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REVIEW: No Gym for 3 Years, Then I Did 30 Days at Fernwood Fitness. OH, YES!


Like many of us, my fitness routine took a backseat when I became a mum. I’ve been wanting to join a gym for a while now but I didn’t know how I would juggle my working hours and taking care of my son, Bobby, who is two (and as energetic as they come).

For a long time, before I started with Fernwood Fitness, I thought keeping up with my toddler would be enough to keep me fit. But truthfully, it wasn’t. Then I was asked to review my local Fernwood Fitness and literally jumped at the chance, especially when I heard it had the option of childminding.

I won’t lie, ladies. I was pretty nervous to give it a go.

After all, it’s been over three years since I’ve done a proper workout.

But that’s one of the distinguishing features that sets Fernwood apart from the majority of gyms I’ve been to. They completely understand that starting a new gym is out of our comfort zones and go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

Plus, it’s a women’s-only gym too which ticked a big box for me, knowing I won’t feel so self conscious working out around women.

fernwood fitness equipment
Fernwood has everything you need under one roof.  Source: Mum Central

I felt at ease as soon as I walked into Fernwood Fitness which I’ve never experienced in a gym before. Check out my video review below to get a feel of Fernwood Fitness.

*Awkward Zumba dance moves not included. 

mum central

Real Mum Review: Fernwood Fitness women’s-only gym

Fernwood Fitness boasts 70 gyms around Australia, which means chances are there’s one near you. My local Fernwood studio in Mornington, Victoria really blew my mind when I walked in too!  They’re certainly changing the game when it comes to how modern and well-equipped gyms are these days.

Many are open 24/7 and they’re available to meet the demands of busy working mums too. I’d often choose to go through the daytime so I could utilise the creche facility, however, really love that you could pop in late when the kids are in bed (or early before they woke) to get your fix and some well-earned mum time.

mum central
The group fitness room is huge! Source: Mum Central

Fernwood Fitness is incredible to say the least – beautiful group rooms, clean facilities, a comfortable breakfast station, enough classes to find one that suits and the range of equipment is pretty impressive!

mum central
Such a great range of equipment at my local Fernwood Fitness. Source: Mum Central

There is a member lounge where they serve complimentary breakfast and coffee every morning, and an amazing creche to the left. Coffee and creche – a perfect pairing right?”

The onboarding process was really simple and one of the staff members took me on a tour of the facilities where I was really pleased to see such a variety of equipment and group classes along with their reformer Pilates studio.

reformer pilates Fernwood Fitness
The Reformer Pilates is a great low impact solution to help build my core again. Source: Mum Central

I really had no idea what my preferred style of workout would be so I tried everything to get a feel for it. I tried Zumba, Body Pump, Yoga, Reformer Pilates, FIIT30 and more.

mum central
Feel the burn! LOL Source: Mum Central
Their expert trainers were absolutely amazing and really accommodating when it came to supporting me and my fitness level, especially being such a newbie. I loved the fact that it was a women’s-only gym and felt really empowered by the women around me. No one was competing and everyone was really helpful and supportive. I never once felt uncomfortable or out of place despite my awkwardness in the Zumba class!” 

My favourite class had to be Body Pump and Reformer Pilates. Each workout challenged my body in different ways and the way the trainers delivered the class made it really enjoyable and engaging.

Fernwood Fitness review Mum Central
Source: Mum Central

Fernwood Fitness creche – A beautiful space for play 

After just one session I felt a little bit stronger and much more energised for the rest of the day. But I wasn’t too sure how Bobby would go – would he enjoy the creche?  He’s a bit of a cling monster when it comes to daycare and, like a lot of toddlers, is sometimes hesitant to leave my side.

But the room was bright and colourful with lots of toys that immediately piqued his interests.

mum central
Bobby loved the great range of toys on offer in the creche. Source: Mum Central

While he was a little nervous too, the staff in the childcare zone were truly amazing and took him under their wing showing him all the interactive play stations they had set up for the morning.

mum central
There’s a great selection of toys and equipment for younger children too. Source: Mum Central

I was able to leave on time and head to my workout with not one single tear from him or I! When I came back he was playing with play-dough and didn’t want to leave which is the ultimate experience you want for your child.

Every time we went, Bobby was happy to go to creche and have a play while I did a workout.

mum central
The creche was geared up for great imaginative play. Source: Mum Central

For the past month, it’s become part of our little routine. I book classes and creche through the Fernwood app and easily integrate an hour or two at the gym into our day. It’s a great little outing for Bobby too and gets us out of the house together.

We usually arrived at Fernwood around 9am and left by 10:30am. Bobby raced to the creche and I would do a 15 warm-up on one of the cardio machines, followed by a Group Fitness class or weights.

Every time I went I set a new goal for myself which was greater than the last. I was blown away when I was able to run 3km without a break. For someone who hasn’t ran in over 3 years I would have never thought I could do that.

After my session, I had a shower and used the hairdryer and straighteners they have available in their washrooms. It’s not often I can actually shower AND straighten my hair without Bobby asking for a snack and trying to climb up onto the vanity to see what I’m doing.

I left feeling so productive and energetic, it really set me up for the rest of my day.”

Women's-only gym Fernwood Fitness Mornington
Source: Mum Central

A massive difference in just a month

After just a month with Fernwood, I’ve noticed how much easier daily things are – things like running beside Bobby while he rides his bike or even just going for a walk with a girlfriend. I’m not worn out, I feel great doing it and I’m proud of my accomplishments so far. 

I would highly recommend Fernwood Fitness to everyone who is looking to take that next step in their physical and mental health journey. I’ve absolutely loved my experience and can feel the difference it’s made in my overall energy, fitness and motivation.” 

mum central

Fernwood Fitness Women's-Only Gym


Equipment and Classes


Creche and Facilities


Supportive Environment


Value for Money


Staff Friendliness


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Try it today on a free 7-day pass 

If anyone knows how tricky it is to take that first step into a gym it’s me. Heck, I put it off for three years! But I’m so glad I finally made the move and joined my local Fernwood Fitness.

It really has everything busy mums need – childcare minding, great facilities, 24/7 availability, women’s-only, group classes AND, of course, hot showers and hot coffee for brekky!

It’s a safe and supportive space for mums and our little ones and I highly recommend to other women to give it a go.

Take the first step and book a date with Fernwood Fitness today. They’re offering free seven-day trials across all of their 70 clubs too – the perfect chance to try and see what you think. 


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This is a sponsored review for Fernwood Fitness. All opinions of those of the reviewer.


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