Spoil your Sweetheart: WIN a Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram

You’ve probably heard of the range of head-turning prams and strollers from Silver Cross.

But did you know this maker of prams fit for British royalty also make doll prams? And not just your typical plastic pram that will probably break in a few months. Oh no. Their Blossom doll’s pram is in a league of its own.

Valued at $899, the Blossom is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to doll accessories. And we at Mum Central have one to give away! That’s right – one VERY, VERY LUCKY little lady or dapper dude will stroll away with his or her very own stunning pink and white Blossom Doll’s Pram, just in time for Christmas.

Pram envy does exist! Even in the land of dolls.

Silver Cross Blossom Doll's Pram

From tea parties in the backyard to stroller walks in the park (umbrella and high heels optional), this pram is the perfect accessory to any little gal or guy’s pretend play collection. Expect to turn heads, pretty much everywhere you go. Because a doll’s pram like this isn’t going to go unnoticed!

Pint sized pram perfection

The Blossom has princess written all over it, from the beautiful hand stitched detailing and the fully adjustable hood to the high polished white metallic paint and shimmering pink fabric apron. The coach-built style is perfect for dolls and stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes. Plus it glitters with that special Silver Cross touch.

Every single Silver Cross Doll’s Pram is handmade using traditional methods in Yorkshire, England. Fancy, we know.

Silver Cross Blossom Doll's Pram pink and blue

Plus, it even includes a patented c-spring suspension for an effortlessly smooth ride, whether wheeling the babies around the house or around the neighbourhood. What this means is that your little one will be able to freely steer and control the pram. Less frustration on her part. And less chance of you having to carry the pram (and your child) home after she gets ‘too tired’.

Pram, doll and changing bag? Yes please!

Their doll pram is almost like a mini version of their full sized couch-prams and even features the same beautiful chrome detailing including chrome spoked wheels and rose metalwork. To add that extra touch, each pram comes with an exclusive floral lining pattern which complements the shimmering pink perfectly, while gorgeous trademark pink line detail adds contrast to the cream body.

Silver Cross Blossom Doll's Pram pink

Oh, did we mention the pram also comes with a matching changing bag? And a beautiful rag doll?

This limited edition pram will last a lifetime, even after your little one grows out of it. Simply store it safety in a corner (and perhaps add a few cute cushions to jazz it up) and save it for to the next generation. 


Spoil your sweetheart with a present that is especially for her (or him). To be in the running to win a Blossom Doll’s Pram (plus accessories), valued at $899, simply fill out the form below.

Win a Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram, valued at $899!

Or, if you can’t wait until Christmas, you can pick up your own Blossom Doll’s Pram direct from Silver Cross (and pick one up for me too, while you’re at it).

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Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire ThrowerReply

    The beautiful fabrics and design, Silver Cross is absolutely gorgeous and so much like the real pram. My sister had one when she was younger was always so jealous, would love to win this for my princess, she would adore it.

    • Avatar of Elle G

      I love the inner floral lining and I love the fact it has spring suspension making it easy for my kids to steer & control.

      • Avatar of Shannon W

        I love the classic style and rose metalwork and pink is my sons favourite colour
        I also love that it will be a beautiful piece to pass on to be loved by future family members

      • Avatar of Tara

        Such beautiful prams! Amazing quality, what every little girls dreams of

      • Avatar of Nicole A

        My son 4 and my daughter 2 absolutely love babies and I am pregnant so this would be fantastic for my kids ‘to be just like mum’

        • Avatar of Sheena Douthie
          Sheena DouthieReply

          Arent these prams just so adorable and elegant!
          I would love one as a feature piece in my grandbabies bedroom until she is old enough to enjoy the true beauty of such an exquisite pram and with a bag and baby its every girls dream set 🙂

    • Avatar of Philippa tudor
      Philippa tudorReply

      Beautiful design and fabric colours. My little girl would adore this

    • Avatar of Fiona

      My little girl would absolutely LOVE to win this gorgeous pram to show off! We love thr stylish design & detailing along with the pretty fabric. We love everything about this pram. I wish I had one when I was a little girl!

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara FehmelReply

      The old style beauty of the pram, I just adore the look, it reminds me of days long gone by.

    • Avatar of Angelo porcelli
      Angelo porcelliReply

      Very sophisticated looking doll prams love the old fashion look.
      Either of our daughters would be in owe if i won this comp.
      They have 14 Our generation 18″ dolls, this would be perfect.
      Thankyou for this chance.

    • Avatar of Melissa

      I have sons – and two years ago we finally got a girl in our family (a niece). I would love to be able to give her something so beautiful and girly. thank you.

    • Avatar of Angela Marie
      Angela MarieReply

      I love the old fashioned english nanny design of the buggy . I could definately see Litttle Miss pushing this through Centennial Park on a summer afternoon with dolly onboard.Adorable..

    • Avatar of Sian

      I just adore the english style prams. When i was a little girl i went to England and my Nanna brought me an English dolls pram. Which i still have 30yrs later. I would love my girls to have a beautiful dolls pram and have great memories like i have about mine

    • Avatar of Andrea lane
      Andrea laneReply

      I seriously cant pick. I love the style and OMG its PINK. My little girl would love this shes even try and get the brothers to push her around.

    • Avatar of Stacey

      My little 2yr old loves dolls and prams and playing mummy. She also loves drawing on walls and destroying our house. Please let’s me win this gorgeous pram so she will spen more time playing mummy

      • Avatar of Jessica Brennan
        Jessica BrennanReply

        I love how classicly stylish this dolls pram is. It looks like the real thing

    • Avatar of Nicole A

      My son 4 and my daughter 2 absolutely love babies and I am pregnant so this would be fantastic for my kids ‘to be just like mum’

    • Avatar of Sarah scott
      Sarah scottReply

      I love the design of these prams and the girgeous fabric and colour choices. They are timelessly elegant.

    • Avatar of Chrissy Macartney

      My favourite features is the colour of the fabrics! Pastel colours especially pink, blue and mint green are gorgeous. My almost 3year old would absolutely love this. I’d love to win this for her for Christmas because I know how much she would love and appreciate it but unfortunately I am unable to afford the price tag with it which is why I hope to win!

    • Avatar of Anne B

      Luv how it is a replica of a baby pram like the Duchess of Cambridge uses for the royal babies. Beautiful design.

    • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
      Katrina StantonReply

      Solid, sturdy. Quality plus. For the little ones a must have blessing for dollies, dog, or cat.

  2. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The Rose metal work is adorable i think it is so adorable and love how it is a mini version of the original, please pick me as my daughter would adore this as much as i do!

  3. Avatar of talia

    The design looks so much like a real pram and looks such good quality. Would love to win it for my daughter whos birthday is a week before Christmas being so close to Christmas it makes it hard for me to buy her heaps so winning this for her would make her the happiest girl as she loves her dolls and prams.

  4. Avatar of Lynette Smith
    Lynette SmithReply

    I just love the traditional styling of this pram and that it will last a long time as it’s so well built! I’d love to be able to start a family tradition where it can be passed down through the generations starting with my gorgeous grandchildren. It’s limited edition too, just like my beautiful offspring!

  5. Avatar of Rita Dwenger
    Rita DwengerReply

    The design, style and class of the Pram,
    My kids will feel like a queen looking all glam!
    It would be great passing down from generation to generation over the years.
    All the girls in the family will love and there even maybe some tears!

  6. Avatar of Debbie O'Donnell
    Debbie O'DonnellReply

    Just at the right height for little girls to push their dolls in their stroller.

  7. Avatar of Emma Corbett
    Emma CorbettReply

    So beautiful my daughter would absolutely love this

  8. Avatar of Alicia T

    I love the high quality of this pram! It could be a wonderful heirloom to pass down from my children to my grandchildren one day. My son loves playing with my old dolls pram from when I was a child. It’s nearly at the end of its days though so he’d love a new one to play with.

  9. Avatar of Loretta Jordan
    Loretta JordanReply

    The fact it looks so much like a real pram and not a dolls pram is my favourite feature. I will be the best grandmother ever if I won this for my granddaughter!

  10. Avatar of Lu Whitby

    I love that this pram is handcrafted in my home country, England. I grew up with silver cross but can no way afford to buy one for my 2 little girls to share. This would be a perfect Christmas present for them to share this year!

  11. Avatar of Kelly

    My heart skipped a beat when i saw this pram as i had one just like this when i was younger and it just brought back so many wonderful memories

  12. Avatar of Kristy

    I love the old fashion design! I am currently pregnant and my daughter is baby mad and would love to push her dolls pram down the street with me

  13. Avatar of Ains

    I love the classic style of the pram. This is definitely an heirloom toy that would be enjoyed for generations to come!

  14. Avatar of Kyliefrog

    I would love this for my granddaughter she was born at 28 weeks and is now 17 months and is doing well…i would be the best nanna in the world if i won this for her.

  15. Avatar of sue perry

    Omg this gorgeous pram will go so well with my massive doll & teddy bear collection
    My 6yo son is just starting to understand my obsession we hope to start a museum one day

  16. Avatar of Rebecca McCarthy
    Rebecca McCarthyReply

    I love the traditional look of this pram. My mum had an old fashioned pram like this when I was born. I would love my daughter to have something of quality, that is timeless and classic

  17. Avatar of Kara

    Love the vintage aspect of the pram and the gorgeous Patel colours

  18. Avatar of Janine McNaughton
    Janine McNaughtonReply

    I love the fact that its handmade using traditional methods used in the 1900. A great feature to showcase seen as this iconic style matches the way to was originally manufactured that has stood the test of time! My girls would be honored to have this incredible piece as a toy to play with!!

  19. Avatar of Nancy Rainsford
    Nancy RainsfordReply

    This is Devine my miss 4 would adore this.. and do would I. She loves her dolls and pushing her pram… (that’s falling apart ☹️)

  20. Avatar of Nicole

    It is very hard to pick only one feature but I absolutely love the old style design with big wheels and stunning metal frame and beautiful lining!!

  21. Avatar of Addie

    Oh I’d love to win one for my girl…it will match my 1960s vintage silver cross pram I picked up for a steal still in mint condition!! They don’t call them the rolls royce of prams for nothing!!

  22. Avatar of Maria Foti

    Best feature is the Chrome spiked wheels and white metallic paint! My hubby could almost get away with saying him and our daughter are going for a drive, & only we would really know where they were going… to push the pram around the corner. Ha ha! You should pick me as after having 3 boys, our little lady came along, all 4 in 6 years, and we REALLY need some girly toys around the house finally. It would look so beautiful in her bedroom also. ❤️

  23. Avatar of Lauren cooper
    Lauren cooperReply

    What isn’t there to like about these amazing prams. From the beautiful colours, hand crafted traditional design, matching accessaries, hand stitched and timeless styles, these are amazing right from the handle all the way down to the wheels and everything in between. I know any child would love to have this for the dolls/babies. I know my daughter wouldn’t go anywhere without it, as her babies are frequent tag along on our daily outings.

