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New friendships are formed and old friendships are tested in LEGO® Friends: Volume 5 – Emma’s Dilemma.

When the opportunity arises for Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, Andrea and Mia to enter a float-building contest to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Heartlake City, Emma is excited to share her float design idea with her friends.

Unfortunately no one will listen to her, especially Stephanie, who is becoming obsessed with beating her rival Tania in the contest. When Tania convinces Emma that she should build her sandcastle float with a different group of girls, Emma is faced with a tough dilemma and one that will put her friendship with Stephanie to the test. Will Emma be able to get everyone to put aside their differences in time for the big parade?

Join the girls in their latest adventure as they learn the importance of loyalty and trust, and use their creativity and imagination to make their friendship stronger than ever, with LEGO® Friends: Volume 5 – Emma’s Dilemma, yours to own on DVD from October 30, 2014.

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  1. Dianne Childs Reply

    I love how it keeps me son busy and engaged in creative play.

  2. Michelle Green Reply

    I love that everyone in my family, including my husband and daughter, love to play and create amazing things with Lego. It’s something that keeps us all amused for hours on end.

  3. I love Lego because it builds the childs imagination up and they love to spend lots of time playing with it.

  4. Lego is timeless. We have a big bucket of retro Lego at my Mum’s place that my brothers and I obsessively played with when we were young. We recently hauled the bucket out of storage and relived the wonder of Lego memories past. Now my little girls are making their own Lego memories and adding modern Lego pieces to our retro pile. Very soon I reckon we’ll need TWO giant buckets!

  5. Nicole Kent Reply

    That it provides hours of fun for all ages and it gets their creative juices flowing. I love seeing my kids imaginations at work and looking at what they come up with!

  6. Kids can use Lego to build up their very own kingdom with their infinite imagination, always tons of fun.

  7. Paige Yang Reply

    Lego can cultivate kids’ hands-on skills and as parents we can play it with them too.

  8. Chris Arthur Reply

    Lego lets the kids be creative plus they have fun while their learning 🙂

  9. I love how absorbed in the activity my children are when they play with Lego.

  10. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    It brings out the inventiveness and creativity in my children, keeping them enthralled and play acting with such concentration and happiness. Mum loves to join in too!!

  11. Once the lego comes out, I can sit down for a well deserved cup of coffee!

  12. Its the only toy when broken doesnt end in tears, They just re-build.

  13. Eva Kiraly Reply

    The fact that they are not going to sponsor the oil companies, and my kids can sit for hours making things.

  14. Everyone can play with LEGO, from littlies with Duplo, to teens and adults with Technic and kids in between

  15. I love how Lego can be a hand/eye & following instruction exercise or good old creative fun.

  16. Terri Todd Reply

    It’s great for all ages, something the whole family can get into.

  17. Jessica Ervin Reply

    Lego is a toy that never gets old and will last through generations

  18. RLRowberry Reply

    Lego is a building exercise, building the imagination, mind and fine and gross motor skills. Perfect for any child

  19. Jemma Hansen Reply

    Lego is timeless, great for giving kids a sense of accomplishment at building something. It also encourages imagination and creative play and you can never have enough Lego.

  20. Keeps little minds busy using their imagination, keeps them entertained for hours, my kids love it.

  21. I love Lego because it’s so versatile – the only limit is your imagination!

  22. Jenny Learmond Reply

    Its lots of fun and gives everyone the opportunity to use their imagination while creating their architectural and engineering masterpieces!!

  23. Kids use their imaginations and create some amazing pieces. Lots of fun for hours.

  24. Alison Henderson Reply

    Love watching miss 7 who has just discovered Lego friends concentrate, create and take herself into her own little world where she shuts out her 4 siblings and the chaos of this house!

  25. I love that Lego forces kids and adults alike to use there imagnation.

  26. Jodie Cole Reply

    I love how enduring Lego is – there are not many other toys that have been as popular for as long.

