iPad – less screen time is always something to celebrate !!!

  102. Bounce is a wonderful place to spend some quality family time as everyone can get involved, have some fun and keep active too!

  103. Hayley Parker Reply

    They love bouncing and burning energy in a fun safe environment at Bounce.The exact same reason I love it too!

  104. Amanda Collins Reply

    Bounce till we drop.
    There s always so much room for everyone to bounce and flip and just have fun till the end.

  105. I have 5 grandchildren and am searching for school holiday activities for them. This would be great as their trampoline at home has just “died”.

  106. Gemma Gunn Reply

    Bounce is fun & excitement for all for kids – big & small!

  107. Jaydene Jusseit Reply

    My little man is slightly over weight and bounce is a great way to get physical and keep fit whilst having the time of their lives bouncing around and enjoying the trampoline land.

  108. We never been to Bounce before because the kids were too little but now it is the time. We would really like to try as bouncing is so much fun and makes you fit.

  109. Love bounce. All the kids have so much fun together. Parents get to join in too or hangout in air con comfort. Great time out.

  110. It’s family fun for all of us
    Dad chases kids, mum can show them how to do a backflip and at the end of the session we’re exhausted, full of giggles and the kids have got rid of their excess energy (and we all sleep well that night)

  111. What better way for my children to expel energy and have heaps of fun.

  112. cheerie murnane Reply

    Bounce is where the kids have so much fun with their friends, a great bonding time, can’t help the smiles, laughter and we will all get together and do this again as they finish with their play. Would love to win to take them again and the school holidays are almost here.

  113. The kids love that they can do something better than mum and dad. It’s a great confidence boost for them and loads of fun and sneaky fitness for everyone!

  114. AmaZing place for the entire family. My children love the extra springy trampoline mats & foam pita. Allows them to try different tricks they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

  115. I love it as the kids have so much fun and wear themselves out. They can see the difference a better trampoline makes to the tricks they learn on our worn out one at home.

  116. Nerys Lewis Reply

    We haven’t been to bounce but have been to places similar and love that my kids get to expel all their energy in a healthy way.

  117. As yet my family have never had the chance to go to Bounce. I’m sure there would be so many things they would love if we just had the chance. It will give the chance for us to spend quality time as a family while we all get to jump around and it would be like a second childhood for my husband and myself. I never had a trampoline as a child so this would be a dream come true.

  118. Lauren Barnes Reply

    A jumping day out where birthday parties are super fun, and the kids always sleep well afterwards.

  119. The kids think they are at Disneyland when they are at Bounce, they have an awesome time and I have a good break while watching them being active in a very fun enviroment.

  120. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    With 2 very active boys, bounce gives us a fun, safe environment T to burn off some energy while having a giggle too.

  121. Lovely big open space with a variety of trampolines and activities plus skilled staff who can give guidance

  122. The best thing about Bounce is that it’s fun for all ages so is something we can all do together as a family!

  123. To see the grandchildren having so much fun and enjoyment at Bounce,

  124. Everyone in my family loves Bounce. Except me. And my pelvic floor… thanks kids! 😉

  125. My daughter loves the staff. They remember her and play with her and she has the best time. Her favourite game is running along the trampoline while a staff member runs along the side racing against her. Adelaide bounce has fantastic staff members who interact and encourage the children rather than standing around barely paying attention.

  126. Cynthia Hudson Reply

    what do kids love the most? Doesn’t the question speaks for itself?
    I have never actually got to try it out because when i took my brothers i was 8 months pregnant so I couldn’t do anything but watch. I would love to go and try it out one day 🙂

  127. Melissa-Lea Meyer Reply

    My kids have been begging me to go to Bounce for probably over a year now and I just haven’t been able to find the spare funds to make it so this would be a christmas wish come true!. Thanks 🙂

  128. Michelle Byrne Reply

    We love everything about Bounce, the feeling of being free and away from everyday distractions. It doesn’t matter how good you are on the trampoline there’s always fun to have and the staff they are awesome with the kids.

  129. My boy is very active and turning 3, he’d go bananas with this!

    I’d love to do something special for him and see his big beautiful smile

  130. Having 5 kids 3 with a bleeding disorder bounce is brilliant for their joints, nice and gentle and soooooo much fun at the same time

  131. Andrea Davis Reply

    We love that I don’t have to worry and tell the kids to be careful as Bounce being purpose built, safety is taken care of.

  132. Kylie hensler Reply

    Bounce is a great place for my boys aged 6, 8 and 12 to burn off energy with my 6 year diagnosed with adhd snd my 8 year old has autism its hard to take them on outings unless its fun and they love bounce its the one place they enjoy

  133. Mandy Smith Reply

    We love that Bunce is a great way for the family to exercise while having fun at the same time.

  134. Kim johnson Reply

    It’s great for all ages and is great to get any excess energy out of the little ones. Also a good source of exercise.

  135. We love Bounce as it’s a super fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

  136. Bounce is a fantastic day, kids have a ball and totally wears them out so they sleep well that night.

  137. Bounce is not only fun but it helps improve kids coordination, balance and muscle development. It’s also a great way for the kids to be social and make new friends.

  138. Kathleen Usher Reply

    Love that it’s suitable for all ages, and of course the coffee shop!

  139. Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    We haven’t been to bounce, but my little one loves trampolines, bouncy castles and jumping on the bed… so I’m sure she’ll jump for joy if we win…

  140. Trudie Long Reply

    We dont have a trampoline at home so my kids love going to Bounce to have fun practicing their jumps and flips!

