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WIN a 6 Month Membership for You and a Friend at Fernwood Fitness

Grab your bestie and embark on a new challenge with a six-month membership to Fernwood Fitness. This women’s-only gym has it all – amazing facilities, great classes, free brekky and so much more.

Not sure what to do with the kids while you work out? Bring them along – Fernwood Fitness also offers creche! Woot woot! 

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We have two six-month memberships to give away to ONE lucky person. One for you. One for your friend. After all, it’s so much easier to stay motivated when you’ve got a mate sweating by your side! 

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If you’ve been looking for a way to get in shape and carve out a bit of ‘you’ time, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Fernwood Fitness, here we come! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Gyms are terrifying. Exercise is hard. There’s no time in the day.  

Ladies, we get it. In fact, one of our very own Mum Central mums, Taylor, was literally feeling ALL these things. 

Before joining Fernwood Fitness last month, Taylor hadn’t properly exercised in three years and told us she was so anxious about starting from scratch again, especially after giving birth. 

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But she went. And she loved it! More so, her two-year-old son also loved it!

It’s part of their routine now and Taylor admits it’s one of the best decisions she’s made. Yes, it can be scary to start something new, but also so rewarding. You can read her full review here. 

Supportive women’s only community 

One of the many great things about Fernwood Fitness is that it’s just for women. No sweaty men trying to outdo one another with their gains. Nope. Just women.

Lots of mums too. Looking to get those daily steps up, carve out a bit of time without their kids clinging to them, and improve their wellbeing. 

Many clubs are open 24/7 too so you can hit the gym at a time that suits you, even if that happens to be at 5am before the mad morning rush or at 7pm while your older child is at late night soccer training.

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Experts in women’s health

The team at Fernwood are so incredibly supportive of every single mum who walks through their doors too.

And the personal trainers are brilliant if you want a bit of help coming up with a fitness game plan. Many Fernwood Fitness centres also have nutrition coaches, mindset practitioners and more – to provide you with a holistic health plan, not just physical. 

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Fernwood even features Pilates! Source: Supplied

Gym for you, creche for them

Most Fernwood Fitness gyms also have a creche for little ones, which means you can drop the kids off with qualified professionals while you get a workout in. The creche times often correlate to various group fitness classes too. 

While every Fernwood Fitness creche is a bit different, you can expect lots of stimulating activities, clean play equipment and friendly faces. 

Reformer pilates and so much more! 

There are over 70 different Fernwood Fitness clubs across Australia so every club is a little bit different but all of them offer a beautiful workout space with state-of-the-art cardio equipment, group fitness classes, and strength and weight training. 

If you love a good group fitness class, then you’ll shine at the Fernwood-exclusive FIIT30 sessions (and it’s over and done in 30 minutes too!), as well as the FIITRIGHT sessions. There are also group fitness programs for Tai Chi, Zumba, yoga, pilates and Reformer Pilates – a low impact, full body workout, designed to strengthen and tone the entire body while improving core strength and posture, ideal for post-baby. 

Some Fernwood Fitness clubs also have mediation and mindfulness programs plus the world-class wellness program, Empower – a 6-week program combining everything you need to find calm, take control, and better your life. 

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Free breakfast daily too! 

The icing on the cake? Free coffee and brekky every day! Fernwood Fitness supplies the baked goods and hot bevys so you can get a workout in, grab a bite to eat at their lounge area and take a few minutes to yourself in the morning. Bliss. 

There are also hot showers, hairdryers and hair straighteners in every change room so you don’t have to head home before heading to work or out for the day. 

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Sweat it out together 

It all sounds great, right? And you’ve been meaning to join a gym all year. But finding that motivation is tricky. This is why Fernwood Fitness is giving away TWO passes – one for you and one for your friend. 

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Free 7-day pass for every woman! 

Even if you’re not our lucky winner, you can still get the feel of Fernwood Fitness for free with this exclusive 7-day offer. 

The team at Fernwood would love to welcome you to their community of 70,000 strong, supportive and seriously incredible women, who have chosen Fernwood to be their place for fitness, wellness and health. 

Book a session, take a look around, check out the creche, test out the facilities and try a class or two to see if it’s the right fit. 

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This is a sponsored post for Fernwood Fitness. 

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