  27. Tabatha Marie Robinson Reply

    I love how Lego can stretch the imagination and one day be a house and next day be the Eiffel tower

  28. Johanne Stone Reply

    Lego will never die out. There is always some new adventure to build. It certainly makes kids to think .To be creative and imaginative is the key to a healthy child

  29. It is robust and stands the test of time and visiting children

  30. Leanne White Reply

    I love that is universal for both boys and girls as well.
    No matter what the theme is they all get it for hours.

  31. Natasha Andrews Reply

    I love the creative play and the fact it keeps my daughters quietly playing together for ages 🙂

  32. Jenny Newstead Reply

    I love playing with it as much as my kids! A great escape back to my childhood!

  33. Sarah Meredith Reply

    What’s not to love about Lego? Great to get whole family involved and the imagination is magical

  34. That it’s timeless for I was brought up playing with Lego and I’m 55 now

  35. Kristie Cubbin Reply

    Improving fine motor skills while making a whole new world!

  36. Lego is a great unisex toy and I love how creative it allows kids to be.

  37. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I love that no matter what your age is, we can all have fun playing and building with lego.

  38. Kerrie Lee Groves Reply

    The creative play, that it can build anything, only limited by imagination, while building on fine motor skills.

  39. shelbyward Reply

    Lego brings children, big and small into a world of colour, creation and endless imagination. Whether following a manual or playing freely, there are so many amazing, proud moments!

  40. Samala Cambridge Reply

    Our family loves Lego! I still have mine from when I was a little girl. It brings out a childs imagination, creativity and it is versatile!

  41. We love playing Lego, the imagination, something we can all play together. Building new things. Hours of fun

  42. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Lego brings about the creativity and imagination in children, keeping them healthily occupied as suppose to playing on the ipad all the time.

  43. Melissa Grill Reply

    I love watching my daughters imagination run wild with lego friends.

  44. Stacey Williams Reply

    Lego is awesome! I get to spend one on one time with each of my children building the Lego and then I can do the house work while they let their imagination run wild playing with the Lego. Love it!

  45. Tasha Beaumont Reply

    Lego is one of those toys that never get old. I love that they can create then re create whatever their imagination lets them create.

  46. I love that it’s an “out of the box” toy – it can be about structure and following instructions or it can be about creativity and imagination. It can be a quiet calming game or it can be a noisy city with lots going on. It can be a social thing as everyone loves Lego and can get together and do it or it can be something that they are happy to do on their own. It’s got something for everyone to bulid, create, and share.

  47. LEGO… terrific, timeless, across generation experiences. Not in anyway limiting to the construction creative mind. Even Great Gran enjoys LEGO play with the “littlies”.

  48. Kiera Raymond Reply

    My family LOVES lego, although there is an age gap between my children, they all find a mutual interest in lego. Miss 5, Mr 8 and Mr 13 all enjoy building it together and my Hubby and I also join in. It has amazed my how my 13 year old had adapted the way he uses lego for his age and I enjoy seeing what he can make using lego, little motors and rubber bands.

  49. We love spending hours together building and knocking down and building all over again 🙂

  50. Lego is such a fun and creative toy that everyone from the age of 1 to 100 can enjoy.

  51. Ruth Laker Reply

    The freedom to create a new space for the lego friends every time you play but there are easy instructions to build the one on the packet

  52. Charl Lowther Reply

    It encourages creativity and imagination and all ages can use Lego! We love Lego 🙂

  53. Creative and fun, we build and then play different games with our creations. We love also going to the Lego shows to see the amazing creations people can make.

  54. Wendy Hatton Reply

    It is attention absorbing and therefore a great quiet time, give Mum five minutes peace activity!

  55. Cassandra Hopkinson Reply

    Love Lego as it’s a great quiet time activity where children can be creative and use their imagination. And it’s the sort of thing Mum and Dad can join in on to and have some quality family time.

