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Win Tickets to One Direction Live in Concert!

It’s less than 4 weeks until One Direction kick off their 2015 ‘On The Road Again’ Australian Tour and here’s your chance to Win Tickets to One Direction as they play stadiums around the country this February!

Here’s your chance to see Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis live on Stage as we offer three lucky readers the chance to win a Double Pass to the 1D concert in Sydney, Adelaide or Perth.

So get cracking and enter today! Share with your friends using the sharing buttons above and let’s get ready for 1D FEVER!

IMPORTANT:  You MUST complete BOTH steps below to submit a VALID entry.

1.  COMMENT BELOW and tell us which concert you’d like to attend & who you’d take as your ‘PLUS ONE’.

2.  COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM below and you’re in the running!

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Good luck!

Win 2 Tickets to One Direction Live in Concert

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  1. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara Daebritz Reply

    With one daughter and six nieces who are all 1D fans, it’s gonna be a hard choice, but I don’t think my Miss Eight would ever forgive me if I didn’t take HERto the Perth Arena concert!

  2. Avatar of Rebecca

    I would love to take my cousin to the Sydney 1D concert. She is in love with 1D and I have to say I am quite the fan myself!

  3. Avatar of Lindsay Astle
    Lindsay Astle Reply

    Adelaide, id take my best friend so we can boogie together 🙂

  4. Avatar of Kerrelyn Mahoney
    Kerrelyn Mahoney Reply

    My 10 year old daughter Bella is a huge 1D fan would love to go to the concert in Brisbane – sadly her 7 year old sister will be sooo jealous!

  5. Avatar of Melissa Sharland
    Melissa Sharland Reply

    Adelaide – I would take my niece 🙂 such a beautiful girl who deserves a night to remember. She is only 8 and what a great first concert.

  6. Avatar of kylie

    Adelaide and I have two daughterswho are One D adoring fans, I can manage to buy one ticket, so I could make their dreams come true with this prize

  7. Avatar of Michelle Harrison
    Michelle Harrison Reply

    I would go to Sydney and take our 7 year old who raves about 1D and has just about everything with their face on

  8. Avatar of Natasha

    I would love to go to the brisbane show and I would take my future sister in law who absolutely adores one direction.

  9. Avatar of Lndeang

    Melbourne..Fortunately I was able to get tickets for my daughter and I will be going with her. yea.
    But my neighbours little girl failed to get tickets, she came into the house crying and so upset (I actually thought something really bad had happened ;-/) . Anyway thats why Im entering to give her and her mum the tickets..maybe she might have something to live for (her words) LOL

  10. Avatar of Erin Clarke
    Erin Clarke Reply

    I would attend the Sydney concert and I would take my sister because it would an unforgettable experience that I would want to share with her.

  11. Avatar of Amie Falls
    Amie Falls Reply

    Sydney. I would take my niece who is a massive fan. She is 9 years old and has set her sights on marrying Harry.

  12. Avatar of J Anne Lang
    J Anne Lang Reply

    Perth, and Id take my music loving concert pal, my husband Greg! (Julia Parker)

  13. Avatar of Jade o

    Melbourne, i’d take my cousin and a pair of headphones…. I feel i may go deaf afterwards!

  14. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    My niece would be beside herself, I would be THE BEST aunt in the world. For me it would be a double win – for the quality time we’d spend together would be priceless
    Sydney please

  15. Avatar of Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Reply

    I would take my daughter whom is obsessed to the Melbourne concert

  16. Avatar of Belinda Adamson-Devine
    Belinda Adamson-Devine Reply

    I’d take my beautiful just 12 year old daughter to their Sydney concert. She is my life my everything who deserves to be spoilt.

  17. Avatar of stephen thomas
    stephen thomas Reply

    adelaide and daughter because she has OODD (Obsessive One Direction Disorder) only cure is for her to see them live.Cure Her.

  18. Avatar of Kellie Callow
    Kellie Callow Reply

    I would love to win tickets to the Sydney concert for my youngest daughter to show her how much I appreciate her hard work and results at school last year.

  19. Avatar of Alana Pianezzola
    Alana Pianezzola Reply

    I’d love to go to the Adelaide Concert, and I’d take friend Melissa for a girls night out!

  20. Avatar of Caitlin Slevec
    Caitlin Slevec Reply

    Adelaide and I’d take my mum because she is as equally in love with 1D as I am. Would love to repay her for everything she does for me xx

  21. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    Brisbane Concert, my nieces would flip if I was to take them to this 🙂

  22. Avatar of Courtney Austin
    Courtney Austin Reply

    Adelaide concert!! And I would take my 9 year old niece! She would absolutely love it!

  23. Avatar of Jane Somerville
    Jane Somerville Reply

    Adelaide – with my very own little Harry “Lachie” Styles (he wants to marry Taylor Swift when he grows up too!)

  24. Avatar of Bella

    Adelaide – would love to take a young person who has had tough life and has been removed from their home. they are a massive 1D fan and I would love to give them the opportunity to experience a concert, particularly of their idols. we connect through 1D music and it would be awesome to have them have an experience that is unlikely to happen

  25. Avatar of graham buckingham
    graham buckingham Reply

    I would like to go to Adelaide with my new wife Rachel

  26. Avatar of brigey

    I would love to go to the Adelaide concert with my little sister for her birthday because she loves 1D and has never been to a concert.

  27. Avatar of Andrew McKeown
    Andrew McKeown Reply

    Sydney concert with my sweet 16yo daughter who been a huge fan since day dot and has loved them more than any #1 fan can.

