If you’re like us, we can’t wait to see Adele when she hits the stage next month!  

That’s why we’re giving 4 lucky readers a double pass to see this amazing songstress live in concert!

Chances are you’re already a fan of Mum Central and Mum’s Pantry right? I mean that’s why you’re here! And you’re definitely an Adele fan… heck, who isn’t? We love, love, love this talented singer soooo much!

You may have seen we featured her Carpooling with James Corden, a fabulous reggae version of Hello (must see!) and our hilarious ‘Hello from the Motherside’, so we know you love her too!

So you obviously want to see her in concert, right?

Well, if you’d love to see the amazing Adele live in concert with a friend we’ve a mega ticket giveaway to share with you!

With double tickets to score, the hardest part of this decision will be whether to take your partner or your bestie!  We have a double pass to the concerts in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.  From another city? No sweat! Simply select your closest show and you’re in the running! We can’t quite stretch the budget to include travel costs, however with the cheap as chips airfares on offer these days, you might just make it a quick getaway to remember!

If you’d like a night off from the kids and to be singing along with Adele in 2017, Mum Central & Mum’s Pantry have the tickets for you!


We’ve teamed up with our sister site Mum’s Pantry, we’ve got 4 x Double Passes up for grabs to Adele’s concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

BrisbaneThe Gabba, Woolloongabba, Sun 5 Mar 2017, 19:30
SydneyANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park – Saturday 11th March 2017 at 7.30pm
Adelaide – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide – Monday 13th March at 7.30pm
Melbourne – Etihad Stadium, Docklands, Sun 19 Mar 2017, 19:30

Total prize pool $1,364.68.

To enter simply fill in the details below and sign on to your choice (or both for maximum entries!) of our newsletters. We guarantee to respect the awesomeness of your mailbox and send you informative, inspiring and entertaining content and the very best in deliciously amazing food!


Win Tickets to Adele Live in Concert


Belinda Jennings is a fun-loving mum who’s a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. When she’s not tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard Belinda can be found happily wrangling two small boys and loving on her superstar husband. Good conversation, close friends and fine chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. She believes life’s too short for bad coffee, folding fitted sheets and not wearing your favourite shoes.


  1. Shannon Lucas Reply

    Id take my mum who adores Adele, and who at 55 has NEVER been to a concert – what an experience this would be for her!!
    Thank you for the chance

  2. I’d take my daughter, she is a huge Adele fan and would be over the moon with excitement 🙂

  3. Hello… mum can you hear me? Shes one of Adele’s biggest fans, you know mums in a good mood when shes belting out an Adele hit, in the ca, while shopping or even in the shower (she was caught singing numerous times over the holidays)… WHAT A VOICE HAHAHA!!

  4. Julia Mason Reply

    I’d take my Hubby, we both love Adele, She is real, her music is real, she’s a breath of fresh air, and this is once-in-a-lifetime!

  5. Would love to take my daughter, what a wonderful memory to share together.

  6. I’d love to take my family. Adele is empowering and it really shows through her songs.

  7. I’d make my girlfriends battle it out in a karaoke competition to decide who comes with me.

  8. Brianna Taylor Reply

    My mum – shes a huge adele fan so i would love to surprise her with Brisbane tickets!!!

  9. Nicole Kent Reply

    Best voice in the world on our shores
    Adele’s the performer I truly adore
    Take my bestie for a night of fun
    Watching my favourite number 1!

  10. Rebecca Costa Reply

    I’d take my teenage son as he loves Adele and has been learning a few of her songs in the school band with his tenor saxophone

  11. Heidi Johnson Reply

    I’d take one of my girl squad along with me. We’d sing to our hearts content.

  12. Tara Nikelis Reply

    My husband – it’s a battle over who loves her voice more and the concert could be the decider.

  13. I would take my daughter……she just loves Adele and listens to her ALL THE TIME…but unfortunately we just couldn’t afford tickets.

  14. Brooke Freshney Reply

    I would take the friend who can sing the best version of Rolling in the deep!!!

  15. My husband and I would love to see Adele live. She has such a magnificent voice

  16. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    I would so love to go see Adele and have a fun, relaxing girls night out. She is such an amazing performer, i think she would be awesome.

  17. my bestie so we can a blast and hopefully not get into to much mischief while away from the kids

  18. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    My 2 daughters, who would love and have been wanting to go. They have her albums, know all her songs. They would be in SHOCK if I won this for them.

  19. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    I’d like to take my husband Paul and have a great night out together, which doesn’t happen much with 2 young girls

  20. Heather Hopley Reply

    I am so obsessed with Adele and her beautiful music that I recently dreamt that I changed my daughters’ names to Adele.

  21. I’d take my bestie as she adores Adele, would be the best surprise!

  22. i think i would take my family – would be great night out, otherwise between my mums-friends i’d have to do some kind of competition because we all love her 🙂

  23. Sam Cushing Reply

    I’d take my Mum, she loooves Adele and it would be a great experience for both of us.

  24. Cindy Nickels Reply

    I would take my sister, Donna, as she adores Adele and sings all of Adele’s songs and has the voice of an angel herself.

  25. Shanna Woods Reply

    I’d love to take my mum as that’s her birthday weekend and we’re big fans of Adele!

  26. I would take my daughter as she is just as passionate about Adele as I am

  27. Dean Pappas Reply

    I’d take my wife for our first break away from home with the 3 month old. She can do with a night out

  28. Kerin Welsh Reply

    I’d take my daughter to Adele. Her first “grown up” concert.

  29. Shannon Wotton Reply

    I’d take my mum, we both love Adele and her music and I’d love to treat my very deserving mum to an extra special mother-daughter night out to see her live!

  30. Aimee Iannone Reply

    I’d take my Mum as she loves Adele and hardly ever goes to concerts

  31. Celeste Gabriel Reply

    Adele is one Amazing and emotionally singer and I wouldn’t want to share the experience of seeing her live without my dearest Husband, the person who will let me use his shirt as a tissue if I needed to… I would love to win – I wished I already had tickets.

  32. Erica Drent Reply

    I’d take my best friend. We both love Adele and this would be an amazing concert to see.

  33. *My Husband*
    The only concert I have ever been to is a Wiggles concert, so going to see Adele would be AMAZING!!!

  34. I would take my best friend Tanya, shes had a rough year and deserves a night out

  35. Michelle Green Reply

    OMG! I’d be in a real pickle. I’d love to take my daughter, my Mum who absolutely loves Adele and my husband but if I can only take 1 it would have to be my husband because I love him so much and he works so hard to take care of me. We are massive Adele fans and would love to experience seeing her live in concert together. This would be the best birthday present I could ever have.

  36. My husband and I would love to see Adele and have romantic time of two (kids free)… WooHoo!!!

  37. Stella Apostolides Reply

    I’d love to take my sister! It’s her birthday on the day of the concert, she is a busy mum with an unwell husband who never gets any time to herself. Would love to be able to spoil her and take her out for the night- we both absolutely love Adele!

  38. I’d take my sister Jackie so we can sing until we have no voices left

  39. My sister as she and I did a road trip a few years ago and we listened (and sung along to) Adele most of the way.

  40. Helen Braithwaite Reply

    I would love to take my besties please. We both love Adele. Thanks

  41. I’d take my Mum. She’s been taking me to concerts for years, I think it’s time I repay the favour, and there’s nobody better than Adele!

  42. Sonia Zielinski Reply

    I’d definitely take my bestie – she loves Adele, she’s super fun and we haven’t done anything like this together in a very long time as she lives halfway around the world!

  43. Shu-Ching Chang Sonia Chang Reply

    My olderest autistic daughter loves to play violin and Adele’s music is one of her favourite artists. It is a dream come true prize for her . No word for this wonderful experience.

  44. My sister and I would enjoy a nighter out kids free, its been a long time we love Adele

  45. Christie Louise Reply

    Both myself and my best friend have recently gotten out of messy long term relationships! It is such a relief now for us.
    For us both to celebrate, a girls only trip to Brisbane would be AMAZEBALLS! We could treat ourselves to some ‘me time’ in nice accomodation, a relaxing massage, and to top it off- tickets to see our favourite singer ADELE would be the highlight of our year!!!
    Please consider myself and Anita’s need for a kid-free, ladies only, mini getaway for this great competition!
    Thankyou 🙂

  46. Chris Hansen Reply

    I’d like to take my husband, I have been suffering badly from depression and anxiety and he has been unbelievably supportive to me and has taken over caring for our daughters. I’m so proud to be his wife I would love to be able to reward him with this.