  56. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that it can keep children and their parents entertained for hours. It provides a great way to spend quality time together while learning fine motor skills and getting yiur imagination going with legos endless possibilities

  57. A construction toy that is built on generation after generation.

  58. I love it because it’s the only toy my hubby will sit down and play with our daughters. They need special one on one time with him and Lego gives us that.

  59. I love that you can follow the directions and build great creations or alternatively you can create your own marvellous creations

  60. Lets their imaginations run wild – our 5 yo has brilliant creations, and builds great fine motor skills for our 3yo who loves to stack big towers!

  61. Holly Smith Reply

    I love that my kids are able to follow the instructions and have a ball building lego!

  62. I love everything about Lego, it’s awesome, everything is awesome when you’re part of a team!

  63. whats not to love about lego, build and rebuild follow instruction or dont…. my kids great great grand kids will be playing with the sets we have

  64. Erin Richards Reply

    All 4 of my kids love lego and I love that it keeps them entertained and using their imagination for hours

  65. Cherry Pountney Reply

    Lego seems to captivate my daughter for longer than any other toy, why wouldn’t I love that it keeps her entertained and intrigued for hours!

  66. i loved lego as a kid and now my children love it and it makes me proud to see them create things

  67. Lego rocks!!!! For all ages, all sexes all imaginations!!! You can be anyone in any world…your only limited by your own imagination!!!! 🙂

  68. I love the fact that it can keep both my kids quiet and amused for hours!!! I don’t like stepping on it in the dark though 🙁

  69. That what was mine is now my kids and they can pass it along too.

  70. stressless Reply

    Lego is timeless and is now being played with by the fourth generation of our family!

  71. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    The Creativity! Kids can make anything with Lego, using their hands and their imaginations

  72. Imagination… you can make and create even if you don’t have an idea what to do and yet you imagine and find yourself in this other world.

  73. My twin daughters absolutely love lego friends. Anything that keeps kids away from electronics and using their brains is a win for me 🙂

  74. Tammy James Reply

    Lego is the best because you can play it at any time day or night… it brings families together and has done so for many years. My lego was passed from my sister to me, then back to her for her kids, now back to me for mine… my partner and i love getting into it with 2 of our 3 children (ones not old enough yet, but mr 7 and miss 2 are) and rightfully so, love it.. best toy ever and if treated right, last many many years

  75. Danielle Raper Reply

    The versatility that can be found by using your imagination you can make anything with lego!

  76. Claire Hipkins Reply

    In our house we love lego because it broadens imagination, encourages fine motor skills and is one of few toys that remains popular over time and through different ages. My husband is as keen to play lego as my kids, and because of that they play together. The quality is unmatched, it can be played outdoors as well as in and the options are limitless.

  77. Utilises the imagination, fine motor skills, problem solving (coz it won’t work if the piece is a row out of place! lol)
    My daughter is in love with her lego & I love playing with it with her.

  78. amandagorton Reply

    I love the new Lego themes always being released, it is what keeps Lego modern and a favourite toy among every generation.

  79. Lego really is awesome and provides entertainment and learning for all ages!

  80. Joanne sampson Reply

    The ability it gives kids to use there imagination to build anything

  81. I love LEGO because it appeals to young and old, and encourages creativity. You also only need to purchase it once and it provides years of use – even being passed down from generation to generation and added to over the years. It’s also educational, accessible to everyone and brings the family together providing pleasurable memories for years to come.

  82. LEGO is universal, crosses all age ranges and doesn’t go out of date 🙂

  83. The only limit to what can be built is your imagination! And your supply of lego bricks 😉

  84. Samantha Mcdonald Reply

    I love lego because it encourages kids and adults to get creative.

  85. Mandy Seeger Reply

    It’s timeless, it’s been enjoyed by adults & kids for many years & will continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

  86. Sarah Kuno Reply

    Lego builds imagination, motor skills, hours of entertainment and it drives mum crazy. Little pieces are scattered in every corner of the house and Really hurts to tread on.

