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WIN: Meet the phil&teds Smart Buggy – Practical, Clever and Value Under $500!

It’s easy to spot the first time pram buyer in a baby shop. Sometimes alone but often accompanied by an equally bewildered partner.

Yep, it’s a jungle out there, especially when it comes to choosing the right pram for your beloved bundle of joy. After all, you want to get it right. Unlike that plug-in wipes warmer that Fran from HR randomly bestowed upon you, the pram is one baby item that really gets put through its paces.


Whether you’re a Lorna Jane wearing sporty mama, planning daily power strolls around the park or an urban dweller whose walking plans extend as far as the nearest coffee shop, it’s safe to say that most parents will use their pram daily, often multiple times.

Finding your golden goose is tricky but thankfully not impossible thanks to the clever people at baby gear purveyors like phil&teds who just seem to ‘get’ what it is that the modern day mama (and papa) need in their set of wheels.


Here’s our top 4 reasons why the phil&teds Smart Buggy (RRP $499) should be at the top of your test drive list.

1. The Word ‘Smart’ in the Title isn’t an Exaggeration

Short of rocking your baby to sleep for you, the phil&teds Smart Buggy thinks about almost everything else and features the niftiest folding mechanism on the market. If you’ve never wrestled with a clunky-to-fold pram, then you won’t know the pain of the failed collapse. Add in a tired baby and a line of cars waiting for your parking spot and it’s safe to say that it can be one of life’s little nightmares. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. The phil&teds Smart Buggy uses a super simple foot fold that folds the pram in on itself instantly. No tabs to release or handles to find. Push, fold and you’re away. Genius.

2.  It’s Compact Without Compromising on the Essentials

A super slim 57cm width paired with one of the smallest folds on the market (leaving plenty of boot space, even in a smaller sedan) may make the Smart Buggy compact (perfect for narrow supermarket aisles and cute coffee shops) but it doesn’t compromise on all the essentials for making everyday life with baby that little bit easier. With a completely adjustable handlebar, light-to-touch hand brake, puncture proof 10” tires and all wheel suspension, the functionality of the Smart Buggy makes pushing a breeze. Add in the deep yet easily accessible parcel tray (which can hold up to 10kgs of baby gear) and the oversized, SPF50+ sun hood and you’re ticking all the boxes without even trying.


3.  There’s No Need for ‘Extras’ 

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying a buggy then finding out that it’s not going to be suitable for your newborn without a whole bunch of extra accessories. Not so the Smart Buggy. Featuring a lie-flat sling, the Smart Buggy can be used from Day Dot with even the tiniest new baby, without the need for an extra bassinet or carry cot attachment. For parents who do want to use the pram as a travel system, it’s completely compatible with the Alpha Infant car seat. There’s also the optional phil&teds parent facing soft shelled cocoon carrycot which allows the pram to be customised to your own seating alignment and preferences.


4.  It’ll Even Make Your Latte For You

Sadly we can’t confirm that this one is true BUT we can tell you that the Smart Buggy comes in a range of 4 gorgeous colour ways that will fit the décor of your favourite café perfectly.


We put the phil&teds Smart Buggy through its paces and it got an A+ report card. We especially loved:

  • The fold mechanism: So easy you could do it in your sleep. Or perhaps even teach your toddler to do it themselves (now that’s an idea).
  • The super narrow chassis: Perfect for tight city spaces and supermarket aisles.
  • The extra roomy parcel tray: It has the perfect depth for stashing all your essentials.
  • The oversized hood: Keeps the sun completely off your little rider.
  • Fail Safe Tyres: No more punctures, ever!
  • The kerb ‘poppability’: Making city expeditions so much easier.
  • The centrally located brake: No hunting around or trying to find it beneath the pram.
  • The colour choice: Need we say anymore?



Want to get your hands on your very own phil&teds Smart Buggy to put through its paces? Do toddlers like to paint with nappy cream? In other words, what a silly question! Of course you do! To check one of these babies out in person (in the colour of your choice (cyan, cherry, graphite or raspberry) and with an included cocoon in black) all you need to do is complete the entry form below in full, comment and tell us what you love about the Smart Buggy and you could be our winner!


Win a phil&teds Smart Buggy pram valued at $499

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  1. Avatar of Sue B

    Love the sound of that ‘kerb “poppability”‘, no more sudden stomach slams as pram meets immovable object …ie one tiny crack in footpath!!!!

    • Avatar of Jenny Mansbridge
      Jenny Mansbridge Reply

      Would love to win for my son and daughter in law who are planning on having their first baby soon – it is such a versatile pram and easy to use with wonderful features.

    • Avatar of Heidi O'Day
      Heidi O'Day Reply

      All this amazing stuff and pros, I can’t believe the price! Well done. These high functionality prams are usually out of the price range for people like me. I know a beautiful family who’s little one could ride safe in this.

    • Avatar of Catherine

      I love the easy fold mechanism, with a 13mo & a bub on the way this sounds extremely practical! Plus those colours, oh my gosh! Would love to be the proud owner of a cyan one to pop out from the croud

    • Avatar of Marnie Hope
      Marnie Hope Reply

      I love how easy this pram folds down and I can drive it through narrow spaces instead of hitting them all the time 🙂 Looking for a great pram to take away on domestic and overseas holiday later this year.

    • Avatar of Marika H

      Its practical stylish and smart the range of colours sets it apart, I would love a red one.

  2. Avatar of Kell

    I am a new Nana, and I am struggling with the big pram that my Daughter In law has. It is hard to fold and unfold, and lifting it in and out of the car is torturous. I really like the Phil and Ted pram with its easy Fold, and the ergonomically, adjustable handlebar. And it is light weight …..this is a Buggie that will last for All of my future Grandchildren

  3. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that it has a simple, foot folding mechanism. You should pick me because my niece, toddler and new baby would love to take this out for coffee and baby cinos. 🙂

  4. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclair Reply

    it such a stylish buggy, the foot folding mechanism would be amazing!!!!

  5. Avatar of Bry Ger

    Having just got caught in the rain with a punctured tyre, puncture-proof tyres sound amaze balls!

  6. Avatar of Dorana

    This smart pram is A+, easy to use, light weight and plenty of space for shopping. Our current hand me down pram is an F (not a smart decision), heavy, no storage and big! Help me be smarter with a smart buggy!

  7. Avatar of Jade O

    With my sister giving recenlty giving birth to number two, she has been on the look out for a a lightweight stroller with extra storage space, with an extra roomy parcel tray she can ensure she never leaves anything at home when she is out and about

  8. Avatar of Rae H

    A friend of mine has a Mountain buggy pram and I was surprised at how much easier it was to push than my current pram, and hers is a double! We have had zero luck in finding a pram that we like, and that the little one likes that I can lift in and out of the car (back injury). So for now the hunt continues, perhaps this will be the one?

  9. Avatar of Jared

    The foot fold mechanism will make it easier to get the pram in the car quickly. You should pick me because I’d love to try it out on my uncle-nephew days.

  10. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie Mason Reply

    What I love most is the super easy fold mechanism because I don’t have the energy for anything but easy, and just as importantly the fact that there are no extra accessories needed and it comes with a lie-flat sling for newborns

  11. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I love that it is compact but doesn’t comprise on the essentials, the pram I currently have takes up quite a lot of room in both my boot and sometimes doesn’t fit down aisles at shops. You should pick me as my pram has seen better days having being originally brought secondhand for my first son who is now 4 years old, I would absolutely love a new one to last me several years with my second child 🙂

  12. Avatar of Eleanor

    As a first time Mum anything that’s going to make my life easier is always a winner! The fact that it can be used as a travel system, is ticking all the boxes!

  13. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah Darragh Reply

    I love how compact it is while still having all the necessary features, especially that roomy parcel tray!

  14. Avatar of Yvonne Brookes
    Yvonne Brookes Reply

    I love that it is compatible with the Alpha Infant Car seat, one less thing you need to worry about. Lightweight and no punctures too, woohoo.

  15. Avatar of Monika M

    Puncture proof tires would be amazing as I’ve had to repair so many tires on my current and not so smart buggy.

  16. Avatar of Danzone

    The versatility of the Mountain Buggy + one keeps mum and baby happy.