  47. Shananne Leake Reply

    I would love to take my eldest daughter Abbie with me it would be a nice bonding time together

  48. This would be my first concert experience what a person to see live for the first time thank you the chance

  49. karen reiman Reply

    my bestie, last concert we managed to see was john mellencamp like 20 years ago lol

  50. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I’d take my hubby, Keith. Adler would be an awesome date night.

  51. I’d love to take my friend Vicky because we’re both big Adele fans and would really appreciate this opportunity.

  52. Sylvia Hrehoresen Reply

    I’d take my mum with me. We both deserve a night out and this would be amazing

  53. Cathi de Vriend Reply

    My eldest daughter celebrates her 30th Birthday on 11th March – the same day of Adele’s Sydney concert. I’d give anything to be able to celebrate Renee’s birthday with her while enjoying our favourite singer at her concert. It would be a dream come true for both of us!

  54. My Daughter….. she is only young but this year we have stopped stuff … not more birthday prezzies no more toys but lots more experiences shows and concerts. kids these days have too much stuff and not enough culture and in our family as we can afford we are giving our children experiences!

  55. Nicole Ellem Reply

    I would love to take my 11 year old son! He plays trumpet in his school band and loves seeing live music! He also sings along to Adele with me in the car 😉

  56. Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    I would love to go with my daughter she loves all of Adele songs

  57. Natasha Hart Reply

    I would take my 14 year old daughter, she is a dancer and singer who trains extremely hard (25 hours a week). This would be a dream come true for her to see one of her favorite artists.

  58. Bianca Romeo Reply

    Oh gosh, the last concert I seen was when I was 18. I’d love to see Adele!

  59. Gabrielle Soler Reply

    Haven’t been to a concert since before my daughter was born. That was over 2 years ago!!! I really would love a night out with a friend.

  60. I think I would have to take my sister. She does so much for me and my family I would love to treat her for once.

  61. Chandini Fry Reply

    My sister! After losing my mum and having three children, my sister took on that role my mum never got to experience and I never got to have the support of. Would love to show her my appreciation of all the help and guidance she has given me and my kids.

  62. Christine Dean Reply

    I would take my mother, she is my inspiration and I would love to share this experience with her.

  63. I would take my girlfriend Shari – she deserves a night of fun and music.

  64. Fiona Roberts Reply

    I’d take my 16yo daughter. She’d sing along to all the songs and sound fabulous because that’s what she does! I’d sing along in my not so great voice just to annoy her…sometimes it’s the little things in life we have to do to annoy our teenagers! 🙂

  65. Hello (Mum Central) it’s me.
    I was wondering (if me and my husband) after all these years.
    We would like to meet Adele.
    To sing everything.
    They say times supposed to help ya.
    But i ain’t done much competition entering.

    Hello, can you hear me!

  66. Vicki Smith Reply

    My daughter in law, who is a beautiful woman a loving wife to my son & fabulous mother to my granddaughters

  67. I would love to take my almost 7yo daughter she knows most of Adeles songs word for word so she would LOVE to meet Adele

  68. Adele has the most beautiful voice which me and my partner love. So will take him. It will be great birthday and anniversary present.

  69. Donna Pastourel Reply

    I’d take my husband so he can try to appreciate just how amazing Adeles music is!

  70. I would love to take my mum as a nice surprise for her 50th bday and also as a massive thank you for everything she has done for all us 7 kids and 1 grandson

  71. Alicia Mewburn Reply

    I would love to take my 8 year old daughter and let her appreciate what real music and talent sounds like!

  72. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    My Mum, She has been my greatest support all my life and the help and love she has given to me, I feel like some of Adele’s songs explain that love! Would be such and amazing expirence to share with her

  73. Julie Pederick Reply

    I’d like to take my sister, a good girl’s night out is just what the doctor ordered! No responsibilities, no kiddies, a great night with 3 Diva’s, Adele, My Sister & Me is just what we need!

  74. Toni Toni Tuccia-Rowland Reply

    I would take my mum who is a HUGE Adele fan. She’d be thrilled and would absolutely love it!

  75. Jon Donovan Reply

    My wife as she is the biggest fan of Adele and she deserves a great night out

  76. Melanie Lucas Reply

    I would love to take me sister to see Adele in concert. I owe her for so many things, mostly for being such a great sister, and this would be a great way to show how much I appreciate her.

  77. would love to take my sister, she has a rare form of Downs syndrome and never done anything like this she loves Adele and we missed out on tickets this would be amazing. thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  78. Elizabeth Andrews Reply

    i would love to take my hubby, we are huge adele fans and as we havent celebrated valentines day for 5 years it would totally make up for that if we won these tickets!

  79. Katie Dalla Santa Reply

    I’d take my fiancee to show our appreciation for all his hard work he does for my son and our new one on the way

  80. I would send my friend she can choose who to take with her. They have had hard times being dairy farmers and they need something great to look forward to do. And a night out would be amazing for her.

  81. my big sister would be my partner, we do lots of concerts together.

  82. MellyAnne76 Reply

    Like everyone else it would be amazing to win!I After missing out on tickets and feeling disappointed, it would be a dream come true. I don’t know who i’d take though. My husbands birthday is the 4th of March, and our daughter’s is the 12th. It would be a hard decision… so i would have to hold a mini competition to see whose name gets drawn out!!

  83. I will take my son so he can experience such a strong and amazing female.

  84. Sarah Williams Reply

    I would take one of my mummy friends, so we can have some cold free time and recharge!

  85. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My sister and I always love a great concert and would love to see Adele

  86. Megan Cleary Reply

    I love Adele, I mean I’m obsessed with her. I’d love to win tickets to her concert.

  87. Elise Berra Reply

    I’d love to take my one and only best friend to see Adele live in concert. It would be an awesome birthday present for her!

  88. Xzavia Green Reply

    Adele is a role model that I would be proud to take my 10 year old daughter to see live. She takes singing lessons and Adele is her idol.
    What a thrilling experience that I wish I could have afforded myself 🙂

  89. I would probably take one of my daughters or a friend. It would be awesome. 🙂

  90. Lisa Hocking-Williams Reply

    This would be a totally awesome concert. I would take my Husband for a great night out.

  91. I love Adel and her amazing voice , would love to take my sister who adores her too. This would be amazing to see her live in concert for the first time.

  92. Farrah Wigg Reply

    Love to take my daughter, absolutely loves Adele and I love that she is such a great role model to young girls

  93. I would love to take my 8 year old daughter Mackenzie, she loooovvveesss Adele.

  94. Victoria Freer Reply

    I would love to take one of my girlfriends for my birthday!

  95. Kirsty Nielsen Reply

    I’d take my mum… She is Adele’s biggest fan and I am my mums. I think a date with my favourite lady would be amazing!

  96. Absolutley love adel. Her music has helpped me so many times its like shes singing to me. Id love to take my mum as a bday suprise 4 her. Shes had a horrible yr so much sadness.

  97. Amy Camilleri Reply

    Definitely a night out needed for me & my bestie! Love the kids but this is mummy’s only!

  98. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d take my Mum for sure. She absolutely loves Adele and would love to go and see her live.

  99. Janine McNaughton Reply

    I would take my husband Stewart with. It’s funny, he doesn’t like my type of music and always turns it off but he actually enjoys Adele and it’s the one CD that he allows me to keep playing! We’ve never been to a concert together and I think this would be a pretty terrific occasion ❤

  100. My wife – This would be a fantastic way for us to celebrate our 30th anniversary..

  101. Pamela Singleton Reply

    I would love to win for a dear friend that would absolutely love to see Adele with her sister.

  102. Sheraden Robertson Reply

    I would take my Sister In Law , it would be nice to do something that we have in common.

  103. Pauline Kellis Reply

    Witnessing the indomitable, iconic, incomparable soulful singing sensation showcase serious sophistication, sass, style and charm with my husband for our anniversary in ‘ADELE-aide’ would certainly ‘Set Fire to the Rain’!

  104. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    My daughter – She just loves Adele and her simplicity … as we all do in our family

  105. Merrilyn Wade Reply

    I would take my sister Alanna. The best sister in the world.

  106. I have a great friend whom I would love to take on a girls night out this would be a brilliant way to show her how much I appreciate her.

  107. Katherine Hartshorne Reply

    I would take my friend Amanda, we both need a night off! We both love Adele and missed out on tickets, one of my favourite artists hands down

  108. Indria Purnamasari Reply

    I’d love to take my husband of course. The last time we went to a concert was when he proposed to me. Now we have two kids around. Attending a concert will bring back nostalgic memories when we were still dating. 🙂

  109. Connie Williams Reply

    My daughter absolutely ADORES Adele and I couldn’t think of a better role model for her. She turns 11 a couple of days before the concert and this would be an amazing birthday present for her 🙂

  110. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I’d love to take my mum, we are both huge fans and she has gone through a few rough years and has still managed a smile and a helping hand with my children

  111. Dani Forrest Reply

    I would take whoever wins the fight to come with me hahaha. So want to see Adele!