  87. natalie bean Reply

    Anything that can keep my son busy is awesome in my books! Lego does just this 🙂

  88. Bec Cronin Reply

    I love that it is timeless, love watching my kids play with the same Lego their Dad played with as a kid!

  89. Justmetina Reply

    My children still reminisce about their Lego and the tradition continues with their children. Hours of imaginary fun, creativity and laughter surround these little blocks of joy

  90. Narelle Rock Reply

    I love that it doesn’t break easily, well worth the money because it will last for decades and you can keep passing it down through the generations.

  91. Laura Scriven Reply

    It’s timeless quality every time,
    And the quietness that results is just divine!

  92. Lego has been around for years, I remember as a child playing with my lego and now I can watch my children enjoy the fun to be had.

  93. I loved Lego when I was a kid, now my daughter is just starting to enjoy it too, its great watching her build and then play with it, but lego is so much better now

  94. Nerys Lewis Reply

    I love that it has now become versatile for both girls and boys and is no longer seen as a toy for boys. Let the creative imaginations run wild.

  95. Krystal Ovenden Reply

    Its now made for girls!!!! Keeps my daughter busy for hours

  96. Tanya Davis Reply

    I love the fun that my son has with it, it brings endless hours of entertainment and joy for him, and for me that’s perfect.

  97. St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    Lego is timeless and endless suitable for kids and big kids alike. It’s only limited by imagination and grows along at all stages of development.

  98. Lego provides my kids hours of build and re build fun! Lego friends are great for my daughters.

  99. Laura Bamford Reply

    Lego has lasted decades and is just one of those things that kids of all ages love. My boys spend countless hours making all sorts of creations with Lego, some of which was mine as a child.

  100. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Love the imaginative fun, the creative side that comes out. Lego is fun but also helps kids with skills , love that it provides hours of fun

  101. Julie Cooper Reply

    It can be as structured as you like (following the instructions) or imaginative as you like (free build). It’s all up to the child or the parent!! lol

  102. Claire Thrower Reply

    It is sensory play and lets kids use their imagination, it’s not only the building but also the role playing after it is built, love Lego and so do my kids.

  103. kerrie2809 Reply

    Lego is timeless, great for all kids and adults too. Can never get bored of Lego.

  104. I love the versatility of lego. Your imagination is the limit. And there is no age limit to lego. Always fun no matter how old you are 😉

  105. Elisha Kenyon Reply

    it gets them using their minds and hand instead of them being glued to an ipad

  106. britishstorm Reply

    Its use for developing imagination and also as an instrument of torture.. yep I have trod on them!

  107. April Robinson Reply

    Keeps the kids quiet…. For a few minutes at least…. 😛

  108. Carly Grace Smith Reply

    I love that it’s suitable for such a range of ages (including adults!).

  109. Mandy Mason Reply

    I have been obsessed with Lego since I was a kid – and now I am loving that I can share that obsession with my kids – I find it’s a great way to spend time together enjoying something we all love to do!

  110. Andreas Koepke Reply

    I love the freedom it gives, it really teaches you how to imagine and visualise things. Plus it is fun, even my 3 yo loves playing with it.

  111. Isabeau Jane Reply

    I love that the options are only limited by imagination and you never grow too old for lego!

  112. Claire Bansagi Reply

    Hours of entertainment for all ages and best of all… quiet time!

  113. I love that it is timeless… I played with it when I was a kid and now my kids are playing with it! Plus, it’s heaps of fun!

  114. Everything! Lego was huge when i was young and it’s amazing that my kids get to enjoy it! Hours of fun, unlimited imagination of what to create & perfect for all ages 😉

  115. it’s durable, so when children crash tackle the castle that you’ve been working on for countless hours it survives! as opposed to mum’s resolve to keep building something that will fall every….single….time…..

  116. Teena Ryder Reply

    We love the family time spent building lego and simply playing in an imaginative world. Loads of fun.