  24. Avatar of Fiona

    I love that it’s the perfect size for little ones! It would be perfect for walks in the park with my toddler using the dolls pram and me with new bub!

  25. Avatar of Maria Ayles
    Maria AylesReply

    Love the vintage look as well as being the perfect height for the perfect little princess.

  26. Avatar of SusieP

    love, love, love this pram and everything about it! My daughter would go crazy for this!

  27. Avatar of Meegan

    Love the vintage aspect of this pram, and the gorgeous pastel colours. My daughter has been asking me for a beautiful pram for her favourite dolly…she would adore this pram and cherish it for years to come.

  28. Avatar of Jen Trembath
    Jen TrembathReply

    So so pretty and perfect for my beautiful girl to take her babies for a walk

  29. Avatar of Kira

    I love the classic and elegant design, my daughter will feel like a princess pushing this gorgeous pram. Also love the pink details and the floral lining.

  30. Avatar of Lisa

    That comes with a matching bag and also a doll, great present all in one!

  31. Avatar of Amy

    I love the traditional look to this quality made pram. It has all the fine details. The chrome spoke wheels gives it an old fashion touch. It would be amazing to win this for my twin 3 year old daughter for Christmas. Beautiful childhood memories would be created with this amazing pram.

  32. Avatar of DebB

    This pram is just like the one I always wanted when I had my 5 babies, I just showed my 6 year old and she had the same reaction as me “oh mummmmmmm its beautiful”

  33. Avatar of Jessica Williams
    Jessica WilliamsReply

    A perfect pint-sized pram for my pretty princess Kara!

  34. Avatar of Lauren

    Love everything about this pram ❤ so hard to find good quality products for my little girl that are also stylish these days

  35. Avatar of Karen Field
    Karen FieldReply

    I love the traditional and classic look of the pram. It looks like it could be an antique. My little girl would love pushing her dolls around in it.

  36. Avatar of Daniell R

    This would look amazing in my eldest’s bedroom and then she can pass it on to her baby sister arriving in 2018. I’m sure my son will have a play with this gorgeous pram also!

  37. Avatar of Carla Sixsmith

    The size and look is just perfect for my 6 year-old!! She has been asking for a doll pram for a long time but the ones we have been looking at has always been to little for her.

  38. Avatar of steph kung

    this pram looks beautiful, my little girl will love it to bits, pushing her dolls around.
    love the design, and looks gorgeously made!

  39. Avatar of Julie T

    These beautiful Silver Cross prams are divine
    I would love one to be mine!
    With grand baby number eighteen on the way
    it would be sure to see lots of play!
    What a popular nanny I would be
    if you chose me!

  40. Avatar of Andrew

    Love that this looks like a real pram! My daughters would love this

  41. Avatar of Alexandram

    The feature I love most about the silver cross blossom is the suspension. How amazing a dolls pram that moves just like a real pram. I feel I deserve to win as I have two little princesses a 2 yr old and 3 month old both who are pushed around in style in a silver cross surf 2 and silver cross pop stroller. The blossom dolls pram would give them both hours and hours of fun for years to come it won’t be lovedby just one but two.

  42. Avatar of Charmaine Mitchell
    Charmaine MitchellReply

    I love the metal work of the pram and the beautiful fabric. My daughters love playing mommy and babies, this would make it even more realistic for them.

  43. Avatar of Brooke

    It’s absolutly stunning and made so well! My daughter would love it so much to have all her babies in.

  44. Avatar of Skye

    I really am into the Vintage look. I’m trying to do my house vintage as well. This pram oozes vintage and the quality is sure to last life times over and be passed down through generations to come. My daughter’s birthday is the 21st of December and a lot of times were focusing on Christmas but this beautiful and unique looking pram would make her birthday that extra special this year.

  45. Avatar of Carolyn Wilson
    Carolyn WilsonReply

    Wow its awesome, so classy, my grandaughter would love to it.

  46. Avatar of Olivia Tisato
    Olivia TisatoReply

    The silver cross Blossom is the ultimate English Nanny style pram for every little prince or princess!!
    I love the attention to detail, from the rose metalwork to the floral lining, the glittering spoke wheels & the glossy white metallic paint.
    My daughter would feel like a real royal mummy strolling her babies around in this exquisite miniature version of the real thing. I love that it has an adjustable hood to let in or shield the sun from their delicate eyes, just like a real life mummy!

  47. Avatar of Beverley

    Love the traditional style of the silver cross pram, would love my daughter Audrey to win as she loves playing with her baby dolls and yet to own a pram this would make her Christmas so special.

  48. Avatar of Dianne Byrne
    Dianne ByrneReply

    The Silver Cross Blossom Dolls Pram is the ultimate traditional pram. I absolutely adore the hand stitching, it makes the pram so unique. Such a regal pram for my princess grand-daughter.

  49. Avatar of Jessica Bannigan
    Jessica BanniganReply

    In love with the classic design and timeless style it is absolutely perfect and would be made so well would love to become a heirloom in my family for generations to enjoy we would love to win

  50. Avatar of Donna

    Gorgeous. My niece would love this. Such a perfect piece.

  51. Avatar of Sally kesby

    It’s either the pink and cream combination of this gorgeous traditional pram that I Iove or the fact that it has a matching baby bag

  52. Avatar of Natasha

    Because I dreamt of every feature of this pram when i was a little girl and then my daughter did the same.

  53. Avatar of Brodie K

    The Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s pram is reminiscent of a bygone era with its classic vintage style and is sure to become a family heirloom. The chrome spoked wheels and hand stitched hood reminds me of my mother’s Silver Cross original pram from her childhood – I’ve now carried on family tradition having invested in a beautiful Silver Cross pram for my own baby girl, winning this amazing doll’s pram for her would truly continue our family tradition of Silver Cross.

  54. Avatar of Rebecca Mills
    Rebecca MillsReply

    Omg omg omg absolutely love the retro design. I would have absoluyley loved one when i was a kid im in love with the chrome spoked wheels and rose metalwork Out girls would be absolutely thrilled if they won one

  55. Avatar of Naomi Heckendorf
    Naomi HeckendorfReply

    My little girl loves the shimmering pink fabric! Our little girl has claimed our real pram for her dolls and winning would mean she has her own and we get ours back!

  56. Avatar of Abby H

    My daughter would absolutely love this pram,she is baby doll,pram crazy!it’s beautiful vintage look,floral interior,and it comes with a matching baby bag, I have always adored the Silver Cross Prams so much more beautiful than modern plastic prams

  57. Avatar of Sandy duncan
    Sandy duncanReply

    These are so like the prams of Yesteryear! My granddaughter will grow with this pram and it will become a family heirloom to be passed down to others just like my old pram!! Little people use prams for dollies and taking pets for walks the imagination is their only boundary., all children should have one!

  58. Avatar of Meg

    Love this, it’s just like the pram my mum used for me I would love my daughter to be able to appreciate the beauty of your product for herself and I’m sure Dolly will be thrilled too.

  59. Avatar of Bianca b

    My daughter would love this she loves having her baby with her all the time lately and it’s really sweet the way she talks and has tea parties with her … as a only child myself I remember doing this also when I was young

  60. Avatar of Catherine Davies
    Catherine DaviesReply

    Gorgeous!! I love the quality look of this pram !! It would last forever

  61. Avatar of Rachel

    The most adorable pint size pram,
    My little girl will be just like her Mama
    Both of us pushing our babies in our silver cross prams!

  62. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen DonnellyReply

    Love the patented c-spring suspension for an effortlessly smooth ride, so i wont have to to carry the pram (and your child) home after she gets ‘too tired. if a pram luike this is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge to use when Christening her childern then its good enough for my kids

  63. Avatar of Smitzer

    Love that it is made in England. Worth the price and knowing that it has been made with loving hands

  64. Avatar of Darel F

    I love the pram’s classic but sturdy design! With a toddler and a 7 year old, this pram would certainly fair better than your average plastic version!

  65. Avatar of Elise Williamson
    Elise WilliamsonReply

    The classic style of this pram is timeless, the colours are gorgeous and I know my daughter would play for hours with this and her dollies. Great design and style, love it <3

  66. Avatar of Sarah M

    I love that it is easy to steer for little ones and that it is such great quality that it can be passed down the family which would be really special.

  67. Avatar of C.McCarthy

    I would love this amazing pram for my little girl. I love its old fashion, traditional features. It is the pram I dreamt of as a little girl and would love my daughter to have this gorgeous statement piece…..something she could keep forever

  68. Avatar of Melissa

    Would love to win this for a friend of mine who has two beautiful girls & has been a long time lover of Silver Cross. It is her dream pram.

  69. Avatar of Sandra Dinsdale
    Sandra DinsdaleReply

    I just adore the old fashioned prams, it runs in my family with my sister having a Silver Cross over 30 years ago and I used it also for my gorgeous girls. Now my daughter has taken on the generation of family who also use a Silver Cross pram. How wonderful would it be that my grandson could also be pushing his Silver Cross pram around the court too. Not to mention the craftsmanship of these prams, they last the test of time.

  70. Avatar of Megan

    I love the chrome detailing, my son would absolutely love to push this pram around!

  71. Avatar of Erin Rayner
    Erin RaynerReply

    This is amazing. I love silver cross prams and would love one for my girls to play with.
    The best feature.. well it’s the overall workmanship and fine details that make it, heirloom quality dolls pram.

  72. Avatar of ashliegh

    my daugher would absolutely love this pram! she loves her dolls, always putting them to “bed” with her own blanket and pillow. she loves putting her babies in her pram (whoch is big) and pushes them around in that, i would love this pram to give her something for her to put her dolls in, that is her height.

  73. Avatar of Sarah Wilson
    Sarah WilsonReply

    These prams are so uber glam! The old fashioned styling and sturdy construction are perfection.
    We need one of these prams in our lives so I can gloat to all the Mums who come over for play dates. I’m also quite certain that my cat would love nothing more than to be dressed up in pretty dolly dresses, by my daughter, and pushed around the house.

  74. Avatar of Angela Robertson

    The detail in this pram is incredible. From the floral lining and chromed spoked wheels to the rose metalwork. OMG. Any luttle girl would feel like royalty pushing their dollies around in this. This would make my little girls first chrissy the most memorable it could be

  75. Avatar of nashdown

    The amazing quality, structure, colour and very elegant and would look amazing in my daughters room, endless hours of playtime.

  76. Avatar of Heather oliffe
    Heather oliffeReply

    There is not ONE thing I love about this pram, I LOVE EVERYTHING! my kids would love this pram.