  28. Avatar of Kylie Kearney
    Kylie Kearney Reply

    Sydney with daughter tahlia the 1D freak lol as she hasnt been to a concert.

  29. Avatar of Sheree Hollands
    Sheree Hollands Reply

    Adelaide, my 15 year old daughter or 5 year old daughter – depending whos been a good girl. They both are 1D freaks.

  30. Avatar of Megan Couzner
    Megan Couzner Reply

    I would like to go to the Adelaide concert and would take my friend beautiful daughter who loves them.

  31. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    Adelaide – my 8 year old daughter as she hasnt been to a concert before

  32. Avatar of Danuta noyce
    Danuta noyce Reply

    Would love adelaide tickets and suprise my 7 yr old daughter

  33. Avatar of Rochelle Piavanini
    Rochelle Piavanini Reply

    I’d take my 16yo. She’s a huge fan and would never forgive me if I took anyone else!! (Not that I would)

  34. Avatar of danielle

    Sydney! A holiday and a concert? Will be the best step mum ever! !

  35. Avatar of Danielle McAskill
    Danielle McAskill Reply

    Adelaide and my Daughter Brooklyn, shed be over whelmed to be able to see them but it would be unbelievable fir me to watch her as she enjoyes the show!!!

  36. Avatar of Aggie

    Hearing about 1D is the “Story Of My Life” – My +1 would be my Daughter who stays “Up All Night” listening to (obsessing over) her beloved boys! Harry is the “Irresistable” by her account, but I won’t ever let him “Steal My Girl”. I’ll tell you “One Thing” though.. “One Way or Another” I’d love to get her to the ADELAIDE show just so I can see the happiness on her sweet face! After all in life, it’s the “Little Things” that really matter 🙂

  37. Avatar of Faye Hannam
    Faye Hannam Reply

    Miss TJ is 7. She tells me she’s going to marry Harry… So, it would be best if I took her as my date! We would like to meet him at the concert in Melbourne please… Of course, if we don’t meet him that’s fine.. She’ll know he’s singing ‘just to her’… lol

  38. Avatar of Tania De Azevedo
    Tania De Azevedo Reply

    Perth and the biggest 1D fan I know – my niece Dominique!

  39. Avatar of debbie couzner
    debbie couzner Reply

    Adelaide please!! I’ll take my 8yo daughter who says she

  40. Avatar of Louise

    Sydney please and I would take my daughter for some mum & daughter time

  41. Avatar of Caitlin Slevec
    Caitlin Slevec Reply

    Adelaide please :). I’d take my mum as she loves One Direction just as much as I do! Would love to repay her in some small way for everything she has done and continues to do for me in my every day life. She works so hard xx

  42. Avatar of Naomi Catron
    Naomi Catron Reply

    Adelaide please and I would take my 12 year old daughter Leah!

  43. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    I’d love tickets to the Sydney show,
    I’m sure my 14 year old sister would love to go.
    She loves 1D and would be my plus one,
    Think we’d have a lot of fun!

  44. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    I’d love to attend the Sydney show with number one 1D fan, Nathan. He’s my friend’s teenager, and autistic. He plays 1D over and over and over again. 🙂

  45. Avatar of Melissa Lake
    Melissa Lake Reply

    Love to see the 1D boys in Adelaide with my 13 year old daughter. .what a great girls night out that would be! :}

  46. Avatar of Shanae Anne Rzepecki
    Shanae Anne Rzepecki Reply

    I would take my sister to the 8th off February show in Sydney as she a huge one direction fan and has never been to one off there concerts and i would like to take her to her first ever concert to see one direction her favourite band

  47. Avatar of Aly Bear

    Sydney on February 7th – I’d take my friend’s daughter, who is a HUGE 1D fan! 🙂

  48. Avatar of Shanae Anne Rzepecki
    Shanae Anne Rzepecki Reply

    8th february sydney i will take my sister she a huge fan off the boys her room cover in one direction my sister and i both love the boys and would love to see them together and spend some sister and sister time

  49. Avatar of Shanae Anne Rzepecki
    Shanae Anne Rzepecki Reply

    I would take my sister she is a huge fan and doesn’t stop talking about them but she didn’t get tickets this year she has never been to one off there concerts and i really would love to take her one off there shows and spend time with her – Sydney show

  50. Avatar of Karon Allen
    Karon Allen Reply

    Adelaide concert, for my daughter who is One Direction MAD

  51. Avatar of Bonny Eadie
    Bonny Eadie Reply

    Would love to take my niece Ruby to her very first concert experience in Perth!!!

  52. Avatar of Emma Molineux
    Emma Molineux Reply

    Adelaide – I would give my tickets to a friend and her daughter who is a massive 1D fan!

  53. Avatar of veria

    Sydney my 2 daughters love them so I would love to see their excited faces

  54. Avatar of Nicole Clerke
    Nicole Clerke Reply

    Melbourne my daughter is a massive fan with her niall being her favourite. I figure it’s a win for both if we could go on a girls trip to Melbourne.

  55. Avatar of Leah Christopoulos
    Leah Christopoulos Reply

    Adelaide Concert – I would take my best friend who is a closet One Direction fan at 24 years old like me. I would love to show her how much she means to me and how much I appreciate her by being able to take her to the concert.

  56. Avatar of Tahlia

    Adelaide 😀 and i would take my mum 🙂 (I think she is a closet fan 😉 )

  57. Avatar of Jane A

    My daughter is a huge 1D fan and I must admit I’d be more than happy to accompany her! I’d be the best mum ever plus have a great time!

