Stacey Yepes was on her way home from work one evening when she began to feel the left side of her body begin to go numb and tingle.

Knowing the signs of stroke, and suspecting she was having one, she pulled over, grabbed her phone and started recording the symptoms as they unfolded.

The video, which shows Ms Yepes describing her signs of stroke including facial paralysis and numbness including not being able to smile, drink and quickly losing coordination of her hands, It very quickly grabbed the world’s attention online given she had captured the stroke as it unfolded.

Ms Yepes said she believes the video has “made a difference” in the lives of many viewers.

“Since sharing my stroke selfie video, three of my personal friends told me about someone they personally knew went to the hospital and received treatment for their stroke symptoms because of seeing my video,” Ms Yepes told Nine News.

“I have also received messages on social media from complete strangers telling me my video made a difference in their life or someone they knew.”

Ms Yepes said the mini stroke was one of three suffered over 3 consecutive days, later identified as transient ischemic attacks: a precursor to a more severe stroke.

Doctors claim it was triggered by a build-up of plaque in one of the arteries in her brain, a condition known as atherosclerosis.

“Since I never had, and still to this day do not have, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, I am not diabetic and I do not smoke, which are common causes of stroke, it is puzzling why I have atherosclerosis,” she said.

Ms Yepes’ story serves as a reminder that stroke can strike anywhere, anytime.

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers, especially in women, and a leading cause of disability, however more than 80% of stroke-related incidences can be prevented.

Symptoms of stroke can be recognised by b using the Acronym FAST

F – is your face frozen/droopy?
A – can you raise both arms and hold them at the same level?
S – is your speech garbled or slurred?
T – time is critical: contact emergency services immediately

For more information, visit the Stroke Foundation website.


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