  112. I would take my son he is a uni student and studies and works hard funds and fun times are not easy to find this would be a lovely reward for his good grades

  113. Jeana Thomas Reply

    My sister who never gets out to see anyone live and seeing Adele would have her outing hitting the pinnacle of shows. She deserves to be spoilt as she is so selfless and always thinking of others and goes without just so she can give, so would be so nice to give something back that would be memorable for her.

  114. Rehannon Roempke Reply

    I would take my husband, as we are currently undergoing IVF after trying to conceive for 5 years and sadly having two miscarriages, we cannot afford to spend any money on anything leisure related, all our funds are in IVF right now, so this would be a beautiful and welcome break.

  115. I’d take my mum, a much deserved break for both of us!! I could give you the gorey details but I’d like to keep them private.

  116. Linda Luczak Reply

    My husband & I are celebrating our anniversary in March. I couldn’t think of anything more memorable than listening alongside my hubby to gorgeous Adele singing her romantic songs! Bliss!

  117. Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ I’d take my son James, as he (we) need some ‘Adel’ in his life (our lives)! ~

  118. Elizabeth O'Brien Reply

    My sister! Us mums with little ones need Adele relief from our crazy busy lives!

  119. Elodie Howe Reply

    I would like to take my husband, David. Adele is the only artist we both like and we have never been to a concert together.

  120. I would absolutely love to take my grandma she adores Adele every sunday u will find my grandma cleaning to all her songs as she asked me for her 50th birthday to buy her Adele’s album she deserves a night out as she has raised me and my 3 brothers she is a miracle lady does absolutely everything for everyone else time to give her a night off from us gran kids. PLEASE PICK US 🙂

  121. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    My dear hubby, is who I’d take,
    we love ADELE, she’s not fake,
    HELLO, She keeps life real,
    her wonderful rich voice makes me feel!

  122. Wendy Compergirl D'Arcy Reply

    Think I would take my daughter she has never been to a concert ,what a great introduction

  123. My niece and I love Adele and Adele is such a beautiful singer and a great role model

  124. Have to take my wife. She and I have opposite tastes in music, but we both LOVE Adele. Will be a great night out, experience of a lifetime to say the least.

  125. Selena Baker Reply

    Without a doubt I’d have to take my Hubby. She’s probably the only artist we both agree on. She would be amazing live, her voice is insane!!

  126. Maria Dmello Reply

    I would take my sister and she is a big fan but I would blind fold her all the way there and unwrap the blind fold just as we enter oh my god she would scream so loud at her concert

  127. hard to say hubby or daughter I’d love to see who’d put their hands up amongst my friends. A friend going twice on sat & sun in melb. Not fair. Having friends with money sucks sometimes.

  128. Bianca Hensman Reply

    I would take my sister and we can have a kid free date together (the first in a long time)!

  129. My granddaughter would love to see Adele but is out of work at present and unable to afford the ticket.

  130. I will bring my husband. We have never been to a concert together before.

  131. Rachael Hryciuk Reply

    I would love to take my darling Mum to see Adele. She loves her and has had a rough couple of years.

  132. Marissa Boorman Reply

    I would take my friend Heather just because she’s such a fun, caring person with a heart of gold!

  133. Michelle pardo Reply

    I would take my wife, she really wanted to go but as we’ve got bigger priorities (our soon to be one year old) we couldn’t afford it. Wining the tickets would make her year, she adores Adele!

  134. Helloooo! Adele, Yes please. Hubby and I would love a date night with Adele.

  135. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    my daughter as its both our Birthdays 12th march and ADELE in adelaide would be the best way to celebrate!

  136. Kimberley French Reply

    I’d take my partner as he’s always doing nice things for me. Would be nice to be able to do something for him in return!

  137. Lana Arandt Reply

    I would take my dad- he secretly loves Adele and sings to her in his car!

  138. Elizabeth Clough Reply

    I would love to say my hubby would come but no, he howls every time a song plays sooooo I think I would take a friend. No howling allowed

  139. Bec Gillett Reply

    I would take my sister as she always does things for everyone and it would be a nice surprise.

  140. Love to win because the only way to make Adele better, is to place her before my very eyes, feeling every lyric flow through my very core. And who to take, wow, that’s either going to cause some grief as to who I choose, or it’ll let me play Queen for a while as all my family and friends do all my bidding, so that they get to come with me!!!!! Everyone I know is a massive fan 🙂

  141. Catherine Howard Reply

    I’d take my mum, sister and a good friend for a girls night out!

  142. Elizabeth Mahony Reply

    I’d take my sister with me,
    She’s my partner in crime,
    She’s kept me afloat lately,
    As I’ve had a terrible time,
    A night on the town,
    Seeing amazing Adele live,
    With my wonderful sister,
    Would be the ultimate prize!

  143. Adele’s biggest fan, my BFF is who I would take. It would be the best gift anyone could ever give her. A memory for her to tell her grandchildren in years to come, over and over again.

  144. Jennifer B. Reply

    A~lone raising children, need some time free.
    D~eserving are many. Who should it be?
    E~LIZABETH’s overdue for a night out that’s historic.
    L~ove my sister, love Adele’s singing. Her music’s…

  145. Jodie Taylor Reply

    Id love to win as I adore Adele’s songs they speak to my heart.Her songs have gotten me through some tough moments..You put her music on and sing it loud and you always feel better …Its also my Birthday on the 6th of March so what a wonderful way to celebrate seeing Adele live in concert..Would be a Birthday to remember..Id take my hubby who has been with me through all lifes ups and downs and hes also a fan of Adele’s .

  146. Isabella Basile Reply

    I would take my brother. We both have a love of music and concerts and Adele’s songs get us singing at the top of our lungs

  147. Nicola Metcalfe-Ferris Reply

    I’d love to experience this with my deserving husband Ian. He has been my rock these last 12 months after surgery.

  148. Peter Gerard Reply

    I would love to take my wife Judith. If I won, I would keep it a secret until we got there.Take her to Dinner first then ‘Surprise’! She would be ecstatic!

  149. Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    l would love to take my daughter for a mum and daughter night out , we absolutely love Adele

  150. Nicole Boddington Reply

    I’d take my husband – who would have an amazing time despite himself (I’ve heard him him singing Set Fire to the Rain when he thought nobody was listening).

  151. Roberto Colombi Reply

    My Partner – she’s `’Adele’ight to spend the evening with too!

  152. Dena N Richard Davies Reply

    My best friends. I’d lovd to treat them out to an amazing night with Adele!!!

  153. Juanita Munro Reply

    I would take my mother in law because she’s a song bird too & needs to wind down before her up & coming wedding!

  154. Melissa Ridgeway Reply

    I would take my husband because he’s always deployed with the navy when there’s an awesome concert on. We can never plan far enough in advance to secure tickets and seeing Adele would be a once in a lifetime event!

  155. Cayce Beasley Reply

    Id love to take my best friend. She’s one of Adeles biggest fans, and as a busy working mum of 4, she’d never do something like this for herself.

  156. This would be a wonderful experience to share with my daughter, I love that she looks up to
    Adele such a wonderful, strong role model.

  157. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Definitely my wife and 2 of my sister in laws! Absolutely love Adele’s voice, but also her interaction with the audience is second to none!

  158. Stav Mataia Reply

    Can’t wait to take my hubby to see the inspirational, genuine and beautiful Adele sing her smash hit singles for the world to admire. It will be an Anniversary gift to remember for many years to come. Happy 20yrs to my love ❤️ for the month of March!

  159. Kylie Servante Reply

    Would take my ever supportive and gorgeous little sister Nikita as she would be blown away!!

  160. Nicci Traeger Reply

    I would take my friend michelle. We have both just had our 2nd babies and its my birthday then. Much needed night away from being a mum

  161. Sally Wheaton Reply

    I would take hubby even though I dropped birthday pressie hints to go,it didn’t happen. This is my chance to enjoy her concert .

  162. My daughter, it would be her first concert and we both love her songs.

  163. I would take my husband if I could find someone silly enough to watch our 4 kids!

  164. viviennedobin Reply

    I would take hubby with me we both think Adele has the most amazing voice

  165. Stephanie Dyson Reply

    I would take my sister, as she would be amazing to see in concert

  166. Tabatha Voss Reply

    I doubt I have any hope at all of winning,but I’d take my BFF,she deserves a night out

  167. Erin Pettit Reply

    I would love to take my Mum and 2 of my sisters. We’ve been trying to organise a girls’ getaway for a long time!

