Woolworths Launches Homeware Range with Many Items Starting at $10

Move over Kmart, Woolworths is where it’s at with their gorgeous on-trend pieces at a very affordable and budget-friendly price pointmany under $10!

Pom-pom cushions, throw rugs, coffee table trays and more, my oh my Woolworths, you’re really upping your game! Next time you visit your local, you’re going to want to allow some extra time because a new homewares line has just gone NEXT LEVEL.

Clean up on aisle 2 please as I pick my jaw up off the ground and mop the drool.

So just be warned if you’re running in for milk, you might just be overcome with the need to give your home a décor boost for spring. Maybe put the basket back and grab a trolley, just in case. 😉

Popping up both in-store and online, here are some of the awesome homewares you’ll nab at your local Wooliesfrom Woolworths very own Inspire range.

Bedding bonanza

It’s never been more affordable to give your bedroom a bit of a spruce up – or change its look completely. Woolworths stocks sheet sets, quilt cover sets – even pillows! This Inspire Seersucker Queen Quilt Cover Set is just $40!

Woolworths homewares
Luxe bedroom looks for SO MUCH LESS with Woolworths homewares! Source: Woolworths

Pom poms and pretty lamps

Accessories often make the look, right? Perfect for the lounge room or bedroom, Sherpa Round Cushion with Pom-poms is just $15 and SO MUCH FUN and as soft as butter. And let’s not forget this cute-as-a-button Kiara Oil Green Stencil Table Lamp, $20 – it’s just the right size for a bedside table. #GetInTheTrolley

mum central
Cute as button lamps and pom-pom cushions, MY DAY IS MADE. Source: Woolworths

Bath towels galore

I’m calling it – it’s TIME. Time to get rid of those old towels that barely dry and replace them with brand spanking new ones. Woolworths sell ALL that you need from face washers to bath towels and bath sheets, priced from $12 to $26.

Woolworths homewares
Spring cleaning is in full force – out with the old and in with the new Woolworths towels! Source: Woolworths

Home decor & accessories

Of course, we don’t need much of an excuse to just add a few homewares pieces to the trolley. It’s all things for zhushing at its finest. Coffee table trays, belly baskets, display trays, even handy desk accessories – Woolies HAS IT ALL. Honestly, my coffee table is going to look very Pinterest worthy VERY SOON.

mum central
From coffee table trays to desk accessories – I’ll take one of everything, please and thanks. Source: Woolworths

I’m telling you, as much as I love Kmart, I think Woolworths is giving them a run for their (or my?) money! Awesome value and I LOVE that I can sneakily add a few things to my regular grocery shop. Also, how excellent will these be for easy to grab gifts this Christmas? YES, GAMECHANGER WOOLIES!

See all the fantastic new homewares for yourself and head on into your local Woolworths today. Let us know what your favourite things are so we can add them to our trolley too!

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