  17. Avatar of Cindy Nickels

    As a new grandma, absolutely head over heels in love with my grandson, I love the ease of set up of phil&teds Smart Buggy, No more fighting with impossibly heavy frameworks and mechanisms in the carpark or having to go searching for that elusive button or clip to set up the pram. The beast of a machine we currently have is cumbersome and stone age….would love to be one of them up to date, modern grannies….

  18. Avatar of Jemma Bird
    Jemma Bird Reply

    With first bub on the way and arthritis in my hands this easy fold, compact pram would be perfect for me and my growing family!

  19. Avatar of Lisa summerell
    Lisa summerell Reply

    I love the super thin chassis. I love shopping in those cheap shops that always have super thin aisles so this is a huge win for me as well as the unpoppable tyres, im a country girl and we have plenty of grass and bindies. I would give a true and accurate review of the “best pram on the market”

  20. Avatar of Elke

    It looks amazing! The total opposite of my old dinosaur! I had to buy a 4WD to fit the thing in! Not to mention the struggles to push it!

  21. Avatar of Michelle

    I love the idea of the super easy fold and unpoppable tyres. We travel so much with our little one to visit Grandparents all around the countryside so both features would make our life much easier!

  22. Avatar of Megan

    I love how versatile it is! There are so many really thoughtful features of this pram, I was really impressed watching this video. I also love how compact it is despite it being a robust looking (ie: not flimsy!) pram. Boot space is at a premium when you have kids, there is nothing worse than the pram taking up all the room leaving you no space for shopping or luggage.
    I would love to put this pram through it’s paces! We do a lot of walking and would love to try this pram!

  23. Avatar of Rebecca

    My current stroller/pushchair is 9 years old, definately showing its age/wear & tear and is so big and heavy, its really hard to get in and out of the boot especially while holding a baby. I’d love a Phil & Teds Buggy (they are a super trustworthy brand) especially one as compact and easy to use as this one!!

  24. Avatar of Mun

    Watched the video and really like the idea that it’s smart and easy to use. The simple foot fold makes loading the whole family of 5 plus trolley full of shopping easier. The wheels of our current pram is falling apart….so the puncture proof tyres and all wheel suspension is a big tick for us as we love the outdoors! Pick us to be your owners please.

  25. Avatar of amie grech
    amie grech Reply

    this is awesome at least someone came up with a convenient and smart pram plus looks amazing would be awesome to anyone who won it. inc me

  26. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    The smartest pram for the smartest little angel to have the safest adventures even with Daddy at the helm

  27. Avatar of Luize Svikers
    Luize Svikers Reply

    I like the folding mechanism that easy to use. No more terrible fights when folding down the pram and getting it into the car.

  28. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply

    I love how easily it folds and the compact shape. My newest members of the family deserve to travel in comfort. Great for the parents too.

  29. Avatar of Jodie

    Love the foot fold mechanism! With a very active baby this will make venturing out on my own a whole lot easier!

  30. Avatar of Gaibrielle Affleck
    Gaibrielle Affleck Reply

    I love the easy foot fold. It would make life so much easier when juggling my 6 month, 2 and 5 year old.

  31. Avatar of Mel R

    Love the compact design with the smooth open closeability. Need somethinh easy enough for my primary kids to manage the baby in!

  32. Avatar of Emma NILSSON
    Emma NILSSON Reply

    Love it. Would make life much easier with a young family.

  33. Avatar of Tanya C

    The roomy parcel tray would mean that I don’t look like a pack horse when I take all of the kids for a walk to the beach or to the park for a picnic.

  34. Avatar of Catrina Barnes
    Catrina Barnes Reply

    So many features I love about it. The narrow chassis, my old pram I had so much trouble manoeuvring around some areas. The foot fold mechanism, would be so much quicker for outings out. This would be so much appreciated for my bubs to be.

  35. Avatar of Monica

    It’s been a long time since l bought a pram and am now looking for my future grandchildren, so this so modern and innovative. Love the easy of folding it away.

  36. Avatar of Emma NILSSON
    Emma NILSSON Reply

    I have two children with another hopefully soon on the way. We dont have a pram suitable for managing a newborn or toddler. This would make potentially my life easier for out growing family. Looks super simple to use, gorgeous design. Quick and easy to pack away is always a must when doing quick shopping errands of school drop offs.

  37. Avatar of Nic B

    The oversize hood is a big plus when taking little ones for a walk, especially in QLD. The easier folding mechanism is also great. Plus I love the colour choices.

  38. Avatar of Lazza

    The fact you don’t need to buy anything else, it comes with everything!!

  39. Avatar of Emma Robinson
    Emma Robinson Reply

    Fantastic fold, slick design and puncture proof tires… Every mum’s dream! 5 stars

  40. Avatar of Jaimi

    Simple foot folding feature, where have you been all my life! Have you ever tried to fold up a pram while trying to hold a baby, your handbag awkwardly over your shoulder, fumbling your car keys in your hand and trying to prevent your other midgets from running in the car park? I do all the time! I need some more PHIL & TED’s intelligence in my life. I’d feel like supermum! “In one swift movement…she closed the pram with ease”

  41. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea Hurring Reply

    Fail safe tyres. No punctures ever would be awesome. I love that feature

  42. Avatar of Heidi Wilkin
    Heidi Wilkin Reply

    This is such a nice looking pram and looks compact. What a great pram to be able to have

  43. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda Robinson Reply

    I love the eye catching cyan colour, easy fold and compactness. Also that it’s all in one not a separate base and attachments, it seems versatile and easy to use for busy mums!

  44. Avatar of Cat Whyte

    I love that the tyres don’t puncture. Im over buying new tubes all the time! Would be so handy when we have the next one!

  45. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman Reply

    Love that it’s small but mighty design does not compromise on features! My kids & lifestyle could definitely give it a run for its money!

  46. Avatar of Doreen Lim
    Doreen Lim Reply

    Love all the features of the pram such as easy fold, lightweight, big cover shade which is perfect to have with my newborn.

  47. Avatar of Kate Barrie
    Kate Barrie Reply

    Compact but still has great features such as hand break and puncture proof tires.

  48. Avatar of Kyra

    I love that it is compact but also big enough to accommodate form a newborn up to a toddler so I would only need one pram from the end of pregnant right up until preschool, I love that it has puncture free tyres, so I can walk and run anywhere we adventure too.

  49. Avatar of Joanne Currie
    Joanne Currie Reply

    I would love a more compact pram as my current one is big and bulky.

  50. Avatar of ang t

    love how easy it is too fold and the colours if i won i would give it to my friend who is a struggling single parent she is due soon

  51. Avatar of Kayleen

    I will be a first time Nanna in October and would love this for my Parents to be. Or for me when I babysit while there at work.

  52. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullen Reply

    I love that it’s narrow so much easier for shopping xo

  53. Avatar of Sue D

    I would love to win a buggy for my son and his wife who are trying for a baby, this buggy is chic and all it’s features are so great for a mum on the run, you need a light thin buggy, but strong for the abuse prams are put through, it’s great.

  54. Avatar of Danielle C
    Danielle C Reply

    I love the fail safe tyres. I’ve been caught out too many times with flat pram tyres! I also love the easy fold, small chassis and large basket. All things that are so underestimated when looking at a pram but absolutely essential!

  55. Avatar of May

    B: Beautiful design that’s
    U: Unbelievably lightweight
    G: Great style and perfect for everyday
    G: Guaranteed safe and secure. My sister has a
    Y: Year old baby so this is exactly what she needs

  56. Avatar of Melanie

    I love the saftey ajd ease of use
    Graphite, for my best friend who just found out she pregnant, utter shock, her eldest is 10 so though no more

  57. Avatar of Rachael Watson
    Rachael Watson Reply

    I love the how sophisticated and stylish this pram is. I never got to buy a new pram for bub number 1 because i couldnt afford it but this is a must!

  58. Avatar of Karin

    I love the way the smart buggy looks and that it has a newborn pouch in it already, also the 10kg parcel tray most prams don’t hold that much extra this is a fantastic Idea for the parents that like to shop or need to take home a few extra groceries.