  117. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    My girls get to play and build together and make lovely memories and make different things every time.

  118. My son loves it and surprises us with all the different things he makes..we have lots of fun building together:)

  119. Kristina Bradford Reply

    I love the hours of fun that Lego provides with endless creative opportunities for young and old minds alike.

  120. Jodie Stephenson Reply

    Our house love the challenge and entertainment. I even have my own lego sets 🙂

  121. Karen Viller Reply

    I love love that Lego is a creative play thing and can be a solo or sibling and friends activity 🙂

  122. Ilonka Bruce Reply

    Love that it enables children to be creative and it keeps them busy for hours

  123. Deb Cameron Reply

    Lego engages my grand children in creative and problem solving play.

  124. leanne veivers Reply

    lego has grown up with myself and my children and we are all still loving it

  125. Julia Parker Reply

    You are never too old to play and create with LEGO…that’s what I most love about it!!

  126. Lego keeps the kids entertained for hours, keeping their minds active while learning and being fun.

  127. Courtney Brideson Reply

    Endless hours of entertainment only limited by their imagination!

  128. Love all Lego its fantastic for fine motor skills developing, social skills, creativity and learning through play!!!

  129. Monique L Brown Reply

    That it opens up my childrens world to creativity. Something that is lost today with all the modern technology that’s on our markets!

  130. Joanne Deane Reply

    It helps children creatively and improves their fine motor skills, all while having fun!

  131. Katy Bindels Reply

    I love the hours of play my kids have with Lego. They are learning and developing so much playing with Lego without even realising it!

  132. Mindo K Mamanya L Reply

    Open ended play/game that can boost imaginations and creativity

  133. Lego is timeless – I have kept all the Lego for my grandchildren (when I get some!)

  134. Tess Howard Reply

    The pure creativity! My kids love making their own creations and its great!

  135. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Lego is timeless. I still have mine from when I was a whipper snapper and still love playing with it.

  136. Crystal Adams Reply

    lets the kids use their imagination and their hands to create tangible villages, vehicles, people and places

  137. Chris Hogeboom Reply

    Its great for creative play and stimulates childrens minds

  138. Nicola Philp Reply

    keeps such a wide range of ages busy when I really need time to get jobs done – so much better than screen time!

  139. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Great fun for everyone in the family no matter what age 🙂

  140. Mel okimoto Reply

    I love how much my husband and daughter enjoy doing lego creations together and the design skills she is learning

  141. Samantha Fyfe Reply

    Lots of fun for me and my girls….we love spending hours constructing Lego!

  142. It gets children away from the computer and actually creating something.

  143. Justine Liane Reply

    Lego encourages children to be creative, to think outside the box, and they just love it!

  144. Judith Senese Reply

    Keeps my sons entertained, while getting them to use their imagination, sharing and working together.

  145. Birgitta Norberg Reply

    That it does not matter what age you are at , Lego is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  146. My kids will play with it for hours. It is so much quiteter when they are focusing on their creations. If only we had more lego…

  147. I love playing it with the kids, we build all sorts of things and have heaps of fun!

  148. We love lego because it encourages creativity, teamwork and engages the children for hours without requiring a screen!

  149. Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    It teaches the kids to use their imagination and creativity while learning

  150. Anna Rowan Reply

    We bought lego Friends for the first time yesterday for miss 5. She was very excited, made all herself following instructions and in 20min showed me the result smiling happily. I loved that she completed this small challenge and became a bit more confident – thanks to amazing lego!

  151. I love LEGO because its fun and creative whilst being educational and a great learning material. Still hurts when you stand on it though!

  152. rebecca agnew Reply

    I love lego for my family as LEGO promotes creativity, educational and fun play. Lego is AGE defiant and we play together as a family all of the generations.

  153. Jacoba Evans Reply

    Lego is fun and creative for children and adults. A fantastic way for the family to spend time together discussing creative options.