  141. My boys love bounce, it’s a great family day out. They are loving the new ninja park set up. And everyone can get out on the trampolines – all the kids and mum and dad too.

  142. My grand daughter loves her mini tramp. But when my daughter and son in law have taken her to bounce, she goes wild and loves it. It’s good watching them too. I get to sit and enjoy a coffee while they have fun 😀

  143. All three of our kids would love this! one of the twins visited with a friend and can’t wait to go back would love to be able to take the whole family to enjoy

  144. Stacey adey Reply

    They love the freedom of flight and being free that trampolines bring

  145. I like that it’s a workout for all of us while having fun together as a family. I sweated so much but loved every second of it – so did the kids! We’d love to go back:-)

  146. We love bouncing our way into fitness. Exercise can often be a drag, but not at BOUNCE.

  147. We used to live right next to a trampoline park back in NZ so to us, BOUNCE is a little bit of home!

  148. We’d love to try bounce, we have actually never been but talk about it every now and again

  149. Nikki ketelaars Reply

    My son and daughter loved all the different areas. It’s a great fun way to exercise and get out of the house. Would love to show my 3 step daughters how fun it is! They’ve never been.

  150. Kristy-Lea Fraser Reply

    Bounce is awesome because it burns the kids extra energy whilst they (and me) get exercising without realizing.

  151. Jane Harris Reply

    Bounce puts a smile on all the family’s faces. From youngest to oldest we can all enjoy the jumptastic fun. It sleighs as a fun day out; not only at Christmas but all year round.

  152. The joy in her eyes at simply jumping up stairs,I can only imagine how toddler Ruby would love to “Bounce”

  153. Katherine F Reply

    Just the sheer joy of bouncing with absolute freedom as opposed to at home jumping on the baby trampoline we have 🙂

  154. The names says it all…. my littlie and his friends love to bounce!

  155. Netnonymous Reply

    Watching my daughter soar feeling carefree. Bounce without bounds!

  156. Judith Senese Reply

    Cliff jumping,
    Wall walking
    So many great trampolines to try.
    Dodging balls,
    Slam dunking
    Even pushing yourself to the Xtreme while having a bouncing great time.
    So much fun to be had
    Even legs feel like jelly,
    But most of all, hearing my sons laugh and smile makes Bounce the best.

  157. What’s not to love about Bounce! My two just love to go crazy bouncing about having a blast. If we want we can all do it or us parents can just watch the kids have a blast. Love it!

  158. Bounce is amazing ! It’s great fitness and fun for all ages , my kids would live there if they were allowed! To be honest so would me and my partner ! Bring it on .

  159. Melanie McVey Reply

    My husband takes our two kids every Monday for their day out with daddy! This would be a fantastic gift to share with their cousins to join in some fun too.

  160. The kids love bouncing, and it’s a REALLY good reminder for me to keep up with pelvic floor exercises!

  161. My kids and I love bounce. It’s great for fitness and some quality time together away from technology.
    It’s something different and goes for a perfect amount of time….just enough to start wearing them out.

  162. Laura Scriven Reply

    We haven’t been at all,
    But it looks like a ball.
    To take out the cousins all together,
    When outside is yukky weather.

  163. Alison Hillier Reply

    I love watching my daughter do her flips and tricks and love watching my son burn some energy!

  164. Jessica Camilleri Reply

    The family loves Bounce because my son gets tired and we have a peaceful night at home!

  165. Glenn Hopley Reply

    Bounce provides great energetic fun… and we all love it.

  166. We love the different areas to bounce in, and how it is a great physical activity for the kids.

  167. Samantha brown Reply

    We have never been to bounce and I have 3 boys, I would love to take them over Christmas! Have heard some great reviews

  168. Bounce gives me a guilt free break, while building my children’s confidence to take risks and learn how to jump correctly and supporting their physical and cognitive development at the same time! Bounce is a safe way to BOUNCE and use up energy in a constructive but super fun way.

  169. Great family day out with my 4 kids and 12 grand kids. It’s a favourite catch up place and a wonderful celebration (usually kiddies birthdays)venue to have a party.

  170. I honestly don’t know as this would be our first time to go! But it sure looks fun, for absolutely everyone!

  171. I have a very energetic daughter and this is one place I can take her that she can safely exhaust herself!

  172. My kids love the ball games, jumping pit, climbing the steep walls and bouncing off the walls- basically they would say everything about Bounce rocks!!

  173. all of the fantastic activities – it is a joy to bounce your cares away on a trampoline

  174. The amazing confidence it provides children as well as the fun through learning and exploring and of course jumping

  175. michelle fay Reply

    My kids just love to jump, somersault and play games and they just love bouncing on trampolines together

  176. victoria mcquade Reply

    Bounce away till they cant bounce anymore. Great activity in the holidays when they need to burn off some energy. Kids love it

  177. Such a fun, easy way to keep fit and enjoyed by the whole family! 🙂

  178. It’s a great sensory experience for my autistic son, in a safe environment.

  179. The freedom to jump and bounce and dance and be free in a safe and really fun environment. Excellent for kids and big kids at heart, keeps us fit and healthy and a great family activity.

  180. Georgia Stanton Reply

    The kids use up so much energy, great for fitness & they have so much fun

  181. My kids love bouncing on the bed. I love them getting to work off all their energy at Bounce on the trampolines and doing somersaults too.

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