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Woolworths Reveals ‘Discovery Garden’ Plant Seeds Set to be the Next Collectables

Ooshies are out! It seems ‘Discovery Garden’ plant seeds are going to be the next big thing in the collectables department.

The new promotion will see shoppers receive free plant seeds when they spend over a certain amount.

According to news reports, Discovery Garden is a direct response to calls for a more environmentally aware promotion.

Yes, the wildly popular Lion King Ooshies will be a hard act to follow. However, a sustainable alternative might just be the ticket. Particularly given the growing public awareness of the importance of reducing plastic waste. Plus the fact we’ve seen an end to plastic carrier bags.

Discovery Garden collectibles | woolworths

Discovery Garden — Teaching Kids About Fresh Food

Woolworths’ new collectables will give Aussies big and small the chance to grow their very own fresh food garden.

Based on the highly successful ‘Little Garden’ promotion, which has been rolled out in New Zealand and South Africa, we think shoppers will welcome Discovery Garden with open arms.

And if Little Garden is anything to go on, we can look forward to collecting flower, herb, fruit and veggie seedlings that come in biodegradable pots. How cute!

“We are excited to give Australians the opportunity to engage in the program and look forward to sharing more details of what customers can expect closer to the launch date,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

While we wait with bated breath for all the nitty-gritty details we’re hoping there will be a few rare collectable seedlings to find to increase the fun factor!

Discovery Garden sounds like it’ll be a fantastic way for kids to learn about how food grows, the importance of sustainability and reducing waste. Plus, it’ll get them outdoors testing out their planting and growing skills — and just in time for the school holidays!


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