  59. Avatar of Elizabeth kaminski
    Elizabeth kaminski Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the look and style of this and it has so many amazing features. As a 1st time mumma to be this would be such an amazing treat and a joy to be able to use. Such a beautiful way to show off a new bubba. I just love it! Fingers crossed!!

  60. Avatar of Jess

    I love the fact that all you need to buy is the pram! Most of the prams I have looked at aren’t suitable for a newborn and therefore you need to buy extras. I also love that it’s compact and won’t take up too much boot space which is a huge plus!

  61. Avatar of Alex He

    Love the kerb ‘poppability’. No more drama when pram meets kerb. I feel myself like a clown when the pram is stuck by the kerb.

  62. Avatar of Brydie baker
    Brydie baker Reply

    I just want to win a free pram. Already entered 5 competitions!

  63. Avatar of Gail O'Toole
    Gail O'Toole Reply

    Will be a great present for my son and his wife for their first child ,thank you.

  64. Avatar of Kristina S
    Kristina S Reply

    I love the super easy fold! It would make like with a toddler so much easier when putting in and out of the car! Plus it’s stylish too!

  65. Avatar of Natalie M

    A country town with curbs so high, streets with hills and rough tracks to get to school by. We need something light with durable wheels to take on the rigours that daily life deals. I’d love to look great while breathing fresh air instead of glowing red as I struggle to get anywhere.

  66. Avatar of Louise Hopper
    Louise Hopper Reply

    The practical way it is designed makes for a perfect match to the busy lifestyle of a young family xx

  67. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    The oversized hood. So rare to find a pram with a large hood providing privacy and shade. I’ve battled with second hand prams until now. I’d love to have an easy ride with my newborn in October and beyond.

  68. Avatar of Shell Cook
    Shell Cook Reply

    Wow! It seems like the smartest decision would be to invest in a Phil & Ted’s Smart Buggy, with its compact design I would be able to fit it in the car boot WITH the groceries instead of having to remember to unload our current pram before heading out shopping. Compact design makes travel, shopping and getting out & about so much easier. That really is a SMART feature for busy Mums!

  69. Avatar of Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson Reply

    i love the easy fold mechanism, it would make my life so much easier

  70. Avatar of Joy

    Loving the versatility. My daughter in law just found out she’s having a baby and I’m thrilled.

  71. Avatar of Christina

    The fold mechanism is very important to me as when you’re all alone and hubby’s not around to help you need to be able to fold it on your own while managing your child at the same time

  72. Avatar of Karen Smart
    Karen Smart Reply

    It’s so delightfully compact! It would make shopping a breeze! Beautiful colors to choose, easy to manage… it’s this Mumma’s dream pram!

  73. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Its so light and easy to use and fold away. I love the design and colours. Wow what a great pram.

  74. Avatar of Selina Hoyer
    Selina Hoyer Reply

    I love the narrow chassis.. Im not the best pram driver, and it certainly would help to avoid crashes and spills

  75. Avatar of Nell Hamilton
    Nell Hamilton Reply

    Five weeks to go This would be awesome. Five weeks to go and this would be awesome.

  76. Avatar of Donna Schafer

    Wow, these prams look amazing! I love how bubs can face you while you’re walking, all the features are awesome and looks fabulous!

  77. Avatar of Vanessa Fraser
    Vanessa Fraser Reply

    I love the sound of the easy fold and compact size. Especially with 2 other kids to wrangle and a baby.

  78. Avatar of cleo

    Love the ease and so compact and lightweight , would be great to take Oscar for strolls

  79. Avatar of felicity Turner
    felicity Turner Reply

    This would be the perfect pram for Nannys house. Light weight and not to hard to fold up. Perfect for an old girl like me. And perfect for my little 2 day old granddaughter Penelope.

  80. Avatar of Karen

    Where do I start I love the coulors the easy to fold the light weight I really love the whole things I have a big pram it’s so hard to move around this would be perfect

  81. Avatar of Trish W

    Apart from its delightful kerb-poppability, I love the Smart Buggy’s array of bubblegum colours! They’re vibrant, fun- a pleasant change from all the other mundane coloured prams out there!

  82. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    The fold mechanism because with it’s painless collapsibility my Husband will have no excuses not to be able to use it too!

  83. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    So many things to love, easy to fold, so important makes getting in and out of the car so much easier, tyres that will never puncture, gorgeous colour choices are just three reasons to be sold on this pram.
    I’d like you to choose me, my dear friend is pregnant with the baby she’s dreamed, prayed and hoped for, for years, I’m so, so excited this little miracle is in the way, and would love to gift her with this pram.

  84. Avatar of Sheree

    Live everything about this Smart Buggy! They size, the easy fold and hand brake, the colours, the big parcel sling.. perfection in a pram!

  85. Avatar of yvonne ryan
    yvonne ryan Reply

    I absolutely love that this is not a heavy pram and doesn’t take up half the boot like most prams do, it has all the safety features and room for shopping too . This is a very stylish pram and my beautiful daughter in law is about to have her first baby ,this really would be lovely for them to have something as special as this .

  86. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I love the compact easy fold and the fact that this is lightweight at just 13.5kgs makes it a lot easier for me to push as it’s quite hilly where I live with steep paths means I can grocery shop an not be deterred going out for walks, which is a must to have a healthy mind and body for both bubs and I.

  87. Avatar of Mon

    Lots of great features to love but the oversized hood to keep bub safe from elements would be my fav.

  88. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    Whilst there is SO MUCH to love about the Phil & Ted’s Smart Buggy, the easy fold mechanism is the clincher for me because having 3 & 4 year old boys as well as a 2 week old boy means I don’t have time (or energy haha) to mess around with a complicated pram in a parking lot! I would love for you to choose me as your lucky winner as the pram I have for our newest addition we bought secondhand, and after having used it for our 2 first sons, it has really seen better days! Also, the constant pumping up of the tyres is really taking it’s toll! And finally, I’d love a beautiful, high quality pram to pass on to my sister when she starts her family in the coming years. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  89. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    The smart would be perfect for a new addition to our family with the lie flat seat with oversized hood being perfect for a tiny Bub to be comfortable on those walks to school and shops.

  90. Avatar of IsabellaElsworthy
    IsabellaElsworthy Reply

    Finally a stroller that has lots of options and doesn’t break my bank

  91. Avatar of Debra Marr
    Debra Marr Reply

    What is not to love, has all bases covered from newborn up. So lightweight and easy to to fit into even a small car. The perfect answer for a new mum or even a soon to be great gran.

  92. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    The oversized hood!! Sun safety is a huge deal for our family, you can never start to early the added bonus baby can fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer with the block out! It’s a win win

  93. Avatar of Juanita Torr
    Juanita Torr Reply

    I love so many things about this pram….the slim width, for those skinnier aisles…the puncture proof tires and the light frame, which makes the manoeuvrability of the pram so much easier for me and my bad back. Love the choice of colours too 🙂

  94. Avatar of Jennafa Rosenblatt
    Jennafa Rosenblatt Reply

    Going to Japan to see my parents and need a compact pram to get around and this would be perfect!

  95. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    I like how the buggy + one has the extra roomy parcel tray which is would be ideal when I pop up to the shops for top ups.

  96. Avatar of Tammerly Robinson
    Tammerly Robinson Reply

    SO impressed with the foot fold feature and super narrow chassis (because no one got time for narrow aisleways)! I also love how upright the pram seat adjusts to.

  97. Avatar of D I A N A

    You should pick me as it’s perfect, exactly what I need. And that there’s No Need for ‘Extras’, makes it all the more perfect.

  98. Avatar of Ryan

    Love the super simple foot fold that folds the pram in on itself instantly. Can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to wrestle a pram shut trying to get it into the car whilst dealing with screaming kids. We have four kids so have been through a fair number of prams so now know a good one when we see it and know what is a useful feature on it.

  99. Avatar of Abigail

    The fact its a super slim 57cm means it won’t take up too much space like bulky prams and easy to store. I have four kids and had a different pram for each so know what I’m looking for and love the look of this one.

  100. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Love how compact this pram is but also super stylish

  101. Avatar of Mary Pettigrew

    This pram has everything a new mum/parent needs from the ease of foldability, compactness, wheels that are easy to manoeuvre and an all important sun shade for bub and more. I’d like to to win this for my expecting niece!