  168. Dianne clanchy Reply

    I would take my amazing husband Robert. He looks after me and our 3 children. It would be the most amazing date night.

  169. Briana Pope Reply

    I would take my daughter. It’s a dream of hers to see Adele!! ❤

  170. I’d take my mum as she loves Adele and she’s never been to a proper concert!

  171. I’d take my 11 year old daughter, she loooooves Adele and it would make both of us so happy to be able to take her!

  172. Judith Ann Bryant Reply

    I would take my hubby Peter because we both enjoy Adele and to see her sing ‘Live’ would be a memory to cherish together FOREVER!

  173. My 93 year old mother-in-law, she has no short-term memory but Adele lives forever in her long-term memory, this would be a night to cherish!

  174. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My best friend and I are fans of Adele, she would be absolutely stoked with this surprise!

  175. Andreas Stummer Reply

    She writes the songs that make the whole world sing and my oldest (14) and I want to sing along. “Hello” to the other side: winning this would be just like a movie or just like a song, we’d set fire to the rain and would roll in the deep until Skyfall.

  176. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    Would love to take my husband Michael as he hasn’t experienced a great concert yet.

  177. My Mum, she’s a massive Adele fan! I’d totally win the daughter of the year award if I won!

  178. Katrina Stubbs Reply

    i’d love to take my friend naomi with me. she is an aspiring singer and enjoy Adele’s music. i’d love to see Adele on stage

  179. Scott Morgan Reply

    I would love to take my girlfriend. She absolutely loves Adele and seeing her live would make her sooo happy.

  180. I’d take my beautiful mum to enjoy together the most talented Adele and that amazing voice!

  181. My twin sister- kid free and husband free time is rare! I love dancing to Adele in the kitchen, dancing to her live would be even better!

  182. Stefany Tiong Reply

    My husband Faisal is a massive fan! You should hear him singing Rollin’ in the Deep, so out of tune as he tries to hit the high notes. Fantastic to watch and we’d both have a blast!

  183. My husband – we need a great night out together and away from Kid Central!

  184. I would love to take my middle daughter Rachelle as we both love Adele and seeing her in person would be a great treat for us both.

  185. James Sharpe Reply

    my woman, with four kids…..enough said….she needs a break

  186. Melita Malone Reply

    I would like to take my husband, time together loving great heartfelt music.

  187. Jody Taylor Reply

    I would take my best friend of 36 years – Raewyn- with busy lives we don’t get to do much together so This would make up for a few years

  188. Courtney Foster Reply

    I would take one of my closest friends who has a genuine heart of gold and is always there when I need her. This would be a little token of appreciation for her as she love love loves adele.

  189. I would love to take my 11 year old daughter Ameaka, she has been singing for a year and adele is her idol. Pluss its my birthday on the 3rd of march , so what a great present. Plus quality one on one time with Ameaka as this can be quite hard to jugle between her brother and sister

  190. Helen Smith Reply

    I’d love to take my hubby to this amazing concert – he’s not an Adele fan but I think he would be converted if he heard and felt her amazing, powerful voice and stage presence.

  191. Christina E Reply

    I would take my eldest daughter, over due for some mummy daughter time especially with 5 others in the mix. Plus she loves listen to music & loves alot of Adele’s songs. Would love to have this perfect opportunity to party with my big girl..

  192. I want to give this to my amazing sister and her daughter they love adel and need sometime out

  193. I would love to take my Mum. Perfect mother daughter weekend. Adele is an amazing artist and a beautiful person. To see her live would be amazing.

  194. Jemma Hansen Reply

    My husband, Adele is one of the few singers that we both love. It would be amazing to hear her great voice live.

  195. i would take my best friend,we’re both mums and have never been to a live concert that’s 40 years no concert,we love adele but unfortunately we can’t spend that money as our kids heading to uni,the cost of uni is staggering so please spoil a pair of old mums!

  196. I’d love to take my Mum…she loves Adele as much as I do and it is her birthday on the weekend Adele is in Melbourne!

  197. Maria Braund Reply

    Love to take my husband, Adele is one of the only singers that we both enjoy listening to. He prefers rock, while I prefer Pop

  198. daniela barbaro Reply

    My cousin Rosanna, we love going to concerts together and enjoying a girls weekend

  199. humptydumpedme Reply

    I’d take my lovely daughter Anne as we share a love for Adele’s music and amazing voice, we would have an absolute ball

  200. Sharon Johnson Reply

    My first pick would be my soulmate. Though I spent many a day & night gazing at the Gabba from the stroke + neuro ward in 2012/2013 at the PA hospital wondering if Id ever have the opportunity to see inside the gabba. Alas GBM’s have a way of changing your life forever. So my best friend Ruth love to repay her kind gestures shes given me in the past few years.

  201. Rochelle L Costello Reply

    My Mum, she would love it she does so much for me be so good to give her something special back.

  202. Kelley Forrester Reply

    I would so love to take my best friend bree – have a girls night out!!

  203. Sarah Edwards Reply

    I would love to take my Mum! She is a huge Adele fan, as am I. Adele is an incredible singer, an incredible performer and most importantly an incredible woman! I just love her 🙂 Together you’d find mum and I singing and screaming from the top of our lungs!!!

  204. I will take my darling daughter Darcy, she introduced me to Adeles’ songs on her playlist, I hadn’t heard of her before last year, but now I can’t wait to hear her songs.

  205. Melissa Moore Reply

    My husband because when we were living thousands of miles apart, he sent me Adele singing ‘Make you feel my love’ to cheer me up. I’d love to win to suprise him and give him a much needed boost after going through so much in wanting to be together, despite being from opposite parts of the globe.

  206. I’d take my sister as she’s been an amazing support through a very tough 2016 and we need a break!

  207. I would love to take my sister to see Adele live in concert, we are both massive Adele fans and it has been a long time since we have done something together with just us (and the other screaming fans of course, just no kids or husbands 😉 )

  208. Melanie Gration Reply

    I would take my best friend- now that she’s a Mumma too we so rarely get a chance to go out for a night together

  209. Kylie Crittenden Reply

    I would take my 8 year old daughter because she simply loves Adele. It would be her first concert and just perfect!

  210. Kathy MacKenzie Reply

    Definitely a girls event – would take my daughter and have the most amazing time ever.

  211. Angela Butler Reply

    Can’t think of anything more loud and wild than belting out songs with Adele live. I’d take my sisters and our mum.

  212. I would like to win as is my favourite singer and never been in her spectacular concerts. I would go with my best friend as I don’t have family here.

  213. Josie Mitzi Reply

    I would take my BF and SIL Freda , we both love Adele but were too slow on line ordering and missed out on tickets.

  214. Katrina McAliece Reply

    Id love to take my Mum along with some ear plugs because she would sing the whole time arrggghh LOL because she is ALWAYS there for me no matter what!

  215. Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    I’d take my 16 year old daughter. I know she loves me but doesn’t think I’m “cool” (or whatever the current term is!) She’d change her tune quick smart if I flashed Adele tickets at her.

  216. I would take my son since we fell in love with Adele from watching her concert on the television. It would be great experience to watch her perform live to us.

  217. My friend was going to buy me tickets for our bday but missed out I’d love to surprise her

  218. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    My 25 year old daughter, she is a huge Adele fan who actually introduced me to her music!

  219. My husband, nights out are few and far between. This would be a great one!

  220. Teneal Koppenol Reply

    I have been an Adele fan since 19 – she just resonates with me (and millions of others). This concert would be a massive event and it would make my whole year!

  221. I’d take an old friend with whom I’ve just reconnected. Would love to hang out again that way.

  222. david jiang Reply

    My friends who can’t help but sing adele all the time at karaoke

  223. I’d take my daughter cause she absolutely loves singing Adele songs

  224. I would take my daughter who is an aspiring performer and keeps belting out those Adele songs making the dog howl and her little sister dance around the house… It would give some well deserved mother daughter time, which is becoming more and more precious; work, school, commitments and puberty get in the way.

  225. Philippa Tudor Reply

    I’d love to take my husband as we haven’t been to a gig since before our 2 year old was born and we both love music and particularly Adele

  226. Michelle Wang Reply

    Sister- non stop sings adele songs from the top of her lungs

  227. I’d love to take my mum because she gives so much to everyone and deserves a ladies night out

  228. My sister – she deserves a break from work and family commitments

  229. Mary Leversha Reply

    I’d take my grand-daughter, Ella – she loves singing & loves Adele!