  77. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie MasonReply

    I think that the patented c-spring suspension is a great feature that will make the pram easier for children to push and therefore more enjoyable to play. From a mothers perspective the design is just so beautiful that it’s impossible to not fall in love with this pram.

    • Avatar of Georgie Mason
      Georgie MasonReply

      Oh and also… I should win because my five year old daughter would absolutely love this VERY pretty Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram, to play pretend out and about and at home.

  78. Avatar of Caren

    My daughter would absolutely love this, she is such a girly girl and this beautiful pram looks so amazing

  79. Avatar of Latichia

    Its beautiful my daughter would love it she loves pushing things around and playing with dolls

  80. Avatar of Pinar Krajcik
    Pinar KrajcikReply

    I love the traditional design, super stylish and cute to boot!
    Please pick me as my girls are always trying to find ways to copy mummy and care for their “babies” it would be lovely for them to have something to pass onto their own kids one day!

  81. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that the Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram is handmade and is just absolutely beautiful, especially the chrome spoked wheels and rose metal work, and shimmering pink fabric. My daughters 4th birthday is coming up and I know she would absolutely adore this amazing pram, she is obsessed with all things dolls and would be ecstatic to have this! It would be something that we would definitely keep to pass on to generations to come, which is just so special.

  82. Avatar of Megan

    I love the elegance and style of the pram. It reminds me of royalty and daydreams. Its so important to daydream and play pretend when your a kid and I think my kids would have years of fun with their made up stories and play

  83. Avatar of Karajade

    I absolutely adore this pram! Silver cross has always been a pram brand favourite in our family. I love everything about this little mini version, Especially the traditional style, the pastel colours and the floral fabrics. I would have loved this style pram for me to push my two daughters around in. However we ended up with a silver cross pioneer (modern look) instead. I Always wanted to get my first daughter one of these prams for her dolls (would suit beautifully in her shabby chic/vintage floral themed bedroom) but the price tag has kept it from a possibility . Please pick me, we would cherish this gorgeous pram for many years!!!!

  84. Avatar of Jodie Ray

    Love all of it so stylish and original. Love that it’s easy to steer as it frustrates kids easily when they can’t steer their pram. I have always loved this style of pram and would absolutely love one for my newborn daughters first doll pram. I have three girls and only a cheap stroller for them to share. Would love something this good quality that would last all of them

  85. Avatar of Schayne

    I love the vintage look. It would go fantastically with my kids’ Cabbge Patch Kids that used to belong to my aunt when she was young.

  86. Avatar of Renee b

    Could this pram be anymore adorable. My daughter would love it! So stylish and such a classic look. For the first 200 metres on our afternoon walk it would be sunshine and lollipops, but after that point, even with the most cutest pram out she’d still drop to the floor, cry that she is too tired and could not go one single step further from sheer exhaustion. But that’s ok, its so cute I’d happily push it.

  87. Avatar of Fran C

    I love the chrome detailing on the pram. It looks so special and exciting for a little one to play with. My little miss would feel so grown up with her own pram for her dolly.

  88. Avatar of Naomi

    Oh the elegant classy style and metal work…sigh!!! Just so beautiful ❤️ Crossing my fingers and toes

    • Avatar of Naomi

      Oh the elegant classy style and metal work…sigh!!! Just so beautiful ❤️ Crossing my fingers and toes. Both my little girls would love to parade their babies in it

  89. Avatar of Jodie Warner
    Jodie WarnerReply

    They look absolutely stunning. My daughter is obsessed with playing mummies and babies and she would really enjoy a new pram to add to her role play.

  90. Avatar of Erica

    I love that each pram is handmade in England, not mass produced by children in some Asian countries. This is such a gorgeous pram and will be much loved by both my daughters if they had the opportunity to win one.

  91. Avatar of Amy Blaszczyk
    Amy BlaszczykReply

    Love all the chrome on them. Such an opulent look.

  92. Avatar of Stacey

    Omg how can I pick just one feature?! It’s impossible. I always wanted a full size one for my babies. My daughter is baby crazy. She would love this just as much as me! Daily she shows me how, if I have another baby, all the things she would be sooo happy to help me with. Love it! Wow what a fantastic pram!

  93. Avatar of Lynn

    Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess and with this gorgeous timeless Silver Cross pram who wouldn’t? The floral lining, chromed spoked wheels and the rose metalwork put the Blossum dolls pram up there in the realm of royalty

  94. Avatar of Kylie S

    I love the classic design and the attention to detail. This pram would be an amazing toy pram that any little girl would absolutely adore!

  95. Avatar of Bronwen S

    The fact that it has suspension is great because it means that they can push it around without too much trouble, and keep up with you and the big pram.

  96. Avatar of Alysia sheehy
    Alysia sheehyReply

    I love everything about this dolls pram 🙂 especially the suspension and easy steering! Our little princess often gets frustrated that she can’t steer her Kmart cheapie lol and I end up pushing it! We would love to win as we can’t afford “luxury” items at the moment due to our daughter’s on going medical costs and now we’ve been told we need ivf to have any more children 🙁

  97. Avatar of Jodie

    It would be my daughter’s dream to have one of these luxurious prams! Yes please!

  98. Avatar of Shelley Chandler
    Shelley ChandlerReply

    Definitely the c spring suspension is a HUGE positive in this baby doll pram design! Avoids tantrums from my girls not being able to manoeuvre it easily around corners, a really clever design idea! I also adore the vintage style, and the beautiful flower fabric lining! I’d absolutely love to win this for my beautiful girls, they would truly be in awe of this pram, and I’d love to see their faces opening this at Christmas!! Beautiful prize.

  99. Avatar of Naomi

    I love the old school charm of this pram! It has great workmanship in the production of the pram and the design is gorgeous!

  100. Avatar of Meika

    The rose printed fabric is amazing. Such a beautiful pram and little girl or boy would be so lucky to have one of these

  101. Avatar of Tegan

    I love everything about the pram though the best part is that I can keep for the future generations as its that well made.

  102. Avatar of Lauren Guerin
    Lauren GuerinReply

    The chrome spiked wheels are floral lining are my favourite parts of the pram. The whole design is just classically divine and my daughters would just love it for their dolls.

  103. Avatar of Josephine Edwards
    Josephine EdwardsReply

    Would love to win this pram, years ago I made a porcelain doll and it would be superb to be able to put her into this pram, to leave for my grandchildren in the future, Oh what joy that would be for them.

  104. Avatar of Tara Rangi

    I love it because it is what i grew up with myself my nan had one an it was passed down through the family

  105. Avatar of Liz

    I love the big wheels and the cloured metal joiners… such a pretty pram My little miss would love to take her dollies (whom are her pride and joy) round in one!

  106. Avatar of MegtheGem

    I love that this pram is not flimsy and is sturdy. It looks amazing, love the vintage look

  107. Avatar of Debbie Barr
    Debbie BarrReply

    This dolls pram is stunning and any little girl would love it. I especially love the pretty pastel colours it comes in.

  108. Avatar of Cassie

    Oh my gosh I don’t know where to start. I LOVE everything about this pram, the colour, style, height, that it’s easy to steer.
    My girls would absolutely be in love They would love the stunning pink and would feel like little princesses

  109. Avatar of Sam Jeffs

    I love the traditional style of this pram. I had something similar for my dolls when i was little and I’d love to give one to my youngest daughter.

  110. Avatar of Natalie

    I love the original c-spring suspension feature to help my Daughter glide over bumps! I love that this beautiful pram is handmade in her late Great Grandmothers home town.

  111. Avatar of Sunday

    Is cuteness a feature?! Love the look of this classic style pram

  112. Avatar of Tiffany

    I dreamed about having a pram like this when I was little. I loved real baby things to use with my dolls, my daughter is the same. Having a pram like this would make us both so happy, it would be something I hope she would keep to pass onto her kids

  113. Avatar of Kristy

    I LOVE this pram. The traditional design, sturdy built to last and beautiful colours. My daughter would be over the moon.

  114. Avatar of AngieB

    I absolutely love how similar this looks to my mum’s original Silver Cross that she bought in the early 70’s and still has! My favourite feature is the spring suspension. I can actually remember being pushed in mum’s one and rocking and bouncing around. I can only imagine how much fun my two girls woukd have with one of these beauties!

  115. Avatar of Heidi D

    I love that they have made an exact miniature copy of such an iconic pram. It is gorgeous from the pink outside to the pretty floral lining

  116. Avatar of jessica Ashbrooke
    jessica AshbrookeReply

    I am in love with the gorgeous vintage style like the prams of the 70’s

  117. Avatar of Jam I Haddington
    Jam I HaddingtonReply

    The traditional styling of the pram is to die for!! Absolutely gorgeous! And the fact it also comes with a baby bag is amazing!

  118. Avatar of Siobhan Turner
    Siobhan TurnerReply

    I would love to win this for our little girl because then she would know all about the pram that her mummy and daddy were both lucky enough to have as babies themselves – the classic and beautiful silver cross. A timeless piece.

  119. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    The Silver Cross Blossom Dolls Pram is a luxurious heirloom item. I love that it is handcrafted and modelled on the same standards as Silver Cross’ full size prams. The matching accessories are beautiful and would be much loved additions for little boys and girls. My children and, in years to come, future grandchildren would love this beautiful role play toy.

  120. Avatar of Janet

    The pure classic essence of this delightful pram. My daughter never gets tired of mothering her dolls and with this she can do it with stunning style.

  121. Avatar of Michelle K

    I love the vintage style of the pram! I have a 4 year old daughter with ASD who would absolutely love this for her baby doll, Ella…. (her current pram is missing a wheel and the seat keeps slipping off). Also being a photographer I am sure it would make a lovely addition to my images of my girls playing. Envious of whoever wins this pram.

  122. Avatar of Krissy Butler
    Krissy ButlerReply

    Loving the rose metal framework and beautiful lining. My dolly mad daughter would love this!

  123. Avatar of Paula W

    I love the classic coach-built style of the pram. My daughter would love to walk around with this beautiful pram and her precious dolls.

  124. Avatar of Kylie Westthor
    Kylie WestthorReply

    In the current day of disposable or replaceable belongings, I love that the quality Silver Cross workmanship creates a heirloom for my daughter to use, keep and pass on to her children.
    Aside from this, floral pattern is just beautiful.

  125. Avatar of Dena

    I love it’s heirloom quality. I’d be honoured to hand this down to my grandchildren one day!

  126. Avatar of Pelin

    I adore everything about this gorgeous pram. From its stylish and classy look to its convenience for the princesses to use. I have always wanted to own a beautifully crafted pram like this but never had the chance, so me giving this master piece to my princess would be the ultimate gift ever. This will be the unbeatable Xmas gift..