  102. Avatar of KARINA L

    It has a thin chassis, which is great for zipping around the narrow streets of the Inner West.

  103. Avatar of Ocea

    I love the fail safe wheels and easy access brake… Peace of mind is priceless

  104. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally Jones Reply

    It’s nimble, light & easy yet durable! It’s everything I know I need in a low cost pram. It’s portability perfection!

  105. Avatar of Michael

    Prams have came along way in the past 13 years since we had to buy our last one. The Phil&Teds Smart Buggy looks pretty impressive..Fingers crossed

  106. Avatar of Anita Menzie
    Anita Menzie Reply

    A pram that doesn’t require a science to degree to fold-up! Yep, that’s what I need.

  107. Avatar of Shelley

    I would love this particular pram due to the ease of folding. Struggling with trying to open a pram especially in public can be embarrassing. It is light weight yet has all the features of the heavier more cumbersome models. Manoeuvring can be tricky and this pram makes the job easy. Also excellent for your back with the ease of being able to propel the pram more efficiently.. Awesome.
    Being able to turn the pram either way against the sun in this day and age of increased sun cancer risk this asset is a must.

  108. Avatar of Sarah

    Wow, this pram seems to have it all, what great features. I especially love the oversize hood, suspension and tyres, and it’s all-in-one type approach!

  109. Avatar of Brooke F

    With a new bub on the way
    and a toddler at my side.
    The Smart Buggy would be grand!
    Is be driving it with pride.
    The narrow colourful design,
    Plus the extended hood,
    Will ensure bubs is safe n, sound.
    Beach and city trips- we could!

  110. Avatar of Lachlan

    The central brake would be a welcome change to having to try and push tiny tabs hiding underneath our current pram!

  111. Avatar of Sprickel

    It seems relatively idiot proof so even hubby can understand what to do in putting together and folding.

  112. Avatar of Stephania balazs
    Stephania balazs Reply

    Phil & teds compact and ready to go would make life easier once baby number 2 is born, have two children and saving time not dismantling a pram would be a godsend. The extra large sunhood would help keep the sun out of babies eyes, I would absolutely love to win this amazing pram.

  113. Avatar of Lauren

    Definetly the colour – what’s rhe use of the rest of it if you can’t do it in style 🙂

  114. Avatar of Jody Sun

    My current pram is so awful as it has been used for all of my children and my sister’s children. I am also planning on having another bub and would love a pram to tide me over until this happens as my son hates walking. I love that this pram faces you while bub is little and is easy to turn around when bub is big enough to see the world!

  115. Avatar of Laura

    My current pram is so heavy and old. I would love to scoot around more often in this lighter, newer pram!

  116. Avatar of Samantha Huon
    Samantha Huon Reply

    Hi i’am a young mum that just loves phil & Ted products i had there pram for my oldest child & now pregnant again would so much love to be able to enjoy useing this lovely pram again for this baby arriving

  117. Avatar of Alana Martin
    Alana Martin Reply

    The way it folds down is awesome! And obviously the price is amazing!

  118. Avatar of Tigerlilly000
    Tigerlilly000 Reply

    Love the way it folds, I’d love to win to give as a very special gift to my new nephew as can’t afford a good gift

  119. Avatar of Melissa

    Stylish and great value for money. Oh, and the puncture proof types will make life much easier!

  120. Avatar of Emily Zilm
    Emily Zilm Reply

    I love the super narrow chassis and the fold mechanism. It makes life easier knowing you’ll fit down isle’s and if you need a quick escape, you can quickly pack up and go. No fiddling around with folding the pram.

  121. Avatar of Jamie

    Because it is better than the one I have and can’t afford a new one.

  122. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    The fold mechanism as it looks so easy you could do it in your sleep. perfect for mum with a toddler and a baby in tow
    The roomy parcel tray with depth for carrying all your essentials.
    The hood: which keeps the sun and/or rain completely off bubs
    Fail Safe No more punctures, ever! due to the tyres
    The centrally located brake and so many colours to choose from what more can a mum need
    why would you pick me well,… as a aunt it would be perfect to take my nephews out and about

  123. Avatar of Leanne Atkins
    Leanne Atkins Reply

    The easy fold mechanism is what every parent needs and wants, especially when becoming a first time foster carer.

  124. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    It has everything needed from day one without having to buy multiple prams and capsules ,makes it so much easier for a first time mum on a budget

  125. Avatar of Nadia Pasqua
    Nadia Pasqua Reply

    The extra roomy parcel tray! I brought a fancy pram with it has no space for anything I cant even fit the baby bag in it its ridiculous in desperate need of a new pram!

  126. Avatar of Emma Finnigan
    Emma Finnigan Reply

    The fold and pop! God that sounds good. I hate the thought of wrestling with a pram in a crowded parking lot.

  127. Avatar of PatMac

    Things can be hard enough as a parent of little ones so having user friendly items like this is such a great help!

  128. Avatar of Tanya

    This design is user friendly with outstanding features. I would like to win this to use for my grandson whom I look after 5 days per week. (I have been using my old pram that I had for my children. A dinosaur like me!)

  129. Avatar of Andrea Seymour
    Andrea Seymour Reply

    I love that it has a simple, foot folding mechanism. You should pick me i am going to be a new mum and this would help me tremendously.

  130. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I love the easy fold feature. I would want to win this for my best friend because she’s pregnant and has a toddler. The easy fils feature will come in so handy when trying to get her baby in and out of the car all while having to wrangle her toddler

  131. Avatar of Kate Jones
    Kate Jones Reply

    I love the easy fold technology, will be super helpful having older kids to navigate at the same time!

  132. Avatar of Rhose

    I love how simple and handy the pram is, especially how u fold it. It would be wonderful to win this, I am a mum of three the youngest being 7 months and this would really be helpful.

  133. Avatar of Tony Newton
    Tony Newton Reply

    The versatility is by far the best feature! As a newly engaged couple trying for our 1st child, & with a spanky new mortgage… this would be super helpful!

  134. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    As we love to Explore the city and as this is light weight would be ideal

  135. Avatar of Elizabeth Archer
    Elizabeth Archer Reply

    I love the lie-flat sling! My bub completely lacks a snooze button (trust me, I’ve checked!) during grocery shopping and this feature would really help me out. I would love to be chosen because in between breaking up wrestling matches between my boys, singing along with Mickey and handling bio-hazardous contents of baby’s nappies all day, I have little left to give. This would make my life so much easier!

  136. Avatar of Katie Silvestro
    Katie Silvestro Reply

    I would love to win the pram for my brother and sister in-law for their baby. My niece or nephew 🙂

  137. Avatar of Nicole

    The simplicity and ease of this pram is what all new mums need. So many great options about it.

  138. Avatar of Alexandrak
    Alexandrak Reply

    I love the oversized hood. Living in qld which is 90% of the time warm and sunny. There is nothing worse then a pram with a hood that is to small resulting in sun in babies face.

  139. Avatar of Philippa tudor
    Philippa tudor Reply

    Love this buggy it sounds very user friendly easy to fold, the central break and soft ride for curbs as well as the cool colors. Would love to win for my little girl due in November

  140. Avatar of Kayla

    Light weight and Easy fold away best feature of Phil and Ted.
    The pram I currently have I can’t fold down 99% of the time so i end up throwing into my boot as is!!

  141. Avatar of Rebecca

    Being a parent is so hard, and this beautiful pram would make going out less of an anxeity attack and more of a run way strut!Sometimes it just takes a pram that is perfect and problem free to turn your day around!

  142. Avatar of Kimberley Dawson
    Kimberley Dawson Reply

    I like that it transitions through the different stages. I would love this pram. Unfortunately, due to financial circumstances we only ever had a second hand pram for my 1st bub, it’s almost worn out and would love a fresh new one for the next baby.