  58. Avatar of Danielle Wyten
    Danielle Wyten Reply

    Adelaide please. My 7 yr old daughter Kezzia would love to see them and I think it would be a pretty good ‘first’ concert for her 🙂

  59. Avatar of Pauline Kellis
    Pauline Kellis Reply

    -ADELAIDE- I would take my gorgeous granddaughter Emily, who is 7 years old and a huge ‘directioner’. She absolutely loves 1D, always playing their music and videos religiously. Sadly Emily suffers from Sickle Cell Anaemia, which can have serious implications on her heart, organs and life expectancy. Her ultimate dream is to see her favourite band in concert in Adelaide, and I hope and pray her dream comes true. Thank you for the opportunity, and keep up the wonderful work on your website!

  60. Avatar of Jules Kuchel
    Jules Kuchel Reply

    Adelaide and I’d take my youngest. She is a big fan and it would be great to see her have a positive in her life

  61. Avatar of Jules Kuchel
    Jules Kuchel Reply

    My daughter as she is a big fan and I’d love her to have a positive in her life

  62. Avatar of Melissah Trenfield
    Melissah Trenfield Reply

    Sydney. Does the prize come with earplugs for us mums with obsessed daughters? Lol

  63. Avatar of Karina Baftirovski
    Karina Baftirovski Reply

    My daughter, she is obsessed… okay, and sadly maybe I am too. That kid is a bad/good influence lol

  64. Avatar of Skye Peagram
    Skye Peagram Reply

    I would be the coolest Aunty if I could take my niece to see 1D! Happy to travel to Adelaide or Sydney.

  65. Avatar of Natasha

    Adelaide concert. I take my little sister. She has had a very sad year last year losing her Nanna who she was close to. I would love to cheer her up taking her to see the band she is absolutely crazy about.

  66. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Adelaide concert with my niece who would be absolutely stoked.

  67. Avatar of Vanessa

    I would love to take my younger sister to the Sydney 1D show as well as myself as I’ve loved these boys since their name had just gotten out, also the show is just a few days before my 16th 🙂

  68. Avatar of Denise Singh
    Denise Singh Reply

    I would live to go to the PERTH concert with my Daughter Jasleen whose birthday it is on 12th February

  69. Avatar of Kirsty

    Perth concert. My 4yr old would love to go, she’s always singing 1D songs and knows all the guys

  70. Avatar of Colleen Carpenter
    Colleen Carpenter Reply

    Sydney concert ,I would take my 16yr old daughter 🙂

  71. Avatar of Jane

    Adelaide – I’d take my 5 year old son who is a huge 1D fan and he is just recovering from major heart surgery. He’s super strong and deserves to be spoilt

  72. Avatar of Jodie

    Adelaide concert & I would love to take my 12 year old niece Mackenzie

  73. Avatar of RZ

    1D Perth! I’d take my 6yo 1D obsessed son who insists on singing his kiddie version (replete with wrong lyrics) of ‘Steal My Gir’l all day long to the absolute annoyance of his Dad!

  74. Avatar of Tracey

    Sydney concert – I would love to take my 8 year old daughter.

  75. Avatar of Lainie Hull
    Lainie Hull Reply

    Adelaide Concert and I’d have to take my work mate ( who is 20yrs younger than me) 1. Because she loves One Direction and 2. She’s an absolutely beautiful soul 🙂

  76. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen Hamilton Reply

    The Adelaide concert and I would take my 8 year old daughter for her birthday.

  77. Avatar of Charlene McKeown
    Charlene McKeown Reply

    Perth concert with one of my daughters, hmmmm would have to pick!!!

  78. Avatar of Cathy Domoney
    Cathy Domoney Reply

    Adelaide. My daughter deserves something extraordinary to happen for her. She is my hero. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!! 🙂

  79. Avatar of Simone

    Perth concert and I’d take my 7yr old daughter co her BFF is going and she would be in heaven!

  80. Avatar of Kelly-Marie Rowe
    Kelly-Marie Rowe Reply

    Adelaide is venue of choice. I’d take my aunt Shirley because she has never ever been to a concert

  81. Avatar of Kylie

    Adelaide- I would take my 6 yo son loves 1d goes to bed every nite listening to them 🙂

  82. Avatar of Claire

    Perth concert. Would take my 8yr old daughter because she loves their music and wants to perform with them when she grows up!

  83. Avatar of Belinda Winter
    Belinda Winter Reply

    Adelaide concert – would take my screaming, excited almost teenage daughter Bianca.

  84. Avatar of Kylie Simmonds
    Kylie Simmonds Reply

    Adelaide Concert and I would take my 11 year old daughter for a nice mother/daughter night out.

  85. Avatar of Moly

    Would love to take my daughter to the Sydney concert just before her 16th! She has had her walls plastered in over 100 1D posters, glad she’s grown up and taken a few down!!

  86. Avatar of Jane Macgregor
    Jane Macgregor Reply

    Adelaide with the Lachness Monster aged 5 (going on 15!)

  87. Avatar of Alison

    I’d take my BF, we are both mums of boys and would love a night out!!

  88. Avatar of Bel Sheridan
    Bel Sheridan Reply

    My daughter Taylia is a mad, mad, mad, obsessed fan of One Direction and would love, love, love to go to the Perth concert!!

  89. Avatar of Briana Dobrich
    Briana Dobrich Reply

    My daughter. She loves 1D. I think we’d both cry if we got to go to perth & see them! GO 1D!!

  90. Avatar of Gina Flocco
    Gina Flocco Reply

    My niece who is a 1D Fan!! And would like the Perth one pls.