  230. I would give the tickets to a friend who desperately wants to go, if she chose to take me that would be a bonus!

  231. I’d be dragging my wonderful Mum along! Sorry hubby, you’ll be home in time to look after the kids right?!

  232. Ineedacoffee Reply

    My mother in law, she been like a mum to me as mine isnt here anymore

  233. For me and my daughter to cheer her up as she’s super sad right now. X

  234. Sally Blight Reply

    I love her so inspirational. Also havent been to a concert in years. Need some fun!

  235. Angela George Reply

    I would take my 14 year old daughter it would be her first concert.

  236. Omg i love adelle and my aunty would be thrilled if i won some tickets for it

  237. Would take my daughter. What a concert that would be to claim as your first!

  238. Irena Prentice Reply

    I’d take my girlfriend who is always doing nice things for other people.

  239. I’d love to take my friend as she is absolutely dying to see her as am I…. but couldn’t get the computer to work to buy tix!!

  240. Gillian Boland Reply

    I’d love to take my 14 yr old daughter as she deserves such an awesome night out x

  241. Carolyn Gough Reply

    My Sister-in-law just celebrated her 71st birthday here on holiday from England, so it would be a real treat to celebrate in style.

  242. Sarah O'Connor Reply

    I would take my better half (my best friend), Prudence. She started a dance studio in the Blue Mountains two years ago and spends all her time working, so this would serve as the perfect impetus to get her to take a weekend off and see Adele!

  243. My brother. He can sing every Adele tune on this planet and if I take him, I would be his favourite sister for a long time!

  244. Lynda Deveson Reply

    My 4 year old daughter belts out “Hello”every time it is on the radio – how could I deny her a ticket!

  245. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    I would love to win this so I could take my sister with me. I love Adele’s music and style and this would be fab to experience with my sister. Love her too!

  246. If she can make the two hour drive, I’d take my big sister. We don’t get to see each other very often as we live so far apart. Going to a concert together would be a wonderful bonding experience

  247. I’d definitely take my Mum. Music has a direct link to our memories and Adele’s music features heavily here. It’s how we hold onto the things we love, am, and never want to lose and the memories of togetherness that we’ll have forever.

  248. I’d take my neice! She adores Adele-& what a great way for us to spend time together. 🙂

  249. Lisa Willadsen Reply

    I would to take my daughter to see Adele she’s such am amazing performer!

  250. Sheryl Parsons Reply

    I would allow my daughter-in-law who is a big Adele fan and her partner to go as she needs a break from my 4 grandchildren after moving house recently to a different town. She is also studying Nursing in between, well done Linda Puglia (Italian descent). Thank you for the opportunity Mum Central and Mums Pantry.

  251. My husband…. as our date night is looong overdue- by about 2 years 🙂

  252. Would love to take Kellie Scarman to Adelaide but if her 5wk old won’t let her I’d take my man, Daniel Brockhoff

  253. Jasmine Johnson Reply

    I would live to take my mum, she has had a rough 2017 so far, she is a fantastic mum she would do anything for me and my kids. These tickets would mean the world to her and I,

  254. Deidre Anne Edwards Reply

    Love to take all the girlies out for a night at Adele!

  255. I would ask my daughter to come with me to see Adele. She has 5 children & the break from day to day would be great for her & we both love Adele’s music.

  256. Josie Storey Reply

    my husband as he loves adele and his birthday 5th march so works out perfectly

  257. I’d take my sister Lisa, she’s a huge Adele fan & she does so much to help me with my kids , it would be wonderful to be able to treat her to her fab night out with the best songstress in the world!

  258. Claire Cook Reply

    I’d take my mum. She deserves a night out and to stop watching Adele’s concerts on youtube

  259. Tracy Thornton Reply

    I would love to get out for a night with my husband. We have 5 kids that we love to bits but would love the opportunity to have some couple time.

  260. I would take the new man in my life , would love to surprise him

  261. I wpuld love to take my husband! He absolutely adores Adele plus its his birthday the very next day and it would be a great suprise to take him for his birthday!

  262. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I would take my Mum for her birthday and also so we can join my sisters who already have tickets.

  263. I would take my bestie .. we’ve both had a terrible year last year and I think this would be a great way to kickstart a better 2017!

  264. Emilijana Rubio Reply

    I would take my husband. Because i love spending time with him and we need a date night.

  265. Melanie Dudley Reply

    Id take one of my close friends cynthia..
    ..we are mums and never get out much and we all deserve a night out once in awhile!!

  266. Rachel amanatidis Reply

    I’d take my mum , she loves Adele and has never been to a live concert , I just know she would absolutely be dancing in her seat, shed love it !

  267. Stacey Ball Reply

    I would take my bestfriend Tash as she is a huge Adele fan and it would be great to have a girls night out away from the kids!

  268. I would take my best friend Samantha who moved to Qld last year, she is a huge Adele fan and the concert in Brisbane is just before her birthday.

  269. Tony Iomazzo Reply

    I love her lyrics and to me is the modern day female Bob Dylan…

  270. Kylie Doessel Reply

    Id love to win for my mum, she has had such a rough time this year and it would be so nice to see her over the moon to watch Adele. Unfortunatly we couldn’t afford a ticket for her for Christmas. She listens to Adeles music constantly and my kids come home from her place singing all the songs.

  271. Monica Huffer Reply

    I would take my hubby for our 11th Wedding anniversary because ” Hello” how romantic would this be! Love her songs xx

  272. I wanna take my bestie! We already pelt out all her songs in the car and it would be goals to do it with the queen herself!

  273. I’d love to share this with my better half, Simon – I couldn’t think of a better date night!

  274. I’d take my partner. We need a night out and it would be great time with great music

  275. Belinda McNamara Reply

    I’d love to take my mum as she does such a good job as my nan’s carer that she needs to be spoilt.

  276. Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I’d take my stepdaughter – she has a great set of lungs and would be so inspired by going to see Adele!

  277. Cath Gipson Reply

    Adele is my ONE AND ONLY. I CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME; ALL I ASK is that you pick me, so my husband James and I can say HELLO!

  278. Id love to win.
    Why, cause a night of music and dancing is what we need
    We could even fit in a decent feed,
    7 kids we are in need of a break
    My bestfriend, my love is who Id take

  279. Fiona Rowlands Reply

    OhMyGosh!!! I’d love to see Adele live, she’s freaking amazing!!!! I’d take my dearest friend Medina, she’s always there for me whenever I need her, she’s more like a sister than friend!! We always have so much fun on our adventures, I’d love to treat her to a night out… 🙂

  280. Claire Warnes Reply

    I’d like to take my friend Mel. We both need a night out and are big fans of Adele- Adele’s songs joining us and helping us through many of our life’s adventures.

  281. I would love to win I dont get out much a work lots and have 3 kids so it would be a nice night out. I would take my mum as she is wonderful and I love u so much im very lucky so it would be nice for us to go out for the night 🙂

  282. Renee Black Reply

    I would love to see adele because she is a fabulous entertainer and this is a very rare opportunity. Her cd lives in my car permanently and seeing her perform in person would be amazing

  283. blackwidow63 Reply

    Would love to send my daughter and grand daughter so that they can have special time together

  284. I would love to win and enjoy listening to Adeles beautiful voice with noone else but my one in a million….The love of my life my most adored partner in life karen xoxo we give so much of ourselves to all those around us it would be lovely and appreciated to enjoy a night out for ourselves


    I would love to take my sister as we’ve never been to a concert together and Adele is just absolute magic!

  286. My Nan who’s 103 because to a concert she’s never been and Adele would be beautiful to see!

  287. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    Love to take my husband as a date night. As a mother of 2 young babies, haven’t have a romantic date night with my husband. Last concert went was back in 2009

  288. Mannie Lane Reply

    I would take my Friend Ann, we both are Adele Fans.
    To see her sing live would be icing on top, sweet and a treat!

  289. My gorgeous girlfriend who works hard spoils her kids but not herself.

  290. Alli Whannell Reply

    I would like to take my teenage daughter Jasmin as she would love and appreciate hearing Adele’s phenomenal voice live as much as I (greatly!).

  291. Katrina Phillips Reply

    Id take my mum. The only concert she’s ever been to is Andre Rieu!!

  292. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    I would love to take my beautiful friend Rachael ,she loves Adele just as much as I do and it would be an amazing experience together .

  293. I cried at school drop off this morning … that’s what life is like at the moment *coughs* “loser”. I’d take my school-mum mate Chan, because she saw me lose the plot and helped me recover without making a huge scene at the gate. GRL PWR.