  127. Avatar of Jade

    It’s a classic design so it will always stay in fashion and the fabrics are beautiful!

  128. Avatar of Anna provatas
    Anna provatasReply

    I simply can’t pick one favourite. I love the pink hood, and matching pink on the chassis (hope my terminology is correct). Basket for storage, grand Design of it. Believe me I know…. I pushed my two everywhere in a Silver Cross kensington pram circa 1976!. It was such a head turner. I used it until my youngest was 4. Id have two kids, a chihuahua and a good assortment of their books and toys in there. It was the best pram ever and now it is just a display piece sadly. If my two girls (now almost 5 & 6 years) could have their own it would be a dream come true. We live in a very walkable suburb and I just know we would take it everywhere with us. They would probably push our 13 year old chihuahua around!!!

  129. Avatar of Diane owen

    Would love one of these prams for my granddaughters. They are so beautiful and remind me so much of prams from bygone days. These prams would last a lifetime and it would be so lovely to see it handed down to the next generation.

  130. Avatar of Tulay

    The hand stitching. I love all things well, classymade and classic. This would definitely spoil my baby girl for her upcoming first birthday!!

  131. Avatar of Lauren

    My little lady is as attentive as can be with her “babies” feeding, changing and “swabbing”( swaddling) her bubba for sleeptime. For her to be able to stroll around with a sturdy, gorgeous pram like this would mean hours of play!

  132. Avatar of Kaliopi

    What’s not to love about the classic vintage styling and the attention to detail like the floral feature in the inside and the pink line. The patented suspension will make it a dream for my toddlers to push their favourite dolls around in. Just gorgeous….

  133. Avatar of Belinda

    Love that this is vintage and the colours it comes in. Would love this for my daughter and have it as a keepsake. Every girl deserves a beautiful pram.

  134. Avatar of Amanda Beavs

    I wish I could have had a grown up version for my kids when they were babies. It’s just so adorable. My daughter would just go crazy for this. And I am currently making a baby change station for all her babies.

  135. Avatar of Theoni Versace
    Theoni VersaceReply

    A gorgeous looking pram with beautiful workmanship that I have never seen before. I’d love to win this pram for my little niece!

  136. Avatar of Emma

    I would be so thrilled to win one of these. My Mum used to push my twin brother and I in a Silver Cross! I would love one for my little princess 🙂

  137. Avatar of Carmen Tulau
    Carmen TulauReply

    I love the sleek, stylish design. A classic pram with modern colours will never go out of style. Knowing it’s a silver cross gives you the guarantee of a high quality product.
    I’d love to be chosen as I finally have a little girl on the way and this would be something amazing for her to grow up with

  138. Avatar of Zoe

    Our little new big brother would be as besotted with this pram set for his dolly miss Lolly as he is with his new little bro. It is utterly divine.

    • Avatar of Zoe

      The old fashion design and the materials used have to be the features that make this prize an utter stunner

  139. Avatar of Carolyn

    Everything about this pram is beautiful but I really love the floral lining pattern and the gorgeous metal work the best. My two girls would love to take turns pushing there precious babies about in this!

  140. Avatar of Aimee

    My little girl loves pushing her doll in her pram would love to surprise her with a wonderful pram that is not second hand and will last a lifetime. As a single mum it’s hard. I know that my little girl would charish something so beautiful.

  141. Avatar of Justine

    I love the elegance of this dolls pram. My girls would definitely look like the Princesses they are with one of these!

  142. Avatar of Linda

    I would love to win this for my daughter for one simple reason really… it’s available in pink!

  143. Avatar of Carol

    I love the fact that it is stylish enough to become a new family heirloom , to pass down through the generations, starting with my beautiful granddaughter Londyn.

  144. Avatar of Sara

    The Silver Cross Dolls Pram is simply divine and I know one little princess who would adore it for her special doll friends! I love the old fashioned charm it exudes, with the beautiful rose metalwork, simple spoked wheels and the gorgeous floral lining! I know my daughter’s little heart would burst at the beautiful pink colour, with matching nappy bag and doll!

  145. Avatar of Emma Lofaro
    Emma LofaroReply

    I absolutely adore the vintage look of the silver cross dolls pram, as an ex handmaiden I also appreciate that it is Handmade with hand stitching detail, how delicate…..I would LOVE to win this beautiful pram for my nearly 4 year old she adores her babies (dolls) and treats them as they are real live babies, she would proudly push her ‘babies’ around in one of these prams!

  146. Avatar of Janine Joy

    These are so stunning! My kids prams didn’t cost this much!!
    My daughter who is all of 5 just wants to be a mum. She told me yesterday, she is going to marry a girl, so they can have more babies!

  147. Avatar of Kerry Laming
    Kerry LamingReply

    My favourite features are the beautiful rose features and the floral lining. I also love that it comes with a nappy bag. My 4yo daughter would absolutely adore this pram for our walks. And i think she already owns the perfect dresses to wear for a stroll through our local gardens

  148. Avatar of Jo

    Love the floral lining and big beautiful chrome wheels on this gorgeous silver cross dolls pram.
    My little girl would be thrilled to push her baby doll around in such an elegant pram and to be just like a grown up Mummy!

  149. Avatar of Terri

    I love the fact that it has hand detailing and the fact it has a fully extendable hood is a blessing. I also love the big wheels. This pram was built to last for generations to come.

  150. Avatar of Sue

    I have always loved this style of pram, it is just so sweet and my little ones would love it.

  151. Avatar of Jenn

    I love the vintage look of this prams and how incredibly gorgeous they are I wish I could own the adult size!

  152. Avatar of Tracey

    Such a beautiful old fashioned pram , my granddaughters would just adore taking there babies for walks . Of course the colour is just perfect to spoil 2 little princesses with at Christmas time.

  153. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I love that it looks so old fashioned. I had a pram like this when I was a girl it was made from cane. I think my mother still has it.

  154. Avatar of Jenny

    Absolutely beautiful Pram, design & manufacture perfect. Absolutely special & would suite a special & beautiful Grand daughter of mine! Something she would treasure for always!

  155. Avatar of Jen

    Absolutely beautiful Pram, design & manufacture perfect. Absolutely special & would suite a special & beautiful Grand daughter of mine! Something she would treasure for always!

  156. Avatar of Rachelle

    I love the classic vintage design. I dislike plastic flimsy toys of today and always prefer to buy wooden toys and vintage styles. This would match perfectly with my daughters doll cot which was passed down to her, and the collectors china doll I’ve just passed on to her from when I was a child which she absolutely adores

  157. Avatar of Kristie

    Omg u need this gorgeous dolls pram in my life I promise to share it with my 4yr old daughter ! I have been lusting over the
    Pink pram with floral lining . All handmade these days such beauty is hard to come across !

    • Avatar of Chnar

      This would be perfect for my daughter who loves dolls and has a kmart pram. This would honestly be her dream pram! Its so beautiful and elegant and i love the classy look to it. I wont be able to afford this for her but fingers crossed i win this for her.

  158. Avatar of sarah

    What a classic……. I remember my Mum having one of these for me as a baby! Beautifully designed and a dream surprise for my 2 girl’s.

  159. Avatar of Sheree Audibert
    Sheree AudibertReply

    It’s classic vintage style would fit perfectly into my little girls life. She adores her babies and loves all things pink. This beautiful pram would be heaven on earth for her! I love that there would be no more little tanties with the easy steering

  160. Avatar of Pauline.T

    I absolutely love this pram and wish I had it for my 2 girls

  161. Avatar of Monica C

    What feature isn’t there to love? What an amazing pram. My daughters heart would skip a beat to own a pram as magical as this one!

  162. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the vintage look of the pram, along with the pram lining. I’d love to win this for my 1 week old girl so she can enjoy playing with her dolls and pram like I did as a child 🙂

  163. Avatar of Rebecca

    It’s of my girls would love this classic/old style pram to play dolls with! It’s something they could spend hours playing with

  164. Avatar of Jo Cooper

    Absolutely stunning, the Silver Cross is the creme de la creme of prams. With this gorgeous styling and authenticity what little girl wouldn’t want to be a royal princess with her Silver Cross pram

  165. Avatar of Lucinda

    this pram is the most beautiful toy for my daughter I have ever seen, I cannot pick one thing that is my favourite, I just think it is stunning

  166. Avatar of Rebecca

    This pram is amazing!!! My niece would absolutely adore this – it is fantastic quality and looks so good. My grandma still has a navy and chrome silver cross that is roughly 40 years old and it still looks great and my younger cousins still play with it to this day. It would be an honour to have one of these prams in my home.

  167. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    Love the beautiful stitching detail of the pram making it fit for the princess…..and my prince who is absolutely a big fan of prams!

  168. Avatar of Narelle W

    I love the old world charm of this beautiful pram, my granddaughters would be over the moon with it!

  169. Avatar of Jade Williams
    Jade WilliamsReply

    I love the gorgeous fabric and design. My daughter would be over the moon if I surprised her with this wonderful, gorgeous dolls pram.

  170. Avatar of Katelyn Francis
    Katelyn FrancisReply

    I love the fact that the kids get to have a life like pram. They love being like us.

  171. Avatar of Miss Martha
    Miss MarthaReply

    I love the large wheels that enable the dolly to have a bouncy ride.

  172. Avatar of Louise Hile
    Louise HileReply

    I love how sturdy and long lasting these prams are, being able to last multiple children and still be passed on to other families. Value for your money in a long lasting incredible product.

  173. Avatar of Eleni Pitkin
    Eleni PitkinReply

    I love how elegant and stylish the Silver Cross pram is, certainly fit for a princess! The carriage itself is just beautiful, from the pink floral lining to the quality of the spring suspension. I could see my princess’s wearing their plastic high heel shoes, carrying their handbag and pushing their baby dolls around in this gorgeous pram with absolute delight!

  174. Avatar of Bec

    I absolutely love the classic old fashioned design, it’s super stylish and super pretty. One of my little princesses is baby mad! I could just see her pushing that gorgeous pram with one of her many many dolls in it beside me pushing her baby brother or sister

  175. Avatar of Toni

    I am proud Mumma Bear to three wonderful children.

    Our youngest two children – girls – Emily 5 & Chatlotte 3 starting walking at 2 and 2&1/2 respectively.

    The world knows how proud I am to be blessed with my babies and how proud I was to push the girls in their pram and include them in this world – the love and pride that they have felt is now demonstrated as they care for their doll babies.

    Their elder brother GeoffreyJohn 8, enjoys a “Cup of Tea” and playing with the girls and their babies. They all know how loved they are.

    Oh a Silver Cross pram is every Mumma’s dream for their baby, such a smooth ride surrounded by a pretty floral lining, which is my favourite feature.

    In every breath, a child feels the love and pride that we have in them and in that, they will grow showing love for others.

