WIN: A Huge Goliath Games Pack Loaded With All Your Favourites


Imagine winning a truckload of great games for the entire family! And games that suit kids of all ages and stages! 

It’s completely possible, thanks to Goliath Games and Talkin’ Toys which have family fun games valued at $280 to give away to two lucky Mum Central families.

Our friends at Goliath Games and Talkin’ Toys are celebrating school holidays with an epic toy and games giveaway.

Here’s your chance to claim one of these coveted prize packages and bring the family fun to the next school holidays, birthday or rainy day!

So say goodbye to the “Mummmm, I’m bored!” And bring on the toys and games! 

pop the pig game goliath games

What can you win?

The pack includes toys and games for children of all ages, ensuring family fun for everyone, from preschoolers to adults. Each prize pack includes:

  1. Pop the Pig – Get ready for some pig popping fun with this silly and suspenseful game that kids can play on their own (hooray!). It’s great for lots of little ones and suited to the younger crowd (ideally four and up).
  2. Rubik’s Race – Get the adrenaline running with Rubik’s Race, a fast-paced and addictive game perfect for two players, ages five and up.
  3. The Rubik’s Cube – Every kids needs a Rubik’s Cube. And here’s your chance to nab one!
  4. Rubik’s Battle Cards – Another great one for puzzle lovers, these Battle Cards provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.
  5. Pass The Pen – Draw before the pen tip disappears! It’s challenging and creative at the same time.
  6. Shark Bite – Another great one for little ones, Shark Bite lets them catch a sea creature in their living room. No fishing equipment (or stinky bait) needed.
  7. Loaded Lemons – Another unique addition to the board game cabinet, Loaded Lemons brings the element of surprise and adventure to the table.
  8. Guinness World Records Challenge – For families who love facts (me me me!) this one is a massive winner. Test how much you know about Guinness World Records and demonstrate some nifty record-breaking skills.

shark bite goliath games

Games galore and so much more!

As one of the only remaining family-owned and operated businesses in the world of toys and games, the team at Goliath Games and their friends Talkin’ Toys (the coolest online toy show) LOVE connecting families through good ol’ fashioned board games.


Take advantage of this awesome prize and enter today!  For more gaming fun, head to Talkin’ Toys’ YouTube channel to see these games in action.

Simply fill out the form below and subscribe to their YouTube channel to be in the running to win!

Fill out my online form.

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  1. Avatar of bree

    keeping young minds constructively entertained when its raining outside

  2. Avatar of Janetf

    Keep my grandsons busy give nanny a rest but if course I join in

  3. Avatar of rebecca foster
    rebecca foster Reply

    Great for anytime of the year but especially in Winter here in cold old Tasmania

  4. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker Reply

    Family game night there’s nothing we love more,
    Gathered together sprawled out on the floor.
    The littlest one always wants to win,
    But Dad’s competitive the moment it begins.
    Any and every game we’ll play,
    To find a new favourite it’s the only way.
    We’ve had our eye on Pop the Pig,
    Watching his stomach get so big!
    Shark Bite looks rather tricky,
    Sure to get in a situation that’s sticky.
    Pass the Pen and Loaded Lemons look a lot of fun,
    I’m sure would be loved by everyone.
    Rubik’s cubes have tortured me for years,
    This battle game envokes a lot of fears.
    Guinness World Records are always great to see,
    The winner of these challenges I’d love to be.
    Hours of family friendly fun,
    Even then we’d only have just begun.
    Thank you Mum Central for this awesome prize,
    Excellent content and generous size!

  5. Avatar of Peta Saunders
    Peta Saunders Reply

    Family fun nights every Saturday will be ham packed with endless fun and laughs with these amazing games…wonderful treat!!

  6. Avatar of Kayla

    The idea of bringing family games might into my soon to be family will be a highlight. So many fun memories I wish to create with my own children

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