  294. I’ve never been to a live concert, so seeing Adele would be a brilliant start! 😀

  295. Carla Shirley Reply

    What an amazing experience! I haven’t seen an Idol perform since having kids, and she is definitely a favourite!!! I’d most likely cry tbh

  296. Helen Johnston Reply

    I would take my Mum. It would be great to have some bonding time with her

  297. I would love to take my mum who is turning 70 this month. She is a big fan of Adele 🙂

  298. Amy Willemsen-Bell Reply

    Would take my bestie who is another state. No better way to spend sometime together than at an absolutely amazing womans live concert.

  299. I would take my best friend who also is a huge fan and amazing woman who always cheers me up when I am down. She is a positive influence with a giving heart so I would love to see her appreciated for once.

  300. Brooke Meehan Reply

    Hubby has said he won’t go with me, so would take one of my friends instead. I would love to go as I love Adele’s music, plus I haven’t been to a live concert in years.

  301. Kelly Taylor Reply

    I would take hubby, perfect date night! They have become very rare since the kids arrived 😀

  302. Debbie Mcinnes Reply

    My Husband just adores her and I would love to take him. Rob does so much for me that it would be nice to do this for him

  303. My mother and sister are actually going to see her on the 5th march Brisbane, I’d love to surprise them and say hey wait I’m coming too and take my other sister with me (haha) we all love Adele she’s amazing.

  304. I would take my gorgeous little sister for her 21st birthday…she has been a rock and so supportive since I had my first baby a year ago…don’t know what I would have done without her help…she adores Adele and can’t afford to.go!

  305. Mary Whitta Reply

    I agree with Tony Iamazzo Adele is truly a great artist in this day and age and no doubt this spills out into her motherhood, also a lady in Toowoomba who has cancer and was meagrely scammed when buying tickets if she hasn’t been gifted it would be nice to do this for her!

  306. Jenny Haining Reply

    I would love to win as I appreciate Adele for her music and for her not needing to slutify herself to achieve greatness. She has remained true to herself all along. Plus with 3 young kids, date nights are hard to come by!

  307. I would take my husband, Nev to see Adele,
    Both of us at the concert would be swell

  308. Jade Triffitt Reply

    I would love to take my MIL! she does so much for us, and she LOVES adelle

  309. Lexi Klaebe Reply

    YES! I’d LOVE to experience seeing and crooning with Adele live (as opposed to in the car). What a lady! My one and only other concert experience is Neil Diamond. No offense to Neil, but I kind of need to add a couple of other artists to the tally. 😉

  310. My Mum; she’s a much better singer than my partner – he’d want to sing the whole way through embarressing me (because he has no shame).

  311. Korryn Malzard Reply

    I’ve just had my third baby and my eldest start school. I’ve barely said anything substantial to my husband, so I’d be taking him and having a few hours of adult conversation that doesn’t involve boobs, bottles or nappies!

  312. Kelly Shelto Reply

    I would take my Sister in Law, Karen, who is a huge Adele fan!

  313. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It would be unforgettable memories for a-once-lifetime to win this Adele Live in Concert. My olderest autistic daughter would love this opportunity more than me. Thank you.

  314. Valentina Valentina Reply

    i would LOVE to celebrate my birthday weekend with my best friend,my fiance,father of my 3 children,soon to be my husband at Adele’s concert in sydney!!!

  315. I would take my best friend. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some time out from my little one.

  316. I’d take my wonderful husband as a surprise for our 10th wedding anniversary

  317. My girflriend and I are always singing Adele on the car together. I’d love to take her to the concert

  318. Cindy brooks Reply

    I would take my daughter and my best friend. They both need a pick me up.

  319. David Green Reply

    I’d love to take my wife. She adores Adele and would forever be in my debt if I won these for her.

  320. I would be excited to surprise my sister with tickets! Both of us with young kids, I think we deserve a night out.

  321. Bronie Elson Reply

    I would take my husband. After a few tough years would be a wonderful surprise for him.

  322. Pennee Bronstein Reply

    My birthday week!! Oh my goodness!! I would love it. A date night with hubby. Way too few and far between!

  323. Brooke-Lee Croton Reply

    I would love to take my best friend of 20 years with me, she has always been there for me, and we LOVE Adele.

  324. I’d love to take my sister, we sing Adele when in our car, I think we sound fantastic, her concert would be a blast!!

  325. I would take my beautiful wife and amazing Mum Suz, she would love to go!

  326. Suzanne Blommaert-Botha Reply

    I recently had to sell our Adele tickets for the Brisbane show due to my husband losing his job just before Christmas. We needed the money to pay some bills. My husband was so sad as Adele is his absolute favourite. It would be lovely to surprise him and to be able to tell him that we can actually still go!

  327. shambolicliving Reply

    I would take one of my daughters. (It will be a tough choice on which one)!

  328. My dad, the man who introduced my love of music, no matter what the genre <3

  329. Angella Price Reply

    I would love to take my daughter. She loves Adele’s songs and voice. She wants to be a singer when she grows up

  330. My beautiful Mumma who so desperately wants to go but was unable to get tickets.

  331. Jenna Butler Reply

    Take my hubby… If he would come. He secretly loves her too but I don’t know that he’d be willing to make that public haha

  332. Kodie McMullen Reply

    I would take my bestie Annika. she has had a tough year and deserves a treat

  333. Cath Bennett Reply

    Love to take my BFF who is one of the biggest Adele fans 🙂

  334. Kylie Mackay Reply

    I’d take my bestie Loz, she has been my rock but more over the past year when I’ve needed her most. Perfect chance for a getaway from mum life.

  335. Stacey Lambert Reply

    I’d take my sister, she adores Adelle and would love a nigh

  336. Alice Muller Reply

    I would love to take my big sister because she is simply amazing she has always been there for me, she took me ro my first concert and it would be awesome to treat her by taking her out to see Adelle.

  337. Kerry Herrmann Reply

    I would love to take my friends & cousin’s. Adele is so beautiful & her voice is stunning. She has a wicked sense of humour so think it would be an absolutely brilliant night of entertainment.

  338. Amy Macdonald Reply

    I’d take my sister she does so much for us and never expects anything in return. She adores Adele.

  339. I would take my sister or my dad if they felt up to comming. Its been a tough few months for our family. My mum (the biggest Adele fan of all time) wanted to go to her concert so bad when she heard she was coming out to Australia for the first time. She has been waiting for her to tour here for years! Sadly the adds started showing on TV the week before she passed away from terminal cancer 2 weeks after her 57th birthday. She knew she would never make the concert, as did we. We were given 7 days notice before she lefts us… We didnt buy tickets to go in her honour as its too hard to talk about going with out her so I thought by entering here It would be up to fate the fate of the heavens for us to win the tickets. I personally love Adele and would have lived to have taken my mum along… if I win she can come with me in my heart. I hope she enjoys the show with the best seats in the whole world any how.

  340. I would take my husband for our first date night since having our kids a couple of years ago.

  341. Alison Humble Reply

    I’d take my bestie. With 3 kids we rarely get time out together. We love Adele. Fingers crossed we win xx

  342. Katrina Nitschke Reply

    I’d take my sister! We’re both mad Adele fans and constantly singing her songs in the car at the top of our lungs… we’re pretty good, but we need to see the ORIGINAL! 🙂

  343. Tanya Scroggie Reply

    I’d take my daughter , we are both big Adele fans..be a perfect mum/daughter night out

  344. Rachel Gunston Reply

    I’d take whoever offered to clean my house or babysit my 1 year old whilst I cleaned my house!!

  345. I would take my Daughter Kylie. It’s about time we had a great “Girls’ night out, especially with Adele! 🙂

  346. Kerry Kaesehagen Reply

    My 4yo daughter Sophie loves signing along to all the songs, I would love to take her!!!

  347. christine morris Reply

    I would love to be able to see and hear all of Adele’s Songs, her voice is Unique and one of a kind, i would take my Good frient Margaret, she would love this. thanks for the chance 🙂

  348. Kathryn Barkla Reply

    Love to see Adele! A gorgeous Mummy role model and would be great to have an amazing night out!

  349. Kirra Smith-Bentley Reply

    My mum, she deserves to be treated special and she loves Adele, and I love my mum

  350. Natasha Milne Reply

    A Mummy of 6, Soon to be 7! Adele in concert would be Amazing & Relaxing.

  351. My daughter is Adele obsessed and dreams of her first concert.. help me make it come true!!

  352. Cara Wheaton Reply

    This would be like a dream come true for my 15 year old daughter and I. We would love (understatement) to see Adele in concert but sadly couldn’t afford it. My girl and I have been huge fans for years, have watched many of Adeles concerts on TV and can only imagine what an amazing, awesome, exciting night it would be if we were able to go and see her live. I would love to have this special night with my special daughter! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  353. I would go with my friend Mannie as we are both ADELE FANS!
    No better way to enjoy her music than enjoying with your friend.