    Pick me please, allow my girls to take their babies out in style, let the world see how proud they are of their babies.

    The world knows how proud I am of them.

    Our girls both have T21 – Down Syndrome, and gave overcome many adversities…..thanks to all medical and early intervention specialists.

    What a wonderful experience to have in life.

    Thank you for sharing our story.

  176. Avatar of Natalie

    The beautiful style and colour that my littl princess would adore. It would compliment her doll collection

  177. Avatar of Sarah gibbs
    Sarah gibbsReply

    The perfect pram to help encourage hours of imagination play. The colours are beautiful and it looks absolutely stunning. Every little princesses dream pram. Whats notnto love about it

  178. Avatar of S fleay

    I love how old fashion it looks. Would go perfect in my babies room matching all the old restired furniture.

  179. Avatar of Jason Kimpton
    Jason KimptonReply

    My Autistic Daughter is in love with Pink,Dolls and prams and this one will win her heart
    She will love the old school, style and the beautiful pink colour and will want to take it everywhere especially camping

  180. Avatar of Liza

    What a delightful and beautifully made pram. The suspension in this beauty is my favourite, gone will be the days of carrying dolls prams over stones, this can handle them all. My daughter will be the envy of the bus stop with this showstopper. ❤️

  181. Avatar of Courtney Pascoe
    Courtney PascoeReply

    My daughter would absolutely freak if she got this pram! Actually, so would i!
    Its just stunning, looks like a real pram and looks like it will actually last!
    For the past 6 months, my daughter has been OBSESSED with dolls and babies and taking care of them.
    So this pram would literally make her life complete ! haha
    Its pink, and sparkly, two of her favourite things ! Fingers are crossed 🙂

  182. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    I love all the features of this pram, from the beautiful pink fabric, to the hand stitching and the change bag and matching doll. My daughter would absolutely think all her christmas’s have come at once. She loves playing with her dolls!

  183. Avatar of Katrina House
    Katrina HouseReply

    I love the fine details such as the hand stitching and that it is hand made using traditional methods. This gorgeous pram is something my daughter could proudly pass onto her children one day.

  184. Avatar of Amy-Louise Eade
    Amy-Louise EadeReply

    The floral lining on the hood is a lovely touch.

  185. Avatar of Karen

    My daughter would love this pram she loves she taking her dolls for a walk

  186. Avatar of Lisa Christey

    Love the classic style and the beautiful floral lining, my girls would be over the moon to be able to spoil their babies with this gorgeous pram.

  187. Avatar of Courtney

    I love the vintage look and how regal it feels(love that it is the same as the royal family use). It is just beautiful. My little one loves being in her silver cross pram and I would love for her to have one for the dollies. My little one is about to turn 2 and I have just been diagnosed with cancer. I would love to see my little one with the pram of both of our dreams while I am still here to see it.

  188. Avatar of Amy Lindon

    I’ve admired Silver Cross prams before I was pregnant and always knew what pram I’d want when I was. I have 2 Silver Cross prams for our little girl and have been looking at one for herself to match me. My favourite thing about this pram is the care put into the quality, as you don’t find that with most things now and it would last past my daughter (and hopefully to her own children some day)

  189. Avatar of Tracy

    I love the classic look, timeless in an age where everything is so very tech based this is something any child can use and play with. Battery free!

  190. Avatar of Katrina O

    My favourite feature is just how pretty it is. My daughter would absolutely love this for her dolls.

  191. Avatar of Sonja Rogasch
    Sonja RogaschReply

    Its just gorgeous. Every girl (or boy) should feel like royalty and this pram will definitely complete the fantasy. Fingers crossed Grace is able to enrich her playtime with this gorgeous pram!

  192. Avatar of Tanya.h

    Love the classic look of the pram. Like a little princess Cinderella looking pram. Gorgoues. Love how it looks very sturdy. My daughter is copying me as I have a baby as she wants to do what I do with her little fake baby. So this be perfect to put her baby in as we go for a walk to the park. I push the big pram and she gets to push her little pram right next to me.

  193. Avatar of Tara H

    I love the retro style and how it will last for years. It’s such a beautiful colour and all of my kids would love it.

  194. Avatar of M okimoto

    I adore the gorgeous style and functionality. With baby number two almost here. My daughter will adore pushing around her own special baby.

  195. Avatar of Jill J

    I love the floral lining and classic look! its simply stunning and sweet . and adorable all at the same time.

  196. Avatar of Katharine

    Miss nearly 2 would adore this. She loves playing “mum” to her toys. The Rose is stunning.

  197. Avatar of JOHANNE STONE

    I totally love the delicately crafted chrome spoked wheels and rose metalwork. So different from any other childs pram i have ever seen. You could pass down this stunning piece of child’s furniture in your family and make is a family heirloom. Perfect.
    Thank you Mum Central for such an amazing competition

  198. Avatar of Mathew

    The quality and workmanship of such an amazing pram would be an amazing gift for my 4 young girls. The intricately made frame and beautiful fabric would take pride in my home. My girls would get so much joy from this pram. Thank you

  199. Avatar of Leah Bowey

    The pram is absolutely adorable, vintage and classic and would be an amazing xmas gift for our daughter!

  200. Avatar of Cleo

    Love the vintage look, perfectly lined and a great gift for my god-daughter.

  201. Avatar of Susie

    My MIL has a vintage pram at her farm & everytime my girls visit, they’re mesmerized by its beauty & size! They would one of their very own…& I especially love that gorgeous floral lining

  202. Avatar of Natasha McMillan
    Natasha McMillanReply

    My daughters would love this sturdy and great sized dolls pram for their dolls. Would be either an awesome Christmas present or Birthday present x

  203. Avatar of Emily

    I’d love either colour of this beautiful silver cross pram for my daughter. I would have loved one myself fir her when she was a baby! I am very into vintage fashion (40s/50s) so I think my daughter would look gorgeous dressed up with me pushing her little pram.

  204. Avatar of Sarah

    WOW!! please can I win for my daughter who has just turned one! Such an amazing giveaway

  205. Avatar of Coral Wimshurst

    I have always loved this type of dolls pram but never been able to purchase 1. Now as a great grandmother maybe I could win it for my great grandaughter. Thank you for giving me a chance to enter your comp. I can hope I win.

  206. Avatar of Frances Faferko
    Frances FaferkoReply

    My daughter has a Silver Cross Pram for her baby and I would love to win the dolls pram for my grand daughter.

  207. Avatar of Melanie Brown
    Melanie BrownReply

    I love the quality and the gorgeous design! My 2 little girls would absolutely adore this pram! (I’m sure my son would too as he wants whatever his sisters have!)

    • Avatar of Katie

      My niece would absolutely be in her glory being able to push all her babies and teddies in her own silver cross pram just like her cousins silver cross pioneer. The chrome spoked wheels with the floral inside and a matching bag i would be the best aunty even more so if she could have her own for our afternoon walks. ‍‍‍

  208. Avatar of Kelplu

    Absolutely devine pram. Our little girl would adore this to push about with her dolls

  209. Avatar of Dee Susan

    My favorite is the style and design, looks great and the kids would love taking their dolls for a walk, getting outdoors, playing while keeping fit and healthy while going for a walk.

  210. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda RobinsonReply

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win this for my baby girl, she doesn’t have any dolls yet and I would love for her first one to be a silver cross ragdoll in that absolutely gorgeous the pram! It’s a prize for for royalty and even though she doesn’t have the real title, she is a princess to me!

  211. Avatar of Emma-Kate Mills
    Emma-Kate MillsReply

    My son would look the bomb driving his ponies around in this and I would be overjoyed to have grandkiddies to play with it in years to come

  212. Avatar of Rebecca Wheeler
    Rebecca WheelerReply

    I love how the pram looks like the vintage silver cross, my mum had one very similar when I was a baby so would love my daughters to push their dolls around in a pram that their mummy was pushed around in!

  213. Avatar of Camelia Dee
    Camelia DeeReply

    The design, it’s classic and just gorgeous. Love vintage

  214. Avatar of Jasmina Muhic
    Jasmina MuhicReply

    The vintage design. My daughter is actually named after my dolly that I first got when I was 3yrs old & my daughter has since inherited this doll & always plays with it. This pram would be the perfect gift for my girl & the perfect place to store the dolly which is a family heirloom. Please pick us!

  215. Avatar of Jane

    My mother had a pram in England like these when we were babies! My Granddaughter would love to have one !

  216. Avatar of Debbie

    I just love that it is stunningly gorgeous. A beautiful family heirloom now that I have a daughter, that can be passed down in years to come.

  217. Avatar of Monica

    Reliving my childhood, would love to share my memories with my grandchild!

  218. Avatar of Daniella Mavili
    Daniella MaviliReply

    ❤️ that it’ll last a lifetime, this really appeals to me that it’s sturdy and can be passed onto the next generation. It’s a beautiful pram which my youngest would ❤️ to play with and use with her ‘babies’

  219. Avatar of Tamara Pincott
    Tamara PincottReply

    I love that this pram is premium quality, yet classy and timeless. My little girls would love it, and it would be a beautiful heirloom to pass down through the generations.

  220. Avatar of Jenny Leitch
    Jenny LeitchReply

    Love the detail and the floral design. The fact it will stand the test of time too. My little girl would LOVE it so much.

  221. Avatar of Di H

    These are the most beautiful doll prams that I have ever seen. So gorgeous!

  222. Avatar of Di H

    I love the colourful fabrics and size of the pram. They are such a classical style.

  223. Avatar of Melody Burey
    Melody BureyReply

    My little girl adores her dolls, caring for them, teaching, feeding all her dollies everyday. A pram like this would be truly magical for her

  224. Avatar of Mel Palmer

    Wow! What isn’t to love about this pram! Though I feel my fabourite feature would be the hand stitched detail make the pram as exquisite as it is

  225. Avatar of SelenaBaker

    Oh my gosh, simply stunning!!
    I’m lost for words that this is actually a dolls pram, I love everything about it especially the floral lining.
    I’m currently pregnant with my 4th girl and my other 3 are completely obsessed with EVERYTHING dolls. They would flip if we were to be the lucky winner. – Thanks for the opportunity.

  226. Avatar of Veronica Christensen
    Veronica ChristensenReply

    I love the old coach style look it has beautiful. My 4yr old has heaps of dolls she would have a ball with this pram.

    • Avatar of Cindy Hayes
      Cindy HayesReply

      My 8 grand daughters would just adore to have this to play with at Nanna’s when they visit. The attention to detail is amazing and the girls have many dolls to take for a stroll in this gorgeous pram.

  227. Avatar of Jacoba Evans
    Jacoba EvansReply

    The classic styling and colour is stunningly beautiful.
    The floral lining is very pretty and girly and my two girls would enjoy playing dolls with such a beautiful pram.

