Prince Louis Reminds Us He’s Just a Typical 4-Year-Old and We’re All For It!

Fancy a HUGE weekend in front of millions with a 4-year-old Prince Louis in tow? It was a gorgeous four-day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee but holy heck, it was also a marathon of parenting in front of millions for William and Kate.

Last weekend’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events have been an absolute joy to watch from the comfort of my lounge chair. Everything was just brilliant – from the Queen’s appearances to the Royal fashion and all the hip-swinging Rod Stewart numbers and glorious weather in between.

But what do I love most? Seeing the Royal children out and about, just being kids with a side of spectacular third-child misbehaving for good measure and somehow something we can completely relate to.

Cambridges Queen's Jubilee
Prince Louis is part of the action for this family-orientated Jubilee weekend! Source: Instagram

And so help me Paddington Bear, if Wills doesn’t whisk Kate off to a spa-day retreat for a few hours this week he can consider Father’s Day cancelled. Because boy, did the Duchess of Cambridge have her work cut out for her over the weekend. And just when the end was in sight, 4-year-old Prince Louis really stuck it to his mum during the Jubilee pageant.

Ahhhhh 4-year-olds. #soblessed

Prince Louis Jubilee
We are tired but everything is FINE. Prince Louis and Kate Middleton. Source: Instagram

Prince Louis is just like any other 4-year-old

One thing I’ve learned is that 4-year-olds are all the same Royal or not. To be fair, Prince Louis is the youngest of the Cambridge children and only turned four recently … so it’s within reason that he’s not perfectly behaved. He is after all, just four years old.

The Trooping the Colour was a good debut for the youngest prince, who doesn’t love noisy aircraft? Turns out Prince Louis wasn’t much of a fan of all the noise with this public display!

Prince Louis Jubilee
Off to a great start! Prince Louis stands alongside his Great Grandmother for the Trooping of Colour. Source: Instagram.

I’m sure that parents Kate and Wills thought Prince Louis would love the Jubilee pageant and it appears that he did. Or at least some of it… until he didn’t.

Prince Louis Jubilee
Prince Louis enjoyed the Jubilee pageant… until he didn’t.

Clearly bored and starting to fuss, Prince Louis, seated next to his big sister Princess Charlotte and brother Prince George, showed that things starting taking a downwards spiral as mum Kate tried to control the dwindling situation. As it falls though, thousands upon thousands of press and public cameras were there to capture it for millions to see.

Prince Louis Jubilee
It’s a no from me… it was all too much for poor little Prince Louis!

Parenting is tough, even when you’re Kate Middleton

Every mum the world over could relate to Kate at this moment. The attempts to control her pre-schooler with humour, followed by possibly a stern telling off through gritted teeth – even cousin Mike Tindall seated behind them put his two cents worth in, trying to help out – but Prince Louis was having none of it.

Prince Louis Jubilee
First attempt.. laugh it off! Source: Instagram
Prince Louis Jubilee
This isn’t going well… Source: Instagram

We watched on as Louis pushed his mother’s hand away, covered her mouth with his hand in an attempt to shush her, blew a raspberry at her, stood on his seat and clambered into the laps of his dad and grandfather.

Prince Louis Jubilee
Oh Kate… Louis decides to stand on his seat for a better look at the parade. Source: Instagram
Prince Louis Jubilee
Prince Louis – just your typical 4-year-old third child. FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Oh boy. Source: Instagram

Oh, Kate, we feel for you girlfriend. Any one of us commoners would have frog-marched a child out of there and back to the car, dished out empty threats about NO MORE PAW PATROL or if all else failed, fished our phone from our sparkly clutch purse to keep the peace. But unlike Kate, we don’t have millions of eyes on us to witness our 4-year-old having a moment where he is clearly OVER the weekend shenanigans.

Prince Louis Jubilee
So help me, William, if you don’t put your Dad hat on right this minute… Instagram
Prince Louis Jubilee
Nearly home time. SO CLOSE. Louis admits defeat and sides up for a snuggle. Source: Instagram

All the Cambridge children put on show

This weekend is the most we’ve seen of Louis and I suspect, the most we’ll see for a little while. Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, also made several appearances with their parents throughout the Jubilee but it was their little brother who stole the show – and the public’s hearts – with his feisty third-child behaviour.

Prince Louis Jubilee
SMILE AND WAVE! The Cambridge siblings rode together in a carriage for the Queen’s Jubilee. Source: Instagram

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are a little older and clearly understood the assignment of public outings, though we saw the big sister hold Prince Louis’s hand down to stop him from waving and give his feet a shove in the Royal box to put him in his place. #LOL

It’s a weekend of Royal cousins galore!

It wasn’t just the Cambridge children who were out and about in London over for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations either. We saw the first public outings for sweet little August, son of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, as well as Princess Beatrice and her stepson Wolfie, son of husband Edo.

mum central
What a beautiful little boy August is! Source: Instagram

Familiar faces of Zara and Mike Tindall’s kids Mia, Lena and Lucas as well as Peter Philips’s daughters Savannah and Isla were also there to join in on the Jubilee pageant fun.

Royal cousins, Jubilee, Prince Louis
Cousins in cahoots! Source: Instagram

No sign of Archie or Lilibet

We know that the Sussexes, Prince Harry and Meghan attended many of the weekend events but sadly, Archie and Lilibet were nowhere to be seen, despite Lilibet celebrating her first birthday on the 4th of June. If this photo is anything to go by, we predict Harry and Megs are the ‘fun’ uncle and aunt (or cousins) of the group, always up for a bit of a giggle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Sussex
Harry and Meghan were photographed shushing the children in the background. Source: Instagram

All in all, it was a gorgeous Jubilee weekend for parents everywhere to see that children are the same the world over, no matter who they are!

Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Jubilee
All toothless smiles and laughter from Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Source: Instagram

How we would’ve loved to be in the car on the way home with the Cambridges after such a HUGE weekend. The debrief between Kate and Wills would surely be hilarious!

The Duke and Duchess’s Tweet says it all!

In a series of Tweets thanking the public for celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, it’s this last Tweet that has us all having a bit of a chuckle. And a clear sign that the Royals are just any other parent, doing the best they can.

mum central
Source: Twitter

Ahhhhh, bless, it’s the googly eye emoji for me!

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