  154. Lego lets the imagination run wild. its fun, interactive and addictive.

  155. My nephew Taj is one of those boys who needs that extra bit of support and encouragement when trying or doing new things. He got his first Lego at around 4 and has never looked back. From the very beginning he could follow the instructions and look at the picture and needed very little help. He has now completed several big structures independently and continues to love it. I love that it has allowed him to be creative but also makes him feel good that he is accomplished something special.

  156. Lego just keeps getting better. i had it, my children have it and I hoping the grankids love it 🙂 its so much fun and the family can play together.

  157. jody buhagiar Reply

    Lego is a timeless toy that keeps getting better every year. I dont think its just for kids 🙂 lol

  158. Becky Downey Reply

    It’s something you can do alone or together, and it fuels the imagination

  159. Jan O'Bree Reply

    Lego keeps children busy for hours and brings out their creativity! Great fun for all ages, ( adults included).

  160. Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    Kids of all ages (even those adult kids) love it – it gets the creative juices flowing

  161. Cassidy Logue Reply

    It’s fun imaginative thing for my daughter to do and it also helps her with her fine motor skills.

  162. The enjoyment my girls get from creating; followed by some wonderful imaginative play.

  163. As a mother, nothing makes me happier than seeing my children connecting together by using their imagination and creativity – lego is perfect for this.

  164. My children creating something that’s not electronic! It also reminds me of all the fun that I used to have with Lego as a child!

  165. L ove that
    E ager when play time is here!
    G reat for development and keeping mind clear!
    O ne and only LEGO, our friend – very dear!

  166. its timeless fun, I played with it and loved it when I was little and my kids to do the same now!

  167. Alisa Peterson Vernon Reply

    Love that Lego can keep the kids busy and in the one spot long enough for me to get the rest of the house clean and sometimes even long enough to have a cuppa as well.

  168. Dean Brandt Reply

    I love that LEGO is timeless.I love that its virtually indestructible.I love that fact that no matter what age you are LEGO is still cool to play with.I love how creativity is harness with LEGO.I love how no matter who you are when you mention LEGO everyone has a story to tell

  169. Christiane Reply

    I love that the kids are entertained for hours and that they actually have to think while playing with Legos

  170. Ingrid Robertson Reply

    Love the Fact that lego transcends age, gender, ability and culture

  171. Jessica Pettitt Reply

    I love the way lego gets kids to be creative, it helps improves motor skills and is hours of fun and adventure combined into one basic idea 🙂 It is something that both girls and boys have enjoyed playing with for years and will continue to be treasured and passed forth to the next generation 🙂 Such a great invention 🙂

  172. Lauren Barnes Reply

    It allows me to lie on the couch when I am feeling well over due for a nap and put feet up while the kids play happily next to me showing me they built a tractor

  173. Renata Marchionna Reply

    It’s one of those things that almost anyone can do just because it’s such a simple concept, put the bricks together and create something. As with all things, it can get complicated, with sets out there to make the most amazing constructions, but it’s on your terms, you decide if you want to make a small table or the empire state building. You buy what you think your capable of.

  174. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that Lego can be used for all ages, it can keep children entertained for hours while stimulating the imagination and great for hand eye co-ordination.

  175. Its one toy that when you hear ‘Dad… its broken again’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lego can be rebuilt!!

  176. Emily Potts Reply

    It entertains the kids, the adults and the elderly all in one go.

  177. Kelly Arnold Reply

    It sparks amazing imaginative play – also fine tunes motor skills and problem solving.

  178. Natalie Stoute Reply

    Great for building imagination and it’s virtually unbreakable!

  179. I love that it’s one of the few toys that I actually enjoy playing with my daughter. There are only so many ‘tea parties’ a person can deal with!

  180. Caroline Kelly Reply

    The imagination, creativity and hand-eye co-ordination required to successfully build an object.

  181. Jo Harrison Reply

    Lego provides hours of creative play and there’s so much of it that I never run out of gift ideas!

