When it’s cold and miserable outside, what better way to end the day than with a scoffable dessert! These winter dessert recipes are cheap, quick and totally delicious – so get your spoons ready!

The best kinds of winter desserts are those that don’t require much planning, don’t cost a bomb and are loved by all. So with that in mind, here are a few of our family dessert faves.

Apron at the ready? Here’s all the winter desserts you can poke a spoon at.

Winter desserts you need in your life in under 30 minutes

1. Mug cakes and puddings

Individual mug cakes and mug puddings are an awesome option when there’s only a couple of you. They’re super quick to cook; simply whizz in the microwave. Plus, they almost always use basic pantry ingredients. #winning

mug cake recipe, winter dessert

2. Golden syrup dumplings

This is one cracker of a winter dessert – golden syrup dumplings. A childhood favourite of mine, this is a dessert I continue to cook today – despite its less than glam appearance. Serve the dumplings steaming hot with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

golden syrup dumplings recipe, winter dessert

3. Choc chunk share cookie

Hooley dooley, could there be anything more epic than a warm, soft and gooey giant cookie to share? Split it between you all, add a scoop of your favourite ice cream and top with a caramel sauce or topping (I love Hershey’s!). Cookies and cream have never looked so good.

choc chunk shared cookie recipe, winter dessert

4. A bowl of hot vanilla custard

Traditionally a condiment to a dessert, there’s no shame in devouring a bowl of delectable silky, vanilla custard. No siree. Regardless of cooking custard from scratch or cheating with custard powder, the secret to no lumps in this winter dessert is to heat slowly, but whisk quickly. Serve with ice cream, berries or a dollop of jam… heavenly.

vanilla custard recipe, winter dessert

5. Churros with caramel and chocolate dipping sauce

Like a doughnut but not, churros is a great option for something a little fun and light-hearted. If you skip the caramel sauce and just whip up a silky chocolate sauce, you can have this sweet gem of a dish on the table in half an hour.

churros recipe, winter dessert

6. Self-saucing chocolate pudding

An oldie but a goodie, self-saucing chocolate pudding is a go-to winter dessert for many families. You can’t go wrong with this classic, which is likely why it remains a firm favourite amongst the young and old.

chocolate pudding recipe, winter dessert

Winter desserts that take a little longer than 30 minutes:

7. Poached pears

We all have those pears – the really hard, nuggety ones or those pale yellow ones getting bumped around the fruit bowl. Whatever the condition of your pears, THIS is the recipe to use ’em up in. Poached pears are the ultimate belly warmer!

poached pears recipe, winter dessert

8. Bread and butter pudding

A controversial choice, the humble bread and butter pudding often gets judged before it’s been tasted. So bear with me here. Use leftover sweet buns, stale bread, rolls – whatever your pantry has to offer. You can even swap out the traditional sultanas for choc chips or frozen berries for a touch of added pizzazz. SO YUM.

bread and butter pudding recipe, winter dessert

9. Stewed apples (or any in-season fruit!)

Stewed or cooked apples are a great foundation for desserts, such as apple pie or apple crumble, but don’t be fooled into thinking stewed apples can’t be a hero winter dessert dish on its own. Enjoy a ladle of stewed apple goodness with cream or ice cream and just sit and soak up its magic. Similarly, rhubarb and apricots are also brilliant when stewed. Keep a stash in the freezer!

stewed apple recipe, winter dessert

10. Three-ingredient chocolate mousse

Because not every winter dessert has to be piping hot, try this chocolate mousse on for size. A dessert which (literally) whips together with just three ingredients, this has all the chocolaty goodness you’d hope for in a chocolate dessert. #nomouthburns

chocolate mousse recipe, winter dessert

For even more winter dining inspiration, see these 6 delicious slow cooker dinner ideas. Keep warm and happy cooking!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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