  91. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    1D is sweet, I’d take my girl to meet, her first concert in brisbane town, the fun and music won’t let us down

  92. Avatar of Lorna Nickels
    Lorna Nickels Reply

    I would be the “most awesomest Auntie EVER” if I took my niece to the Adelaide concert.

  93. Avatar of Perthgirl

    I’d take my ID fan daughter to the Perth concert! She is begging me to go!

  94. Avatar of Lauren Hodson
    Lauren Hodson Reply

    Adelaide concert. I’d take my daughter, she’d be beside herself with excitement. 🙂

  95. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L Brown Reply

    #PERTH would be divine, off with the daughter of mine!! 🙂

  96. Avatar of Sue Cowpe

    Perth with my 1D mad daughter, Saskia. She wanted tickets from the tooth fairy 😉

  97. Avatar of sophia marina
    sophia marina Reply

    Perth with my 2 daughters. Missed out lasttime due to housefire. So would be awesome.

  98. Avatar of Janine Meyerkort
    Janine Meyerkort Reply

    I would take my daughter to the Perth concert, we deserve a great night out together

  99. Avatar of Cara

    Perth, would give both tix to Ronald mc Donald house for kids there having a tough time battling illness

  100. Avatar of Angela Hannagan
    Angela Hannagan Reply

    Perth concert with my eldest daughter.. she deserves some alone time with mum xx

  101. Avatar of Juliette mckeown
    Juliette mckeown Reply

    Perth please. I’d take my 8 yr old daughter who was a bone marrow donor for my 13 yr old son in June 2014. She loves 1D!!

  102. Avatar of Lyn

    The one direction perth concert and I would take my amazing foster daughter and give her a night to remember forever she deserves it and she adores Harry so to see him live would be so special to her .

  103. Avatar of bonnie

    Adelaide concert with my daughter chloe , as she never gets to go because of me being a single mum …but shes so ae3some and do geateful….im one blessed mummy

  104. Avatar of Rita Zammit
    Rita Zammit Reply

    I’d love to take my 9 year old daughter Monica to the Melbourne show, along with 2 sets of industrial grade ear plugs. One for me… And one for the poor sod who would be stuck sitting next to my ‘Lewis obsessed’ daughter.

  105. Avatar of Rebecca S

    The Perth concert and I’d take my 42 yr old sister who loves One direction almost to the point of embarrassingly so!!

  106. Avatar of Kate Venning
    Kate Venning Reply

    Adelaide with my one diection fan daughter who has never been to a concert but always dances around the house to one direction

  107. Avatar of Rachel Cutri
    Rachel Cutri Reply

    Perth! I would ask my eldest niece to take my eldest daughter

  108. Avatar of Linga

    Perth – I’ll take my daughter; both she and 1D really are ‘The Story of my Life’.

  109. Avatar of Nina Crowhurst
    Nina Crowhurst Reply

    adelaide, my ten year old super keen One D fan son, would love to come with me!

  110. Avatar of Belinda Baker-Millett
    Belinda Baker-Millett Reply

    My boy to the Perth show! He is 7 and would love it, while I would be freaking out over the screaming fans ;). Thanks

  111. Avatar of Natalie

    I would surprise my little girl by taking her to the Perth show. She has been a mad 1D fan since a toddler, she used to stop me @ 1D posters, toys, merchandise etc in the shops, pointing and staring at her band. She loves watching their videos on YouTube over and over. She would be so excited to see them live!!

  112. Avatar of Misky73

    I would attend the Adelaide concert and take my 7 year old daughter

  113. Avatar of michelle s
    michelle s Reply

    Adelaide with my son he loves singing and dancing to their songs. He watches them over and over on you tube.

  114. Avatar of Helen

    My 10 year old daughter would love to be my PLUS 1 as the look on her face if she won the tickets would be priceless. She loves 1D and consistently talks about them, plays there music and dreams about them. We could have a special night together and she could be awestruck.

  115. Avatar of pwayne

    My mad crazy obsessed little girl. Where else would a dad want to go and listen to little girls scream all night long.

  116. Avatar of Eve

    I would take my seven year old son who just loves 1D songs as do I, we sing along together in the car and to see them in Perth would be amazing, Id feel 17 again!!!

  117. Avatar of Gerry

    OMG! My daughter lives eats and breathes One Direction, seeing them would be the best day ever for her. Tilly WA. Xx

  118. Avatar of Louise

    I would take my 11yo daughter to the Adelaide concert,who is just crazy about 1D. It would be a dream come true for her and it would be nice to do something special just the two of us.

  119. Avatar of Jarrod

    I would take my 11yo sister to the Adelaide venue, who is an absolute fangirl of this group.

  120. Avatar of Amanda

    I would take my daughter with me for her birthday as she is turning 7 just 5 days after the Perth concert.

  121. Avatar of Alison

    Perth concert and my boys will have to decide who’s the bigger fan!

  122. Avatar of Guest

    I would take my teenage daughter…she will love rocking out with me in Perth.

  123. Avatar of Sue

    My teenage daughter will love rocking out with 1D at the Perth gig with me!

  124. Avatar of amanda

    I would take my daughter to perth as my plus 1 as she would just die screaming lol

  125. Avatar of Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown Reply

    I would take my 7 year old Daughter Tianna she loves 1D and would love to see Liam in Perth!