  182. Karen Kazemmo Kitto Reply

    I love watching my kids and their friends interact and act out different stories.

  183. I love that my kids can make amazing displays from Lego, and they have to teach ME how to make a simple house!

  184. Ange Fletcher Reply

    I love that it lasts a lifetime – mum still has the lego we played with as kids and I look forward to my kids playing with it too

  185. Lego,

    Such a quality toy that I’ll never let go,

    Brings out your inner masterbuilder,
    Or instruction creator,
    It’s the one toy every child should have.

  186. Building something unique. Hours of individual fun everyone in the family loves.

  187. It keeps the kids entertained for ages and sometimes even the adults 🙂

  188. There a timeless toy been around for ages and will be around for a long time to come

  189. A toy that generation after generation brings families together

  190. I loved Lego as a child and now I can enjoy it with my children. Its timeless, so I look forward to enjoying it with my grandchildren in many many years to come.

  191. Lego stimulates imagination – whole new worlds come on show The lands created under the dinning table have sure set me kids aglow!

  192. Eden McGill Reply

    I love that it keeps my kids busy for hours at a time! So I can have a much deserved coffee break!

  193. Samantha moon Reply

    the fact that it keeps my kids engaged and intrested for ages and gives me time for a cuppa tea and a sit down!

  194. xxRebeccaxx Reply

    I love that there are no set rules with Lego – so it gives kids the chance to be truly creative in their play!

  195. Tracy Sedgewick Reply

    For all ages and both male and female, Lego is the true meaning of ‘creative play’.

  196. Nichole Mckee Reply

    Lego can be as creative as you want it to be…Imagination and Lego go hand in hand

  197. Lego so versatile, adaptable, is gender neutral and can be fun for all ages.

  198. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    i think i spend more time on the floor withe kids playing lego we have a small collection but with so many intricate pieces who needs big freinds

  199. I get such a thrill sitting on the floor surrounded by hundreds of lego pieces. Actually, I think I get more excited than my 5 year old but I love spending times like this with him.

  200. I love to spill them everywhere, rummage through them all to find the exact piece the kids want, then build a tower just so they can push it over, then pick up all the pieces on my own. Love it!

  201. Belinda Ban Reply

    ♥ LEGO proves that you don’t need batteries or power to keep children entertained ♥

  202. That you can put a piece of Lego from 25 years ago next to a piece of lego now and not be able to tell the difference.

  203. That you can create anything and everything and it all depends on how creative you want to be.

  204. Karen Sharp Reply

    I love that it is something that the whole family can enjoy together.With all the different Lego themes available, there is something suitable for babies right through to grandparents.

  205. Kerryanne Bourke Reply

    I love it that its something the kids WILL do together, they are so different but lego brings them together <3

  206. Kevin Kelly Reply

    I worked with Lego for a few months and saw how much kids really do love it and how imaginative they can be

  207. Elizabeth Mahony Reply

    I love the hours of peace and quiet it gives me while my children play and create!

  208. I actually love helping my daughter put it all togther its fun and it helps a lot with her fine motor skills

  209. Lego has been proven as the best toy to stimulate creativity and imagination

  210. Daniel Gardner Reply

    I like making houses and cars with ridiculous features, like rooftop gardens with helipads.

  211. Lego gets kids creative juices flowing, and gets their imagination going!

  212. I love that you can make something fantastic, take it down and then turn it into something else fantastic

  213. Catherine Clark Reply

    Timeless quality Lego the whole family can join in making masterpieces

  214. Julie Douglas Reply

    It’s both fun and educational. Love by kids of every generation!

  215. Faye Hannam Reply

    Lego suits all ages… from little tiny people to large and even old people.. Imagination comes to life once Lego is on the floor.

  216. kristysweeney Reply

    Lego provides endless hours of fun and is great for creative little minds 🙂

  217. Lego friends puts a smile on my girls face,
    She creates all sorts of things in her favourite place.
    Her playroom has lots of things to enjoy,
    But she tells me her Lego beats any toy!

