Oh Baby! Mum Creates Stunning Newborn Milk Bath for Photoshoot


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again – our Mum Central mums are some of the most clever mums out there! This mum created the most gorgeous newborn milk bath scene for her family photos, with incredible result.

Milk bath maternity shoots remain to be hot, hot, hot but one mama wanted to take it a step further with a milk bath photoshoot for her newborn daughter.

First stop, Bunnings (naturally)

Mum Megan reached out to share her amazing shoot in our Pregnancy Mums Australia group and we all went WOW!

I tell you, there’s nothing Bunnings don’t do. Megan bought this Marquee Galvanised Drinks Cooler Ice Bucket from Bunnings ($19.98), plus the few supermarket grocery items and was all set. It sounds easy enough, and what a bargain set up!

… a $36 tub from Bunnings, a grapefruit, 1L of milk and a bunch of flowers and look how they turned out!”

newborn milk bath
Source: Sara Castilho Photography / Megan Jamie Simpson

The scene is set, bring in the pro

Megan together with her family photographer, Perth-based Sara Castilho, captured the family’s newest addition in the sweetest of ways. Such a peaceful soak in a milk bath for this precious little girl peaceful and what fantastic memories to have!

Of course with such beautiful family snaps, fellow mums wanted to know how this stunning photography magic was created and thankfully, Megan was only too happy to share. She says:

“A good trick to keeping your baby calm especially for the bath is to make the room super warm! Hubby, myself and our photographer were sweating heaps but baby was toasty and docile.

I had a smaller bowl upside down in the tub and a bunch of hand towels rolled up to secure my little girl. So perfect!”

And before you say it might look dangerous for baby, she was laying supported on the rolled-up hand towels and they were not far away should she wake.

Congratulation on such perfect memories Megan, you and your photographer Sara did SO well!

newborn milk bath photos
So much milk bath goodness! Source: Sara Castilho Photography / Megan Jamie Simpson

Spill the milk bath water deets…

And just in case you thought you’d be buying a pallet of milk this week, there’s a knack to know with the bathwater. The secret to the milk bath opaqueness is full-fat cows milk. Make your tub two-thirds warm water and one-third cold full-fat milk. The more milk you add, the more opaque the water will be.

I mean if there weren’t a baby floating in this drinks tub, a splash of alcohol to the mix and you’d have a boujee cocktail for sure.

Do you have any newborn photo tricks up your sleeve? Let us know, we’d love to hear them!

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