  143. Avatar of Sara

    Oh my So many fabulous features love the quick fold it’s a bonus that you don’t have to buy all the accessories to make the pram functional and that hood offers so much shade

  144. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    As a nanna, prams have come along way since I had kids, now I’ve got grandkids, this amazing buggy would make my life so much easier when looking after them, with all the gadgets and safety it’s a complete winner in my book

  145. Avatar of Ana H

    Love the idea that this pram is the following:
    1. it’s easy to fold. My past three prams has been a hassle for both hubby and I to fold.
    2. Oversized hood. Especially in Sunny Brisbane.
    3. Compact. Due to our family increasing the compact the pram the better but not sacrificing all these reason I love the pram at the same time.
    4. Variety of colours to choose from.
    5. The fail safe tyres. Because of the amount of time I have punctured my past prams tyres and it’s frustrating.
    6. The fact that I can change Bub to face me or away. There is not many of these in the markets which I consider is a must.
    Because of all these reason it will make being a mummy to baby number three in three weeks so much easier.

  146. Avatar of Sarah jade matheson

    This is the exact type of Pram/stroller I’ve been looking for.
    Easy to fold and setup, versatile, great for a toddler and also a bubba (so to be).
    Great colours, shape and like that I would take it everywhere and anywhere

  147. Avatar of tanya

    My current pram has done around 20 000 km ! Wheels are bald and now baby number has just arrived a few weeks ago, this would be perfect!

  148. Avatar of Jasmine N

    I love the oversized hood
    I’d love this, to ease the pain on my back

  149. Avatar of Emily Compton
    Emily Compton Reply

    I love the folding mechanism. I’m on a top story apartment and having to lug a pram up and down the stairs everytime I leave the house. All while holding a baby! A pram that folds easy, making it a piece of cake to carry would be perfect- and who doesn’t like cake!

  150. Avatar of Kmac

    So many amazing features for the price. I love the look of it. It has everything you need inclyding a huge gear basket

  151. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    I love the versatility of today’s prams and the colours! I would love to win this & gift it to my sisters who are still in their baby making days.

  152. Avatar of Helen

    As a very practical person and first time mum to be, I just love that it’s narrow but generous with storage space and very simple to use. I love the colour choices too!! Very stylish!

  153. Avatar of Damien

    The compact shape – 3 in car seats means a compact pram is a must! To fit in the boot and be able to do the food shop and the like.

  154. Avatar of Mel Ecc

    Love the simplicity and style. Especially love the range of vibrant colours to choose from

  155. Avatar of Kate Fuller
    Kate Fuller Reply

    Easy fold, easy repositioning, easy strap adjustments …….excellent for a tired mummy who doesnt want to think too much…..id lobe a pram/stroller that can be easy to maneuver on daily walks so this flubby mummy can lose the flub.

  156. Avatar of Rob F

    I love how versatile it is, will be great to get off the standard footpaths and experience a bit of nature.

  157. Avatar of Alison Fry
    Alison Fry Reply

    It’s compact size, the ease of use and especially the hood. I’d love to win it as my current pram (7 years old) is from my first son and it excessively big and bulky, this pram would leave so much more room in the car boot and make it so much easier to do things with my son once bub is born.

  158. Avatar of Amy Baker

    I love the large parcel tray,the fact that it’s easy to fold its narrow size to slip down shopping centre isles and cute little shops you usually would dare and love the fail safe tyres,in fact I love it all!My pram is a total nightmare with no tray and every time it hits a bump it feel like it’s about to fall apart.I would love to win this pram!

  159. Avatar of Michelle

    I really need to start exercising for my health, but having to get a bulky pram out and tackling the uneven bumpy footpaths has always been the number one excuse for me not to go and get it done. But with Phil & Teds Smart Buggy Pram I will no longer be able to use my ridiculous excuses, so I will have no choice but to get up and get moving and best of all, do it in style. I’m sure that not only will I thank you for this, but my heart & my lungs, in fact my whole body will be forever grateful.

  160. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla Sibley Reply

    I love the fact that it’s easily comoactable and set up. With a small hatchback car it makes it that much easier to store in my boot and quickly set up. I also love that it comes in pink which would be perfect for my baby girl that’s on the way. I’m a first time mum and would absolutely love this pram to take my little bundle of joy around in

  161. Avatar of Rehannon Roempke
    Rehannon Roempke Reply

    I am currently pregnant after 6 years of struggling to have biological children of my own, my step-daughter is beyond excited; we had to resort to IVF and now with our funds entirely depleted we are finally successful! It would be an absolute God-send to receive this amazing, easy to use, intuitive pram as it would save us so much stress and money.

  162. Avatar of Renee Ballantyne
    Renee Ballantyne Reply

    I would like to win this for my niece as it would be the perfect baby shower gift

  163. Avatar of Viv Mac

    The quick & easy closing of the pram sounds amazing just by using your foot

  164. Avatar of Sarah Aspi
    Sarah Aspi Reply

    So hard to just pick one thing. The first thing that caught my eye was the price. So many prams on the market are twice the price and offer half as much, then you have to buy all the “extras”. This could be a complete game changer in a very high priced market. I’d love to see if this pram is as amazing as it claims to be.

  165. Avatar of Rachel Bletchly
    Rachel Bletchly Reply

    Kerb ‘poppability’ and an easy fold mechanism? Yes please!!

  166. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    I love ‘The Fold Mechanism’ as I remember those hard fought battles with prams I had as a young mother with a toddler and new baby and the desire to just be able to get the pram out of the car and unfolded quickly and easily. I would love to gift this to my daughter who now has a very energetic 2 year old and baby due in November and with Christmas soon after she will appreciate all the help she can get.

  167. Avatar of Casey Windon
    Casey Windon Reply

    The idea of having a pram that is simple to fold and compact would make my life so much easier. I drive a VW Beetle and have very little boot space and my back seat is none existent with 2 baby seats

  168. Avatar of Andrea

    You don’t need to buy any extras! It has everything you need!

  169. Avatar of Abbi Gottsche
    Abbi Gottsche Reply

    As a new mumma it’s such a confusing world of baby gear, my Bub and I would love a simple pram that we can show of at the coffee shop, being so compact and easy to fold we want to show that off!!

  170. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    The super narrow chassis: Perfect for tight city spaces and supermarket aisles. no more knocking into the stock they pile up at the end of the aisles or people who dont give you enought room to pass although some of them do deserve their foot trampled by a wheel

  171. Avatar of Amy

    Love the fold! I bought a hatchback last year and found out I was pregnant two months later. I really struggle to get our current stroller in so I’d love to win something more compact. I love the grey design! So stylish!

  172. Avatar of Rosy

    Hi… thanks for the opportunity
    This pram looks one in a million comfy expsecially for my 1 year old. We like to walk EVERYWHERE so this would be great.
    Cheers Rosy

  173. Avatar of StaceP

    Having the easy fold mechanism would be a lifesaver for quickly leaving the carpark, as well as the oversized hood and the kerb poppabilty. With all of the options for baby gear this pram seems like an easy choice!

  174. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    Would love to win this pram for bubba no7! Love the practicalities & price, especially the easy fold when You got other little ones & kids around. Plus all the accessories, looks so versatile. Love it!!

  175. Avatar of Alana m

    I love that it is compact and easy to fold up. That it needs no attachments as this can make life complicated having to constantly think have I got everything. I am looking for something to simplify my life as I move into motherhood and I feel this pram could be the one for me.

  176. Avatar of Kiani Butler
    Kiani Butler Reply

    there is so much to love but my favorite thing about this pram is how easy it is to fold and unfold

  177. Avatar of Yuen Tham

    I’m most impressed with the compact-ness as well as the extra roomy parcel tray because the pram I have now lacks both these features.

  178. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire Thrower Reply

    Phil&Ted have taken what is wrong with every other stroller and fixed all the others issues, popability wheels amazing! bigger storage YES!!!, and not forgetting all the room baby has to sleep and spread out. This stroller is amazing and i would love it for my newborn (and me)pram shopping is making my head spin, this would take so much stress off and can focus on other things.

  179. Avatar of ruth little
    ruth little Reply

    The foot folding mechanism with 2 young toddlers, a dream come true!

  180. Avatar of Alison Hunble
    Alison Hunble Reply

    With 3 kids in tow a pram that folds easily would be a dream for our new bubs to be. Plus I’ve never actually had a brand new pram so would be such a treat

  181. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    The super narrow chassis is very appealing to me. I feel like I’m always getting in somebody’s way with my big bulky pram.

