Kids and Weddings: The One Rule Making This Mum Furious

Weddings can bring out the best in some people.

They can also bring out some real a-hole behaviour, according to this new mum.

After shelling out more than $7,000 on airfares to fly her family from the UK to Australia for a cousin’s wedding, mum Ashley got an unexpected shock in the mail. Turns out her five-month-old baby isn’t invited.

kids and weddings

“The invite said no children. I flagged that they really should have mentioned this before I bought the flight.”

The mother took to the Netmums forum to ask whether she was being a touch tetchy about not being allowed to bring her breastfeeding bubba along for some fruit cake or whether her cousin was being a gigantic douche.

“My cousin invited us to his wedding in Australia with 12 months notice,” writes the mum. “Sent us an email with the date no further info. My daughter is 5 months old. So my family said we would attend and we bought the flights. I chased for the actual invitation about 100 times and eventually it arrived 3 weeks before we flew. The invite said no children. I flagged that they really should have mentioned this before I bought the flight.

“Am I being unreasonable to think it’s a joke they cant make an exception for a breastfeed baby flying from England?”

We feel you Ashley. A 24 hour flight with a baby is one thing. Turning up on Aussie soil and having to find a babysitter. At the last minute? With jet lag? it’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Why kids and weddings don’t always mix

Kids at wedding are a contentious topic. Some love having them, some would rather ‘Macarena’ the night away without two-year-old Thomas poo-ing himself on the d-floor. But regardless of your stance, it’s the last minute nature of this particular ‘NO KIDS’ ruling that has us scratching our heads.

wedding etiquette children

And we aren’t the only ones. The responses came in thick and fast.

“I’d be furious too. If couples don’t want children at their wedding that’s absolutely their prerogative but they need to make it clear in plenty of time for guests to make arrangements for childcare or decide not to go.” Fiona G

“Omg! That’s ridiculous! You’re flying to the other side of the world…. I personally wouldn’t want strangers to look after my child. I’d be fuming too! I totally get the no child thing…. I really do, but this is definitely an exception. ” Emma E

kids and weddings

There’s no word as to what ‘Ashley’ ended up doing with her pint sized plus one. We kind of hope she took her along in silent (or not to so silent) protest. Weddings. What would they be without a touch of family drama?

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