  228. Avatar of K.Smith

    I love that it’s the perfect hight for my daughter to safely navigate. She is always keen to help me out with pushing our stroller but it usually ends with bumping into people or things. How very excited she’d be to take her own babies on outings.

  229. Avatar of Jake Wheeler
    Jake WheelerReply

    I like how it’s a sturdy pram that would last my daughter years, would love to win it for her because she loves to copy how her Mum looks after her baby sister with her dolls so would be great for her to have her own silver cross pram too.

  230. Avatar of James

    Attention to detail for a first class pram, perfect for my princess and babies

  231. Avatar of Karen boyle
    Karen boyleReply

    I love this it reminds me of the pram i had as a little girl, i would love to be able to give this to my grand daughter as a keepsake for years to come she can then pass it down to her children as i would of with mine if it hadnt been lost

  232. Avatar of Tee

    The c-spring suspension would be perfect for my niece to run around with the pram without getting frustrated or ‘tired’ of pushing it. She loves to play mum to all her little cousins and I think this pram would be perfect for a little girl who loves as much as she does.

  233. Avatar of CASSN

    I love the retro design of the pram and the pastel colours!

  234. Avatar of maria

    What a beautiful pram! Sturdy and so pretty and would last for generations. Pick Julie T. Eighteen grandchildren!

  235. Avatar of Michelle D

    Those beautiful chrome wheels take me straight back to my own childhood doll’s pram. Every little girl deserves those moments of pride when they wheel their dolls around in a beautiful pram.

  236. Avatar of Megan Marot
    Megan MarotReply

    I love the beautiful hand stitched detailing
    Perfect for my little boy who’s a dad in training,
    When we out he’s always attracted to pink things, dolls and prams,,
    Giving him his own would be just grand.
    I Love how this gorgeous pram looks absolutely real,
    It has patented c-spring suspension and chrome spoked wheels!
    I love how it can be passed from generation to generation,
    Long lasting and sturdy causing zero frustration
    And lastly I love that this pram in made in the country of my boy’s birth,
    An amazing SILVERCROSS pram with gorgeous accessories that will prove it’s worth.

  237. Avatar of M. Hooper

    I love the suspension & big tyres, so that it is easy for them to push around! Miss 2 just said ‘ohh too bootiful !!

  238. Avatar of Linda C

    I love the look. It looks just like an old fashioned pram.

  239. Avatar of Jan O'Bree

    I love the luxurious coach style. Just like royalty and my doll adoring granddaughter would adore it!

  240. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather HopleyReply

    The design… romantic, traditional and ever so quaint … everything to ensure a little girl feels extra special pushing her “babies” around.

  241. Avatar of Belinda Mallinson
    Belinda MallinsonReply

    I love that coach built body, much the same as the original prams. Mum had one for me when I was a baby that was her aunties and was built in the 60s I love seeing the photos. I would love to give one of these to my eldest daughter, she loves pushing her dollies around and I could imagine the look on her face if she were to be given one of these.

  242. Avatar of Justine Drake
    Justine DrakeReply

    That vintage design,
    is so divine,
    and my daughter would love it,
    being pushed next to mine!

  243. Avatar of Louise P

    I love the adjustable hood. you should pick me because my little niece would adore tis pram 🙂

  244. Avatar of NarelleS

    The moment Ella saw the Pram, she said “WOW, I Love it! I could push my doll around in that pram!” My favourite feature is the shimmering Pink fabric of the hood and apron, with the floral lining. So beautiful, with old fashioned charm.

  245. Avatar of Keryn

    I love that it lasts a lifetime, it’s so beautiful I would never want to give it away
    It would be passed down the generations after my 3 lovely daughters would love playing with it.
    I have a 2 month old that would love it as she got older too.
    I have kept all of my girls toys from when they were babies, this gorgeous pram would make a great addition To keep in the family!

  246. Avatar of Michelle

    I love the classic design of this pram! I would love to win for my daughter who is turning 1.

  247. Avatar of Kimbo

    My daughter & son would love to play with this beautiful pram, doll & bag. They love to role play, mums & dads is a favourite!
    The design of the pram is gorgeous & it looks like a real pram which they will love.

  248. Avatar of Allison Boehm

    I love that ol fashion look. Its beautiful. It would make the perfect gift for my 10mo who birthday is in December. Shes had such a rough start to life and deserves nothing but the best. Shes had 7 hospital admissions just this year, one of which was for 3months straight. She has a rare genetic retractable epilepsy(most seizures she stops breathing for and requires oxygen and emergency medication), global delay, fed via tube and sleep apnea
    . The pram would give her something to aim to play with in the future as we just hope and pray she will develop normally, walk and talk etc.

  249. Avatar of Donna B

    The rose metal work and floral inner liner is simply lux! This pram ticks all the boxes for our fussy little Miss.

  250. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    Great height, sturdy yet classic and pretty, a toy that could be passed down . Love the big wheels

  251. Avatar of Kelly Doecke
    Kelly DoeckeReply

    I love the c-spring suspension and that it’s hand made. I had something similar when I was a child but not as fancy and loved it. My daughter would love this. So gorgeous!

  252. Avatar of Kell

    WOW this is one seriously Gorgeous Pram.. I adore the chrome detailing and that beautiful shade of Pink.

  253. Avatar of Ra Jakobasch
    Ra JakobaschReply

    What an absolutely beautiful pram. My daughter would love this! and the fact that it has a basket underneath to carry all of her special treasures around is awesome.

  254. Avatar of Rebekah

    Such a beautiful pram that my nieces would love- and something that could be passed through the family…

  255. Avatar of Joanne

    I love that it’s a complete and total replica of the larger Silver Cross pram in every way. What could be more perfect, especially when a new sibling arrives. Just gorgeous!

  256. Avatar of vilda

    The pram looks absolutely gorgeous. This is an awesome prize thank you for the chance to win

  257. Avatar of Anne

    I love the high quality craftsmanship that seems to have gone into the design and manufacture of these gorgeous prams. Everything from the hand stitched detailing to the polished white metallic paint and beautiful pink fabric apron is absolutely stunning!

    • Avatar of Anne

      I forgot mention that, as I only have three boys, I have two beautiful nieces that I absolutely spoil rotten with ‘girly’ things and would love to win this doll’s pram for them (aka ‘my girls’) 🙂

  258. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy BowdlertReply

    I love that the Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram is a classic style. The large spoke wheels remind me of prams of yesteryear, any little girl would be very happy to own such a wonderful pram for her dolls. I know my two little ladies would love to share this beautiful pram for their dolls.

  259. Avatar of Yvonne kavanagh

    My Grandmother had one of these Silver Cross prams for her babies (including my mother) Silver Cross stands the test of time and style.
    I would love this pram for my daughter and to be passed on to her children, Love that it is the same timeless design…with the modern twist of pink.
    A must for any stylish little lady!

  260. Avatar of JENNY LEARMOND

    Absolutely beautiful and my granddaughters would love it for all their dolls and teddies 🙂

  261. Avatar of Melissa

    Silver Cross have done it again! What a beautiful, stylish pram for my little girl and her dolls. This pram would be well loved and shared with her cousins!

  262. Avatar of Renae Lauren
    Renae LaurenReply

    I love the classic royal style, which will make any little girl feel like a princess! This is the kind of pram that I would have loved as a child. If we win, I may still take it for a little spin whilst the girls are at school!

  263. Avatar of Renee

    I like the adjustable hood to keep the sun out nothing worse than sun in the eyes

  264. Avatar of Amanda S

    I love the easy steering and my three year old daughter would love to wheel her teddies around in such an extravagant pram.

  265. Avatar of karina l

    I just love the vintage look about these prams. It’s so stylish and fancy!

  266. Avatar of Loretta Franceschini
    Loretta FranceschiniReply

    I love the that’s it’s made in England in the tradition way and the c suspension which helps with the ease of moverability especially for the little one. She’s a pink girl through and through. It’s a wonderful heirloom piece and respectable brand.

  267. Avatar of ross powell
    ross powellReply

    everything about it is beautiful my little granddaughter would love it, it would become a family heirloom to be passed down the generations starting with Pa Ross to little Reyna

  268. Avatar of Caroline Gunnulson
    Caroline GunnulsonReply

    It’s a classic style that is well made and would suit a little Princess named Audrey and there is plenty of room for all of her babies.

  269. Avatar of Melanie

    This pram is divine, little miss would be over the moon to get this , this silvercross pram brings doll playing to a whole new level

  270. Avatar of Sonya Cerny
    Sonya CernyReply

    I love the gorgeous pink and blue piping on the prams, the extra details make them exquisite!

  271. Avatar of Mel Raabe

    I love the traditional design of the silver cross dolls pram. The colours are gorgeous and my three little girls would absolutely love to push their dolls around in one of these!

  272. Avatar of Ryan H

    Love that it has a patented c-spring suspension which means we won’t be having any accidents whilst pushing it along on out gravel driveway. With four girls, we are the ideal family candidates to test out the pram with the millions of dollies that reside in our house.

  273. Avatar of Abigail B

    I love that it has beautiful hand stitched detailing which is a lovely finishing touch which makes it more of an extra special toy. With four children, this toy will certainly gets lots of use in our household and certainly bring plenty of joy.

  274. Avatar of Tara

    Love the pink metal work and detailed wheels, so pretty! My Bub would fall in love

  275. Avatar of Melissa

    I love the fact they are all hand made! NOTHING is hand made anymore… well worth the money!

  276. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    I love the adjustable hood and the fact that it is hand stitched. Also that it was made in Yorkshire where my wife was born . I would like to be chosen as we ‘need’ quality toys for our special first grandchild. No plastic nonsense for her.

  277. Avatar of ash

    I love that it is a mini version fo the original classic pram. My daughters would adore this!

  278. Avatar of Sonja Henderson
    Sonja HendersonReply

    oh wow, i had a navy blue pram exactly like this when i was a child, so easy to push with the big wheels, my dolls loved it

  279. Avatar of Hannah

    I kove the classic royal feel and style aswell as the detailed Elegance in the presentation. My 2 daughters would love this x

  280. Avatar of Samantha Cachia
    Samantha CachiaReply

    These heritage style prams are just stunning, there is no possible way to pick a favourite feature. The in-house mixed paint colours just make then Devine . My daughter would be lost for words to have one of these under the tree on Christmas Day!

  281. Avatar of Tina Hopkinson
    Tina HopkinsonReply

    I love all the attention to detail which makes this pram exquisite,so beautiful,you can feel the love it was made with.

  282. Avatar of Veronica De
    Veronica DeReply

    I love the old style, so precious and gorgeous, stunning style and practical.

  283. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    A Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram would have me high on a pedestal. The colours are perfection plus.