  182. Avatar of Naomi Swain
    Naomi Swain Reply

    Love that its easy to put up and down & looks stylish at the same time

  183. Avatar of Kristen H

    Love! With 4 (maybe soon 5) kids I really need a pram like this. It ticks all the boxes!

  184. Avatar of Angela H

    I’m 3 months pregnant and will be a fast time mum and wow am I overwhelmed by the prams out there. I would love to win a good quality pram which would help my experience as a first time mum maybe that little easier.

  185. Avatar of Miss T

    I love the ease of the whole pram. I’ve never owned a pram as fancy and comes with all the trimmings. Would make life so much easier when shopping and getting out and about

  186. Avatar of Brooke

    I would love to win this pram for my daughter. It sounds amazing! The wheels, hood, easy fold, colour choices it’s got such great features.

  187. Avatar of Erin

    Oops! I am pregnant again at 44 and have given away all my baby things as we had no intention of having another. My youngest is 8 and my eldest 13 the middle one is 11
    So, I am starting to look at baby stuff again and this pops up and it looks amazing, certainly looks a lot better than the previous cumbersome pram I had.
    This looks as though it would make life so much easier with all its features and I love the cocoon and car seat attachments, just wow!! And then you have the different placing for the hood/canopy. I always wanted that on my pram and then you top it off with an easy foot fold mechanism. It can’t get any better.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition.

  188. Avatar of Taryn

    This pram is beautiful! Gorgeous colours. Really loving the large hood and the easy compact folding mechanism is making my heart sing! With a almost 3 year old explorer, this fold down function will help get things away quick and easy without the worry of where Mr 3 has gotten too. The storage underneath looks large, perfect for more than one baby. Fingers crossed x

  189. Avatar of Asher Trigwell
    Asher Trigwell Reply

    Puncture proof tyres is the winning feature for me (although this pram sounds truely amazing). My current second hand pram is constantly getting flat tyres & it is such a hassle & expense to keep replacing them. I would love the confidence of heading out on a full day of fun adventures with my bub without the worry of pram dramas.

  190. Avatar of Deanna

    The super slim, small fold and compact design is just what I want and love

  191. Avatar of Angela Hall
    Angela Hall Reply

    I love all of the new features, especially the sun protection hood! I really would love to look chic pushing this around town with my precious Angel on board, I would be one proud momma, everyone that looks could see my baby is seated in style, while I would know it also covers my needs and her needs while out and about, I think all Mums deserve to feel doubly proud when out, having your most precious possession in a fabulous pram gives you an awesome feeling and massive smile as you go!

  192. Avatar of Tyla

    What’s not to love, stylish, practical, innovative. But my new son has gorgeous ginger hair and super pale skin so the super sized sun shade is particularly attractive to me.

  193. Avatar of Tricia

    Love the concept of a narrower frame but still has room for bub to grow, and also a large basket underneath for all of the shopping we will be doing in our awesome new, bright blue pram!!!

  194. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela Vearing Reply

    The oversized hood and slim line body.
    At the moment our current pram is lacking in these departments and are both extremely big deals. I’d love to not have to pack extra wraps just to shade my bub from the sun and wind.
    I’d also love to not have to lift my pram up and around things to get past, or go the long way around just to get to where we need.
    So many other great features, they tick all my pram wants and needs.

  195. Avatar of sandra d

    The foot fold sounds great! So much easier and no more breaking my back.

  196. Avatar of Tamyka

    I would love the buggy +1
    As I have Lawson who is 4 months & Carter who is nearly 2
    Going out is a mission
    My partner works away Monday to Friday
    I need to clone myself

  197. Avatar of Kt Brown

    Absolutely love the light and compact functions and will be the envy of everyone on our beach walks

  198. Avatar of Sarah K

    As a first-time-mum-to-be (36 weeks!), I didn’t have much knowledge about prams and thought all prams are practically the same. But after reading about and watching how this pram works, I now know I was completely wrong! I love how this pram is compact but has all the essentials and storage space that makes mum-life so much easier!

  199. Avatar of Catie H

    How compact it it’s without losing the essentials. Seems like such a handy pram

  200. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura Power Reply

    I had terrible cheap prams with my first 2 babies with number 3 on the way this pram would be amazing! Nice and compact with great safety features

  201. Avatar of Elinor

    phil&teds Smart Buggy represents great value for money. As a mum to be there are a lot of expenses in setting up a nursery and getting all the essentials so getting the best bang for my dollars in terms of baby items that look great, is smart and practical, helps me with keeping baby safe and happy then I am all for it. I would love a phil&teds Smart Buggy for all these reasons and also because they look really stylish.

  202. Avatar of Sarah Marsh
    Sarah Marsh Reply

    I love the versatility and easy of use of Phil&Teds +1. My little one deserves a new pram all on his own, rather than a very loved second hand stroller

  203. Avatar of Rita Dwenger
    Rita Dwenger Reply

    I love absolutely everything about this Pram and will help out immensely.

  204. Avatar of Melinda Davidson

    I love the stylish design and the compact size!! We currently have a 2nd hand baby jogger city mini that was black about 6 years ago. It’s now an ugly dull grey!

  205. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    The easy fold mechanism is the go
    Always rushing with kids in tow
    One hand on the shopping, the other on the pram
    Love the Smart Buggy colours that make it look so glam!

  206. Avatar of Marija

    What a fantastic pram. Practical, stylish and grows with baby. I love it.

  207. Avatar of Jess

    The slim design and extra underneath storage! How many times have I struggled to get through a grocery aisle with a large pram, struggling because of the numerous trollies in the way and wishing my pram was that bit smaller so I could squeeze through without having to wait with a screaming child just to get my cereal and MUCH NEEDED shampoo! Then trying to juggle those groceries and said screaming child… storage space is a MUST!

  208. Avatar of Kori Kollmann
    Kori Kollmann Reply

    The fold up feature and Id love to win because Im a mum and mums are natural winners!

  209. Avatar of Sarah Farrer
    Sarah Farrer Reply

    Phil & Teds Buggy to help me push my bubby. Oh how devine she won’t now need her Ted called Phil.

  210. Avatar of Sarah89

    I have a stepmom for 6 years and trying for my own I need all help I can get to pick out right things that are safe but also stylish

  211. Avatar of Melinda Scott
    Melinda Scott Reply

    I love that the phil&teds Smart Buggy is compact and has a narrow chassis, there is nothing worse than not being able to get back to your car in a carpark because the pram won’t fit between any cars. I would love this for my second bub!

  212. Avatar of RC

    When you’re the youngest of a large brood,
    It doesn’t matter or not if you’re in the mood.
    With school time, sports time, shopping time or more,
    You can guarantee you’re always running out the door.
    So mum needs something that’s easy and light,
    In and out the car without needing much might.
    And when it’s just me and dad home during the day,
    He’ll take me for walks, at the park or along the bay.
    With fail safe tyres, he’ll never have to admit,
    That being a handyman, he’s rather bad at it.
    And I’ll be safe and snug as if in my own bed,
    In my very own pram from Phil and Ted.

  213. Avatar of Lynette Smith
    Lynette Smith Reply

    It’s the “ease of use” and safety features combined that have sold me on the Smart Buggy. Such a great product. I’m all for anything that makes life a bit easier!

  214. Avatar of tara Corballis
    tara Corballis Reply

    In love with the oversized hood as a mum to two fair skinned girls, keeping them shaded from the sun is paramount

  215. Avatar of Peta Lonsdale
    Peta Lonsdale Reply

    Wish tnis pram was in the shop when we got ours..it was expensive, difficult to put in the car and not enough storage for shopping…first-time mum fail!

  216. Avatar of Kerry Rosser
    Kerry Rosser Reply

    I would love this! As a busy mum of 3 who lives on a farm but works in the city I love that this pram would do both – in style!

  217. Avatar of Michelle M
    Michelle M Reply

    Stylish never goes out of fashion. Have loved these prams forever! Had one for my daughter and now she is due to have her own baby – I’d love to surprise her.

  218. Avatar of AmyJae

    I love that it is compact and easy to fold. The colours are great!