  126. Avatar of James Sharpe
    James Sharpe Reply

    One of my four kids, all girls so whoever gets me the best bday pressie wins I think. In perth

  127. Avatar of Bronny C

    My daughter would scream/squeal so loudly if she got to see 1D in Adelaide you’d hear her in New Zealand

  128. Avatar of Veronica Paterson
    Veronica Paterson Reply

    I would take my daughter, she saw them last time they were here & loved it!………I wouldn’t mind seeing them this time =P Adelaide please.

  129. Avatar of Louise Webster
    Louise Webster Reply

    My 7 year old son he’d love it and it would give me an excuse to go too

  130. Avatar of carly

    my 6 year old daughter amber who loves to dance & sing to their songs 😉

  131. Avatar of Karina Silver
    Karina Silver Reply

    My daughter i would take she is such a caring helpful girl to everyone and appreciate s anything .I would love to do some thing nice for her as she always does everything nice for everyone else. She absolutely loves 1D and would be a wonderful way to pay her back for all she does . Thanks .

  132. Avatar of Jane O'Grady
    Jane O'Grady Reply

    My soon to be, 4 year old son LOVES them, and can sing ONE THING perfectly xx

  133. Avatar of Julia

    I’d like to go to the Adelaide concert and take my daughter. It’s around her birthday and it would be her first concert so it would be a real treat for her.

  134. Avatar of Michelle

    I’d like to go to the Perth Concert. Would love to take my daughter to her first concert watching her favourite band, would be amazing to have the memory of me being the one to take her to her first concert as she is a huge fan 🙂

  135. Avatar of Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie Reply

    I’d like to take my 12 year old to Perth concert she is amazing and deserves a break from helping care for her younger siblings that have special needs x

  136. Avatar of Luisa

    I would love to go to the Perth Concert and take my 16 year old niece with me as she is a avid 1D fan and would love to see them for her birthday. Her room is full of 1D stuff and she has just about all their products.

  137. Avatar of Vanessa

    I would absolutely love to go to the Perth concert and take my partner’s little brother, who is 100% obsessed with One Direction, but can not afford to go.

  138. Avatar of Dwayne Fuller
    Dwayne Fuller Reply

    Hi I’d take my 13 year old Daughter, she’d definitely be my PLUS ONE ! she’s a fanatical One Direction teenager obsessed is the word, What better way to make her mega happy than to tell her I’m taking her to a gig, cheers

  139. Avatar of Naz

    I would take my 7 year old daughter and we would love to see them in Perth

  140. Avatar of Kimmy Rudland
    Kimmy Rudland Reply

    I would take my husband, yes the husband! I’d make him dress in his best jeans and gel his hair then I’d wine ‘coke’ and dine ‘big mac’ at Maccas! Then I’d make him line with every other excited fan all the while taking couple selfies to document the night. He would be my PLUS ONE to take us back to our younger days and enjoy each other for an evening after being parents and forgetting to make time for ourselves to enjoy each other! We would love to go to our home town concert in ADELAIDE 🙂

  141. Avatar of Michele Jones
    Michele Jones Reply

    I would love to take my daughter Lilah she has been begging me to get tickets for her to see her Fave band 1D in Perth. The only way she will be able to be my plus 1 is to win this competition as I can’t afford to buy tickets

  142. Avatar of Samantha

    I would take my 13 year old daughter who has been obsessed with One Direction since they first auditioned individually on the UK X Factor. She has followed them since, especially Liam Payne, who she admires because of his determination and dedication after being bullied at school to being one of the most famous and well loved celebrities. Would love to win tickets for the Perth Concert.

  143. Avatar of Jobiek

    I’d take my friend to the Perth show. She claims she can’t stand them but has been caught out one too many times singing or humming their songs.

  144. Avatar of Ida McQueen
    Ida McQueen Reply

    I would love to go to the Perth concert and would take my 1D obsessed-7 year old daughter to her first concert ever!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!!!!!!

  145. Avatar of Talia Abson
    Talia Abson Reply

    I would take my best friend to the concert in Perth as my plus one. We have both really wanted to go to one of their concerts but never got chance to. We have applied for completion after competition but we never succeeded in winning or getting close to winning.

  146. Avatar of cynthia

    I would love to take my daughter kaci to the concert in perth.ive never been to a concert so to take my daughter would be very special

  147. Avatar of Krystal Davies
    Krystal Davies Reply

    I would love to go to the Perth concert!! Would definitely take my mum! I may be 22, but we LOVE One Direction!!!! Would love the chance to surprise Mum, as she has been through alot lately, would be amazing for her to have a break….and the fact she loves 1D!!!!

    If we won….It would be BETTER THAN WORDS, it’d really be the BEST NIGHT EVER. I’d be READY TO RUN, to this ONCE IN A LIFETIME concert! The boys STOLE MY HEART & They really do sing about the STORY OF MY LIFE . I WOULD love to HAPPILY stay UP ALL NIGHT & make some MIDNIGHT MEMORIES watching the concert!

  148. Avatar of Christine

    If i won i would love to take my 1d obsessed 7yr old daughter to their perth concert. She absolutely adores them and knows all the words to all their songs. It would be an amazing experience to share with my beautiful daughter!

  149. Avatar of Lisa

    I would love to win tickets to the perth concert as a gift for my friend to take her little girl

  150. Avatar of Jodi Treasure
    Jodi Treasure Reply

    This would be awesome prize to win for my Harry obsessed 6 year old daughter

  151. Avatar of Calmette

    i would love to go to the Sydney concert and my plus one will be the person i think most deserves it at the time a day before concert.