  284. Avatar of jocy

    The c-spring suspension is awesome. So many dolls prams are so hard to steer that the little ones get sick of them really quickly.

  285. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    My favourite feature of the Silver Cross Doll’s Pram is the patented c-spring suspension as my daughter always gets frustrated with pushing her current pram and rarely uses it.

  286. Avatar of Natalie M

    When she spies a car with metallic paint she sings at the top of her lungs “Twinkle Twinkle little car!!” over and over. If she was lucky enough to see this stunning shinning pram this Christmas we would have to make up new words for her to sing as she pushed it proudly around the house.

  287. Avatar of Tracey D

    I love the beautiful colors and the traditional style. The C suspension is a wonderful luxury for any little kid as they can maneuver it easier and won’t get so frustrated and bored.

  288. Avatar of ccheerie murnane
    ccheerie murnaneReply

    The Blossoms doll pram has everything a little girl could want, and so much room for the dolls and teddies she could push around twice as much as with other little pram. The best feature for me is it is so her, a little pink princess with a pram fit for a princes.

  289. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzeyReply

    Classic Beautiful design this would be any young hirls dream of a dolls pram


    I love that my mum had a pram like Silver Cross’s when I was a baby and would love my daughter to have one as well

  291. Avatar of David

    The patented c style suspension is my favourite of course, anything that stops my princess crying when her dolls pram stops driving in a straight line

  292. Avatar of Jamie

    the spring suspension so that it’s easy for kids to push and move it around

  293. Avatar of Tess

    My nearly 4year old little one is such a great help with her younger brother. She is such a little mum and this would be a perfect gift to spoil her with for her birthday. She treats delicate items with such care and love. The idea that it has easy steering is fantastic as our little girl would love to bring it along on our walks with her Baby Alli. The colours are beautiful!

  294. Avatar of Sarah Craig
    Sarah CraigReply

    Too many features to mention,
    How can i name only one?
    The Silver Cross Blossom’s perfection
    Makes for a lifetime of fun.

    Suspension for a smoother ride
    On those gorgeous chrome spoked wheels.
    My son would walk his dolls with pride,
    Little sister right on his heels.

    I’d love to be chosen, i’d love to win,
    And give my kids this treat.
    Then when they’re asleep, i’ll go for a spin,
    Being the envy of the whole street!

  295. Avatar of Kim Kilgour
    Kim KilgourReply

    What a stunning pram!!! I love that it comes with matching accessories, so my little misses will be kitted out & coordinated!!!

  296. Avatar of Marija

    Stunning pram for the little ones. This will be a lovely present for the baby that’s on the way. A jotted out pram with matching accessories is the ultimate prezzie for a little girl, who act as little mums.

  297. Avatar of Fionna

    The Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s pram is built to last and can be handed down through generations – made to last

  298. Avatar of Deanne Lindsay
    Deanne LindsayReply

    WOW, What a stunning Pram. I adore Vintage items, I own quite a few antique’s as our home is 131 years old, so having this absolutely gorgeous pram is in character with our home. It would be such a great pleasure to have the opportunity to win this beautiful prize.

  299. Avatar of Cheryl Rogers
    Cheryl RogersReply

    style and sophistication – she will be the talk of the neighbourhood

  300. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie VeljanovskiReply

    It would have to be the patented c-spring suspension because with such beauty this dolls pram needs to be paraded around the neighbourhood.
    I would love to win as it’s always been my dream to own the adult version of this pram and my 3 year old daughter and I would be absolutely estastic if we won this for her dollys to cruise in.

  301. Avatar of kori

    I love the classic look and it would be a pram that would never be forgotten and treasured to keep for years to come.

  302. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    Old fashioned English style it is totally Royal just like Kate and Prince William have for their children, a family treasure to be passed down.

  303. Avatar of Nicholette

    This is an amazing pram and my daughter would love it, all her dolls would fit in comfortable, and she would think it is great.

  304. Avatar of Amy R

    The gorgeous vintage style, my little girl would LOVE IT!!

  305. Avatar of Katherine

    WOW!! This brings back memories of photos of me and my brothers and our old navy hooded Silver Cross pram. But this blossom pram is in a totally different league with its beautiful pink apron and metallic paint! I would love to create some special memories for my 4 year old girl with this beautiful pram.

  306. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey TaylorReply

    Stories,smiles and memories flood in when seeing this amazing pram.Children learn from hearing, seeing and experiencing.Imagine the conversations and interactions to be had.

  307. Avatar of Sparrow

    I love the design, the vintage look and feel. So beautiful. Not everything in life needs to be super modern, love the old style.

  308. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    I have been search high and low for a vintage pram for our Anna’s Christmas gift from santa – and now it’s here!!!

    Love this mini version of their full sized couch-prams, features the same beautiful chrome detailing including chrome spoked wheels and rose metalwork. To add that extra touch, each pram comes with an exclusive floral lining pattern which complements the shimmering pink perfectly….

    What little and big girl would not treasure and love, and turn to a true vintage, by keeping it close xxx

  309. Avatar of Peter Gerard

    I like that this ‘Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram’ has a Matching changing bag and a beautiful rag doll, perfect for our lil Princesses.

  310. Avatar of CAT

    This will be well loved by my walking 14month old who already pushes around her “baby” in a 3 wheeler

  311. Avatar of Shannon

    My daughter would love this. She turns 4 in a few weeks and this would be fantastic

  312. Avatar of Elsa

    The stylish look and pastel colours are amazing. I wish I could afford a life sized one for my babies.

  313. Avatar of chers

    trademark pink line detail – My little girls will be in total beauty heaven with their dolls and prams

  314. Avatar of Sara

    A beautiful pram, that is classic in style to grow with growing children. My 2 girls would love this to push around their dolls for many years to come.

  315. Avatar of Emma

    The classic design is beautiful. My little girl would love it.

  316. Avatar of Jen Rizk

    Love the style the color and the fact it’s so strong, we’ve had a few and they break within a matter of weeks.
    Its almost my daughters 4 th birthday and she would love this she’s always playing mummy’s with her baby’s she would be so excited if she opened this for her birthday

  317. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    Where to begin? Chrome spoked wheels, floral lining, lovely pastel colours, the look of royalty – oh yes! And to make it even better, a rag doll and matching change bag? My daughter would be left breathless and will be the envy of her little friends, but Eva is so sweet, she would let all the girls have a turn. Beautiful prize!

  318. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah DarraghReply

    I love that it’s essentially a miniature of the real thing. This also means that it will last many lifetimes and can be passed down through the generations. I absolutely would have adored one of these when I was a little girl. And I’m certain my three daughters will too!

  319. Avatar of Paula W

    I love the fact that they’re still handcrafted. My daughter’s would love playing with this but I’d probably gift it onto my little niece who doesn’t have a doll pram yet (and my daughter’s could play with it still when we visit her!)

  320. Avatar of Marnie

    Wow love the floral design it’s juat such an elegant pram. Would love to win this for our little girl as she loves having tea parties with her nieces and there little babies.

  321. Avatar of Vanessa K Vanya
    Vanessa K VanyaReply

    I love the classic style of this pram, and the colour. It’s so glamorous in pink. Thanks !

  322. Avatar of tara butler
    tara butlerReply

    The floral lining and quality of design, my mum had a silver cross for me i would love to see my girl pushing this with her doll

  323. Avatar of Kat

    Love the pastel colours my little girl would play with this for hours with all her dolls and teddy bears. Can just picture her once I have the baby trying to copy me with my pram along with me for walks with her dolls

  324. Avatar of felicity Turner
    felicity TurnerReply

    The matching Baby Bag and little rag doll are a beautiful bonus. Every little girl wants to copy their mummy.

  325. Avatar of Rosetta Donnelly
    Rosetta DonnellyReply

    my granddaughter has just decided she wants a pram for Christmas the baby needs to be facing her im sure this would meet her high standards. just hope she doesnt plan on putting her new sibling due early next year in it but if she does the patented c-spring suspension will make it a smooth ride

  326. Avatar of LizB

    Wow Silver Cross Prams are the best, I wanted one for my daughter but can never afford them. I would really love to have the Blue one, she could have her Reborn baby sleep and play in it.
    A pram you could hand down to the next generation

  327. Avatar of Mick G

    Love the big, shiny chrome spoked wheels that truly conjour up past memories of when I was a child

  328. Avatar of Bronwyn Elmes
    Bronwyn ElmesReply

    I love the fact that this pram is a big size. It looks like a real pram and not a flimsy toy.

  329. Avatar of Anita

    The quintessential item for the realism of a baby. I was obsessed with such glorious things as a child. Now my daughter posseses same focus. oooh makes makes me clucky. Hahah!!!

  330. Avatar of Dani

    I love the chrome detail & the vintage features. I would have loved a pram like this for my babies & woild love to give my little princess such a beautiful piece.

  331. Avatar of Kirk

    I love the old fashioned style and lines of these gorgeous prams. Just looking at these prams make me smile as i had one passed down to me from my grandma i would love to start the tradition again with my daughter!! Thank u for the opportunity xx

  332. Avatar of Maree Gray

    I love the adjustable hood and the floral lining. Miss S would have hours of fun wheeling her dolls and stuffed animals around in this gorgeous pram.

  333. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne WareReply

    I love that it’s a perfect replica of the bigger version.

  334. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy ClarkReply

    My Niece would love it as her mum is no longer working and caring for her kids now

  335. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    SILVER CROSS – such an iconic quality brand. Brother and his male partner are such amazing parents to a delightful little daughter making sure her feminity is not ignored. This super styled pram with everything colour co-ordinated, including the ‘essential’ changing bag ,would be perfect for Missy Jane.

  336. Avatar of Kim cockburn

    I love the big wheels. It reminds me of9 the old style prams. I would love to win this for my son. He is just the sweetest little boy and he loves carrying around his babies. This would be the perfect addition to his play area.

  337. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant

    I ‘d Love to Win this ‘Silver Cross Blossom Doll’s Pram’ for our little Sweethearts. I Love that it will Last a lifetime (after storing safely), even after our little one’s grow out of it, then their little one’s can play and enjoy it as well.

  338. Avatar of Angelina

    The beautiful fabric, the vintage style and amazing wheels. My girl would be beside herself if we were to win this.

  339. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    C-spring suspension- Very independent 3yo miss, Imogen, will be able to take her dollies for walks without Mum having to help her manoeuvre the pram for her.

    • Avatar of Belinda Sutherland

      Its elegance and style is very classic great fun for any little angels. This would be great for my little princess and her babies. Maybe even keep for her to pass down to her own children.

  340. Avatar of Carol

    I was born in England and this just brings back so many precious memories , I had a pram like this as a child , even our family cat loved it and kept her kittens in the pram

  341. Avatar of Sarah B

    I love everything that’s old-fashioned and this is no exception! The classic design is stunning! My girls (and boy!) would absolutely love this pram. And I love the quality and the fact that it would last so much better than most modern toys.