  219. Avatar of Trish

    I would love to win this pram!! My youngest is almost 9 and we have been blessed with an unexpected lovechild and we have no baby items! The pram sounds perfect. Everything that I remember being important and not important has been seen to. Especially love the fact there is no need to buy add ons!

  220. Avatar of Bernz

    I love the extra roomy parcel tray and the kerb poppability. Both make for easy daily outings to the park, the shops, or simply for a stroll with friends!
    I should be picked because i’ll truly be putting the above as well as those fail safe tyres to the test with daily use.

  221. Avatar of Courtney Roach
    Courtney Roach Reply

    This pram is so light and compact. This would make it so easy once bub comes to put in and put of the car.

  222. Avatar of leanne mills
    leanne mills Reply

    I love that it is easy to fold, as a Nanna I need something hassle free and light to lift. My daughter and I both love the large shade, all too often you see Mums with baby looking into the sun. I would love to win this for my daughter’s first baby and our 13th grandchild!!

  223. Avatar of rebecca figgins
    rebecca figgins Reply

    It sounds perfect for the first time mum to be who can be slightly uncoordinated (like me) with easy fold down and narrow sounds perfect as well for maneuverability through busy shopping centres and like it will be easier to avoid knocking against shelves etc like I used to do as a teenager when I was pushing my niece around in her huge pram

  224. Avatar of Lynda Kelly
    Lynda Kelly Reply

    I am a very hands-on Nanny to a 3 week old + 23 month old grandchildren. I love the easy fold of phil&ted’s Smart buggy and that it is suitable for both ages. The huge storage is amazing (as I always shop for them!) plus the oversized hood as we do lots of walking. Your Smart buggy would make my life so much easier!

  225. Avatar of Caroline

    So many great features that suit all ages. With 5 grandchildren aged from 9 days to 9 years I would find this pram extreamly versatile. What a fantastic product and prize.

  226. Avatar of Larissa

    Nothing better than having an amazing pram that is comfortable and safe for the little one.

  227. Avatar of Danielle

    Love that it’s flexible to suit my ever changing needs. It’s compact and easy to use all for an fantastic price.

  228. Avatar of Bec Cook

    Love the extended hood. Living in sunny QLD this will be super handy to keep the sun off bub and not need added wraps/blankets to shield the sun.

  229. Avatar of Kathryn W

    I love the idea of the easy fold mechanism. I struggle with folding my current Explorer model, which is also starting to fall apart, so a new one would be fantastic for my baby girl.

  230. Avatar of Kim

    All of it sounds good, but the compact chasis sounds amazing! The current pram I use for my toddler is so wide it’s hard to maneuver most of the time. It gets quite cumbersome!

  231. Avatar of Tiffany Farnsworth
    Tiffany Farnsworth Reply

    I love that it doesn’t look as intimidating as a lot of other prams!

  232. Avatar of Alisha Chaffey
    Alisha Chaffey Reply

    I live in the country, down a dirt road, and I drive a dual cab ute, and I love that it folds in on itself! It will help to keep the seat of the pram clean for my babe as I travel to and from home.

  233. Avatar of evl85

    I love that the wheels look like they will be perfect for walking around my neighbourhood. It’s available in my favourite colour, and is a stylish design.

  234. Avatar of JC87

    My sister-in-law is due early Sept and my girls cant wait to meet their cousin. We hope to help out as this is her first so would love to be able to win this for her so we can take bub for a stroll while the new Mumma catches up on much needed sleep!

  235. Avatar of Beks

    As a first time mum to be, everything required for bubs seems scary and hard, but this looks fabulous and easy to use. Especially love the foot fold mechanism.

  236. Avatar of newmuminmelbourne
    newmuminmelbourne Reply

    Love the SPF 50+ factor of the oversized hood! I’m having a summer babe, so planning on plenty of walking down by the foreshore and beyond. Love the peace of mind of that added sun safety!

    Also love being able to manoeuvre the pram in tight spaces – particularly coffee shops! I’m sure I’ll be needing plenty of coffee in those early months!

  237. Avatar of Natalie

    Would be very handy with a new born and a 3.5 year old on shopping days. Especially if the toddler is being a pest and I need him to stay by my side, I can just pop him in the pram and continue with my shopping. Even though he hates the pram lol 🙂

  238. Avatar of Halley P

    Compact & easy to fold? Yes, please! Anything that helps make it convenient for mum and dad to use is essential.

  239. Avatar of Jessica

    I love that the harness is so easy to adjust! Plus who doesnt love the spf 50 hood when you live in qld

  240. Avatar of Liz Doble

    Fail safe tyres!!!!!! Love the stylish look and versatility ❤️

  241. Avatar of Cass

    I love how the handle is so adjustable to a very low position and looks super easy to fold up to get in the car.

  242. Avatar of Nicole w

    This pram would make life so much easier for walks with my 3 children! Would love to win it!

    • Avatar of Nicole w

      I love that it is compact and easy to fold. Both important aspects for a good pram!

  243. Avatar of Alethea Askin
    Alethea Askin Reply

    I love that it’s easy to fold, I have trouble folding my current pram

  244. Avatar of Bec t

    I love the it folds so easily nothing worse than standing in a car park trying to fold a pram with a crying baby. Also loving the colours

  245. Avatar of jaylann winnell
    jaylann winnell Reply

    easy to fold and no extra accessories needed and a good selection of colours

  246. Avatar of Minnie

    Wow! So many fabulous features but the folding mechanism looks and sounds like a breeze

  247. Avatar of Candice Stavast
    Candice Stavast Reply

    I love the design and function of the pram. It would be perfect for me as a foster carer of babies and small children. They deserve the comfort it offers.

  248. Avatar of Yvette

    To win this beautiful pram would be absolutely amazing! The versatility and functionality of this pram would be perfect for our new addition. We would love to take our new little man out in such fabulous pram.

  249. Avatar of Cherie light
    Cherie light Reply

    I would love to win this as my quick pram so no need to fiddle around putting multiple things on a pram just to go to the shops. Compact fold and many ways to set it up for my baby boy 🙂 i would love to win this to make my kids happier so they arent sitting in the car forever just while i put my pram together or fold it up

  250. Avatar of Jaymie

    The colors are amazing i love that you can sleep a nwwborn in a bassinet as well as attach a capsule this is the perfect pram. Winning this will make life so much easier as i wont have to worry about the stress of finding a pram while im now 32 weeks pregnant.

  251. Avatar of Selina Howarth
    Selina Howarth Reply

    I currently own a second/second hand Phil and Teds and love it but a new one would be fantastic. Especially with the easy fold, time saving with 3kids is a must!!!

  252. Avatar of jacqueline
    jacqueline Reply

    pregnant with our first baby and have been looking at prams. this one looks amazing!

  253. Avatar of Anny

    Looks Comfortable and compact! Would love to have one for my lil one!! I wish I win 😀

  254. Avatar of Alison

    Love that its compact and the choice of colours but the best part of all is the price.

  255. Avatar of Natalie Lucas
    Natalie Lucas Reply

    I’m a busy mum to 2 young young boys with a 3rd on the way! The large storage basket would be amazing for me to cart around all the things needed for 3 little kids! The extra large sun canopy is a must to shield bub from the hot Queensland sun and the easy quick fold, a life saver whilst trying to get 3 screaming kids packed in the car! We NEED this amazing pram!!

  256. Avatar of Ellie

    Love the extra roomy parcel tray!! Storage spaces for both mum and bub(s)! Esp now when bub #2 is very soon due…. the extra roomy parcel tray helps to keep things in place for bub#1 too when we are all out and about!

    This pram would be devine for us and the
    Easy fold mechanism sounds heaven for busy exhausted mamas like me! We need a pram that have plenty of storage space yet easy to food and manoeuvre and snug bub like a bug safe and sound as we do daily chors in and out!

  257. Avatar of Belinda

    Love how easy it is to fold up and how many features it has! I’ll be the number one mum for fun with this one!

  258. Avatar of Karlia W

    This pram would be prefect for me as I am only 15 days away from becoming a first time mum! I don’t drive and the easy to fold, light weight features would be perfect for public transport, and all the extra features and storage would be ideal for shopping trips with Nana!