  218. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    Lego is not just my son’s favourite toy but his dad’s as well, its quality time when they build together

  219. Lego friends is building a love for creating. My daughter has a lego friends city that is forever growing. Its bonding time between us both. I am the finder and she is the site manager and builder. Also the lego movie maker. A toy that lasts and encourages imagination and evolution.

  220. I love that I can leave my girls with Lego whilst preparing dinner, and come back to find Daddy building a car.

  221. Christine Thomson Reply

    It is a learning tool and allows children to use their creativity as well assisting their motor development.

  222. I love that it brings Daddy and daughter together 🙂 The competitiveness is fabulous!

  223. Kim Featherstone Reply

    I love that Lego brings out their imagination, nothing better than children’s imagination..

  224. Kirsten Maria Breeden Reply

    I love Lego because it is so durable. Out of all the sets I owned, and the new sets my kids have received, I cannot recall a single piece being broken ( even when you step on them in the middle of the night!). It is a timeless and classic toy that the whole family can enjoy together for years to come.

  225. Elissa Jane Reply

    I love that lego is so educational and fun at the same time. It encourages imagination and creativity. Lego is sure to brighten up any child’s world.

  226. I love lego because it hasn’t changed since I was a child. They might have new sets and colours but my old lego works with my children’s and we can play and create together and as we do we are creating new memories and revisiting old ones.

  227. I love watching my kids play with lego, they are so creative and the instructions are so easy even the little ones can create a masterpiece!

  228. I love lego its something that brings parents and children together for hours of endless play u can make all different ways amd so many more great for motor skills amd quality time

  229. Sheridan Miles Reply

    LEGO means Family Time! The only thing that gets my 5 children playing together! Even our 2 beautiful autistic sons get in and play!!!
    For this reason alone, to my husband and I, Lego is a blessing.

  230. Jodie Grant Reply

    Lego grows with you! I still have fun playing with it at 30 years old! It is such a timeless toy that your kids never grow out of

  231. i love that it provides hours of fun that lets kids develop their fine motor skills and imaginations

  232. melanie whittle Reply

    The freedom are creativity of Lego is fantastic and that all the kids have fun playing with it!

  233. Julia Mason Reply

    I love how TALL my kids can make a tower, knock it down town and start again!

  234. Corrie Pierce Reply

    L-Lego combines fun with learning,
    E-Energy spent creating masterpieces,
    G-Great bonding time for the whole family
    O-Outrageously imaginative and for any “child” of any age!

  235. Nina Prior Reply

    I love the versatility of Lego. It brings out the imagination in everyone, young and old.

  236. Sally Jones Reply

    Lego because learning is fun and you can learn so much. It encourages creativity

  237. The endless possibilities, the plans for following directions and the opportunity to recreated in so many other ways, creative play for all ages.

  238. Kimberley Mañago Reply

    Endless options to build and create,
    Anything you can dream of you can try and make.

  239. Kath Weber Reply

    Endless of fun for the whole family. Plus you can never get bored with Lego. You get to build your dream city

  240. Katrina Corbett Reply

    Lego is something we all do as a family and at other times its the reason why I get some “me” time.

  241. Katie Silvestro Reply

    Lego is something that all kid’s can play with no matter what there gender.

  242. Lego keeps the kids imaginations going endlessly to create different people ,buildings,animals and houses or what ever they want to build

  243. Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    Lego opens up a childs imagination letting ideas and creation flow.

  244. Rebecca Roffman Reply

    Lego is timeless! It can be enjoyed by the whole family. The conversations are amazing as you create special Lego creations. Not only are you building Lego creations but we are building special memories and moments with the kids…oh and mums baby brain gets a mental workout while I’m at it 😉

  245. Linda Cleary Reply

    It helps assist with kids fine motor skills and they can be as creative as they want

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