  152. Avatar of Melissa Rooke
    Melissa Rooke Reply

    Sydney. My five year old son Harry. He loves 1D and wants to grow up to be just like them 🙂

  153. Avatar of Nicole Leedham
    Nicole Leedham Reply

    My six year old told me the other day that she couldn’t decide if Liam Paynter or “Hariy” Styles was better. SO I would love to take her to the ADELAIDE show to see if that helps make up her mind 🙂

  154. Avatar of Saimat

    Adelaide concert Pliz my daughter would like to meet the boys on her poster and shake their hands in real life, she is 7yrs

  155. Avatar of Sharon

    The Sydney concert would be the best
    My daughter maddi would be so impressed
    She a crazy obsessed Directioner see
    She loves them more than she loves me!

  156. Avatar of Toni

    Perth. I would take my 9 year old daughter, it would be her very 1st concert 🙂

  157. Avatar of Pauline Glendenning
    Pauline Glendenning Reply

    I would take the coolest 9 year old I know to the Perth show!

  158. Avatar of Anthony

    The Perth concert would be unreal and I would take Perth’s biggest fan along; my 9yo daughter. I work away most of the year and this would make not only her day but her lifetime. She cried for a week when we couldn’t make it to the last Perth show..

  159. Avatar of Sarah Barnes
    Sarah Barnes Reply

    Would like the Adelaide concert please. My Miss 8 would LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Thank you

  160. Avatar of Mary Angi

    We would love to go to the Perth concert and I would love to take my 14 year old daughter who has been a fan from the start she loves one direction it would be a dream of hers to go

  161. Avatar of NickyA

    If I won I would give the tickets to my 2 teenage daughters who are the biggest 1D fans. They follow them on the social media sites and have a world map where they track where the boys are in at all times. I must admit, I love the boys too and would love to see my girls’ face when 1D came ont he stage, but if only 2 tickets up for grabs, I would have to let my daughters go. We would go to the Brisbane concert.

  162. Avatar of Melissa Bishop
    Melissa Bishop Reply

    I would take my aspiring musician daughter with me to see them in Adelaide. She loves the boys and learns to play all of their music – wants to be just like them – playing instruments and singing her heart out x

  163. Avatar of Ali*S

    My crazy excited Miss 9 would come along with me to the number 1 concert venue in Perth

  164. Avatar of Hannah Sharp
    Hannah Sharp Reply

    Id take my best friend In the whole world my 8 year old daughter. We love singing one direction in the car on the way to school!!

  165. Avatar of JessyD

    My 1D fan is my 7 year old daughter Charli Rose… no matter what her little sister or Dad says she still sticks by her boys. I would love to surprise her with tickets and a Mummy/Daughter weekend away to Sydney.

  166. Avatar of Kayla Ellis
    Kayla Ellis Reply

    I would love to see one direction in perth and would love to take a friend with me but not sure who yet.

  167. Avatar of Jenny Bartel
    Jenny Bartel Reply

    I would give the tickets to my Daughter and my grandaughter to see in Adelaide as she loves one direction

  168. Avatar of Yvonne

    I’d take my daughter Hannah as my “plus one” to the Perth show. She’s 10 next week and she would love to go. It would be a huge surprise for her and a great night out for both of us 🙂

  169. Avatar of Tanya Bishop
    Tanya Bishop Reply

    We would love to win tickets to the Adelaide concert. I would take my One Direction obsessed daughter Amber.

  170. Avatar of Melissa C

    I would take my 9yo daughter to Adelaide for her very first concert – what an experience!

  171. Avatar of Tracey Drescher
    Tracey Drescher Reply

    Brisbane and would be mother of the year if I could take my soon to be 14 year old daughter!

  172. Avatar of Elizabeth

    Sydney and I would give the tickets to my two 1D obsessed sisters!

  173. Avatar of Wendy Christidis
    Wendy Christidis Reply

    Perth – Id make my daughter the happiest girl in the world if I won tickets to see 1D!!!!!

  174. Avatar of Kim

    Perth, and would have to draw straws! I think I would have to give it to my two eldest daughters who adore 1D and I’d have to get the girls to get their younger sister a shirt for compensation!

  175. Avatar of Dawn

    Adelaide and I would take my best friends daughter as my best friend has been there through so much with me and I would love to do something awesome for her daughter like she has done for me and my kids!!

  176. Avatar of Tracy Scott
    Tracy Scott Reply

    Perth, I would take my 5 year old Daughter,1D are her first band crush.

  177. Avatar of Lisa Hockin
    Lisa Hockin Reply

    Brisbane. And I would take my eldest daughter as she is a huge 1D fan and was devastated when we couldn’t get tickets to their concert.

  178. Avatar of Sharon Beattie
    Sharon Beattie Reply

    Melbourne – of course I’d take my baby girl……..ultimate Mother/Daughter weekend!

  179. Avatar of mumster1978
    mumster1978 Reply

    Perth – and my daughter, she is constantly nagging me to go but I cant afford it.

  180. Avatar of Jaynie Keech
    Jaynie Keech Reply

    Adelaide – Id take my neice Charlotte Smissen 😀 best aunty ever

  181. Avatar of Gemimalee

    The Perth Concert! I know a special little lady, Saskia, who is desperately wanting to go. This would make her year!