  259. Avatar of Kate

    This pram would be great to a fuss free outing with its extra comforts and ease to maneuver

  260. Avatar of Lexi

    I looked at a phil & teds pram and was suitably impressed but it was out of my price range. May address does not reflect my lifestyle or budget. At this stage I have had to settle for a hand me down pram which is old and chunky. I’m not looking foward to going up and down the stairs with it and the baby.

  261. Avatar of LuG

    I love that it is so compact! I really need this so I can gain extra space in our car and love that it’s so easy to fold, it’s also super cute 😉

  262. Avatar of Jenny

    Smart Buggy is essential for my new
    Mumma life with
    All wheel suspension,
    Roomy parcel tray and easy manoeuvrability in
    Tight city spaces.
    Bringing bubba
    Uptown will be will be easy with the
    Genuis folding technology and space for all of bubba’s
    You really can’t go wrong with a Smart Buggy!

  263. Avatar of Cassandra

    What’s not to love. From the easy fold to the ability to use it for a new born with out a million attachments, to the beautiful look of it!!! I love space saving so I Love, love the size and space saving in the car when its folded!!! Kudos to the designers!! Really I could just list every feature as a Love!!!

  264. Avatar of Matilda

    Absolutely love this stylish design by phil&teds – gorgeous in appearance! The main attraction is the ease of use though, with a sleek, compact make, any mother would be thrilled to have one of these for their little one!

  265. Avatar of Lana

    with a troublesome 14mo and another one planned soon I love the easy pop of the folding mechanism sounds like a dream! I’d love something beautiful like this to make me feel supported through my PHD

  266. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzie Reply

    I LOVE everything about this pram!! I love how stylish it looks, all the beautiful colours that it comes in! I love how easily it looks to fold up (and that hopefully my 8 year old can do it for me!!) But most of all I love how big the hood is!! I live a 10 minute walk away from my kids school, and unless it’s pouring, I would so much rather walk then deal with that chaotic car park!! So an oversized hood to protect bubs from any weather conditions will be fabulous! And a large tray to store school bags will be a great help too!! Oh I just love this pram!! Crossing my fingers and toes that I can be the very lucky winner!!

  267. Avatar of Renee

    They look like amazing prams that me and my baby would love to have

  268. Avatar of Ebony

    I love the smart fold on this stroller. Having a small car means that I need a stroller that folds small and this stroller looks like it will fit hooray!

  269. Avatar of Beck Anderson
    Beck Anderson Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the extended canopy! I can never find one big enough and this is great! Bubs won’t be getting any sun in their eyes!!!

  270. Avatar of Emily Neville
    Emily Neville Reply

    I live hpw easy it folds and how it will actually fit in my car

  271. Avatar of Celeste

    You have me in love with the idea of “there’s no need for extras” With a toddler, a 5 year old and a baby on the way, this Phil&teds smart buggy is shouting out loud to me of just what I’ve always needed… something that is super fast to fold and have all children +pram away fast that we can escape the chaos and the impatient car wait for our car space.

  272. Avatar of Nonalyn Yulo
    Nonalyn Yulo Reply

    Knowing more about this product makes me really desire to have one for our upcoming angel bub! What I love most about this is the fact that it will put my bub’s safety as top priority!

  273. Avatar of Sophie White
    Sophie White Reply

    I’d be really interest to view one of these and see just how compact it is! I only drive a small hatchback car and have tried two prams so far, one hasn’t fit at all and the other only JUST fits. And I mean I have to squish and slam it down and there’s no room for anything else at all. If I could find a pram that fits comfortably I wouldn’t be needing to upgrade my car (which is a financial struggle with a baby on the way already!).

  274. Avatar of K. Cook

    The idea that it is a ‘will work at any age’ is music to my ears. After investing in a few different styles for our older children, this pram would save the day for number 3.

  275. Avatar of Joanna Nikolic
    Joanna Nikolic Reply

    I was that first time mum walking around the baby shop absolutely overwhelmed by all the prams available! I love that the phil&teds Smart Buggy ticks all the boxes for me, and I especially love the fact that it will easily fit in my small hatchback car.

  276. Avatar of Michelle Brindle-Jones
    Michelle Brindle-Jones Reply

    I love that it ticks all the boxes. It’s sensible while stylish, and is going to make life as a new mum a lot easier!

  277. Avatar of Renee

    Love my Phil and Ted’s Verve, but with baby number 3 on the way I would love to get a new pram.

  278. Avatar of Jayme Lee Boyd
    Jayme Lee Boyd Reply

    I love that it’s compact and easy fold. with a toddler and one on the way with a small car this woukd be a life saver

  279. Avatar of Kristy s

    Love the idea of how easy it is to fold maybe I could teach my partner to fold it!

  280. Avatar of Jaimi-Lee Tobin
    Jaimi-Lee Tobin Reply

    Need, want, love this pram! I am terrified of all that awaits me in motherhood, but with this pram I know I’ll have at least one thing under control!

  281. Avatar of Eliza Nobilia
    Eliza Nobilia Reply

    After a lot of research on prams, I have found that this brand is the best. I am currently pregnant with my first baby and would love to be able to have one. It has everything you need in a pram and more!!
    Thanks for allowing me to enter and good luck to the other Mums x

  282. Avatar of Jaimee

    I will definitely be trying out a phil and ted now that I have read how good they seem to be

  283. Avatar of Kristy Blackeby
    Kristy Blackeby Reply

    I am loving the overall look of this pram, it looks very modern, practical & comfortable for baby.
    Pram designs have advanced over the years since my last baby 12 yeas ago. The Phil & Teds smart buggy pram would make choosing a pram not so difficult in this day & age.
    I like the colour choices, although my favourite color would have to be the Graphite.
    Good luck to everyone

  284. Avatar of Rebecca Stockwell
    Rebecca Stockwell Reply

    I love that it could fit 10kgs worth of “stuff” underneath! As a mum with 4 daughters aged five and under, we always seem to be carting a lot of stuff! I also love the colour range, I’d choose graphite but I could see it being a battle between pink or blue for my big two!

    I’d also like to be able to test the easy folding capabilities. I’ve yet to master this on our other prams and always leave it to my husband to do – I think he’d appreciate me being able to do it 😉

  285. Avatar of Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith Reply

    Would love to win for my daughter. The perfect pram, easy to fold and great colour and size.

  286. Avatar of Emily

    This would be ideal for our growing family. With are a very fit and active family but also hit the shops. This pram would be ideal for our lifestyle and the little people in our life would look super stylish in this pram.

  287. Avatar of Sian

    This round be such a fantastic gift to receive. We are trying for baby number 2. All our money has gone to failed ivf rounds and our last attempt will be overseas. Winning this would help immensely for when we are blessed with a child.

  288. Avatar of Ebony

    I love how compact and small it is without forgetting about all the extras. I also love the fail safe tyres as we go everywhere with ours and already need new tyres.

  289. Avatar of Jonathan

    We have been looking at Phil & Ted prams and this one looks perfect being compact and available in some great colours!

  290. Avatar of Bettina

    Absolutely love Phil & Ted’s prams. I’ve been watching every models reviews and the smart buggy (along with most Phil & Ted’s models) ticks all the boxes. It’s so compact and I love that the soft back goes all the way down. Love all the colours and just like the other models, the smart buggy is reasonably priced. After 12 years of waiting and trying for this little miracle, he surprised us and now we are half way there and trying to get all the bits n pieces we need as first time parents, including our pram.

  291. Avatar of lorexstevex
    lorexstevex Reply

    So many colours to choose from, I’d have to pick raspberry for my sweetie!

  292. Avatar of Sally

    Very handy addition to the Phil and Ted’s range. The colours, no need for extras and the slim width sounds great to me. Overall the whole pram sounds incredibly practical and as a mother anything practical and easy is certainly an A+.

  293. Avatar of Tashi

    Love the four wheels as I’m not a fan of three wheel pram , looks very light easy to pick up and put in boot of car I bet it glides nice as it’s not a bulky pram. Natasha Jackson

  294. Avatar of Dee

    Seen this stroller yesterday when I was looking for something to take on holidays with my newborn. It looked so sturdy and so much more comfy than umbrel