  342. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    Looks so royal and stylish. Totally awesome that it has suspension and fully adjustable hood. Wish I was a little girl again

  343. Avatar of shelley Inwood
    shelley InwoodReply

    my 3 granddaughter would just love to play with this beautiful pram

  344. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    Classic style of pram reminds me of the old days. The children would love to play the dolls with this pram.

  345. Avatar of Alyce

    The wheel suspension is a great idea! I have 2 girls that would probably kill each other over this, but at least neither would struggle to run the other over with those wheels!!

  346. Avatar of Judy

    This pram brings back so many memories for me. I have photo’s of when I was a baby in one very similar, I was lucky enough to still have this pram when our own 4 children were born. Would be wonderful too see our grand children enjoying one of these stylish beauties.

  347. Avatar of VandaB

    Apart from being the most gorgeous pram ever, I love that it comes with a matching changing bag and rag doll. Just amazing.

  348. Avatar of Anthea Georges
    Anthea GeorgesReply

    This stunning princess pram is so unique and vintage. It matches my daughters vintage pink room perfectly. I love everything about it from it’s floral lining to its gorgeous accessories.

  349. Avatar of Trish

    My daughter and son would love playing with this gorgeous pram! There is so much to love about this pram that I could not possibly pick just one thing but I do love the old fashioned english style, it reminds me of the photos my mum showed me of the pram she had for me when I was a baby.
    I would love to win one for my children because it would be a beautiful treasure for them to play with and then one day (quite a while yet) grandchildren too!

  350. Avatar of Leah Taylor
    Leah TaylorReply

    I love the traditional style of the pram and it’s a great height .
    The suspension idea sounds fabulous aswell.
    We’d love to win the because well who wouldn’t want to win it, it’s beautiful
    It would be a great pram to hand down over many years

  351. Avatar of Corinne

    This would match my 1950’s pram that I purchased. Would be absoulutly perfect!

  352. Avatar of Sally Walker
    Sally WalkerReply

    I love the large wheels with chrome which would sparkle in the sunlight while out for a walk. I would love to win this for my 4 year old niece who would adore taking her teddy which she was given to her when she was born for a walk to kindy I’m sure.

  353. Avatar of kyms

    I have a silver cross pram that I am doing up for my baby due in Jan. I would love the kids version so my daughter can push her baby in a pram just like her mum when we go out together.

  354. Avatar of Jodie B

    Realism and style! A wonderful pram to inspire hours of fun and imagination. An heirloom to be treasured for generations to come. I partially like the attention to detail with the pin striping and floral lining. My daughter loves her baby doll. A pram like this from Santa would mean that she would hold on to the Christmas dream for a few more years. Kids these days grow up too fast and are more interested in computer games. This pram will inspire one lucky child and hopefully bring them hours of entertainment.

  355. Avatar of LaurenG

    The beautiful design and lovely colours. I love how it sits up high and looks so regal. My daughter would just love walking her dolls around in this. I would say that most of her toys would get a turn!

  356. Avatar of nicole larsen
    nicole larsenReply

    Love the fine detail and it gives it the edge on all the others

  357. Avatar of Shell Moorfoot

    I would love to win this pram for our local toy library. This would give many girls and boys the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful pram.

  358. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip CunninghamReply

    Pale pink colour as it’s just right for girls as girls love pink.

  359. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    I love this pram and the fact its made of quality materials. The usual flimsy plastic dolls prams just do not last. My daughter would love this. She likes to push her baby brother in his pram but unfortunately I’d not a very good driver! Having her own pram would save alot of arguments!

  360. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love the patented c-spring suspension for an effortlessly smooth ride making it easy to wheel precious dolls in.

    My two youngest would adore this adorable pram and would be the envy of anyone who visits, even adults! Hey I would even be jealous as I would have loved one of these back in my day. It even looks much more sturdier and longer lasting than the ones you buy at the local stores.

  361. Avatar of Paige Yang

    The patented c-spring suspension sounds a great feature for this funky pram. My little princess would absolutely love it. Even for myself, I wish I could have a bigger size pram like this.

  362. Avatar of Hayley Howe
    Hayley HoweReply

    I love everything but if I had to pick one, it would the inner floral canopy so pretty and unique a little girls dream.

  363. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah BlockleyReply

    I love the fact that it’s quality- sure and simple. It’s made out of metal which is going to last forever and I love the extra thought that has gone into detail such as the hand stitching. We have just made a big interstate move and had to give away a lot of our little Miss’s toys and as we still haven’t found somewhere to live what toys we could bring are all still in boxes. My little girl just loves her dollies and I know this would really make not only her day but her whole year!

  364. Avatar of Lauren Pratt
    Lauren PrattReply

    We live in a hilly suburb near a park. We try and get out most nights for a play and for my daughter to be able to wheel her dolls up to the park with the c-spring suspension would be so much fun.

    Love that’s its so well-made and she can hand it down to her children.

  365. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia MathersReply

    The spring suspension because we wouldn’t want to see any of their lovely babies having a bumpy ride now. Miss 3 would love wheeling this around to the shops and park with her matching accessories

  366. Avatar of johanna rees
    johanna reesReply

    Synonymous with high class quality, Silver Cross prams embrace the vintage era of yesteryear. I adore the traditional styling, gorgeous colour and it’s oh so pretty. By adding a distinctive royal touch, this pram would be a much envied, limousine for any little girl’s dolls . Why should you pick me? Because I appreciate quality, love to spoil my children, and I would ensure it would become a family heirloom to be handed down through the coming generations.

  367. Avatar of Chiara Livingston
    Chiara LivingstonReply

    Classic and beautiful. Every little girls dream

  368. Avatar of Jessica Giles
    Jessica GilesReply

    I love the suspension on it and the design. It is so pretty and traditional looking. The fact that it is easy to steer is such a bonus because i know little ones would struggle otherwise.

  369. Avatar of Tess Holloway
    Tess HollowayReply

    Wow, how gorgeous.
    What a beautiful family heirloom to pass down to future generations.
    Built to last.

  370. Avatar of Bree Beveridge
    Bree BeveridgeReply

    I’ve been searching for the perfect pram for my daughter, Dorothy for her Santa present. I’m in love with the elegant, vintage design of the piece. The fine little details and the craftsmanship look spectacular! I hope we can surprise her with such an amazing buggy.

  371. Avatar of Louisa W

    The suspension, wow…what better than to have a smooth riding dolls pram especially when the little ones just learning to walk
    The style is just divine also

    I would love to see my Surrogate baby enjoy this treasure and then to have it later passed on to my granddaughter who is due over New Years

  372. Avatar of Karen Thompson
    Karen ThompsonReply

    Stunning, with 4 granddaughters im sure it will be loved. I think my girls would adore it. Absolutely gorgeous.

  373. Avatar of Renee Vance
    Renee VanceReply

    The wheels are eye catchingly high and a signature look of the Silvercross range. I love the look of Royalty and class. Absolutely timeless classic beauty.

  374. Avatar of Olivia Furner
    Olivia FurnerReply

    I love the c-spring suspension! Nothing better than knowing my daughter will have no issue steering this gorgeous pram and no chance of a tantrum! Thank you Silvercross!!
    I’d love to win because both my daughter and I were pushed in silvercross prams as babies. What a tradition to keep with her ‘baby.’

  375. Avatar of Krystal

    Wow what a beautiful pram. My baby obsessed 4 year old would happily trade in her $10 fold up stroller for this luxurious pram!

  376. Avatar of Maggie Schafer
    Maggie SchaferReply

    What a stunning pram! I love the simplicity, classic style and beautiful fabric, as well as the big elegant wheels. I… oops I mean my two little girls would adore this doll pram and no doubt they will want to save it for their own children someday. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the doll pram I never knew I always wanted!

  377. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe HeatherillReply

    I love that this timeless doll’s pram is such a perfect replica of the original baby pram, and that it comes in both blue and pink! I would love to win this for my daughter who just turned two, she loves playing ‘Mum’ and will help us with the transition of her becoming a big sister in February 2018… and in style!

  378. Avatar of Danielle

    I couldn’t possibly pick one feature. This pram epitomizes elegance in its simplest form. Perfect for my little farm princess

  379. Avatar of Kristy S.

    I am loving how real this pram is and it’s vintage style. My daughter would love to walk down the street next to her Aunty with her baby cousin in her pram. She loves the more realistic items and this pram would keep her entertained for hours on end!

  380. Avatar of Neatsiep

    The fabric, the color, the suspension, the matching change bag – there is so much to love with this gorgeous dolls pram – it seems to good to be for play! But as a mum of 3 daughter’s I know how much it would be adored here and with plans to purchase a dolls pram for my little one for Christmas this would be just perfect

  381. Avatar of Anna de Kleyn
    Anna de KleynReply

    Absolutely love the fact this beautiful pram has been handmade with love and the overall quality of the product is phenomenal, the vintage style just amazing. My 2 girls would absolutely love & cherish this beauty for many years to come.

  382. Avatar of Karina Miller
    Karina MillerReply

    I love the classic look. I had a similar dolls pram as a child that I adored. I would love my daughter to have such a beautiful pram for her ‘babies’ too!

  383. Avatar of Nicole J

    I love the fact that it has the vintage look to it but is a brand new style Silver Cross. This would get passed down through generations if we won and get well taken care of. What a beautiful Pram and a great opportunity. Thank You Mum Central.

  384. Avatar of Meg Danckert
    Meg DanckertReply

    I love Everything about this pram. The vintage look is just divine, the colours just suit the look of the pram , my 4year old would love pushing her “babies ” in this beauty

  385. Avatar of Tina Kristensen
    Tina KristensenReply

    This is the most beautiful pram ever. I have photos of myself in a similar pram when I was a baby, how awesome would it be if my daughter could push her dolls (or cat, or puppy…. probably the puppy) around in something like this.

  386. Avatar of Olivia Stratford
    Olivia StratfordReply

    This pram is absolutely devine!! I love love the colour combination, and the handle! Wow it’s just beautiful! A piece to enjoy and to treasure… my little girl would treasure one of these. What an amazing prize.

  387. Avatar of Amanda

    I would love this for my granddaughter Miss Daisy. (3) I love that it has a timeless appeal and is of such quality it could be passed on to generations to come and become a special part of the family, an heirloom.

  388. Avatar of Brittany

    I love the vintage look. My Nan who recently passed away was showing me the pram she had and it was exactly like these!!
    My mum got me a dolls pram when i was a little girl that my two girls flock to when they go to her house, i would love to win one to pass down to my girls and their kids in the future!

  389. Avatar of Lisa C