South African Woman Claims to Have Given Birth to 10 Babies – That’s Decuplets!

First, there was American, Natalie Suleman, who, in 20019, gave birth to eight babies . Then we met Malian mum Halima Cisse, who gave birth to nine babies just last month.

And now, there’s allegedly a new breeding record-breaker by the name of Gosiame Thamara Sithole, who has claimed to have given birth to 10 live babies on 7 June 2021.

10 babies. One uterus. 

She’s already being dubbed ‘Decumom’ by media outlets and shared some pretty impressive images last month as she entered her final trimester of pregnancy.

10 babies at once
Gosiame carrying 10 babies. Source: NY Post

Babies make 12

According to several media outlets, the 37-year-old is already a mum of six-year-old twins. At her first ultrasound they confirmed six babies however, a later ultrasound discovered a futher two more babies.

Gosiame went through most of her pregnancy expecting eight babies (octuplets) … as if that wasn’t enough!

However, when she went in for a cesarean, out came two more! I know, it seems crazy. I mean, hello! You hear of this type of thing happening to dogs who birth, but humans?!

The mother, originally hailing from the township of Thembisa in the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, is a retail store manager.

Earlier in the year, she had revealed her pregnancy was initially tough and she had been sick and experienced leg pain and heartburn. No wonder! There are literally 10 infants kicking her from the inside. I can imagine that would be a bit of a strain on the body!

This is what we know so far:


According to her husband, Teboho Tsotetsi, they had seven boys and three girls. 

mum central
Media outlets state the couple is “emotional” and “happy” by the births. Source: NY Post


Tsotesti also confirmed that his wife was seven months and seven days pregnant with the 10 babies, making her around the 29-week mark. The babies will remain in NICU for several weeks yet.

Fertility treatment?

Apparently not. The mum said that her pregnancy was natural and that she had not received fertility treatment. Get outta town … naturally too! #incredible

World record

The current world record for live births was only recently set by Cisse of Mali. However, Guinness World Records is aware of the news that Gosiame Thamara Sithole has given birth to decuplets and is currently confirming this. Not sure this is a world record I’d be falling over myself to claim!

At the current time, we are yet to verify this as a record as the wellbeing of both the mother and babies is of top priority. Our records team alongside a specialist consultant are looking into this,” a  spokesperson for the records told the NY Post. 

It seems crazy, right? Well, in any case, we congratulate the new mum and dad on their soccer team and await the news that, yes, they really are the first parents in the world to bring home decuplets.

Not the first record-breaking birth this year

Just last month, a 25-year old mum, Halima Cissee gave birth to nine infants, breaking the Guinness World Record for the number of live births in a single pregnancy. The nine babies (five girls and four boys) were born at 30 weeks gestation and delivered by C-Section on 25 May 2021.

According to TODAY, Halima and her team of doctors were aware of seven of the infants in utero but got a pretty big shock when two more babies came out.

All nine babies are doing well. The newborns weighed between 500 grams and 1 kilogram and the clinic has deployed a team of around 30 staff members to care for mum and her babies.

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    I’m surprised the babies weren’t born earlier than that. They would have been putting so much pressure on her ribs I would be surprised if some of them aren’t damaged.

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