  182. Avatar of Emma Drew

    Adelaide Concert. I’d either drag my hubby along (because I know secretly he’d love it) or my bestie so we can both party like we’re teenagers again 😉

  183. Avatar of Jaclyn Lloyd
    Jaclyn Lloyd Reply

    I would take my eldest daughter Serena,she is a huge fan and she deserves a bit of happy after what she has been through

  184. Avatar of Melanie Cooper
    Melanie Cooper Reply

    I would love to take my daughter Amy to the Perth concert as she is 1D mad and to have a girlies weekend <3

  185. Avatar of Fotini Christmass
    Fotini Christmass Reply

    My 1D mad daughter Jayde. She especially loves Niall 🙂

  186. Avatar of Brooke Raeside
    Brooke Raeside Reply

    Adelaide, take my daughter who will be 8 in feb for her birthday

  187. Avatar of Ann Trebeck
    Ann Trebeck Reply

    Adelaide, my daughters 16th will send her and her best friend Simone.

  188. Avatar of mel

    Perth, my 6 year old autistic son as he knows every song and every word and sings along in the car all the time, would bring a smile to his face and a twinkle in his eye.

  189. Avatar of George Andrew
    George Andrew Reply

    I’d take my special little niece to see her favourite band in Adelaide

  190. Avatar of Jacki Burton
    Jacki Burton Reply

    I’d love to take my 7 year old son. He is a HUGE fan and knows all the words to all the songs. I would fly both of us to Sydney to see them in Concert.

  191. Avatar of Vija Leitis
    Vija Leitis Reply

    Melbourne, and my plus 1 would be my niece who thinks One Direction are the antz pantz

  192. Avatar of Samone H

    Its been a while since hubby and I attended a concert but my 6 year old is a big fan so Id best be taking her x.

  193. Avatar of Elizabeth Sharp
    Elizabeth Sharp Reply

    My daughter and I would have a night out at the Perth concert!

  194. Avatar of Donna Hanna
    Donna Hanna Reply

    I would take my daughter who LOVES 1D to the Adelaide concert!

  195. Avatar of Tina Ross

    I’d love to take my daughter to the Perth concert which happens to be on her 7th birthday – what a fantastic birthday present watching her favourite boys sing all the songs she loves live!

  196. Avatar of Tania Greer
    Tania Greer Reply

    I would like to go to the Perth concert and I would take my five year old who loves oneD and it would be her very first concert.

  197. Avatar of silver101

    Melbourne and would have to take my middle daughter Rachelle

  198. Avatar of Geometric Fro
    Geometric Fro Reply

    Perth – I’d take my youngest sister Tahlia – because she might disown me if I take any of my other 5 sisters. And she’d probably disown all 6 off us just for spite 😛 Plus she loves the 1D guys more than us =)

  199. Avatar of Matilda Graham
    Matilda Graham Reply

    Perth – I would take my dad because he is a big fan of One Direction and he knows all the lyrics to the songs on the ‘Four’ album!!

  200. Avatar of Cayce

    Sydney – I would take my twin sister who is 1Ds biggest fan! It would be the best birthday present for her 🙂

  201. Avatar of Lauren Hodson
    Lauren Hodson Reply

    The Adelaide concert. I’d take my daughter who has been nagging me for months. She’d love it! 🙂

  202. Avatar of Leanne

    The Adelaide concert. Id take my daughter who absolutely loves 1D but we can’t afford the tickets

  203. Avatar of Hana Simes
    Hana Simes Reply

    Adelaide. My four kids would have to fight it out (or bribe me) for my plus one!

  204. Avatar of Kim Porter
    Kim Porter Reply

    I would love to take my step daughter to the Adelaide show she is a 1D fanatic!!!

  205. Avatar of vanessa moussa
    vanessa moussa Reply

    Sydney.. my just turned 7 year old daughter who thinks she’s not 17

  206. Avatar of Val C.

    Adelaide with my great-niece, would love to see how an ID Concert compares to the Bay City Rollers!

  207. Avatar of Angela Tennent
    Angela Tennent Reply

    my daughter turns 9 on Valentines day the day of their Melbourne concert, she would be estatic if I could take her to the concert, it would mean so much to the 2 of us as a stuggling single mum I could never afford tickets

  208. Avatar of Janelle Meares
    Janelle Meares Reply

    My 10 year old daughter. She is growing up and knows what she likes. Posters are going up and her room is a 1D haven. Sydney please 🙂

  209. Avatar of Julia

    I would take my nine year old son sebastian who is a fan and saw them last time in Adelaide
    A wish that would come true
    Would make his year

  210. Avatar of Ali Henderson
    Ali Henderson Reply

    My almost 8 year old Mia. It’s her birthday in a few weeks

  211. Avatar of Naomi Farrell
    Naomi Farrell Reply

    Sydney! Im the massive 24 year old 1D fan! I would take my Mummy and we would have the best night!

  212. Avatar of Kathy

    Melbourne concert and I would take my daughter who loves 1D and all their music.

  213. Avatar of Mel Coker

    Adelaide concert! I’d send my 13 year old daughter Mily with my 19 year old daughter Taylah!

  214. Avatar of Manda16

    Adelaide concert. My 5yo is ready to graduate from the wiggles to 1D.

  215. Avatar of Carrie Gherardi
    Carrie Gherardi Reply

    Would love to take my girl to the Perth show so she can see Harry in person!

  216. Avatar of Cindy

    Sydney and I would take my friends Ashlee! Because we love one Direction to the moon and back especially Harry!!

  217. Avatar of Seanaid

    I would love to them in Perth and I would only be allowed to go if my mum comes with 🙂

  218. Avatar of Brianna Bridizzles Quirk
    Brianna Bridizzles Quirk Reply

    Perth!! With my niece Kaylah. I haven’t seen her in over 5 years

  219. Avatar of Janine Wragg
    Janine Wragg Reply

    Perth! One Direction’s Superfan…my 8 year old princess!