  354. Id take the hubby leigh. We have bub number 3 due in june so date nights are getting few and far between! Both of our families are in england too so we don’t get to venture out very often.

  355. I’d take a friend, so we could both see her and embrace the occasion – that way we wouldn’t have to sit by the riverbank in Adelaide to listen.

  356. Lauren-maree Sheriff Reply

    I would take my sister Kirsten (who is also my best friend) because we are both singers and have a mutual love for Adele. We also sing a lot of her songs together.

  357. Misty Ramjet Reply

    I would take my besty Penne… She’s like my sister and we are huge fans of Adele.. mums on the loose.

  358. Kristy Grey Reply

    I would take my sisters and I would love to win because I am Adeles biggest fan her voice is amazing and her songs have real meaning Adele rocks my world…

  359. Caitlyn Healey Reply

    I would absolutely take my husband. He tried so hard to get us tickets and couldn’t. I would love to share this with him!

  360. Vija Leitis Reply

    I would take hubby. We both love heartfelt music. It always touches the soul.

  361. Ashlee MacCalman Reply

    I’ll be taking my husband alone to this one. So often I go to concerts with girlfriends but I know that he would enjoy and appreciate seeing Adele.

  362. I would take my mum because she’s don’t so much for me raising me as a single mum she deserves this and there is no one else I’d rather go with

  363. Fabiola Osorio Reply

    I would take my 2 older sisters and my mum as we all love adele soooo much.

  364. I would love to take my beat friend she has done so much for so many ppl an has fallen on hard times, this would most certainly brighten her day let alone be the highlight of her year

  365. My husband and I both love Adele and it would be such a great date night.

  366. Anita Parker Reply

    Not sure who I’d take…. will have to ask family and friends then draw a name out of a hat!

  367. I’d take my friend, it would give us a great chance to catch up as well as we live hours away from each other

  368. Tracy Smith Reply

    I would take my sister. A great way to spend an evening with your first ever best friend!

  369. Sarah Smith Reply

    I would take my bestie with me because I drag her along to everything!

  370. Trish Leonard Reply

    I would take my hubby, she loves Adele too. Although, he wouldn’t tell his friends that, lol.

  371. I’d give pass to my friends from USA only in adelaide and staying with us one night and they picked the night we will be at Adele

  372. Kim Harrison Reply

    I love Adele she is an amazing singer. Would love to take my daughter (so she can have a night off) and leave the kids at home with their dad. This concert would be awesome.

  373. Zari Wheaton Reply

    I would absolutely love to share this experience of a lifetime with my mother, Cara Wheaton. Unfortunately we were not able to get tickets, and as massive Adele fans we were devastated to miss out. I would love to be able to treat my mum to this lovely night because she’s hard working, down to earth, loving and absolutely fantastic in every way. She works so hard for my family (i am so proud of her) and i would love to give back. We have such a chaotic and stressful life and to get away for a few hours with my favourite woman to see our favourite woman live would be a moment never forgotten.

  374. I have paid money for my son and husband to see David Attenborough as their once in a lifetime experience….this would be mine. Thank you

  375. Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    I’d actually take my husband & make it a long overdue date night.Adele’s one artist we both enjoy listening to.

  376. Stella Jojo Reply

    I would take my daughter to experience seeing a strong talented woman for her first concert.

  377. I’d take my tween daughter. She wanted to go with me but I couldn’t stretch our budget to two tickets. She told me to go by myself but I said nope. If she couldn’t come, then I wouldn’t either. Your prize might just save the day for the two of us!

  378. Danielle Tassan Reply

    I would love to take my mum as we are both MASSIVE Adele fans ans it would be great to experience it with her.

  379. Kristy Stark Reply

    I’d love to take my daughter who is the biggest fan!! She loves Adele and will tell everyone she meets how much of a fan she is!

  380. Louise Hanberger Reply

    I would love to take my husband I think the last concert we went to was to see Brian Adam’s about 20 years ago so I think we are a bit overdue lol Adel would be fantastic

  381. I would love to take my lovely friend with me we are both massive fans and it would be a dream come true to see her live

  382. Lynda Thomas Reply

    I would take the kids dad so we could have a nice night together

  383. Jase Crumblin Reply

    I would love to go and take my Best Friend she is my world and supports me through everything. We simply cant afford to go as business for us is every slow at the moment. This would be a once in a life time as she has never been to a Concert Ever! Thank you for allowing us the chance to enter!

  384. I would take one of my best friends because she deserves it but I’d keep it a secret as long as I could 🙂

  385. Rebecca Troedson Wingett Reply

    My darling new husband and I would absolutely love a night off from the three kids to see Adele❤

  386. Chanel Jade Reply

    I would take my sister so we could both have a girls night out.

  387. Karen McKinnon Reply

    i would take my bff as she is also an amazing singer, just like Adele.

  388. My daughter, son in law and two teenage grandchildren would all love to see Adele in concert!

  389. I would take my 3 year old daughter as she is obsessed! It would be so amazing to share that experience with her!

  390. Nicole Williams Reply

    I would take my bestie Andrea as this would mean we could catch up and hang out together childless and I love love love Adele

  391. Neil McKinnon Reply

    i would take my gorgeous wife, she deserves a night of fun after all she does for us and our family.

  392. Lorraine Stuart Reply

    I would like to win this for my mum she could do with a night out

  393. Katrina Potter Reply

    I would take a good friend of mine. We are both singke mums who put our kids first and she has been struggling with major issues lately. We both need a night out!

  394. I would take my cousin. Nothing better than Adele to bring a family closer.

  395. Agata Figiel Reply

    I would love to take my husband, it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary the following month and this would be an amazing way to celebrate!!

  396. Helen Sandow-Childs Reply

    I have some beautiful friends in my life and i know all of them would be deserving of this beautiful night out xxx

  397. YES PLEASE.
    I would love to take my friend, we missed out on tickets.

  398. simone mattison Reply

    My daughter would be over the world if I won Adele tickets… what a fab competition !

  399. Stephanie Hood Reply

    I would take my 9 year old son. He has ASD. He loves music & can get a bit obsessed by his favourite female singers. Seeing Adele would be a dream come true for him. Also a chance to see family as we live 8 hours away.

  400. Kristie Canham Reply

    I would take my friend. I would love to take my partner but he’s away working hard for our family.

  401. I would take another one of my mama friends so we could have a baby-free night and kick up our heels with one of the best performers of all time.

  402. I would love to take my sister Donna Odell, we have lived apart for most of our ‘being Mummy’ years and 2 years ago she finally moved to the Sunshine Coast from London so our children could grow up together, we have been making up for lost time, but really don’t get the opportunity to ‘go out’, this would be the perfect ‘Mummy’s Night Out’!!

  403. I would take my Mother-in-Law – she’s been trying so hard to get tickets and I’d love to make her wishes come true!

  404. Breeanna Marshall-Allen Reply

    I would take my rock, my mumma. She adores Adele (who doesn’t) and more than deserves a treat for everything she does for others, despite her chronic health issues. It’s also her birthday in March, it’s meant to be.

  405. Nancy Zachos Reply

    I would take my 15 yr old daughter to enjoy some mother/daughter time as with homework, work and after school activities it’s harder to find the time to spend together

  406. I would take my sister in law. Shes a mumma of 3 boys under 5 and has done so much for me taking me to hospital appointments for hours on end even when was pregnant. I love Adele her songs have so much heart and soul

  407. I would love to takr my mother in law. She lives adel and it would be so nice to be able to call her and tell her i won tickets!!

  408. Sarah Light Reply

    I’d take my daughter, she would be thrilled to attend her first concert.

  409. Would love to take my mum. She is the rock of the family and nothing is ever to much trouble. It would be a great way to show her how much i appreciate all she does

  410. carolineavard Reply

    Id love to win for my daughter who adores Adele and she would take her Bestie 🙂

  411. Michelle Brewster Reply

    I’d take my beastie, we’ve been to so many shows together and it’s usually her gifting me tickets, so it’d be nice to repay the favour!

  412. Jessica Cameron Reply

    I’d love to take my beautiful husband who so deserves a night out. It’s been more than 3 years since we last went on a date together without the kids.

  413. Hazel MacDonald Reply

    Id love to take my best friend to see Adele. We are about to move to opposite sides of the globe and this would be an amazing gift.

  414. Ange McCallum Reply

    Love Adele. Need a holiday. Happy to travel the 4k for this amazing experience. Will take my bestie.

