This Genius Fuel App Allows You to Pull Up, Fill Up and Drive Away Without Going Instore!

Getting petrol with the kids used to be a real struggle. But the clever crew at OTR know just what a busy mum needs.

Now you can pay for your petrol with the OTR app without even leaving the car! BOOM.

‘Shut up and take my money’ I hear you say. And trust me, we’re as excited as you are! This clever new app ends the whole ‘paying-with-the-kids’ debacle and means you can pull up, fill up and be back on the road in a few minutes.

It’s all possible because the OTR App has a feature called ‘Pay for Fuel’. Here’s what you need to know and why we’re all applauding with cheer!

Never grapple with your conscience (or the kids in a car park) again

As a mum you’re likely familiar with what I like to call the petrol purchase grapple.  There’s two choices, and neither are ideal.

  1. There’s the PHYSICAL grapple. You know the one that involves unbuckling the kids, carrying / wrangling / dragging them into the store, pay for your petrol while trying to stop them whingeing asking for lollies/snacks/drinks at the counter and then breathlessly returning back to the car for more of the same. Generally while they cry about said treats. Sound familiar?
  2. Then there’s the CONSCIOUS grapple where you stealthily lock the kids in the car, ninja style while you run to pay for your fuel. Secretly you’re praying the car isn’t stolen, nobody confronts you for leaving them IN the car, or worse yet, the kids happen to start World War III with each other while you’re gone.

otr-app-filling-with-fuelYep, I get it. It’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

And before you say it, while everyone claims you NEVER leave the kids in the car, I don’t see armies of kids following mums and dads into the store, and nobody wants to leave their kids in a hot car for an extended period.

So say no to the kid juggle, the conscience juggle and save your time and your sanity by jumping online downloading the OTR app.  Available for both iOS and Android, the app is quick and easy to setup.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Activate and set up your PIN for quick access.
  3. Setup a payment method
  4. When you are ready to fill up, simply pull up to the pump.
  5. Ensure you have location services and bluetooth switched on while app is running.
  6. Fill up with fuel (leave your phone in the car!)
  7. Jump back in the car and the app will automatically transact
  8. You’ll receive an email shortly after confirming your purchase.

No cash? No worries! Convenience at your fingertips.

Available in Ios and Android, the app downloads quickly, is easy to install and simple to use. Simply set up a payment method on the app, turn on Bluetooth and Location Services and you’re ready to go!

Once you’re set up on the OTR App, if you’re out and about without your wallet (like school drop off) and realise you need petrol, the OTR app has you covered.

While your local OTR is jam-packed with all the groceries, treats and supplies you need, paying with the app means you only need to go in if you actually want to … did someone say Krispy Kreme?!

OTR-app-featuresKeeping you and your data safe

Of course, not walking through a carpark with the kids and being able to pay without leaving the car means everyone is safer too. Brilliant.

It’s also additionally reassuring to know that the OTR app is designed to protect all your details with a four-digit access pin. This means no matter what happens to your phone nobody can use your account without your permission!

OTR you are our new mummy crush

Of all the mummy tasks filling up the car is one of my most dreaded. The clever new OTR App has a feature called ‘Pay for Fuel’ and have really solved a genuine parenting struggle I believe. Filling up has never been so simple! With OTR you are you back on your way without the queues, once you try the OTR app you’ll never look back.

If we didn’t think the OTR app was already the bee’s knees knowing that using the app will contribute to local community group charitable donations is just a bonus reason to hit download! You can nominate who you’d like to support as well as preordering food (and even coffee) through the app. Plus, it keeps tabs on your purchases so it’ll be the one to tell you when your free coffee is due! You even get one for just activating the app!

Download the OTR app now and high five yourself

Once you’ve paid by app at OTR you’ll literally want to high five yourself. Forget the kid-wrangling. Skip the queues. Don’t search for your wallet. It’s simply as easy as one, two, three. Pull up, fill up and drive away in just 60 seconds. Do yourself a favour and download it now!

Who are OTR?

OTR have been a much-loved SA retail convenience chain for over 30 years, with over 100 stores across the state. Each store features such well-loved brands included C Coffee, Moe’s Dog & Shake, HappyWash, Oporto, Subway, Brumby’s and more.  You’re almost guaranteed to find most things you need to get you out of trouble, anytime, day or night because they never close.  Find your local OTR store here.

Here’s to safe driving and never having to leave the car to pay for petrol again! Hip, hip hooray!

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    Awesome prize
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    However there are so many of us who refuse to give this organisation our details
    I just want people to please be careful!

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