  220. Avatar of nicole Dummer
    nicole Dummer Reply

    Sydney and my 9 year old daughter who is one of their biggest fans

  221. Avatar of Ash Mc

    I’d bring my 11 year old daughter to the concert in Sydney. She is a huge fan.

  222. Avatar of Roslyn Kay
    Roslyn Kay Reply

    Please send me to the Perth concert with my niece Mia before she sends me ‘in-Zayn’ singing 1D songs over and over!

  223. Avatar of apwed

    Adelaide and i know i would have one excited 14yr daughter that would go with me

  224. Avatar of Malia Stephenson
    Malia Stephenson Reply

    My gorgeous daughter would go nuts over this in Sydney 🙂

  225. Avatar of Maria Braund
    Maria Braund Reply

    My daughter Emily, she would love to see them in Brisbane 🙂

  226. Avatar of Aunty Les

    This is for my niece Alexis who would just rock Patersons Stadium, Perth.

  227. Avatar of Tami Bird

    I would love to win tickets to the Perth show so I can take my son TJ who is a 1D fan. He loves to sing along with all their songs and even made up little performances with a friend to do in front of their music class.

  228. Avatar of Natasha Vikari
    Natasha Vikari Reply

    If I won, I would take my god-sister (to the Sydney show).

  229. Avatar of Cindy

    I would like to go to the Sydney concert and I take my friend Ashlee! I an from the NT

  230. Avatar of Lynette McGowan
    Lynette McGowan Reply

    I’d like to take my daughter Sophie to the Perth concert.

  231. Avatar of Maree Daniels
    Maree Daniels Reply

    I’d take my little girl Kayla who simply cannot stop bopping around the house singing 1D. You could say she’s “kinda obsessed” (understatement!!)

  232. Avatar of Sabby Symons
    Sabby Symons Reply

    I’d take my 7 year old daughter Chelsea to her first ever concert

  233. Avatar of Corinna

    My “Plus One” would be my gorgeous 11 year old daughter Charli Mae. I would love to be able to take her to the Adelaide concert. I know she would LOVE it (plus I reckon I would too

  234. Avatar of Belinda M

    Sydney and my plus one would be my sister because she has ALL the moves and knows ALL the songs

  235. Avatar of Jenny

    Of course I would love to see 1D and take my 9yr old Tamika. We would have so much fun together dancing

  236. Avatar of Susan Banyard
    Susan Banyard Reply

    Perth please. My granddaughter for her 10th birthday in Feburary she is one mega fan

  237. Avatar of Suzanne

    Adelaide with my teenage daughter – a Plus One whose enthusiasm equals Plus 10!

  238. Avatar of selena

    Sydney and my daughter, would love to take her to her first concert

  239. Avatar of Erin Hutchings
    Erin Hutchings Reply

    I would take my 8 year old son (yes son) he is obssessed!

  240. Avatar of Donna Allen
    Donna Allen Reply

    I would take my 6 year old daughter to the Perth concert, she loves 1D!!

  241. Avatar of kristie

    Id take my 7 year old to Sydney, she has been begging me to go on a plane and the 1D would be a bonus for her

  242. Avatar of Linsey H

    My friend Jamie as a surprise because there’s only one direction she ever goes and that’s wherever the 1D boys are

  243. Avatar of jasmel05

    Adelaide with my gorgeous daughter. It would be her first concert and she loves One Direction.

  244. Avatar of Kelly Gamble
    Kelly Gamble Reply

    Adelaide with my baby girl ,how cool would it be for her first concert

  245. Avatar of Belpet

    Perth and I would take my 7 year old daughter as she recently became a big sister and she thinks everything revolves around baby!

  246. Avatar of Jay Kaye

    Sydney and I would take my 11 year old son who is desperate to go!

  247. Avatar of Jill

    Brisbane & I’d take my daughter even though she thinks they are old!

  248. Avatar of Melanie Moran
    Melanie Moran Reply

    Seeing the brilLIAM, phenomiNIALL, extraordinHARRY 1D in Melbourne would turn my inZAYN, LOUISnatic Directioner daughter even more Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!!!

  249. Avatar of Reeree

    Sydney – I would be the best step-mum ever if I took my daughter Jade who is obsessed with 1D. She knows everything about 1D & has been their #1 fan since they started :o)

  250. Avatar of Leanne Allen Baker
    Leanne Allen Baker Reply

    Melbourne – My 11 years old cried when she saw the tickets we got (second from the back) I would love to redeem that but getting some better ones we have made the trip to see them now the countdown begins. Thanks.

  251. Avatar of batrbara Fehmel
    batrbara Fehmel Reply

    Would love to be able to give this to my 18 year old granddaughter, she is so in love with “One Direction” and would take her boy friend with her. Melbourne please

  252. Avatar of Jenny Camilleri
    Jenny Camilleri Reply

    Jenny Camilleri and my daughter Tamika to see ONE DIRECTION in Perth under the stars. What a great night that would be.

  253. Avatar of michelle

    SYDNEY… my daughter Amy who says always has and always will, love her One Direction

  254. Avatar of Emma

    I’d take my Harry-obsessed eight year old to the Perth concert!

  255. Avatar of Steph Whitehead
    Steph Whitehead Reply

    Id go to Perth with my little princess aged 8 whos been obsessed for years

  256. Avatar of JadeyG

    I’d take my Dad to the Perth concert because why not. He likes their music xD

  257. Avatar of JadeyG

    I’d take my Dad *Andrew to the Perth concert because why not. He likes their music xD