Woolworths have removed $1 per litre fresh milk from sale nationwide – all in support of our Aussie dairy farmers!  We’ll drink to that!

You might notice a slight price increase next time you reach for fresh milk at Woolworths – but it’s in aid of a great cause! Every cent of the increase will go directly to Australian dairy farmers!

Help for our struggling farmers

Sine their Drought Relief Milk payment was introduced in September 2018, Woolworths has delivered more than $5.8 million in relief to dairy farmers.  This eastern seaboard program guarantees the full 10 cent per liter price increase ends up in the pockets of our Australian dairy farmers.

And now they’re extending the price increase nation-wide, with the extra money to support the more than 450 Australian dairy farmers who supply the Woolworths branded fresh milk.


Dairy farming is an important industry in Australia. But let’s face it, our dairy farmers have been doing it tough across the country, and discounted dairy prices affect the long-term viability of the industry. So the price increase is an investment in the long term sustainability of both the dairy industry and the many regional communities they are a part of.

Customers support the increase

The price change will only affect Woolworths branded fresh milk, all other brands will remain unchanged by this decision. The two-litre bottle, which was $2, will now cost $2.20.  And the 3-litre bottle, previously $3, will now cost $3.30. That additional 10 cents per litre will be passed in full to our Australian dairy farmers.

Image: 7 News
Image: 7 News

It’s no surprise that many of us have a tight budget for the weekly shop and Woolies didn’t make the decision lightly. Customers on the eastern seaboard were happy to pay a little more for milk to support our Aussie farmers. The support from the trial has given Woolies the confidence to now roll this out around the country. And for Aussie dairy farmers, that’s got to be a relief.

Now all eyes are now on Coles and ALDI to get a moo-ve on and follow Woolworths lead.

So next time you buy Woolworths branded fresh milk, give yourself a pat on the back! You’re helping support the Australian farmers who supplied it!

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