  415. Kayleen Radford Reply

    Would love to be able to take my Sister in law Shannon. She deserves to be spoilt after everything she has gone through in the last few years.

  416. Jo Jeppesen Reply

    The bestie….cause she screams the shit out of Adele with me and we JUST.GET.HER!

  417. Maylena Buttle Reply

    I would love to take my daughter as we have never been to a concert before and we love Adele.

  418. Kathy Storer Reply

    I’d take my daughter as we both love Adele so very much and to see her with my daughter would be a once in a lifetime experience and a time to always remember, it would be the best birthday present I could ever give my daughter.

  419. Rachel Barnett Reply

    What an amazing way to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary then with a night out to see the incredible Adele. Thank-you Mum Central for this once in a lifetime opportunity xx

  420. Carlos Arellano Reply

    My daughter has just moved to Sydney to study music and Adele, who inspired her has just arrived too – it was meant to be.

  421. My cousin. Heaven knows that we could both do with a good girls night out after the last year that we’ve had!

  422. Hubby of course. Hopefully we could get a baby sitter for the occasion. Rarely get an opportunity to go out.

  423. Lauren Ashley Reply

    My mum! We both love Adele and it would be the first concert we would have done together!

  424. Jodie Goldsmith Reply

    My daughter. Would love to take her to see her first concert

  425. I would take my sister we both would love to see Adele in Concert. I owe her so much always helping me out. This would be such a treat. Thanks for the chance.

  426. Ruth Potter Reply

    I’d take my daughter, Alex, been out of work for a while so would be a real treat for another powerful young woman

  427. Madelaine Howe Reply

    the first person who really wanted to come! I would love to win because I was broke when these tickets were released (:

  428. Sharing the experience with my daughter, a first for us. Couldn’t think of a better concert than Adele to start a new tradition.

  429. An extremely rare night out with my partner would be awesome. 3 kids under 3 and him doing FIFO leaves us not much time to ourselves. BTW – he’s home that week.

  430. Kayla Pearce Reply

    I would have to take my mum and my 2 older sisters, we all are huge adele fans, after a rough few years it would be the PERFECT birthday gift for my mama ❤❤❤

  431. Paige Tucker Reply

    I would take my younger sister and we have loved Adeles songs for years and have always wanted to go to one of her concerts (I have never even been to a concert!). ADELE IS AMAZING!

  432. Katie Richardson Reply

    I would take my sister Kristy to have a break from work & let our hair down!

  433. A singer my husband and I both love? If I won, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a date night with him to hear Adele. That would be amazing!

  434. Christine Thomson Reply

    My mum. This would make for the perfect mum and daughter night out. She truly deserves to be spoilt with a night out to watch and listen to her favourite singer.

  435. I would love to go with my mum as we have both never beeen to a live concert and it would be an awesome experience and we are both huge Adele fans

  436. Because I would be working I would send my two daughters who are the biggest Adele fans.

  437. Kyles Tulloch Reply

    My 2 girls and my best friend…..we belt out Adele in this house!!!

  438. Kelly Kitson Reply

    Our anniversary is the day before so I would take my Hubby (& let him have the credit for the best ever anniversary present 😉 )

  439. Donna Soward Reply

    I would take my cousin whom is like a sister to me, we’ve both lost our daughters and have gone through so much together.
    This would be absolutely wonderful for us.

  440. Kelly Loomes Reply

    I would take my mum. She is a huge Adele fan. She has always been there for me and given us so much support…even more so since having our 3 boys. I can’t ever thank her enough, but this would be an amazing gift.

  441. Bruce William Culverwell Reply

    Moved my soul, my life and touched my humanity like no other artist

  442. Jodi O'Callaghan Reply

    I would take my middle son who would dearly love to go and see Adele. A very special night for both of us!

  443. I would take my best friend Nikki and her two girls as a surprise as i know they really want to go. They said they would stand outside adelaide oval and listen and sing her songs. Would be nice to take them as a surprise.

  444. Charmaine Schlaefer Reply

    I would take my partner Hogan, it would be lovely to have a night out after spending the last 18 months focusing on our 2 babies and putting their needs first, which puts our plans on the back burner. An Adele concert would be a date night to remember.

  445. as much as I would love to take my bestie I’d have to take my daughter she loves Adele and sa ys her voice is so beautiful it makes her want to cry imagine my 7 year old being able to experience that live!

  446. I’m visiting my family for the Brisbane concert. How awesome to be able to go with my mum and sister.

  447. I would love to take my daughter. She is 9 and loves singing in eisteddfods and wants to ve a singer (like all kids) it would be her first concert .

  448. Andieharrie Reply

    Adele in Brisbane will be divine
    with hubby and a lovely glass of wine
    Adele has a voice i enjoy and personality that’s fun
    the concert that is bucket list number one

  449. Daniel Ralph Reply

    I might give my tickets to my wife who would take her sister who loves Adele the most.

  450. Laura De Nuntiis Reply

    I’d take my sister Isabella. She absolutely loves Adele & loves that her songs have meaning. So powerful that they produce raw emotions that hit that very spot…………….our soul.

  451. I would absolutely be OVER THE MOON to hear Adele perform live!!! I would take my amazingly hard working partner, Kylie.

  452. Shelly Von Deest Reply

    My sister Lisa. We both LURVE Adele and are in desperate time away!

  453. Bayside Mum Reply

    My old & dear friend Loz because when shit hits the fan she’s got my back!

  454. Emma Keanelly Reply

    I would love to take my sister! She lives 8hrs away and I hardly every get to spend time with her.

  455. Anthony Howe Reply

    I’d like to take my wife Madelaine Howe because we didn’t really have enough money to do much for valentine’s day and she means the world to me.

  456. Jessica Clerihew Reply

    Absolutely dying to see Adele. I just need a break in life at the moment and her songs literally take me to a better place. I would bring my little sister along because she has never been to a concert and I would like to thank her for always being there for me.

  457. Matthew Clark Reply

    My 7 year old daughter is a huge fan would love to take her to her first concert.

  458. Kerry Gilmore Reply

    I would love to be able to take my 7 year old. It would just blow her mind to see Adele in real life and she could sing at the top of her lungs to her hearts content!!!!!! ❤❤❤

  459. I would take either my partner Michael or my friend Samantha who would really love to go

  460. Mum, she was always the most inspirational woman I had, and has shown me to look for other inspirational people, like the beautiful Adele.

  461. Christy Borg Reply

    My daughter Kellie – she deserves something special for all the wonderful things she does to help me out and she just loves Adele!!

  462. Lindi Phillips Reply

    Oh Wow … To see Adele live would be the biggest treat ever, she is awesome She is a powerhouse and she melts away my brain fog does my soul good…… would love to take my friend Jennifer for sticking with me thru some tough times without questioning.

  463. I would take my amazing friend Bianca we both have special needs kids that need 24hour care so we don’t get to go out very often and love Adele so so much

  464. Kathleen Usher Reply

    I would take either my sister/best friend Patrice for a well deserved ladies night out (she’s a mother of 3 girls aged 2-6) or my beautiful mother who never treats herself.

  465. Agnes Samson Scott Reply

    I would take my 7yo daughter Jade. Her excitement and energy would be palpable. Sharing this experience with her would make for the most perfect mama/daughter day out.

  466. Jenny Miles Reply

    I would love to take my hubby to be for a night off from the kids and wedding planninh before we get married in April!

  467. I would take my daughter. We both have our birthdays that same week so to see Adele would be an amazing gift!

  468. Elspeth Crosbie Reply

    I would love to take take my daughter. I am a single mum with 6 children. 5 biys one girl. I do alot of sports with the boys so it would be great to do something with my only daughter

  469. Gayle Stagg Reply

    I would take my sister Kylie she also love Adele songs. We need some sister time together.

  470. I would take my 7yr old son with me!
    He loves Adele like I do!
    Always humming away to her every tune,
    We would have fun too!

  471. Awesome prize! I’d take my colleague Nicky as she had worked so hard and deserves a treat.

  472. Kelly Feenstra Reply

    I’d take my sister with me! We haven’t been to a concert together before and seeing Adele would be amazing!!

  473. Robs Tilley Reply

    Would love to share the experience with my daughter, who has climbed many hurdles these last few years, and we are so proud of what she has done and what great values she has. A much deserved treat.

  474. Rebeka Dannatt Reply

    I’d love to take my bestie Kristy Daly because we don’t spend that much time together anymore now that we have bubbas of our own

  475. Tracy Whitton Reply

    I would love to take my daughter – she has just finished year 12, turned 18 and is about to start uni. We both love Adele and she would be over the moon to see her live.